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Behind every best-selling beauty product, there's a damn good story. Two longtime magazine beauty editors, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, chat about the breakthrough beauty products lining store shelves, and how they came to be. In this bi-weekly segment, we talk to the industry’s most genius founders, and find out how they broke into the biz, with a little beauty idea that blew up into a million-dollar success story. Find out which products beauty editors and insiders really hoard, while he ...
Dramas Over Flowers
Three South Asian women (from USA, UK, and India) talk about Korean Dramas.Patreon:
Saya Suka House Music
25 years of music curation distilled into block rocking beats and chilled beach vybes
Cleanomic Radio
Halo, saya Denia, founder-nya Cleanomic and this is my podcast show! #cleanomicRADIO adalah kumpulan dari cerita orang-orang yang punya usaha, kegiatan, inisiasi, komunitas, gerakan peduli dengan kelestarian lingkungan. We are here to learn from one and another, and preserve the mother nature one day at a time.
Welcome to the world’s best, certainly most practical, marketing show. Tim Reid here (you can call me Timbo) - I’m the founder and host. In its 7th year, The Small Business Big Marketing Show is laser-focussed on helping you, the motivated business owner, implement clever, effective marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business into the empire it deserves to be. Or maybe you’re a startup looking for mind-blowingly good marketing ideas that don’t cost a fortune. Well, you’re in the r ...
Cover art by Jacob Stancliff (@guyinhats on Twitter)A weekly Podcast by Danny Saya, Brian Sutton, Jessi Reynolds and Andy Perez about all things Pokemon!for any inquiries, email us at orsaya.danny45@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter! @Pokefront
Allah ka lahidu bani israila kaw ye tawurata kono : aw kana nioko djoli bon, aw be limaniya ni tawurata kono fin do ye ka kafiriya ni do ye, O tiki lamokow sara ye madjiki ye dien na ani djahanama ye lahara, allah ka kabakow issa ye, mussa ni saya meleke ka kisso, bani israila kaw ka fitiri waleya nabiyumaw ni kurane ma.k
Designing Customer Journey to increase your Digital Conversion
hadama den ka nianamaya be don duru ni niokotie: don mi temena, don mi beye bi, don mi benna len, en fatu (saya) don, lahara don , ni moko mi ye dien so fitini ke ika haminye ibe lajdarabi ni hami djuku ni dusukun koron ye, enka lahara so gnini walasa enmbe kunadiya dien so kono.
Pixel x Pixel
Nerdy pals Anne and Marcus are coming straight to your ears every other week to talk all things niche and obscure video games! If you like games from Japan, retro oddities, and a dash of anime, this is the podcast for you!
It is 30,000 years following dramatically changed climate conditions on earth which had let massive amounts of carbon dioxide belch from the interior of the planet into the atmosphere. Over the millenia this would have quite devastating effects on life as it had once been known. Much of the human and animal population would not survive the climate change, and indeed those few humans who did survive knew nothing of all which their predecessors had learned and built. Indeed, they knew not even ...
Podcasts in Malay of human interest articles from the media
Hanya sebuah keresahan yang ingin dibagikan untuk semua orang
Podcast Omongono
Usaha mengupas sesuatu dengan bahasa campuran
Sharing mindset and strategy to grow an Sentra Bisnis Fastpay with Digital Marketing
Pacific Jungle is Hawaii's Drum & Bass.
RSS feeds for Pariyatti
RSS feeds for Pariyatti
Podcast by Narasena
Marhite barita on tangihonon muna do ngka pangaropan dibagasan saluhut parngoluan muna, na padaohon hamuna sian nasa pandelean, alai asa tontong hamu marbenget ni roha di ngolu muna, di ruma tangga, di hahipason, parsingkolaon, dohot di ngolu na dumenggan di angka ari na naeng ro.
Listen to Amirul and his guests talk about everything e-commerce in Malaysia, from getting started to growing the business. Amirul is an experienced digital marketing strategist and has been helping e-commerce businesses since 2012. He is now a co-founder and chief marketer of Delyva, a delivery software for e-commerce.
