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Best Sarah Martin Elison Cruz podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Sarah Martin Elison Cruz podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Drinking Drunk
Lifelong alcoholics Sarah Martin and Elison Cruz indulge in a variety of drinks while ruminating on film, music, and the intricacies of modern life and pop culture. Drink responsibly!
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Hello! We're back once again during a break in traveling to discuss a movie we had very high hopes for, but of course... There's no surprise that it would lead to complete and utter dissatisfaction. What else is new? *trigger warning for lots of gratuitous violence and strong feelings regarding bad movies*…
We're back from the tropics to give you guys the aloha lowdown on what went down on what was supposed to be our time sensitive honeymoon! Did we mention we're getting married?By Drinking Drunk
Well, we recorded this as late as we possibly could, but it’s better than nothing- especially if we’re talking about one of our favorite bands of all time! But could their performance in Seattle that night actually stand up to the hype? Well, I’d say to stay cautious and listen, because it’s the last Drinking Drunk before the pre-marriage honey ...…
As we return to the present day, there is a ton to catch back up on! From store closures to Hawaiian plans, and even some band updates, a lot happened these past couple of days. Sadly, we couldn’t get to those movies we talked about but hey, that’s what the next episode is for. Thanks for listening!By Drinking Drunk
The irony in this episode is incredible. The main event that kickstarted this podcast and all of its glorious detail. Listening back to this 24 episodes later, it's no wonder we kept going, and I’m really glad we did. Thanks for tuning in, drinking responsibly, and of course, thanks so much for listening!…
This week, we’re back with some new stories from the depths of Capital Hill, several cameos from Pixel and a diluted discussion of the film Blockers, which we said we’d do in the last part. Did we miss something? Yeah, probably. Enjoy!By Drinking Drunk
We’re finally back this week after having watched My Friend Dahmer (with copious amounts of spoilers and serial killer talk) and discuss the falling out regarding Telltale Games and their abrupt studio shutdown. Sure sounds like an upper of an episode, doesn’t it?By Drinking Drunk
Well, it had to happen at one point or another, but in this weeks’ episode, we get “too lit” to make a comprehensive conversation regarding anything making sense. Instead, we’re just super aggressive for some reason… Actually, we know exactly why. A moderately lengthed episode is in store for you guys this week while Sarah is at PT and Elison i ...…
After some in-depth music/band talk, we attempt to navigate through the plot for the newly released motion picture "Searching." Spoilers abound for the film of course, but could you even make sense of our conversation regarding it? Just go watch the movie and then maybe this episode would make just a little more sense.…
We finally made it to Episode 20 and oh boy, is it a doozy. If there's anything you EVER wanted to know too much information about regarding our relationship, this would be the podcast to listen to. We run the whole gamut, including an entire bottle of wine. Surprised?By Drinking Drunk
This week features a lengthy journey to the emergency room, the process of obtaining legal drugs, and what lies ahead for the future. But no worries, we'll be BACK soon enough! If not next week. Hope you're ready to hear all about that in a brand new Drinking Drunk!By Drinking Drunk
In this weeks' episode, we delve into the deep, dark, evil world of cults and discuss one of the most notorious ones in Japan, Aum Shinrikyo. That word Elison was thinking of when trying to describe Japan is Xenophobia, by the way. Yeah. Enjoy and call your fathers!By Drinking Drunk
Sarah just got back from a work function in California, so prepare yourself for a ton of stories leading to many regrettable decisions. And as for that cult thing we talked about last week that Elison was going to bring to the table? Well, about that...By Drinking Drunk
It took us sixteen parts to get here, but we finally have our first morning drinks! Unfortunately, no bottomless mimosas or hair of the dog to be found here, but we chat a little about, well, everything. From cringe-inducing performances to overly expensive gyms, we have it all. Shoutouts forever.By Drinking Drunk
This podcast is the ultimate coming of age story. Who knew that this past year would've had some amazing movies? Spoilers ahead for the fantastic Lady Bird and Eighth Grade!By Drinking Drunk
Today on the show, we find ourselves with our first fan mail at long last! But on top of that, we dedicate this episode to one of our favorite podcasts and discuss the murder of Candace Newmaker and the tale of David Parker Ray, the Toybox Killer. *Trigger warnings inbound.*By Drinking Drunk
This weeks' podcast takes us to the far reaches of legal justice, voice lessons and more Youtube hot takes. For some reason that seems to be a running theme in these episodes. Can't forget movie talk and music in this harrowing edition of Drinking Drunk! #notsponsBy Drinking Drunk
We bought a suit! Definitely not for any special occasions and definitely not for cheap. But we do have delicious drinks and Elison says even more embarrassing things than ever. You won't wanna miss this Drinking Drunk! Or the next one, hopefully.By Drinking Drunk
A story within a story within a sidebar within a... What were we talking about again? Bad tequila? How about our most riveting, embarrassing tales of drunken woes! But not without our healthy dose of good advice and storytime shenanigans.By Drinking Drunk
Our first foray into wine territory brings a plethora of topics including allergies, game nights, Youtube controversies and a big ol' helping of hot takes. Grab your drink and take your pick because it's time for more Drinking Drunk!By Drinking Drunk
For this special birthday episode, we dive headfirst into some homemade cinnamon margaritas before cross examining each other's early twitter history. Does anything else really need to be said?By Drinking Drunk
Today, our conversation takes us through the process of recording an album, downtown Seattle adventures, brief inquiries into a widely popular cable network show and a slightly daring Pixel rescue rounds out this weeks' episode of Drinking Drunk!By Drinking Drunk
Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson we should learn. And that's to not drink as much as Elison did and completely turn the microphone in a different direction than where he was speaking. Didn't stop us from talking about near fatal work experiences, celebrity cameos and various moral quandaries people usually don't find thems ...…
Episode 6 means it's time to delve into the myths and legends of creepy dolls, girls in haunting toilets, and everyone's favorite bloodlusting queen of the 1500s. And no, we're not talking about Pixel. It's time to drink drunk and get spooky!By Drinking Drunk
The kittens make their podcast debut as we discuss our drinks for the day, and get into it a little regarding music and unconscious bias. That's not all because we also discuss at length the peculiarity of one of Sarah's favorite childhood movies that you may or may not have heard of before. It's that good. All this, and more on episode 5 of Dr ...…
May begins and we find ourselves drinking the classic OJ and vodka once again. But with a twist on the shot! We talk about newer movies, Craig Robinson and various anecdotes about our childhoods- some cute, and others depressingly cute. But we make shorter episodes feel feature length with booze in our hands. Drink responsibly and thanks for li ...…
Another week, another evening of drinking, this time fresh off the boat from the almighty booze cruise! Elison, however is just waking up, but what's going to stop him from getting drunk off conversations of catfishers, IT weirdos and angry sex workers? Work. Lots of work. "Oh no." But not before a brand new episode of Drinking Drunk!…
Episode 2 takes us all the way to last week as we discuss at length our favorite places to get cheap food and poorly made booze. In doing so, we find ourselves having trouble with a "smokey" whisky, wonder why we can never have a date without anything going awry and engage in a lovely conversation involving A Quiet Place with awkward videogame ...…
Our first drink of the podcast takes us back to the first drink we had when we met. This, which also takes us back to the very first film we ever saw together; the groundbreaking, blockbuster hit known as Drinking Buddies! Drunkenly deciphering what point this movie was trying to make, we try to make heads or tails of the plot, awkward kissing ...…
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