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Rick Steves Scandinavia and the Baltics is a collection of "Travel with Rick Steves" radio interviews featuring travel tips and lessons from Rick and the expert teachers who guide Rick Steves' tours. Whether you're heading off on your own or taking a guided tour, Rick Steves Scandinavia and the Baltics will help you enjoy the richest and most meaningful travel experience possible. You'll find related travel information for these destinations at
Keeping you updated on Calvary Chapel-related ministry in the Scandinavian region with interviews, music, inspirational teaching, and other features.
Whether you're visiting Scandinavia or live here, this is where you can find out about things to do, places to stay and what to see in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
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Rick provides a brief introduction to his Scandinavia/Baltics playlist, a collection of audio files designed to help you plan and enjoy your best possible trip.
Radio DJ Kevin Cole shares why he goes back to Iceland every year to explore the country's impressive contemporary music scene, dramatic landscapes, and ancient Viking culture.
A pair of documentary producers share what they learned interviewing the residents of Christiania, a communal society tucked right inside — and yet worlds away from — downtown Copenhagen.
If you’d like to experience one of the most historic and fascinating natural areas, you can travel to the majestic natural region of Mølen, as far south you can get in Vestfold county. Mølen is a bit of a huge gravel bed that goes around the entirety of Scandinavia. It was formed in the edge of the ice sheet between 12,650 to 12,350 years ago. ...…
Pål Johansen, a Norwegian tour guide, describes how the summer solstice is celebrated in Scandinavia, where the official start of summer is a big party.
The Norwegian reality TV show "Alt for Norge" brings 12 Norwegian-Americans to Norway for the first time. A producer and contestant from the show describe what happens when the contestants compete to adapt to Norwegian everyday life.
A Norwegian and a Swedish tour guide give an inside look at the (mostly) friendly rivalries between Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
Scandinavian tour guides give a taste of Norse mythology to help travelers better understand the Vikings' complex view of the cosmos.
Friends from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden compare notes on their favorite national dishes, from lutefisk and lefse to pickled herring and Swedish meatballs.
Tour guides from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark discuss what unites, and what divides, these Scandinavian siblings.
Tour guides Lisa Rybloom and Pål Johansen explain how to enjoy Norway’s famous fjords, rich Viking heritage, and modern Scandinavian culture — without breaking the bank — in one of the world’s most expensive countries for travelers.
Reactions to the 2014 Calvary Chapel Scandinavia Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Incl. interviews with guest speakers David Guzik, Craig Quam, Rafael Manzanares and local pastors and conference participants.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Lisa Rybloom, tour guide to Scandinavia, tips for enjoying Norway's scenic fjord country.
Tour guide Åsa Danielsson from Stockholm explains how a strong sense of ethics and fairness shapes the social order in Sweden.
Åsa Danielsson, a tour guide from Stockholm, shares her favorite spots in this charming city of islands and parks.
Reactions to the 2013 Calvary Chapel Scandinavia Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Hear from the guest speakers (David Guzik, Bil Gallatin, Nate Holdridge, Jeremy Foster, Stan Marinussen) and several local ministry leaders in Scandinavia. Music from the conference, Viking Games 6 report, and a remarkable preaching mix from this year's pulpit.…
An exclusive interview with Stan Marinussen (pastor of Calvary Chapel Cross Culture in Amsterdam) and guest speaker at the next Scandinavian conference. Hear pastor Stan share his inspiring testimony and the story of how God turned a failed church-plant into a fruitful one. Also, another edition of Frontline Report with quick ministry updates f ...…
An exclusive interview with Nate Holdridge (pastor of Calvary Monterey) about his growing connection to Scandinavia, his approach to pastoring God's people and teaching God's Word, how growing up as a pastor's son affected him, how God called him into ministry, and how he met his wife Christina, etc.…
Reactions to the first ever Scandinavian leadership retreat. Frontline reports from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Interviews with Rafael Manzanares, Ed Major, Joel Wickstrom, Daniel Jacobsen, Tim Fuchs, Simeon Fuchs, and others. Word Revisited by Nate Holdridge.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Two guides to Scandinavia talk about crime fiction from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, where authors like Steig Larsson have used novels as a way to examine and critique their societies.
An exclusive interview with David Guzik (Bible commentator and pastor of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara) about his past and current ministries, his approach to preparing sermons, his connection to Scandinavia, how he became a Christian in the 1970s and met his wife Inga-Lill, etc.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Hear the latest updates from Calvary Chapel related ministries in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Interviews with Bob Pecoraro, Annette Kortsay-Osen, Joel Wickstrom, Daniel Jacobsen, David Guzik, and others. Word Revisited by Kevin Fitzgerald.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Hear the latest updates from Calvary Chapel ministries in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Interviews with Joel Wickström, Bob Pecoraro, Daniel Jacobsen, Autumn Nagy, and Aaron Pratt. Word Revisited by Phil Metzger.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Get the latest updates from Calvary Chapel ministries in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Interviews with Christian Nagy, Joel Wickstrom, Daniel Jacobsen, Bob Pecoraro, and Simeon Fuchs. Word Revisited by Nick Long.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Reactions on the Calvary Scandinavia Conference 2012. Frontline reports from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Interviews with Nate Holdridge, Joel Wickstrom, and Bob Pecoraro. Word Revisited by David Guzik.By (Calvary Chapel Scandinavia).
Rick talks with travel writer Fred Plotkin about the art of the Finnish sauna.
Author Neil Taylor explains how much the Baltic countries have brightened up in the 20 years since they shook off Soviet Communism.
In this excerpt from his book, "Travel as a Political Act," Rick takes a look at the Danes' recipe for happiness, explores their strong social ethic, and spends time in Copenhagen's famous hippy commune, Christiania.
Travel writer Fred Plotkin, who calls Finland one of his favorite places, discusses the country's egalitarian and collaborative outlook; its devotion to the arts and nature; and its love of saunas.
Stockholm-based tour guide Marita Bergman provides a glimpse into her home city and gives suggestions for exploring the Swedish countryside.
Marita Bergman explains the rituals Swedes enjoy to accompany the long days marking the start of summer.
Swedish guide Marita Bergman explains how to get back to nature in the Swedish countryside.
Rick talks with two Baltics experts about Estonia. The country is turning into a popular destination for travelers who want to mix Old World charm with the energy of modern Europe.
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