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A new podcast series from the Specialty Coffee Association presenting stories, lectures, and debates. The SCA is a non-profit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas all over the world. Learn more at
SCA-TV Podcast
SCA-TV Podcast from Sun City Anthem
Mike Goldman
Hey there I’m Mike Goldman. I started interviewing people when I was 8 years old on my dads radio show so I guess starting my own you tube channel talking to really cool and interesting people was inevitable. If its a politician or a philanthropist, a wildlife warrior or a spider expert I’ll talk to them. The show is also an audio podcast where all good podcasts are hoarded.
We are Central Belfast - Joining with God and others in the transformation of Belfast as Disciples who make Disciples. Catchup on our teaching from all our Sunday gatherings We Gather every Sunday at 4.30pm at Assembly Buildings, Belfast and scatter to practice the way of Jesus in the rhythm of the city.
A show about Pennsic, the SCA, and fun
Dads With Swords
We chat about Western Martial Arts, Fatherhood and whatever else comes up.
Welcome to the So Smokin' Gooder Show! Where we talk all things BBQ, Brews and Good Times... If you're a fan of BBQ, this is the podcast for you! Join Rob and Case as they bring you a behind the scenes look from the ever growing BBQ scene.
"Tending God's Flock"
Shaw Rau
Christopher Rowe's feed for video and audio content.
A podcast for people who care about coffee. Hosted by Brian Beyke & Bryan Schiele.
Você já pensou em ouvir as principais discussões, atualizações e temas de altíssima importância para sua formação médica em qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar? Esse é o SVCast, o podcast da Sala Vermelha, dedicado à Medicina Brasileira. Sala Vermelha, onde a Medicina faz sua arte acontecer! #FOAMed #FOAMedBRA #façavalerapena #façavaleravida
Become A Sports Trader
Full-Time Professional sports trader Matt Finnigan gives you hints and tips on how to improve your understanding on trading the betting exchanges such as Betfair.In his weekly podcast he reveals some of strategies and techniques he has been using since turning professional in 2002.
The National Association of School Nurses and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NASN Radio. Executive Director Donna Mazyck hosts the program that will focus on the topics you really care about. Each brief segment of NASN Radio will help keep school nurses abreast of the latest developments in student health and professional development of school nurses. New segments appear here a few days after they air on the NASN web site.
SportsCar America
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When we keep Jesus as the center, there is always more than enough!By Shepherd's Christian Assembly.
In his opening remarks at this year’s Re:co Symposium, Executive Director Emeritus Ric Rhinehart set the stage for two days of learning, collaborating, and acting to address the coffee price crisis with his “dire warning speech.” This talk has been a fixture at the event for the past ten years. Unfortunately, many of the things Ric has brought ...…
Hijacking the "On The Mike" podcast this week is Terry Kwak and Kale Ngyen from the Brisbane City podcast. Apologies.By Mike Goldman.
Case and Rob recap the big weekend at the PHA Summer Steak Showdown and the results from #teamdairycone at Columbus. Reba Beard from South Texas BBQ Emporium comes on to discuss the No Excuses BBQ cook off. Chef Andy Lugo with Meat Hussler comes on to discuss the #lugocut among other things to wrap up... Matias Serrata comes on to discuss the 2 ...…
Joey Machado joins the show to discuss his new position with Fogo Charcoal. He talks about what got him in the charcoal marketing landscape and what brought him over to Fogo Charcoal. He explains the different types of lump charcoal now available and gives a little insight to his vision for Fogo Charcoal in the future. Richard Anzaldua with the ...…
Joel 2:28-32 It was Pentecost Sunday at Central and we had Dave Dickinson sharing on the prophetic vision of the Pentecost to come in Joel 2.By CENTRAL Belfast.
Jesus sent the fulfillment of the Father's promise to His people.By Shepherd's Christian Assembly.
