Best Ronin podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Popcorn Ronin
Popcorn Ronin is a bi-weekly movie, TV and anime podcast produced by Roger and Vince of and
Radio Ronin
Jimmy Chunga, Kenny D, & Chandler have taken their long running, radio morning show and turned it into a podcast! Radio Ronin is a slightly irreverent & politically incorrect look at current events, pop culture, and their own daily misadventures!
A Geek-Comedy Podcast out of Ontario, Canada
Ronin RescueCast
Ronin is comprised primarily of current or former military and emergency services personnel. Rescue and Safety is what we do! It is our profession and our passion. Our staff have performed rescues in some of the worst conditions imaginable. We have seen the negative side of accidents and incidents knowing full well that with proper communication, procedure and training the majority of them are preventable. Our RescueCast is to talk about our procedures, issues in the rescue industry and othe ...
De-mystifying all things fitness.
The Ronin System
The Ronin System is a way of life, my way of life. This podcast is my journey of self discovery and self improvement through a telling of the views, experiences, passions, and more of myself as well as others. Join me as I embark on the life-long journey of trying to be the best me I can be.
CBD pet tincture
Hemp Pet Holistics provides high-quality CBD pet products ideal to prevent from health issues of cats and dogs. You can give your pets with extra care and love with the CBD pet tincture designed for your lovely pets. It will even provide them the extra relaxation during injury. For more detail, visit:
Heart of the Ronin
Thirteenth-century Japan is a dangerous place, even in a time of peace. Capricious gods, shape-changing animals, and bloodthirsty demons are as real and unpleasant as a gang of vicious bandits. From the wilderness emerges a young, idealistic warrior with his father’s mysterious sword on his hip, a wise, sarcastic dog at his side, and a yearning in his heart to find a worthy master. He dreams only of being samurai. Little does he suspect the agony and glory that await him when his dreams come ...
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Podcast by Gamefully Unemployed
Geek Ronin
Welcome to Geek Ronin, where amazing things happen.
All things Green Ronin.
You can find more at
Just my review on all things tech and anime
Ronin d vocalist
Hey am Writer a Singer as well...Just chilling out here
Future Moguls
Cincinnati's Premier Hip Hop Outlet
Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy and John Evans, a Football Ronin, interview top analysts in this irreverent advice show for fantasy football owners.
Bass Ronin
Future Garage, Bass, 2Step, Dub, Atmospheric
History on Fire
Where history and epic collide--"History on Fire" is a podcast by author and university professor Daniele Bolelli.
Welcome fellow SLEAZOIDS!!! Come along as hosts Josh Lewis and Jamie Miller (and, occasionally, guests) go down the rabbit hole of 20th century genre fare from the most influential canon classics to the the trashiest exploitation films we can get our hands on. Each week is a double feature—grindhouse style—where we discuss two films loosely related by subject, genre, actor, filmmaker or franchise and at the end of each episode, along with our HONORARY SLEAZOIDS (click on over to our patreon ...
The Exiles Network
The Exiles Network is creating Podcasts, Journalism, Video Content and More!
We Rage
Bringing you the best in House, Electro, Progressive and Melbourne Bounce EDM has to offer, every month!
Table talk with Ti
After a 2yr hiatus, i'm ecstatic to be back on BTR!! I have a wonderful co-host, named Ronin.kick back, relax and feel free to join in our round table discussion, via the chat room or else you can call us at (713) 955-0671. respect is a must!!
Broadcasting from aboard the Helicarrier, atop the Triskelion, or whatever secret SHIELD base they're operating in these days, comes MARVEL Talk, a podcast discussing all things MARVEL, particularly the MCU, but occasionally things outside that studio, and even more!
Just another WordPress site
Follow your hosts on a trek into Japanese history, from ancient Japan to the end of the Samurai and all points in between - culture, warfare, literature, and interviews. The Official Podcast of the Samurai Archives Japanese History page.
Reel Junkies
Reel Junkies is a weekly podcast about movies and the multi-media experience as it pertains to being movie, video game, and comic book fans. Turn off your cell phones and please let the four Weekend Ronin do all the talking in the theater. Conversation will run the gamut from movie reviews to whatever game and comic trivia runs in our heads. Please be aware most podcasts contain SPOILERS and explicit language.
Tales of Old Japan by Lord Redesdale is a collection of short stories focusing on Japanese life of the Edo period (1603 - 1868). It contains a number of classic Japanese stories, fairy tales, and other folklore; as well as Japanese sermons and non-fiction pieces on special ceremonies in Japanese life, such as marriage and harakiri, as observed by Lord Redesdale. The best know story of these is "The Forty-seven Ronins" a true account of samurai revenge as it happened at the beginning of 18th ...
