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Two mother with children with special needs. Each week we'll be interviewing inspiring guest and the experts to provide hope and help, so you can live your best life.
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Julie Nixon, blogger at The Mundane and Miraculous Life, shares her knowledge of raising a sensory child. Kelly and Julie discuss Julie's new e-course, Sensory Parenting 101. Link to course:
Kelly Jurecko short solo podcast. Doing fun experiments to see the world through your sensory loved ones perspective. Building patience, empathy, and understanding
Jamie shares her best advice for helping siblings understand Autism, the hope and fear of raising a child with autism, and finding the joy along the way.
Solo 5 minute Podcast with Host Kelly Jurecko. Kelly shares some motivation if you're feeling like a failure as parent to your sensory children.
In this mini-episode with Justin Lewis (founder of Firefighters vs. Autism), Justin shares his best parenting advice for newly diagnosed. Check out SPD Parent Zone Episode 8 to listen to the full episode with Justin.
Rachel is a pillar in the adult SPD community. She just wrote a new book: Sensory Like You: A Book for Kids with SPD by Adults with SPD. Rachel shares her message of hope, acceptance, and the importance of loving your differences in this podcast episode.
Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, foremost authority of SPD of 40+ years, answers this question and shares her best advice in this 1.18 min audio
Dayna Abraham (Founder of Lemon Lime Adventures) shares her best parenting advice for a family just starting their journey into SPD and/or Autism
Carolyn Dalgliesh, author of The Sensory Child Gets Organized and mother to a child with SPD, shares her best parenting advice.
Shawna Wingert shares her best parenting advice for families with children newly diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder
SPIDERfit Kids, recreating the way kids are supposed to move through fun playful activities. These activities make sure every sense is stimulated.
Hema Trukenbroad, OTR/L shared an insight about this that I’ve never heard before.
Kelly Jurecko share's her holiday failure to success story. She also shares 7 tips that will help you have a successful family & friend holiday gatherings.
Carol and Kelly talk about Carol's new book the Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up Other topics discussed : What is SPD? How using your Sensory Goggles helps you understand your sensory child Helpful tips to help with daily activities of living
Cameron Kleimo shares her analogy of surfing waves to help you with daily life with your sensory loved one. It's sooo good!
Pat Willmont discussing the importance of Pretend Play on SPD Parent Zone Podcast EPISODE 20.
Founder of The Sensory Spectrum and The Jenny Evolution
Pediatric OT and Founder of TimberNook
Adult with SPD and Blogger at Eating Off Plastic
pediatric psychologist who has worked for over 30 years with children who don’t eat. She developed the highly effective, family-centered SOS Approach to Feeding.
Dr Toomey is a pediatric psychologist who has worked for over 30 years with children who don’t eat. She developed the highly effective, family-centered SOS Approach to Feeding.
Author of This is Gabriel Making Sense of School and Sensational Journeys
Author of Sensational Journeys and This is Gabriel Making Sense of School
Co-Founders of SPD Parent Zone and the Sensory Play Zone
Alysia is the co-founder and co-director of SenseAbilty Gym
Blogger of Lemon Lime Adventures and Project Sensory
Blogger of Not the Former Things. Mother of two special needs children.
Author of The Sensory Child Gets Organized
Rachel is a Mental Health Professional and adult with SPD.
Interview with the founder of the SPD Foundation and author of Sensational Kids.
Interview with the author of the Out-of-Sync Child, Carol Kranowitz
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