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A heartfelt story depicting emotions of those who are forced to leave their homeland due to physical lines drawn between countries and how such people connect with each other across boundaries.
The future of Podcast Entertainment
"Azeri with us" is designed to help you learn real Azerbaijani without a textbook or classroom. We provide you with a comprehensive language course which will enable you to get started speaking with local people straight away. Our free audio podcasts are filled with practical information, pronunciation practice and natural conversations, which sometimes go off theme! If you are coming to Azerbaijan as a tourist or longer term to work here, this is the place to begin and develop your Azeri la ...
The Bitterest Pill
The Dan Klass podcast
Nedi & her 9 year old brother rant about all things Star Wars.
The Take Ova
The Take Ova Podcast hosted by Deone Mitchell (Author, Business Mogul and CEO of Pretty N Paid Media)gives you raw unapologetic conversations that focus on real life shit we all experience! only the real IS ALLOWED
Co Host of the On The Money Sports Podcast.Can follow us at: go Facebook Live Every Thursday Night between 8-815pm Eastern Time
Stanford SciCast
The Stanford SciCast is an undergraduate produced podcast bringing cardinal research news from Stanford scientists to you.
Holy Balls
Comedians Tony Vino and Daliso Chaponda talk about the most blank people in history. Each episode the word blank gets replaced with a different adjective. Confused Yet? Have a listen and it will all make sense...
G and D discuss their world of art & include artists of all kinds as a special guest.D is nice & G is a bit of a jag-off. Somehow it works.
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we had a goof up originally thanks to the NHL lol. It is one worth hearing I promise you.By Sweet Truth Media.
Sugar shane discusses Aaron Carter coming out on family history, Al Sharpon on black face, Kardashian warning and more. Sweet Truth Media.
We discuss texas rain and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
we discuss Tom Brady and more in this flashback.By Sweet Truth Media.
Pat, Flora, Jon and Dale talk about Roku, Dxpeditions, and a trip to Uranus that is in the near future for Dale, also a new segment added from Gail Nobles.By Sweet Truth Media.
Stephanie & Pat interview Tom Ferris (Retired Army) and his very riveting story about his military service in Iraq and his feelings on Sept,11th as well as shedding some light on questions that still exist.By Sweet Truth Media.
Story by: Gail Nobles Song by: Phil Collins and Philip Bailey Photo Credit:By Dicknroll - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Hi, I'm Gail Nobles. This is Postgirl's Recordings, and today we're going to talk about the song, "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey. Easy Lover She'll take your h ...…
Pat, Flora, Missy and Jon discuss the Browns, depression caused by Facebook, Hurricane Dorian and our first skype call.By Sweet Truth Media.
Hi, I'm Gail Nobles. This is Podcast, News, and Opinion. I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm also hoping that in the future, we won't have to worry so much about appliances and electricity. We have to plug into the walls, and sometimes we use power surge protectors to protect our appliances. Sometimes things still can go wrong. You can ove ...…
What is true patriotism? What were the thoughts of Satyagrahis who went to jail? Did all of them think alike? Freedom has different meaning for different people, listen to truly radical views of a Satyagrahi in this story.By Kissa Kahani by Nidhi Basu.
we discuss vaping and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
Sugar Shane discusses entertainment news his way.By Sweet Truth Media.
we discuss climate change, bars of misplaced soap, and all the wacky news we can fit in. Help us out by going to Sweet Truth Media.
We discuss the Cleveland Browns loss, Trump as a weatherman, death toll in Bahamas and Sweet Truth Media.
Life can be unpredictable! This story is about twists and turns in the life of a simple boatman's daughter. Listen to the second and final part of this story...By Kissa Kahani by Nidhi Basu.
we discuss current events without an ideaology. Sweet Truth Media.
doing this show from 2 years ago because I will not be able to Saturday. If you like what you hear become a member or give a one time donation Sweet Truth Media.
Billy and Sugar Shane from 2 years ago. Keep in mind this is before we went pretty much FCC so if easily offended by language stay clear.By Sweet Truth Media.
we have pat Morrow in from crookedriverradio.comBy Sweet Truth Media.
We talk about religion, the hurricane and life hack fails. Pat, Flora, Vincent host Stephanie Krakora from Under Lock and Key.By Sweet Truth Media.
great content but not for all audinces, proceed with caution lol.By Sweet Truth Media.
Off the Wall by : Michael Jackson Song Written by: Rod Temperton Podcast Vocals by: Gail Nobles Photo credit: use A Classic Wave is Coming. A song that taught us about the good times splashing in the memory. (music) Michael Jackson said, "What I do, I don't want it labeled black or white. I want it labeled music". I can't sou ...…
Life can be unpredictable! This story is about twists and turns in the life of a simple boatman's daughterBy Kissa Kahani by Nidhi Basu.
we discuss dorian and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
Hello, I'm Gail Nobles. I'm bringing you an update on DJ Sugar Shane and Billy Dees, from Sanctuary of Sweet Truth at They are still podcasting strong in 2019 and have two new guys that have joined them. Their names are Pat and Dale. The name of their show is called Radio Active from the Crooked River Radio Network. Billy Dees and ...…
we discuss game of thrones and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
We discuss Andrew Luck retiremnet, tariffs on China, G7 Summit and more.By Sweet Truth Media.
Pat, Flora, and Jon discuss the In's and outs of podcasting and special guests Billy Dees and DJ Sugar ShaneBy Sweet Truth Media.
What did it mean to be an Indian and a the lathi yeilding policeman, S.H.O or magistrate before independence? we often see images and videos of satyagrah and lathi charges from before 1947. How did these events affect the masses at all levels? Listen to this amazing layered yet simple depiction of those times....…
We discuss news and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
Sugar Shane discusses CardiB, Miley Cyrus and much, much more.By Sweet Truth Media.
we discuss shawshank anniversary and more tid bitsBy Sweet Truth Media.
Pat Flora and Dale talk about Benny Hill, Wireless charging and being toungue and cheek in UranusBy Sweet Truth Media.
Lincoln and Nedi take on Rebels Season 3 for part two of Rebels Remembered.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
On The Money Of SportsSeason 3 Episode 3Our NFL Predictions continue as this week we look at the AFC and NFC West Divisions!Tonight we have the 3rd man in the Booth, Jumping Jay Fizzle! Who will give us his unbiased takes on his feelings towards AFC West...Wonder which way he leans???Also don't forget to call the OFFICIAL On The Money Sports Ho ...…
On The Money Sports Season 3 Episode 2AFC/NFC South PredictionsAs O-Money and Iy-Rational will breakdown and give their predictions on what they believe will take place this upcoming season.By O-Money & Iy-Rational.
we discuss news and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
Story by: Gail Nobles Photo credit: use Good evening. Today we'll be talking about Charlie Dore her on Postgirl's Recordings. Some of you may be wondering what happened to Charlie More. A lot of us remember her singing the song, "Pilot of the Airwaves". Charl ...…
We talked about terraforming Mars, the Browns, what happens in amateur radio when the internet disappears and hidden transmitter huntingBy Sweet Truth Media.
Listen to a real incident based on a soldiers experience on this Independence Day 2019.By Kissa Kahani by Nidhi Basu.
we discuss wacky newsBy Sweet Truth Media.
we discuss epstein suicide and moreBy Sweet Truth Media.
Sugar Shane discusses Entertainment newsBy Sweet Truth Media.
A tale from pre-independence era, weaving through lives of village folks and families, describing that quiet before the storm.By Kissa Kahani by Nidhi Basu.
discussing why Sugar Shane was downBy Sweet Truth Media.
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