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Two ladies and their friends talk about their experiences growing up Adventist and leaving the church. They discuss both positive and negative experiences with irreverent humor and complex perspectives.
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Abby and Ami read listener feedback and say good-bye. See you 'round the internet, guys!
Ami and Abby talk about other stuff they make, which you can find online. Yellow Flag Press published Amy's chap book, Milk and Water. Red Lion Square Poetry still has a facebook page that might someday be revived. You can find links to all of Abbie's books on her website. Her books are available in ebook, paper, and audio from the usual retail ...…
Abby and Ami talk about what to do with the Patreon content and possibly posting some feedback emails to the blog or FB (with permission, of course). They read some emails about family returning to religion in times of crisis and the ever-popular topic of book-burning.
Abby and Ami were both out of town this week, so we're sharing a snippet that we posted for the Patreon donors back in June of 2015. It's an oldie, but goodie. Enjoy!
Ami, Mistie, and Alex talk about their experiences with a recent high school class reunion and the awkwardness of running into old teachers while doing normal adult thinks (like having low-key drink).
We've talked about this a lot, and we've decided that episode 150 will be the last episode of the original podcast run. It will then go on hiatus, possibly forever, although we'll keep the feed up. Listen to the episode for more details.
Abby, Ami, and Debbie talk about watching The Exorcist. The scariest thing in the film was brain imaging before CT scan, which...holy shit guys! Apparently this movie was made just one year before CT scans came along. Neurologists really did perform direct carotid puncture to inject dyes into the circulation to image the brain back then, and th ...…
Abby's back! Ami and Abbie talk about coming out at work, dealing with relatives, and terrible Christian gifts.
Ami and Alex talk about the difficult decision of when (or whether) to come out as an atheist at work.?
Ami and Debby talk about yoga and other dangerously demonic activities.
Ami and Misty respond to listener feedback from someone whose family lived through an actual Time of Trouble.
Ami and Misty talk a little more about Hacksaw Ridge and discuss some Adventist mailings.
A listener wrote in with the title of a scary end times book you might have read, as well as some experiences we're all probably shared.
Abby and Ami review Hacksaw Ridge. Spoiler: it was worse than they expected.
Ami and Abby talk about several Adventist articles reviewing the new Desmond Doss film "Hacksaw Ridge." They also read some funny mailings. Did you know paying tithe prevents automobile accidents? Neither did we. Note: this is not a review of the film itself by the hosts. They had not seen the film when they recorded this. Their review will be ...…
Ami and Abby read some heartbreaking feedback and talk about New Years. They'll be donating to to Zebra Coalition. Second Harvest Food Bank is a great charity they've supported in the past. Consider your own local charities.
Abby and Ami read bizarre Adventist mailings and reminisce about Christmas.
Ami and Abby respond to listener feed back. They talk about books, art, and the End of Days!
Ami and Abby come to you from Florence, Italy! They talk about visiting beautiful religious art and how they respond to it as atheists and humanists.
Abby and Ami read and chuckle over Adventist mailings. And, hey, we even found one article that seemed really good and legitimately helpful (spoiler: it wasn't the one about the Beast Power).
Abby and Ami read and respond to a truly harrowing email from a gay listener whose SDAP family came very close to getting him killed.
Ami and Abby talk about the US election a bit. Sorry, we won't do this very often, we promise.
Ami and friends talk about the experience of getting married as an Adventist or with Adventist relatives in attendance.
Ami and Alex talk about censorship, trolling vs useful comments, Unitarian church, and the question of whether human beings are genetically predisposed towards religious belief. Abby could not help chiming in with a few comments while editing this one.
Ami and Abby watch The Terminator 1 and 2 for the first time in their 30's. Ami and Alex talk about the films and other cultural touch-stones they missed. These were not necessarily "good" films, but they were important to our generation. Like so many pop-cultural icons, we missed them.
Ami, Abby, and Alex read from Adventist mailings, as well as some listener feedback. They discuss some of the stranger sources of evil espoused by Adventists...such as cartoons and children's toys.
Abby, Ami, and Alex reading Adventist mailings about death and a listener email about the frustrations of dealing with Adventist family.
Ami and Abby respond to listener feedback about uninitiated relatives who unwittingly horrify Adventists. They try to explain how things like coffee and ham are perceived by Adventists. They talk about whether all the strange SDA rules make people happy.
Abby, Ami, and Alex talk about dealing with family in crisis, and how this tends to bring religious issues to the forefront again. Abby had to help unpack a bunch of Adventist books recently. Drop by the Facebook page to see pictures.
Ami and Abby read from Adventist publications about demon possession, SID, TMI, and nuts. (So many nuts.)
Abby and Ami reminiscence about the girl's dorms in boarding academy.
Ami and Alex watch a video in which a young man attempts to pitch Adventism to people who come sit on his sofa in a public place. Here's one of the videos so that you can share our discomfort!
Ami and Misty respond to listener feedback. They talk about music, literature, education, and cottage cheese loaf.
Ami and Misty talk about the Jonie books by Jo-An Ritchie - the good, the bad, and the silly.
Ami and Abby discuss an article that deals with abuse in the church and a lesson plan from Young Disciple Magazine that demonstrates how this abuse might get started.
Ami and Abby read from Adventist mailings about an odd outreach program called Share Him, as well as some articles about missionary efforts in China and Latin America.
Abby and Ami talk about Ellen White and her role in founding the Adventist church.
Ami and Abby read a sobering feedback email and offer support to a college student who is not quite ready to be on her own, but who finds her family's aggressive religiosity unbearable.
Ami and Abby read from Adventist mailings, including articles about baptizing people through Facebook, making friends in order to convert them, and "aggressive service."
Abby, Ami, and Jim talk about Adventist summer camp as both campers and staff.
Ami and Abby respond to a couple of feedback emails. Topics include dealing with Adventist family and working with Adventist school children when you're not actually an Adventist. Abby mentioned a documentary about a doomsday cult that she watched recently. It's called "Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs The End of the World," available on Ama ...…
Here is the Facebook page for Human Chainlink for Pulse Funerals. Here are other places you can help: Zebra Coalition The Center Orlando Go Fund Me Support Pulse Victims
Abby's home! Ami and Abby talk about the last 4 months, the Emoji Bible, C.S. Lewis, and anything else that occurs to them.
Ami and Misty loved C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy as young Christians. Now, they review the books as adult atheists.
Ami and Misty read choice bits from non-Adventist religious mailings, including the anti-Adventist Proclamation Magazine.
Alex and Ryan talk about playing games as Adventist kids, particularly video games.
From time to time, we get questions from well-meaning people that go something like this: "We understand why you are frustrated with the Seventh-Day Adventist church, but we can't understand why you're not Christians anymore. Why don't you believe in the Bible? Even if you're not Seventh-Day Adventists, isn't the Bible still a good and useful s ...…
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