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Best Say Stuff podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Say Stuff podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Go Flix Yourself
Ben Konowitz and Brad Oman host a podcast in tribute to Doug Loves Movies where they talk about the recent movies they've seen, chat about new trailers, crack wise, and play a bunch of movie games.
Go Flix Yourself
Ben Konowitz and Brad Oman host a podcast in tribute to Doug Loves Movies where they talk about the recent movies they've seen, chat about new trailers, crack wise, and play a bunch of movie games.
Weird Awesome is a monthly podcast by comedy friends Mike and Jason. They talk about horror movies and many other weird and awesome things. Horror and stand-up comedy fans give us a listen!
The incessant pissing and moaning of a 30-something and his friends.
What do you get when you cross 3 veteran comedians, 1 funny engineer, 1 great show producer and lots of booze? Comics in General. A podcast that tackles the hard topics of today's world combined with the lighter side of everyday life. With guest comedians from around the country and people getting drunk and falling through windows on a live broadcast (yep that really happened) you won't want to miss a single episode. WARNING: Extremely NSFW
A podcast where two guys, usually joined by guests, talk about the latest and greatest Netflix original series and movies.
Sisters Say Stuff
We're Amanda and Laura. Our sister love is strong. Almost as powerful as Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Listen and subscribe if you want to hear us talk about all kinds of stuff.
A buffet of guests join Kyle Murphy as he goes through various video game topics from the golden age of arcade games and current news to indie games and even tabletop/card games.
I say stuff about stuff. I can not afford to own a cat to talk to, so I must speak to stranger on my phone. Tweet your questions and/or comments to @sweetviolet401. Enjoy!
End of Western Civilization got you down? All is tickety-boo on The Andrew Klavan Show as Andrew laughs his way though Armageddon with political satire, cultural commentary, interviews and relentless mockery of racial pieties, sexual perversities, and feminist absurdities. Monday thru Thursday.
Join freelance illustrators and Kubert School grads Mike & John as they review and critique comic books past and present from an artists' perspective.
An hour of topical sports, ranting and raving on both local and national topics. Is it overdone? Maybe, but at least they both have beards. With Nivas Vijay and Neil Waechter.
All The Stuff
Tune in weekly for topics ranging from debt reduction, money management, weight loss, creating a healthy relationship with your body and how to reduce your physical stuff and the emotions we attach to “things”.
WHAT IS A PODCAST is a podcast where I talk about whatever I want, including the definition of a podcast. It stars me! Tansel Pope, a regular person who went to college a few years ago and has stuff to say.
The site for the podcast you would do if you had nothing else to do
Usually known for my instagram & Snapchat rants I decided to take it to my very own podcast. This is not just a show talking about everyday stuff people are thinking but don't say. This is a show dedicated to talking about the black millennial dating experience for the male perspective. Tune in as and my guest of the day will talk about everything from current events, relationships, dating, societal beliefs, as well as anything we can call people out on. Hopefully after each episode you can ...
Hosted by comedian and owner of The Drop Comedy Club in South Bend, IN. Hey Man is a panel style game show featuring comedians and revolves around comedy writing.
Three best friends (Jake Wells, Ryan McGirr, and Corey Courrielche) are in search of a new best friend. Every other week Corey throws a sleep over in his mom's basement and the gang interviews a new potential best friend. Come listen as they play games, meet celebrity guests, and argue. Who knows you might make three new best friends along the way.
Averly Says Stuff
I have no idea what I’m doing.
Roadside Assistance is a roundtable discussion featuring eight different BTR hosts who comment with music instead of statements. Each person comes with three songs meant to represent their own idea of, say, a tailgating party... or fireworks... or barbecues. You know, stuff like that.
A slice of life podcast that features a multicultural casting of white people. We sit and complain about things while also thinking our opinions matter. Join us.
We asked three people to describe Chad and Ballsy Daily.They said:-“Who?”-“They owe me money”-“Sometimes funny” Chad and Ballsy Daily, your daily dose of 104.9 The Wolf’s morning team Chad and Ballsy including stuff they weren’t allowed to say on the air.
I'm not a really good writer, but I have something to say. So Here we are on Sound Cloud with my podcast. Most of the content will be dealing with evangelism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, some of the content will be political from an evangelical worldview, and some will just be fun stuff I feel like saying. I hope you'll enjoy your time spent here. I will be transferring the sound from my VLog on YouTube, so some of the episodes will involve video clips that you can see through the link below!
Portable Non-cast
Sometimes I get bored and angry then say stuff out loud. Sometimes there's a microphone around when that happens. Eventually it gets uploaded to the internet via dark magic.
My name is Anthony Mychal. I say stuff. Mostly about health, fitness, and performance. Looking better, moving better, feeling better, and thinking better.
