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Welcome to the official home of our fabulous podcasts! Now you can listen to hours of interesting talks and endless discussions about the game.
Runescape Weekly
My name is Magebit and I've been building my fortune in Gielinor for over15 years. Each week my co-hosts and I follow the news and report our findings in an informative and entertaining format. I hope you will join us as we break down the facts and provide entertaining and analytical debates of what matters today. And of course, Happy Scaping!
The latest updates in Runescape, Rsbandb, and Tech
Awesome runescape podcast
Your #1 Source for Runescape & OSRS News and Entertainment
Runescape Musicman
The Offical Music From
Runescape Radio
A podcast all about Runescape.
Hey all this podcast will be a weekly update of Runescape. Please enjoy !
A podcast on all things OSRS.
All of your Runescape news and more!
This podcast will be teaching you how to become a billion in runescape in a matter of days and.......Stay tuned to listen to more and more new money making ways.Email=tyron2706@hotmail.comUsername RS=Docta Murdah
Runescape Radio
A radio about runescape hosted byjoe mc flab
Runescape Reporters
My name is TheMoronNoob (0_o TheMoronNoob?), and i make runescape videos.
The best RuneScape podcast out there. (it is true i checked) Learn tips on new skills, randoms, money making tips, and submissions from our viewers
Since the idea came from Runescape Musicman's podcast, i shall give him some credit, but I gave a try to record some runescape music and see how it goes. This is only a sample of the song clan wars. If you like it, comment and I'll start making some more.
We Play Runescape
We Play Gaming's voices on the mass world of RuneScape!
AlwaysOnPC is an app that lets you play Runescape on iPad or iPhone. AlwaysOnPC includes Chrome and Firefox browsers with Java-applet support. This How-to series shows the key touch interface gestures, commands, and buttons you need to play your best on AlwaysOnPC on iOS devices!
A podcast dedicated to Old School Runescape. Two brothers challenge each other every week to see who will become the strongest Iron man in a series of obstacles along the way. While also discussing all things Runescape.
L L P K Videos
This is a reborn podcast the 2nd of many that we will be producing.
My New podcast. wich is better is
Project AKID
Runescape news
Brief Video Demos, Tips and Tricks for using AlwaysOnPC app on iPad/iPhone
A new runescape podcast to help speed up those hours of killing monsters & doing quests.
Rune Escape
A great pod cast for intermediate to advanced Runescape players.
In this podcast, we specialize in helping you with Runescape, and Computer Help. We also Once in a while talk about Music and Bands.
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Podcast EpisodeBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane and Tanis A rundown of the master skillcape perks and the reworked 99 perks. Also thoughts on August’s slim pack of content and looking forward to what’s coming down the line in the Month Ahead Q&A. And, Jean Luc Picard is ready to say make it so once more! For detailed show notes visit You can also check out th ...…
Tournament worlds are temporarily released, so get your tribrid practice in! We also see some tweaks to the mobile client (sorry ios), along with Theatre of Blood. More information released about the next quest to be released, contining the troll quest line, Making friends with my Arm. With it, the rewards of bon- sorry, fire pits. With the Rev ...…
Podcast EpisodeBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Cireon Clan improvements are here featuring the avatar rework, changes to the citadel, clan broadcasts, and the removal of orts. Also thoughts on the beach and what exactly is #AdventureCalls? For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed discussion on each episode. Dur ...…
Not a whole lot of progress on Deagin/Dilz side. But lots are happening in OSRS. Jagex decides to do some reformatting in HQ. Putting in a more structured work environment for the devs. Integrity changes get put in for PvP this time around, with a little bit of controversy with it. Speaking of PvP, the Rev Caves finally get some uniques to join ...…
Hosts: Shane and Tanis It’s patch week with news that Elite Dungeon 2 is being polished and released on August 13th. We’ll discuss why this is a good decision. Plus examining Twitch Prime and what is this new undisclosed MMO that Jagex is working on? For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detaile ...…
This week Deagin brings up the problems that may be occuring with the Wilderness. Dilz tries out some Rs3, and talks about the lack of end game PvM content OSRS has. We get a small bit of QoL, but not a whole lot update wise this week. A small community of Varrock multi Pkers explain a problem they've encountered with the newer changes to Clan ...…
A PRIME Example of StupidityBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Earth We make our video debut in the lack of an apparent RuneScape update. Nonethless we got the quest point shop, player owned farms, and an update on clans. Plus is Google being monopolistic? For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed discussion on each episode. Du ...…
This week, not much goes on for progression. But news wise, oh boy. First we discuss the newest integrity changes, along with some QoL/content changes. Deagin finds this seasons DMM has a bit of a different tone to it. Bug strikes OSRS this week, and its a big one. Jagex is forced to roll back servers after players are receiving cash drops of 2 ...…
Hosts: Shane and Cireon A rundown of account security and how to use authenticator without a phone. An update on RS mobile, summer weekends are on the way, and a bug to end all bugs on Old School RuneScape. Finally, a neutrino that left long ago from a galaxy far far away. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out ...…
OSRS Max Cash Glitch & MoreBy (Magebit).
