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The Buckner & Ebomb Podcast of Death is the Brain Child of Erik Holmquist (Buckner) & Dustin Ellenberger. These two met in their college broadcasting classes at Green River College & have been friends ever since. Buckner obsesses over Cars, Skateparks & Lindsay Lohan. Dustin obsesses over Sports & Writing movies. This should get interesting:) Stay tuned!
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Episode #61! Buckner's birthday week! Good times with Dustin Ebomb as we discuss the possibility of winning a billion dollars, El Chapo & Sean Penn & the loss of David Bowie. Download the show and share with your homies!!! Follow us on our facebook page!!!!
Episode #60 of the Buckner and ebomb podcast is here! And its so good....we had to break it into 2 parts! for the first part, we discuss music, football, and how Music and football go together....and how much Dustin LOVES Death Cab For Cutie:) follow the show on facebook…
Happy Holidays!!! To get you into the spirit of the holidays, here comes another Buckner and Ebomb Podcast!!!! Tonight we talk Star Wars (Of Course) Hugh's Last Hurrah & Why Pam is old News. Also Holiday shopping...and why waiting till the last min is the only way to do it! Follow the show on facebook at…
Episode #58 is getting you ready for the Star Wars Insanity! Does it have what it takes to be the biggest MOVIE of all time??? Also we chat about Holiday Party etiquette, football and much more! follow the show on facebook at
Episode #57 Brings us one of Buckners longtime friends to the show. Tony Westlund Spent a lot of time in Enumclaw, WA before moving to the OKC where He got into the art scene, then the drag racing scene! Dustin also breaks down His black Friday shopping and Turkey Day giving of thanks! Follow that show on facebook…
Episode #56, We get into the prescription medication business. Dustin also has a touching movie idea for the holidays. And the blackest of Fridays is almost here! Hollow the show at
Episode Double Nickle! Buckner's new Co-Host Gina Joins the 'Cast and talks Food, Football, And life! Follow the show on our Facebook page at
Episode #54 we talk with Stephanie Sandstrom about Her time Working with A listers at the Sturgis Rally & Where her life is now. Also what are Steak TIps & How much does it cost to buy one of Kurt Cobains Sweaters?? Follow the show at
Episode #52! Buckner Meets Joe Rogan! Dustin Drinks a Kale Shake! Buckner gets Casma! Dustin Wins the Lottery (not really, although that would be awesome!) We also have more tv show ideas & more!!! Follow the show if you, im darin ya at
Episode #52! Holla Back! Buckner makes a huge announcement! B&E Energy brings you....the 1st annual....Costco Games! We get straight edge on soda! Dustin is Expensive! We FINALLY pick out Halloween costumes, Robin Givens dated Brad Pitt??? Follow the show at
This week Dustin is mad...How Mad? We will let you decide:) We talk Star Wars, Back to the Future 2, & Halloween. Follow the show at
Its finally here! Episode #50! We get down and dirty on whats cooking in Phoenix, Why buckner could win the beard games of 2017, the demise of Playboy Magazine & guns! Yep, Buckner's gettin a firearm! follow the show on facebook at
Episode #49 we get a bad case of the Foo! Dustin gives a recap of the Foo Fighters show, We try to figure out that the Fast and Furious would be like if it was a romantic comedy & we explain why you have to be a crazy person to ever run a marathon! Follow the show on facebook at…
Episode #48 of the Buckner & Ebomb Podcast! Buckner went home to see Mom & Dad...did they keep His room the same? Tom Brady puts seal of approval on the next president & Lil batman wins all the Emmys!!!! Follow the show at
Buckner And Ebomb Podcast #47! Arnold just kicked the Donald to the curb! Fantasy Football insanity! Falling in love at Subway!Follow the show on facebook at
Episode #46 We talk football, Tom Bradys Son Chip & the new Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Follow the Show at You can also Listen now on Stitcher & Itunes!