Piece Of Mind Podcast
Welcome to my random brain! A Sunday Weekly podcast aimed to say stuff about things with experts on those things.Mental health, Comedy, Filmmaking, Advertising, Marketing and pretty much anything that I find interesting and is part of my career!Follow meFacebook, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Instagram: @GeorgeTarabay
Dermot & Dave
Dermot & Dave are on from 3pm - 7pm every weekday. Catch all the fun from the Say Stuff That Suits The Music and win money with The Secret Sound!
Stuff Kit Says...
Just stuff I don't feel like typing to put on my blog.
Two blokes chit chatting about pop culture and stuff. You know, Stuff.
Deep Dan Podcast
Musings and rants by an introverted dad and chiropractor. Sometimes I will say profound stuff and nobody cares, sometimes I will say stupid stuff and I'm a freaking genius. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dereuter/support
NPR130503 : NPR
This news feed contains stories that meet any of the following criteria: (1) Stories aired on "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!". (2) Stories from the "Science" topic. (3) Stories from the "Economy" topic. (4) Stories from "World Story of the Day".
One Aussie musician's leash-free zone for unruly opinions....This podcast is a platform for creative people to talk about stuff that they can't express directly through their art.After covering minimal administration costs, all donations will be gifted to the top charities listed at GiveWell.orgDONATE:https://www.patreon.com/emmagracestephensonEMMA'S WEBSITEhttps://www.emmagracestephensonmusic.com
Gary and Shannon
Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.
Just some advice and saying stuff that goes on my mind!
The Weeds
In politics, you’re often told not to get lost in the weeds. But we love the weeds! That’s where politics becomes policy – the stuff that shapes our lives. Every Tuesday and Friday, Matthew Yglesias is joined by Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Jane Coaston and other Vox voices to dig into the weeds on important national issues, including healthcare, immigration, housing, and everything else that matters. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Snag Says
Greg Leech is Snag. He says a bunch of stuff. Guests, fun, controversy. No boundaries and no net. What could possibly go wrong?
Welcome to the Stuff & Junk show, where we share our opinions on random subjects, from interesting news, social topics, pop culture, our likes and dislikes, things we’ve seen, heard, or read, to what we did, and what we do. You know, stuff and junk.
Movie Crush
Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know sits down with your favorite people to talk about their favorite movie. Simple enough, but what we get is much more than that. It’s a look at what makes a favorite thing, and why someone’s favorite movie says so much about who they are. More conversation than interview, Movie Crush, at its heart, is about the love affair we all have with the silver screen.
Gaming Matters
We think about games a lot and say stuff about them. You can take it or leave it.
Three guys that talk about literature and say yes and stuff.
Knock knock. Hello inappropriate jokes and comedy. Welcome to Longwood Lures and all of the the shenanigans you can handle. We drink, we laugh, we say dumb stuff. All of the usual stuff that you love and enjoy.We bring you the "Dickin A'Round Hour" podcast weekly or even more often as our NSFW stories ensue.
Frakkin Nerds
They said the meek will inherit the Earth, We say the Nerds already have control. A weekly Live Podcast . We talk about all things nerd and geeky. From movies, tv and tech news, to what is going on in the video game industry and comic books.
Sallie The Dog 2K12
My dog Sallie has a bunch of stuff to say. This is it.
Every Little Thing
Who invented pants? How did ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ happen? What do dogs say when they bark? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to elt@gimletmedia.com. Every Little Thing is produced by Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.
Jeff and Harris
We're just two University kids with stuff to say about anything that comes into our heads. And you can join in the fun!
Food. Pop culture. Bullshit.
Hey, Ever wanna talk about your child and what they do. Need yo hear someone say the stuff about your kid or children ... Well here's Varnell Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blackDad/support
You know it's true most Movies Are Terrible.We merely discuss how and why (and sometimes we may have good stuff to say too). Jeremy and Caleb talk about movies, controversy, and sometimes nothing at all.
Behind Closed Doors
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - Everybody Says This Stuff; I Just Say It Out Loud!Those who are easily offended or who don't share my mostly conservative / old fashioned / unsympathetic / capitalistic / often twisted / narrow minded / yet hysterically funny views on everything should avoid BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. After all it's my BLOG and Radio Show. FOR THE REST OF YOU ENJOY! Email rolando@dirtylittlecuban.com or Call.
Life Was Peachy
Life Was Peachy is the best podcast about the most questionable music of the mid-to-late 90’s and early 2000’s. Each episode is a deep dive into a classic nu metal album with the benefit of 20 years of hindsight to find out just what happened back then and what it amounts to in this brave nu world. Host Andrew Cahak is joined by various guests including comedians, musicians, and other people of interest. Some will have very passionate things to say, some may barely be able to stomach the stu ...