Welcome to Certified True Gaming! Where we get a interview with some of the popular twitch streamers! I hope you enjoy! Podcast are done Mondays and Saturdays.Please join our official discord! Support this podcast:
Bangwin Podcast
This podcast channel is produced and maintained by Abang Edwin Syarif Agustin a.k.a Bangwin.Bangwin is a Gen X who inevitably has to keep up with the times and adapt to the digital world that begins to be filled by Millennials and soon Gen Z.With this podcast channel, he wanted to share his experiences of how he could survive in this digital era. In addition, you can also get podcast content about the life experiences that he experienced or what he got from around him.This podcast uses Indon ...
Point Cook College P9 Indonesian Podcasts
Podcast by TumouTou SDA Church JKT
Best-selling author Robert Whiting's weekly podcast discusses the past, present and future of Japan. Current events and trends and the news makers who are shaping them are topics. Whiting, who penned the classic "You Gotta Have Wa" in 1989 and "Tokyo Underworld" in 2000, first came to Japan in 1962 and is regarded as one of the foremost experts on the social, political, economic and sporting landscapes of the country. The California native has written for many renowned publications in his lo ...
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Di episode ini saya membahas bagaimana saya membangun tim di Tribelio sebagai startup yang baru dan mengapa saya membangun platform ini.
In 1999, Toni Ko completely changed the game on how prestigious drugstore makeup could be with NYX cosmetics – highly pigmented makeup in sleek packaging, at rock-bottom prices. One multi-million-dollar acquisition and a five-year, non-compete agreement later, makeup mogul Toni Ko is ready for her second act. Launching this week, Bespoke Beauty ...…
For the first time ever, we are answering all of our listener questions - thank you for all of the wonderful submissions. As always, we love hearing from you so please do reach out any time and leave us a voicemail: 1-844-227-0302, slide into our DMs on Instagram or join our private FB group. Thank you for listening - we can’t wait for a millio ...…
This episode of Pixel x Pixel is off the charts! Marcus if off to Japan this week, so we have an extra-long episode to tide you over in case our next episode is delayed. Marcus receives a special package in the mail, Anne possibly traumatizes herself with a Junji Ito manga, and both extol the virtues of GiantBomb’s Burgle My Bananas feature. Al ...…
Recently in a cafe, I overheard someone say that an Australian bloke had secured the full licensing rights to the world-famous Hollywood sign. My first reaction? “How? Why?” My second reaction? “I have to interview him!” It’s a very Hollywood episode 481 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express and dig ...…
We mentioned in last week’s episode that there were SO MANY foundation launches this season that the whole topic requires its own dedicated episode! But we also wanted to deliver some really practical tips for how to shop for and apply foundation, so today’s Glow Down guest is red carpet makeup pro Mélanie Inglessis. With clients like Game of T ...…
Di episode ini saya menjelaskan apa itu Tribelio (project terbaru saya) dan mengapa saya membangun Tribelio sebagai all-in-one community management platform yang bisa membantu Anda 10x income Anda
TIME STAMPS:00:01:33 - Live-action Mulan revisited00:04:50 - Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung00:26:39 - Love Alarm00:34:54 - Melo is My nature00:42:06 - Hell is Other People00:45:09 - The Great Show00:51:20 - A Moment at 1800:59:46 - Class of Lies01:01:14 - Welcome 2 Life01:06:20 - Hotel Del Luna01:11:33 - Level Up01:21:13 - WatcherAnisa's review ...…
Abigail Forsyth is the inventor of KeepCup, the world’s first Barista standard, reusable coffee cup … and she’s on a mission to stop us from disposing of one million coffee cups every minute … of every day! It’s a very reusable episode 480 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express and digital marketing ...…
We‘ve been busy test-driving all the buzzy products lining store shelves this fall! In this damn goods segment, we discover a new toner-meets-moisturizer hybrid that was 19 years in the making. Then, we luxuriate in an exorbitantly-priced (but oh-so-decadent!) face cleanser before highlighting the new brow tool that’s the lowkey brainchild of a ...…