Hana & DavidBy (Hana).
This week Deagin begins the week discussing his skilling ventures, and the Volcanic Mines. Dilz trails off to some Rimworld talk. For updates we discuss some more information on Theatre Of Blood Entry mode and our opinions on it. Jagex drops the Rune Fest 2018 theme on us. We see some more Game Integrity changes get introduced. And the biggest ...…
Hosts: Shane and Tanis An overview of RunePass, Jagex’s response to the community, how long it will be around for, and how a change in messaging could have altered opinion on RunePass. Then a run through of Elite Dungeon 2 rewards and the progress being made on RS mobile. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out ...…
Runepass & The Month AheadBy (Magebit).
Lots of new this week. We begin with Deagin talking about his skilling gains, and Dilz talks about burn out in OSRS. Servers suffer some DDoS this week, from who? Who really knows..? Jagex finally releases the devblog for the new Rev Cave uniques. Along with a new Entry Mode for Theatre of Blood. We see the beginning of previously mentioned gam ...…
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and David The Temple of Aminishi is here putting the elite in Elite Dungeons. We have a run down of combat mechanics, rewards, and ask the question, is it too hard? Also, the future of Treasure Hunter, AI playing DotA, and is Captain Picard coming back? For detailed show notes visit You can also check ou ...…
MagebitBy (Magebit).
Patch notes for 25th of JuneBy (Pyrnassius).
Deagin blasts through his diaries, Dilz continues with his RC grind. With merch talk sprinkled in. Some Theatre of Blood tweaks, as usual. DMM summer finals is just around the corner. We see some changes, and their plans to prevent any shady buisness from going down. A content survey is out for you to tell Jagex what you like, dont like and wan ...…
MagebitBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Earth Earth joins us a surprise guest where we discuss the new in-game calendar which seems a little less than planned. Also changes to the game interface editor and group ironman discussion. Plus, stay tuned for Shane’s big RSBANDBUpdate! announcement. For detailed show notes visit You can also chec ...…
This weeks episode we start off with a nice discussion on Runecrafting, and the different methods of training. Jagex talks about tweaks to the Theatre of Blood. We also get some previously proposed QoL changes, with some information on the next DeadMan Mode tournament. Mod Ayiza and Mod Sween hold a bot-busting stream with some nice cosplay to ...…
MagebitBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Dave The Hall of Memories is here, it provides lore and a new click-intensive Divination training method. Also a roundup of the latest Mining & Smithing Q&A focusing on the debate around high level smithable armour. Also, RSBANDBUpdate! turns 13. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out t ...…
Deagin finally reveals his merching items. Dilz takes the week off to do some good ol' scaping. Some casual ramblings as always, but lets not bog down this description. The biggun' is released today. The Theatre Of Blood! Lots of news on the items, the bosses, our experiences, the race to world first and ofcourse, some bugs that came along. We ...…
Pyrnassius gives his opinion on the Comp Cape Reaper debate.By (Pyrnassius).