This is the new Gigadial channel. I've decided to consolidate this with three former channels: The CAPOW channel, New England Podcasters, and Ronin Marketeer. I'll add any interesting stuff I find and appreciate any suggestions of interesting podcasts, send them to john{at}themshow.comEdited by John Wall, read more at or listen at
Gear In Review
Gear in Review is a podcast that explores the many gadgets, gizmos, and widgets used everyday to capture and tell stories inside hospitals. We are constantly asked what camera do you use, what microphone records the best podcast, and even which drone is best for our hospital. We discuss the many gadgets in our tool bag that can help us capture and tell great stories.
Podcast by Sometimes I Hate You
Day Zero Podcast
On this podcast, you'll hear from a wide array of military veterans who have made a series of leaps throughout the process of transitioning out of the military to eventually pursuing their entrepreneurial goals. Our hope is that you learn not only how they made decisions, but why.
FanSided's Bam Smack Pow discusses the latest comic book news, commentary and more from the staff at Bam Smack Pow.
Community podcast where anyone is welcome and any subject is on the table.
Just some friends who love fancy guns, gear, and beer. If you enjoy explosions and sick jokes, you’ll be right at home!Hosted by Derrick Campbell
Commentary about comic books and most things related
AltBrau is a blog and collaborative brewing project formed to explore the creative possibility of beer.
Funk, electronica and soul with hip hop as the nucleus. Agent J.
The Games in Schools and Libraries podcast is about board, card and digital games, and the ways in which they can find a place in schools or at the local library.
When asked to describe himself, Netic hesitates then answers with a confidence that makes me think his hesitation was more for me than for himself, Like he's had the answer ready all along. "I'm a Ronin Jedi, mastering both sides of the force..." If you're wondering "WTF does that mean?", he's already got you where he wants you, "wondering". It's this type of cryptic coding that makes Netic Rebel's “This Message Will Self Destruct" podcast so intriguing. The exploration of ideas is the only ...
Originally a group of like-minded friends playing each other their favorite tunes, to hosting some of the worlds biggest DJs, Beirut In the Mix has become a Lebanese institution. BITM has built a solid reputation on its ability to stay one step ahead of the game; from modest 2006 beginnings in random venues scattered around Beirut partially ravaged landscape, the events soon picked up a healthy following and, due to popular demand, the successful monthly parties eventually spurned their own ...
The Recasting Couch is a podcast where we discuss our favorite movies and try to pick a new cast. Sometimes we are trying to be better than the original but most times, we just want to have fun reimagining the movie with new people. And we like to argue, so it's perfect.
Join our friends as they are introduced to the wonderful world of tabletop pen and paper adventuring for the first time! There's danger, there's goofy voices and there's magic. Dimitri is our Dungeon master Andrew plays the role of Xandar, the Dwarf Paladin Prince David plays the role of Ronin Heratio Lafayette, the reverent preaching Warlock Sam reprises his role as Stone "Sly" Dynamite, the courageous and heroic Bard transported from the streets of 1974 Harlem. Shawn plays Duran Areshi, th ...
After The Ending
We look at what happened to the characters in your favorite movies after they end. If this was the real world, what would happen to that girl who survived the summer camp slasher massacre? Who's going to believe the guy who traveled through time? Were the members of The Breakfast Club still friends on Monday morning? These are the questions we're going to answer! And on top of that, every episode includes a fun mini-feature, and we revisit our picks for the top films of a particular year or ...
Indie Music Plus
Indie Music Plus (IMP) was founded in August, 2015, with the mission to become the “Home of the Indie Musician”. Our aim is to provide the best services and creative solutions for Indie Artists worldwide. We highlight artists through our weekly FB Live Broadcast, YouTube videos, Roundtables, iTunes, Soundcloud, and blog reviews. In addition, we circulate all of our media content through our multi-faceted Social Media channels where our following has grown to over 200,000 Indie Music fans to ...
Most true crime covers the past hundred years of recorded history. We cover the rest of it. From murderous knights and pirate kings to ancient Chinese forensic investigators and the Renaissance's literal fashion police, our episodic podcast dives deep into the historical characters and events that make up some of the greatest crimes the world has ever seen — and certainly not found in your textbooks. For more information visit
Tales of Old Japan by Lord Redesdale is a collection of short stories focusing on Japanese life of the Edo period (1803 - 1868). It contains a number of classic Japanese stories, fairy tales, and other folklore; as well as Japanese sermons and non-fiction pieces on special ceremonies in Japanese life, such as marriage and harakiri, as observed by Lord Redesdale. The best know story of these is "The Forty-seven Ronins" a true account of samurai revenge as it happened at the beginning of 18th ...