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"Your average thrift store in the United States only sells about one-third of the stuff that ends up on its shelves," Adam Minter says. His book explores what happens to the things that don't sell.By Terry Gross
They hate western civilization and want to run it.Date: 12-02-2019By The Daily Wire
Responding to the most recent Saints Unscripted episode of "Faith and Beliefs".David uses some of the weakest arguments for why such solid similarities exist between the LDS Endowment ceremony and the rituals of Freemasonry Support The Evangelical Norm by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-evangelical-norm…
Anney is back, folks! After surviving our slasher movie round tables, she decided to pop in to discuss one of our favorite movies of last year - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio
The U.S. economy is still growing, but trade tensions have taken a toll — especially on factories and farms. The trade war's impact on the overall economy is being debated.By NPR
Indivisible co-founder Leah Greenberg joins Matt to talk about her new book and the path forward for democratic reform. Guest: Leah Greenberg (@Leahgreenb), Co-Executive Director of Invisible Host: Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Senior correspondent, Vox More to explore: Subscribe to Impeachment, Explained on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitche ...…
Are the Dems giving Trump a big Christmas present with this Impeachment nonsense? Will Biden be forced to testify in the Senate about his dark Ukraine dealings? Now that Kamala is out, who will be the next candidate to exit the race?Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy ...…
Daily life in France has been severely disrupted by a nationwide protest against the government's plan to rationalize the country's pension system.By NPR
Today we talk about Pelosi and her announcement to draft impeachment articles, 49ers announcer Tim Ryan is suspended over his 'dark skin' comment about Lamar Jackson, L.A. news chopper has to make an emergency landing due to a drone strike, Hillary Clinton address the "lesbian" rumors, Chipotle is sending nurses to check on their employees, Pro ...…
Tennessine is an extremely rare element. Only a few dozen atoms of it have ever been produced. The tale of how the first atoms of Tennessine were created is complicated.By NPR
New York has awarded two contracts for large offshore wind farms, with more anticipated. Researchers are surveying whales in the area to craft strategies to mitigate dangers to them and their habitat.By Fred Mogul
The Democrats give us a crystal clear picture of our academic elites.Can't get enough of The Andrew Klavan Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/KlavanBy The Daily Wire
The comet, 2I/Borisov, looks surprisingly like comets closer to home. It's a sign that the processes that formed the sun and planets are at work elsewhere in the universe.By NPR
Carrie Fisher is haunting people. Who would we haunt? Ballsy jokes with the doctor about donating a boner. We have a plan on our work gift exchange.
The long economic recovery has brought unemployment to historic lows. But the number of men in the labor force during their prime working age has dropped significantly over the past 50 years.By NPR
NPR's David Greene talks with Elaine Waxman of the Urban Institute about a new Trump administration move to tighten work requirements for some food stamp recipients.By NPR
Hidden behind reports of low unemployment are Americans who have given up and stopped looking for work altogether. A significant number of them are men in the prime of life in rural America.By NPR
A mysterious die-off of freshwater mussels has biologists scrambling to figure out a cause. Freshwater mussels are critical to river ecosystems and to U.S. water supplies.By NPR
Germany has expelled two Russian diplomats as federal prosecutors investigate the murder of a former Chechen commander in broad daylight in a Berlin park back in August.By NPR
Two-faced Trudeau, #WhatchaWatchinWednesday, Elon Musk's trial, It isn't looking good for Prince Andrew, What's Happening, Swamp Watch, Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast stops by... all on a TARZAN WEDNESDAY!!!By KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
The initial results from an ambitious mission to get a spacecraft close to the Sun are shedding new light on some old mysteries about our closest star.By NPR
The House drones on and Kamala crashes as Democrats sink under their own narratives.Can't get enough of The Andrew Klavan Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/KlavanBy The Daily Wire
Climate change is making Isle de Jean Charles an unlivable place in Louisiana.By WAMU 88.5
The Hollywood icon trades the red carpet for the Capitol steps.By WAMU 88.5
Charleston Hughes Tells The Story Of His First Surgery.