Today, we’re very happy to present the second episode of the “The Role of Innovation and Technical Advancement,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. This session explored and evaluated advances in innovation positioned to make an impact within our industry as we work to resolve the coffee price crisis. We are pleased to welco ...…
IBCA President and Sauce Boss of Texas Pepper Jelly joins the show to discuss all things IBCA. Nothing held back....great talk concerning the history and future of IBCA and what his plans are after his term is up. Also, David Thomas from Patient Housing Assistance joins the show to talk about their upcoming SCA Summer Steak Showdown…
This video is about MAFSBy Mike Goldman.
Rob and JBird traveled over to the 2019 Memphis in May World's Championship BBQ Contest. We competed with Kendall Adair's Smoked n Spiced team and did a few interviews during the week.Kendall Adair with Smoked n SpiceAmy Jungk with the BBQ SpotJohnny Joseph - 3x SCA Champ and 2008 World ChampionBeth and Shelby from the National Turkey Federatio ...…
AFTER SHOW people! Not a true So Smokin' Gooder Show. Rob, Case and JBird have a little fun after recording Ep019 and this happened! Thanks to Mike McElwaney and Bryan Moyers for joining the show.InstagramMike McElwaney@shabby_shed_designs@american_grillers_groupBryan Moyers@roanokeweaponryBy Bullhorn BBQ.
Today, we’re very happy to present the first episode of “The Role of Innovation and Technical Advancement,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. This session explored and evaluated advances in innovation positioned to make an impact within our industry as we work to resolve the coffee price crisis.How does a living thing get t ...…
Case, Rob and JBird discuss the Danny Dietz Memorial Classic and Memphis in MayRecap all the winners and discuss Rob's streakBy Bullhorn BBQ.
On any given night more than 116,000 Australians - including over 44,000 children and young people - don't have a safe place to call home. This statistic has risen almost 14% in the past 5 years, and in a wealthy nation like ours this is unacceptable.And so this year I'm raising money for the homeless by doing my own Sleep out to support Missio ...…
We must trust in the Word of God, even if we're the only one who believes.By Shepherd's Christian Assembly.
John 14:15-31 The sixth in the season of resurrection - with John Dickinson (Senior Leader, Carnmoney Church) sharing on life in the Spirit.By CENTRAL Belfast.
John 13:31-38 The fifth in the season of Resurrection - with Dave Dickinson sharing on Ministry through Glory & Love.By CENTRAL Belfast.
Big Brother is over so this is as close as I can get to narrating the show again. Thanks Mui Tube. You naughty boy. For interviews with Gretel Killeen, Sonia Kruger, Tim Dormer and Bree Amer from Big Brother check the out right here on my you tube channel.By Mike Goldman.
FEATURED STORIES: Veterans Club President, Paul MacDowell, updates us on upcoming June activities. Then we’ll have Priscille Atkisson’s informative interview with Henderson Mayor, Debra March. In honor of Memorial Day, we go down memory lane and look back at one of Yvonne Cloutier’s Musical Moments as she discusses the origin of “Taps”.  Do ...…
Since the early days of the specialty coffee movement, freshness has been one of its central pillars. It is best defined as having its original unimpaired qualities and is often understood, in coffee, as freshly roasted, ground within a few days, immediately extracted and consumed. In spite of this pivotal role of freshness for high-quality cof ...…
I am outraged that such an incredible part of Australian TV history has been left in ruin. The people who own the property should be ashamed of themselves. Now I definitely wont get my bond back. What do you miss about the show? Lets hear what you think in the comments below.By Mike Goldman.
Did you know theres a spider that gives you an erection if your bitten? There is a spider that eats its brothers and sister and mates with its mother, a Bob Marley Spider and so many more bizarre creepy crawlies. Dr Robert Raven heads the most active arachnological unit in Australia. His proper tittle is : Head, Terrestrial Biodiversity & Senio ...…
Today’s lecture explores the different chemical and physical markers that characterize espresso extraction. By using TDS, acidity, caffeine and chlorogenic acids extractions of different grinders, machines and brew ratios can be compared to each other. Recent studies by Dr. Marco Wellinger’s lab have demonstrated that for a given roasted coffee ...…
Trust in the Word of God is never misplaced.By Shepherd's Christian Assembly.