This MMA podcast is presented by Andreas Georgiou, Chamatkar Sandhu & Jorden Curran and will give listeners a regular look at Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) both in the United Kingdom, Europe and across the globe.
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More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Lord Redesdale.
In the latest Patreon-mandated episode, our heroes revisit a thriller from the 90s that only 50% of them had previously seen!By Gamefully Unemployed.
Radio Ronin is ON!!!!!!!! Hey... THANKS to everyone who came to the meet up on Saturday!!!! Chandler is gone... IT FEELS WEIRD!!! Josh is here here to help us!!! Kenny ditched his friends to go to a demolition derby... Woah! Really Kenny? CHUNGA POLL: What's the most white trash thing about you?!? Post your answers below!!! Chunga has a problem ...…
Featuring: Millennial Mike & Jesse Novacek Millennial Mike and Jesse delve into one of the epic mecha anime sagas from creator of Mobile Suit Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Enjoy part 4 of the 5 part series as we break down this historic anime!Intro and Outro: Noixes – Genesis a Patron of The Exiles Network ...…
This Ep is JAM-PACKED with so much news and Dragon Quest Retrospective! Enjoy the Ep and hopefully we will see some of you at Windsor Comic Con Sep 21-22 at Caesar's Windsor!7:30 - Pokemon MAJOR Updates and Spoilers (for TV show) and how to weaponize Pokemon14:00 - No Man's Sky: Beyond19:50 - MCU/BlackWidow/Tony Stark News26:30 - X-Men Reboot N ...…
Hosts Josh and Jamie and special guest Will Menaker (of Chapo Trap House) take on John Frankenheimer with a double feature of RONIN (1998) and GRAND PRIX (1966). Next week's episode is a patron-exclusive bonus episode on RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II (1985), RAMBO III (1987) and RAMBO (2008) you can get access to that episode (and all past + futur ...…
This episode host Ed Moore continues his coverage of the first story arc of Usagi Yojimbo volume 4 from issue 2 story title Bunraku as well as two more stories from the Usagi Yojimbo Dojo 35th Anniversary Tribute book.By Comic Book Noise Family.
Charlie Johnson has a long history in the beer business, and now he's ready to launch his own brewery... again. Recorded on location in the woods of the Lost Sierra, this episode covers Charlie's trials and tribulations and what kind of beers you should expect to see coming from his new spot.By AltBrau.
PodCast 29 is an interview with the father of the clutch, the breaker of foot ascenders - well enough GOT references - Sean Cogan of Harken Industrial. We talk about how he got into the industry, the clutch, the ninja as well as GRIMP and rope rescue and rope access.By Ronin Rescue.
Here are the stories I was referring to and a few I didn't: - - - - Feel free to support me on Patreon! Beat cred to Audiobinger…
This episode host Ed Moore brings us a Usagi Tale from Dark Horse Comics Presents 140 from February 1999. Usagi Yojimbo motion comic:By Deliberate Noise Network.
Welcome back to season 6, the sexiest season of your favorite weekly comedy variety show. Viktor, Esteban and Andy try to come up with yet another spin off to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they land on time traveling snails. They also answer those nitty gritty questions you have had about the cookie production process of girlscouts cooki ...…
After an unfortunate lay off, dripping little podcasts again. Today consists of a post WOD blurb just to get the creative juices flowing. Hopefully you find some value or know someone that will 🤗
In part THREE of our special We Just Watched miniseries... Tom and Dave discuss a once again entertaining addition to the Tremors series with Back To Perfection -- starring Michael Gross, Shawn Christian, and Susan Chuang.Special thanks to subscriber and producer AaronBurrSir for making it all happen!…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Lord Redesdale.
Get more bonus episodes like this one, including the 40+ bonus eps already in our back catalog and all future ones(2 more every month!), by subscribing to our $5 tier on patreon: SLEAZOIDS.
Topics Include: Knives Out, In The Tall Grass, The Secret Garden, In The Shadow Of The Moon, Dark Waters, Dark Water, NBC’s new streaming service, and the weird new Fugitive remake.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Join us for #IndieMusicLIVE! 183 - Get the latest in #IndieMusic news and listen to the best #IndieMusicians we have found in the past week! WE ARE LIVE HERE: Featured Artist: Todd BarrowPanel Guest: Chris SwanMusic: Todd Barrow - "Hell and Back"Movie Club The Band - "Navy Seal"Lillimure - "Something"Promote your music NOW: http://www.indiemusi ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Lord Redesdale.