Episode #45! Where does the time go!!!! From Colonel Sanders the murderer to Hillbilly Vampires to Ashley Madison, Its all here this week folks, lol!!!! Thank you again to all of our supporters, we love you! Spread the word, who knows where this could go! Follow us on Facebook…
On Episode #44 of the Buckner & Ebomb Podcast, We have Dustin's friend Vinay join ust to talk about how lucrative some of our crazy ideas we have on the show ACTUALLY ARE! We talk everything from Shark Tank to Burgers! Follow the show at
On Episode #42 We talk about what happens when your friends race a ATV Vs a Diesel Truck, The New Straight Outta Compton Movie & The Cheesecake Factory! Awww Yea! Follow the show at
Its Episode 41! Dustin writes a movie that Buckner turns into a musical starring Amanda Seyfried. We discuss Buckner's crush on Rhonda Rousey & why foodbeast is the best website ever! Follow the show at
After Episode #40 burned up in a fire last week, we had to start from scratch this week. But that's fine, we are resilient! Dustin FINALLY went to see Ant Man, We think there are to many movies about Steve Jobs...WHAT ABOUT STEVE BOUNTY!!! And Dustin puts someone on blast....who you might ask?? Click the link to find out! follow the show at www ...…
On this episode of the Buckner and Ebomb podcast, we learn that Money cant buy you happiness, but if you blow 100 million dollars, you need a better accountant! Buckner tries to buy a Car Wash & the UNDER THE SUN TOUR is coming to a Casino near you!!!! Follow the show at!…
On this episode, Dustin Survived 4th of July in Vegas, but his bowels are another story:) Shark Week, Ant man, Comic Con, Magic Mike XXL! Oh Yeah!!!! Watch the show & follow us on Facebook at
Buckner & Ebomb reminisce about the 4th of july & awesome fireworks, Limp Bizket, who had the coolest car stereo in their ride & deep fried big seriously, someone deep fried a big mac! Follow the show at and on twitter at
Buckner & Ebomb podcast preview! Chainsaws! by Buckner & Ebomb Podcast!
Who fed the Scott's Turf Builder Guy Whisky??? How good was "Jurassic World"?? Will University Place be overrun by golf snobs now that the US Open was there?? How does Dustin know all the words to that Taylor Swift song??? Its Episode #36 of the Buckner and Ebomb Podcast! Follow the show at…
Episode #35! Its Music Festival Season! Buckner and Ebomb go back and talk about our fondest concert festival memories! We also come up with ideas for fathers day! Follow the show on facebook @ or on twitter @
On Episode #34 of the cast formerly know as Buckner and Ebomb, We talk about Taco Bell's new Capt'n Cruchballs, Diablo sauce & how terrible they would be at the same time! We also learn that Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken are the same person? Wierd. Follow the show on facebook at…
This week on the Buckner and Ebomb Podcast we have a old friend and AMAZING musician Mike Bishop on the show! He has done music for "Duck Dynasty" The brand new movie "Once I was a beehive" and many more! He also plays sax in the Reggae band Natural Roots from Salt Lake City! If you ever wanted a inside look into the music & movie industry the ...…
Episode 32!!! How many flippin' flavors of Mt. Dew are there??? like a thousand! We talk about Dustin's adventure to a U2 concert, nipple clamps & how Buckner almost go maced by the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department! Follow the show on
Buckner And ebomb are losing their minds! How is everything that was cool when we were 13, cool again in 2015!!!! Fanny Packs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mad Max, Reebok Pumps!!!! Follow the show at
The early 90's was a turning point for popular music. The sound that changed everything was called grunge and Seattle Washington was the epicenter. There was one radio station in the northwest where you could find everything Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden & Pearl Jam. That was 107.7 The End. Bill Reid was there at the birth of "The End" ...…
Buckner And Ebomb Ep #29 Vegas Weekend, The Fight Of The Century & More Vape Comps by Buckner & Ebomb Podcast!
This week Buckner & Dustin talk Crazy Bruce Jenner...or are we the crazy ones. Hmmmm. The Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao fight & what happens when you go Vegas! Heres a clue...The hangover four happens! Follow the show @
Episode #27, Dustin went to a wedding! Buckner went to Seinfeld! Dining and Dashing & What is a VAPE COMP!?!?! All coming up this episode! Follow the show @
Episode #26 of the Buckner and Ebomb podcast! Its story telling time folks! Game of Thrones! The Richest little person in the world! Carnie Asada! Just a few story's that we share with you this week. Dont forget to share with your friends! Follow the show at
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