Patch Notes and Updates June 11th 2018By (Pyrnassius).
Hosts: Shane and Tanis This week marks one year since the release of Menaphos, we have our memories and a renewed method of reputation gain. Also thoughts on Elite Dungeons, Solak bug abuse, and Jagex’s winning strategy. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed discussion on each episode. ...…
Hana & Pyrnassius lead a fantastic show and I join in the latter thirdBy (Hana).
This week Deagin brings up the discussion of merching, and some odd trends going on in the market. With Theatre of Blood just around the corner, we discuss some more information about the players that flew out to Jagex HQ to play-test the raid. Some more mobile beta invitations are released. Rs3 sees a new boss, Solak. With it some drama goes o ...…
Pyrnassius' Patch Notes and Updates for 4th JuneBy (Pyrnassius).
David and Magebit talk about the release of SolakBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and David Solak is here and we have a rundown of the fight and what you’ll need to do to take him down! Also, thoughts on the comp cape and transparency regarding updates. Plus, PUBG vs. Fortnite. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed discussion on each episode. Dur ...…
This week Deagin gets some fat raid drops, Dilz does some things on mobile. Some talk on the lack of Challenge Raid competition, and some more client talk. We begin to say good bye to one of the Runescape family members. The one that started it all, Runescape Classic. Jagex brings us the plans for the next Deadman mode tournament/season. And we ...…
Pynassius Talks about Overgrown Idols from his perspective!By (Pyrnassius).
Hosts: Shane and Tanis Patch Notes, the Pieces of Hate gallery winners, and discussion on the ambitious build a backlog updates. We say goodbye to RuneScape classic while providing thoughts on the wind down. Also, Spectre and Meltdown appear once more and we have the details. For detailed show notes visit You can also check ...…
This week Deagin attempts the fire cape on his pure, Dilz notices a few things about the Mobile client. As for news, we get some progress reports about the Theatre of Blood, while Chambers of Xeric get a new hardmode version of the raid. Runefest comes out with the line up of events. And lastly we see the madness of Jagex vs 3rd Party clients. ...…
Hosts: Shane and Tanis Overgrown Idols appear for the Woodcutting skill but are they enough to idolize Woodcutting? And what updates would be needed to modernize Woodcutting. Also an overview of Player Owned Farms and the upcoming clan updates. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed disc ...…
The Always-On Android beta begins this week! We also see a Summer Special for membership&bonds pop up, where Deagin busts out his tin foil hat. With the discussion of clients being a hot topic, we decide to try out the 3 big clients currently throughout the week and give our opinion on each. Lots of talk about each client, pros and cons, and wh ...…
Pynrassius covers this weeks update and patchesBy (Pyrnassius).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Alex 43 We unpack the layers of You Are It. What it is isn’t what it appears to be… Also, patch notes, another look at Safecracking, and Google’s talking AI assistant gets smarter. For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed discussion on each episode. Duration: 1:55:52…
Patch notes and updates for the week of 5/6/18By (Pyrnassius).
This week we begin with the discussion of our preferred slayer lists, and what many people are looking for when blocking certain tasks. We briefly touch on the EHP Fantasy Draft season, and talk about ways Jagex could improve the Clan chat box. A new f2p boss gets dropped on us. Same with the announcement of RuneFest 2018, where we talk about t ...…
Pyrnassius' new monologue show! This episode is about SafecrackingBy (Pyrnassius).
Magebit & PyrnassiusBy (Magebit).
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Cireon Safecracking is here and we break down the details of this new training method, including when you want to use it and its xp per hour rewards. Also, thoughts on Lumbridge’s new backdoor and RuneFest at Farnborough! For detailed show notes visit You can also check out the forums for detailed di ...…
We start er' off with the discussion of the terrible "clan chat" system that is in game, and ways it could improve. We see the proposal of a new moss giant boss, possibly f2p to join Obor. We also see some interface changes as well as the good ol' QoL trickling in. Quite the event happens this week, and we talk about the latest drama which caus ...…
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