Join Mike as he discusses his experience with Marvel 1000, some recent purchases, listener questions and comics from 07/22/2019 – 08/04/2019.By Comic Book Noise Family. and Instagram: @MarvelTalkCastWolverine: The Lost Code: TalkConnor - @MjolnirsMightDanny - @Negator7Shelby - @Vegetax6Jake - @Koruption_kosplay#StayAvengersStrong#ThatsWhatHeroesDo#WeDoNotStandinthePresenceofCaptainMarvelUnversed Network: @UnversedPodc ...…
It's a WJW double feature as our heroes check out two hyped-up horror films currently available on streaming!By Gamefully Unemployed.
On this episode, we get into CityBeat's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, which are currently accepting nominations for the 22nd annual event. Cincinnati's hip hop community has been gaining presence in the CEAs, and last year they outright stole the show. Mark Borison, videographer, actor and CityBeat's "Best Filmmaker of 2019", stops by to loo ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Lord Redesdale.
Kevin and Phil try to fake out Andy before we continue this journey and talk some good ol’ indie comics. What if speculation on Bob Kane Mark Ashmore mini comic with 3 stories written by Mark Ashmore. Art by Tim Kelly, Kevin Castaniero, Jeff Stokely Noble Causes Archive editions 18 year anniversary Jay Faerber and plenty of great artists. Check ...…
Star Trek: Discovery - Part TwoBy Popcorn Ronin.
We’re back after a summertime break to bring you Marvel Team-Up #1-3 (featuring Spider-Man & The Human Torch), a slew of recent reads, and Immortal Hulk #13-22! Hulk Smash! @marvelnoise #MN335By Comic Book Noise Family.
Topics Include: Midway, See, Modern Love, Doctor Sleep, the Skarsgård cinematic universe, and Jeremy Renner’s briefly existing app.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Join Mike and Bill as they discuss the Cheerwine Floats and the dream of Bologna Lasagna. We also discuss Steel Cage #1, Amped #1, Reaver #1, Resonant #1, Mark of Zorro #1, Zorro Masters #1, No Ones #1, Ready or Not, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Good Boys, Hobbs and Shaw, Another Life and much more.…
Join us for #IndieMusicLIVE! 182 - Get the latest in #IndieMusic news and listen to the best #IndieMusicians we have found in the past week! WE ARE LIVE HERE: Panel Guest: PThe PoliticianMusic: Blues Martin - "Funky Blues"Y.O - "Lately"Promote your music NOW: by JoeJoeKeys & David WerbaProduced by Robe ...…
It's Friday The 13th and Cyle and Andy got tattoos to celebrate, Andy fought a death fog on the way to work. We decide that Viktor is totally okay with making love to a human dolphin. We also figure out what our favorite horror video games are. Welcome back to Sometimes I Hate You and Happy Friday The 13th.…
In this Patreon-mandated episode, our heroes discuss a slow and low-budget sci-fi that manages to tackle a very grand premise. Opinions slightly differ on this one!By Gamefully Unemployed.
In celebration of our 50th episode, we call on our good friends PoC (aka Patterns of Chaos) to join us as our special guests. The Raaaap Music trio has been flipping the Cincinnati hip hop community on its head for the past few years as one of the most eclectic, energetic and authentic acts in the city. Follow PoC at @thebandpoc Follow Future M ...…
WHO IS READY TO RONIN!!!!!!!!! The guys are more than ready to start celebrating Halloween! Chunga has a question... Is it ok to start putting up Halloween stuff? Kenny says ABSOLUTELY!! This week, the Ronin are giving away a very cool, very rare R2-D2 mug from the Droid Depot in Galaxies Edge! It's Kenny's choice this week! Chandler is VERY ex ...…
This week Viktor, Cyle, Andy, and Esteban decide if theres such a thing as a sexy serial killer. Andy introduces us to the Steve Jobs of Fuck toys. Andy also talks about the hillarious process of using a Clone A Willie while watching Constentine and being fluffed. Welcome back to Sometimes I Hate You!Back Us On Patreon: ...…
7:30 - Cost saving measures on the Death Star11:30 - Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Updates23:30 - Joker Movie News38:45 - September Nintendo Direct53:30 - Little Town Hero1:03:15 - Tokyo Mirage Sessions1:10:30 - Pokemon Sword and Shield Updates1:28:15 Animal Crossing New Horizon Updates1:45:00 - WoW Classic updates2:05:00 - DamnedTHANK YOU for any list ...…
In this 100th episode of We Just Watched our heroes clash over the latest in blockbuster horror. ENJOY!By Gamefully Unemployed.
How far would you go to make a comfortable living? Faced with a shortage of bodies for dissection, medical schools in Victorian England turned to resurrectionists. Gangs of men exhumed and stole bodies to sell to medical practitioners, operating a practice that flirted between legal and criminal.By The High Crimes Team.
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