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For over a hundred and sixty years, Chinese had traveled across the ocean to help open up the west coast of the United States and Canada. Chinese immigrants looking for a better life in North America had to pay the price of countless heartbreaks and humiliation; of having their dreams of gold shattered, their lives sacrificed on the railroad. Scattered like seeds on foreign soil, they had to struggle hard to take root, braving hostility, discrimination, and inequality. Having shed blood, swe ...
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Episode 5: World War II and the Korean WarAlthough Chinese living in North America never saw action during World War II and the Korean War, they were invariably affected by the conflicts.Before WWII, Chinese in North America were treated with disc
Episode 4: “Sweet and Sour” and the Chinese LaundryAs the Gold Rush and the building of railroads came to an end, many Chinese went into the labour-intensive laundry business. The growth of Chinese laundries aroused resentment from the whites. The Cali
Episode 3: Angel Island -- Where Angels Feared to Tread At the beginning of the 1870s, after the completion of the railway, America experienced an economic crisis. Fear of Chinese competition for jobs sparked anti-Chinese sentiment. In 1882 the Chinese
Episode 2: Chinese, Railroad, and Head Tax Over ten thousand Chinese immigrant workers were hire to build the American Central Pacific Railway. Following the American example, Canada also recruited Chinese railroad workers to build the transcontinenta
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