There’s so much to discuss this episode that we couldn’t fit it all in! Marcus is busy making his very own visual novel database and Anne is busy programming a film festival, but both still find plenty of time to read, watch, and play! We talk about all the exciting Deadly Premonition news and more in the latest Nintendo Direct, Marcus Gets Ste ...…
RadioHub founder and fellow podcaster Cooper Silk recently attended Podcast Movement, the world's biggest podcasting conference … and he’s here to share what best-practice podcasting looks like in 2020 and beyond. A little bit more about fellow podcaster and RadioHub founder Cooper Silk … I first met this week’s guest over a couple of beers whe ...…
Today we take you inside the mind of French fragrance founder Kilian Hennessy, who launched his range of luxe scents, By Kilian, in 2007. Find out why his bold gourmand blend, Love Don’t Be Shy, is Rihanna’s ride-or-die perfume (it’s sold out in every store around the world!) We also introduce you to the all-time best-seller, Good Girl Gone Bad ...…
Cedar Anderson would rather be walking naked through the Byron Bay hills than running the multi-million dollar empire he created with his old man. Fortunately he loves the fact that they’ve changed the beekeeping industry for good, thanks to one of the world’s most successful crowd-funding campaigns ever. It’s a buzzingly good episode 478 of Th ...…
Acne positivity ftw— and yet, many still struggle with acne and self esteem. So much so that we felt it was high time to dedicate an entire episode to the topic. And who better to be our guest than Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper herself!? The dermatologist’s Youtube videos have gone so viral amongst ‘popaholics’, she even has her own sho ...…
Once in a while, your co-hosts play the same game and have things to say about it – thus warranting an extra special episode! For our second special, we talk about developer Nitro+’s Saya no Uta, aka Song of Saya, thanks to the recent re-release. If you’re interested in the game and don’t want to get spoiled, rest assured, you can listen to the ...…
We have a new guest! Fangirl JustMe joins us to chat about current headlines. whether on screen romances can last off screen, and what she's excited about from the upcoming batch of September dramas! List of September dramas here: - Gu Hye-sun an ...…
Masseuse to the stars (we’re talking Kylie, Sir Richard Branson & Tony Robbins), Kym Power shares how she’s built Australia’s largest independent supplier of in-room massage services to over 900 4 and 5-star hotels across Australia. It’s a star-studded episode 477 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show. A little bit more about ...…
The summer is unofficially over and while we can’t wait to stock our #topshelf for fall, we thought it would be fun to chat about the damn good products that really saw us through the summer of 2019. So welcome to our very special episode all about the summer staples that we loved to the very last drop. There are some new finds that made it int ...…
Hello beloved listeners! Since our last episode, Marcus has played not one, but two FMV games released in the last month, and Anne moved all her things down to Sydney and finally has the good mic again. Plus, we talk about the classic film The Blob, a horror film festival, the end of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!, and more! 21:30 – Media Minutes: T ...…
Today’s guest is on a mission to create a global surf brand - despite at one point having to write a farewell letter to his wife and kids 80kms off the coast of Sumatra! It’s a roller-coaster ride of an episode 476 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express. Long-time listener and Surefire Boards founder ...…
Today we’re chatting with serial entrepreneur Alli Webb. She’s the co-founder of Drybar, one of the original chain blow dry bars, launched nearly a decade ago. In this episode, Alli re-counts the key moments that turned a quaint, #MomBoss beauty idea into a $100M success story. (Now, there are 92 locations who do 120,000 blowouts a month.) Stay ...…
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Ibu Tunggal” majalah Mingguan Wanita Vol 1 Mei 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Sharing tentang apa yang gw lakukan setiap hari untuk menghadapi stres #sokmikir
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan ‘Wanita’ akhbar Berita Harian bertarikh 2 Julai 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Di celah-celah kehidupan” akhbar Mingguan Malaysia bertarikh 10 Mac 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan ‘Pengakuan’ akhbar Kosmo bertarikh 10 Mac 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan ‘Keluarga’ akhbar Berita Harian bertarikh 14 Jun 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
