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Salaada 01
Salaada iyo axmkaamteeda, , cida ay ku waajib tahay, iyo arimaha loo cuskanayo waajibnimadeeda ( adilada).
Salaada 03
Salaada:shuruudaha salaada iyo tilmaamaha ay la gaarka tahay, xukunka qofka ka taga salaada, fadliga salaada, su’aalo kooban.
Salaada 02
Salaada: meesha ay kaga jirto salaadu diinta islaamka, adilada ku tusaya heerka ay salaadu gaadhsiisan tahay diinta islaamka.
Qophiin kun akkaataa salaata nabiyyii guututti hidhannarraa hanga hiikkannaatti nama barsiisa,akka namuu isaanirraa laallatuuf jecha.
Podcast by Tomato Salad - A silly rugby podcast
1- Ducada marka laga soo tooso hurdada , ducada xirashada dharka , ducada xirashada marada cusub , ducada qofka xiranayo maro cusub , waxa uu odhanayo qofku marka uu iska dhigayo marada.2- Ducada galida musqusha ( suuliga) , ducada ka soo bixida musqusha , ducada waysada ka hor , ducada marka la dhameeyo waysada , ducada marka laga baxayo guriga , ducada galida guriga , ducada tagida masjidka , ducada galida masjidka , ducada ka soo bixida masjidka , adkaarta aadaanka , ducooyinka furashada ...
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With a big European Cup final only days away and some breaking podcast related news, join the boys as they crack a beer or six in excitement, throwing in some 'expert' analysis for good messaure of the weekend's action.
The boys are back hunting for match day final tickets, celebrating Leinster, mourning with Munster fans and debating player movement in Ireland!!!
This week the boys are in the studio to tackle the preview to the European Cup's semi finals to be held in Dublin and Bordeaux respectively.
Episode 8 - Andy's Argumentative Arse!! by Tomato Salad - A silly rugby podcast
Episode 7 - The Big Boys Have Semis! by Tomato Salad - A silly rugby podcast
Episode 6 - Mark's Going Solo! by Tomato Salad - A silly rugby podcast
Episode 5 - We're Grand Slammers!! by Tomato Salad - A silly rugby podcast
Well after a longer than expected hiatus the boys are here to once again give their views and musings on all things rugby, with one of the worst Matt Williams impressions you are ever likely to hear.
The second weekend of the Six Nations is over and will be reviewed but with one half of the presenting duo missing this week how will a solo show go? Can one still work without the other or will it all come apart? Who knows?
It's officially a series as the boys get a second episode of Tomato Salad through the pipeline. Little longer this week as the guys try and dissect a big weekend of Six Nations action rom the opening round, including their XV of the weekend.
This is the first episode of what will hopefully be a long-running weekly podcast series regarding all things rugby from two guys who love to talk at length about it while having a few beers. Lighthearted fun, for the most part:)
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