Researchers have found that women who use permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who don't use these products.By NPR
Questlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver. Led by Each episode is driven by conversation ranging from the guest’s origins (along with a few never-before-revealed secrets to their success) to ...…
Episode 265 (45 mins 00 secs) Here we go, it’s an end of a decade. Before it ends though, Ruthy and Albert talk about Holiday sales, catching Porch Pirates, Millennials not drinking as much anymore, McDonald’s one handed meal technique, Lil Bub, Baby Yoda, and the TV shows that ruled the 2010s. Take a listen! 00:44 - It’s the end of the 2010s! ...…
Prince Andrew's Accuser Takers Her Case to the BBC. Kamala Harris Drops Out. Hollywood is "Finally Catching On" to the Booming Drag Queen Economy. What's Happening? Swamp Watch. Gabrielle Union to Meet With NBC. Miss Barbie-Q - our show drag queen.By KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
Dara and Matt on the congressional debate over Trump's trade deal. What to read: "USMCA, the new trade deal between the US, Canada, and Mexico, explained" by Jen Kirby, Vox "How the Trans-Pacific Partnership could drive up the cost of medicine worldwide" by Julia Belluz, Vox "How Canada's supply management system works" by John Paul Tasker, CBC ...…
The left thinks the country is theirs by right. Just one thing in their way...Date: 12-03-2019By The Daily Wire
It wasn't a great football weekend for Shannon, but everyone's back from a nice long Thanksgiving weekend // More on the London attack, and the heroes who stopped the stabber // Prince Andrew's doing another interview // Saugus HS students return to class today // Shade is a privilege in LA // Car burglaries are at an all time high in CA // Cyb ...…
Ballsy's Christmas balls hang lower every year. Slayer calls it a day. And the Saskatchewan wheel-well kick.
The good news that the Planned Parenthood in Saginaw, MI shuts it's doors is overshadowed by the bad news that a California court has fined David Daleiden around $2.3 Million for the videos that exposed the selling of aborted baby body parts, and the ugly part of it is that the Democrats are using abortion as a key to their election platform. S ...…
Mini Crush #94 has the subterranean homesick blues. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio
For our third anniversary episode we dip into the Maine well and come up with … well, you can probably guess. Can you believe it’s been three years?By Crime&Stuff gals
On this episode I talk about about my insecurities of trying to be an established podcaster and why I don't think I will ever be comfortable being amongst the elite. I also talk about my time on the girls room podcast, why beautiful women are the worst in the bedroom, and why its ok to not forgive people you've had long lasting friendships for ...…
Episode 218 of #WBSI, the "Kicked the Bucket and in the Snuts" edition. This week we discuss the most tragic deaths in film that hit you right in the feels. We go over our top five selections and discuss. We also have Star Wars news and the Bitch of the Week. Enjoy the show.
Terrorists kill Christian boy in Cameroon after trying to abduct him as child soldier, A new Campaign has started to work toward the release of Leah Sharibu #FreeLeah, and prayer points for World Watch List #1 - North Korea Link to Leah Campaign:https://csw.e-activist.com/page/24945/action/1?ea.tracking.id=campaign&_ga=2.154679480.1258661939.15 ...…
It's Black Friday and KTLA Tech expert/reporter Rich DeMuro is here! Tech tips, Thanksgiving calls, SoCal snow, latest news updates and more! And of course, he's got the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know! It's a big show!By KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
Yung Brock let's us know where his mind and body are at after chugging gravy and Regina has crazy takeout numbers according to Skip The Dishes.
Pakistan has recorded over 34 cases of abduction, assault, and rape of Christian women in the first 9 months of 2019. Continues prayer for Leah Sharibu #FreeLeah and prayer points for World Watch List #2 - Afghanistan Support The Evangelical Norm by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-evangelical-norm…
Happy Post-Thanksgiving! What better way to celebrate that with a cold turkey sandwich, and listening to me and actor Scott Poythress talk about the best Thanksgiving movie of all time, Planes, Trains and Automobiles! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio
San Diego-area congressman Scott Peters joins Matt to talk about his plan to boost transit-oriented development. Guest: Rep. Scott Peters (@RepScottPeters), U.S. Representative from California's 52nd congressional district Host: Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Senior correspondent, Vox More to explore: Subscribe to Impeachment, Explained on A ...…
It's time for Christmas music!BLACK FRIDAY OFFER ALERT!!!! All membership purchases Friday, November 29th will be 50% off! Yes, 50 percent off!!! Just use promo code DW50. So don't miss out! Use promo code DW50, become a Daily Wire member for half the cost, and come join the fun! ==> https://www.dailywire.com/subscribe…
A cornucopia of the very best of Gary and Shannon. A feast of the finest bits and segments, including Neil Saavedra's turkey tips, and much more!!!By KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
An Evangelist in Egypt awaits trial on a fabricated charge that he belongs to a "terror group" receiving "foreign funding" and sharing "false information". Continued Prayer for Leah Sharibu #FreeLeah and prayer points for World Watch List #3 - Somalia Support The Evangelical Norm by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-e ...…
Mo'Kelly fills in on the day before Thanksgiving - It's pouring rain, it's cold, and it's the day after Mo's birthday. There's a lot to celebrate, a lot talk about, and a lot to be thankful for!By KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
The media went all in against the president. He's not tired of winning.Date: 11-27-2019By The Daily Wire
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