The Breathe Project’s Bodhi and Kat have started a business to teach school kids and their teachers around Australia and New Zealand how to breathe correctly. Don’t you just love how some people make a living?! A few months ago, my girlfriend, Sarah told me about this couple, Bodhi and Kat, who run a business called The Breathe Project, traveli ...…
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Pengakuan Duda” majalah Mingguan Wanita Vol 2 April 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Well hello. We have here the long awaited Long Yak discussing all our new watches and happy endings from July. Enjoy. (Timestamps below!)Designated Survivor: First Thoughts - Stamps:00:04:25 - Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung00:21:50 - Designated Survivor00:23:51 - Hotel Del Luna00:37:29 - Level Up00:46:09 - ...…
We’re on a bit of a summer holiday, but by popular demand we’re bumping this previously released chat to the top of your feeds. She's the Founder and CEO to watch, and she started a revolution with Glossier, a millennial beauty brand that's commanded line-ups around the block with its era-defining pink-and-white packaging and its inclusive, raw ...…
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Kugapai Bintang” majalah Mingguan Wanita Vol 2 April 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Busy bees Anne and Marcus are rather tired these busy days, but we still have lots of things we’re excited to talk about! Anne isn’t playing anything of note, so it’s a whole lot of TV and movie talk this time around, plus more discussion on Saya no Uta (aka Song of Saya) and Steam. And don’t blame us if you can’t make it through this episode w ...…
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Prihatin” majalah Mingguan Wanita Vol 2 April 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Episode ke 16 ini, Denia, founder Cleanomic, berbagi cerita tentang tips mengurangi sampah dalam perjalanan haji
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Hati” akhbar Harian Metro bertarikh 17 Jun 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Hati” akhbar Harian Metro bertarikh 15 Jun 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Hati” akhbar Harian Metro bertarikh 14 Jun 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Ibu Tunggal” majalah Mingguan Wanita Vol 2 April 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Di episode kali ini, saya akan membagikan mindset yang benar dalam membangun bisnis (ga hanya karena ingin financial freedom doang...) dan apa saja tips membangun bisnis yang perlu Anda miliki sebelum memulai perjalanan bisnis Anda.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Wanita Bisnes” majalah Mingguan Wanita Vol 2 April 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
One of Australia’s leading mobile personal trainers joins us to share how he’s building a fitness empire that’s already servicing over 2,000 suburbs across Australia. A little bit more about Fitness Enhancement’s Scott Hunt ... In 1999, with just $400 in his pocket and a dream to make an impact on the Australian personal training scene, 19 year ...…
Meet Chris Appleton, the hairstylist to Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and JLo and card-carrying member of the glammiest of glam squads (that gang also includes Mario Dedivanovic aka Makeup by Mario.) Chris is known for his fantastical looks that we first see on a celebrity, and then on the stylish girl on the street. Case in point: Ariana Grande ...…
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Di celah-celah kehidupan” akhbar Mingguan Malaysia bertarikh 3 Mac 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan ‘Pengakuan’ akhbar Kosmo bertarikh 3 Mac 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Viral” laman web MStar bertarikh 27 Jun 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
Are you one of those business owners who’s made a video for your business, put it on your website and then wondered what else to do with it? Excellent! Then wonder no more, as today’s guest, video marketing expert Geoff Anderson, has 30 ideas to make sure your video gets seen by as many of the right peeps as possible. A little bit more about vi ...…
Rencana diambil daripada ruangan “Throwback” majalah Keluarga Mac-Apr 2019By Azmi Anuar - Social Observer.
2 minggu yang berat, dan keputusan yang berat jg untuk di ambil #sok mikir
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