Isaac Butterfield, AKA The Buttsmarn. The naughty stand up comedian, You Tuber, Newcastle boy who has had enough of political correctness and possibly Vegans, cyclists and feminists. He has a new special out now and it shows a deep caring side to this incredible showman. If his massive fanbase is anything to go by theres big things ahead for th ...…
Specialty coffee’s artisanal and handcrafted customer face is real and supported by a complex supply chain and highly specialized production. These two things create and collect lots of information. Understanding what can be collected and how it can help coffee businesses is simpler than people think and is also the first step towards gaining r ...…
John 10:1-21 The fourth in the season of resurrection with Dave Dickinson sharing on the Good Shepherd.By CENTRAL Belfast.
Gil Martinez Jr from Double G Southern BBQ joins the showTAFR RecapMemphis in May previewBy Bullhorn BBQ.
You wouldn't think one of Australia's funniest comedians had been shot at in war zones, worked in some of the toughest prisons and then been in a Miller Beer commercial during the Superbowl. Until of course he told you all about it, like he does in this episode of On The Mike. Enjoy Australia's favourite comedian Rob Brown.…
Luke 24:13-35 The third in the Easter season of resurrection with Dave Dickinson sharing on worship in the resurrected life.By CENTRAL Belfast.
Straddling the humanities and sustainability, the panellists of today’s episode discuss how understanding culture and context improves approaches to sustainability. Drawing on experiences in Vietnam, Mexico, and beyond, they describe setbacks arising when producers and buyers speak different languages of sustainability, data collection is incom ...…
Not since Steve Irwin has a an animal expert been as entertaining as this guy. Marc Jacewicz aka the Travelling Bushman is a wildlife warrior and conservationist who travels the globe sharing his incredible knowledge of the animal kingdom. He even takes a few of his furry, slithery and creepy crawly friends along for the ride. Please share the ...…
Jesus became the everlasting sacrifice for your past, present, and future.By Shepherd's Christian Assembly.
Acts 2:42-47 The second in the season following Easter with Helen Warnock (Central Leadership Team) looking at how the church lives as the resurrected people of God.By CENTRAL Belfast.
World Coffee Research (WCR) and Counter Culture have both independently been working on better more up-to-date reference guides on the coffee varieties and research that has been done, and currently being done, in Ethiopia and East Africa. Counter Culture will present on their newly published material, that for the first time consolidates over ...…
Stephen Van Deventer is the man behind a 450 million dollar cannabis facility in the works for Toowoomba, right next to the international airport. This will be the biggest of its kind in the world making millions, possibly billions for the Australian economy and more importantly helping people with epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain and many more. ...…
Colossians 3:1-4 Easter at Central with Dave Dickinson sharing on Resurrection through the message of death to life in Colossians 3.By CENTRAL Belfast.
At Bloom Providence, Dr. E. Michelle Ramsey gave a talk about managing conflict and emotional labor in the coffee workplace. Discussion focused on misconceptions about conflict, the role of power in conflicts and how we can better balance power between people, the impact of emotional labor on coffee professionals, and ways to manage oneself and ...…
Ep017 - sponsored by:B&B CharcoalEureka Heights Brewing CoNine Banded WhiskeyRoddy Trevino from RodStarr BBQ joins Rob and Case to talk the world of BBQ. Talking everything from how he got started to his time instructing at the RecTec Academy. He also promotes a great cook off being held 4/26-27 in Bishop, TX... the Wild Horse Desert Round Up.…
What do Aussies think of our politicians? What do they need to do to win back our trust, our respect and interest in what they're actually doing. On The Streets of Crows Nest in Sydney.By Mike Goldman.
1 Corinthians 1:1-3 It was our official opening for our new home at May Street and we had John Dickinson (Senior Leader, Carnmoney Church) sharing as we look forward.By CENTRAL Belfast.
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