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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.
Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of " ...
I Should Be Writing
The podcast for wanna-be fiction writers: Award-winning podcast for newbie writers that's been online since 2005! If you're new and unsure how get (and keep!) going in your writing career, this is the show for you. Past shows have guest starred Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, and so many more!
A lighthearted exploration of various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.
What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read.
What Should We Draw
The show where we use the art of conversation to make art ABOUT a conversation!
Real couples. Candid conversations. Surprising truths. In the new Audible series, listen in as the foremost authority on modern love Esther Perel meets with real couples—and their stories become your stories.
Why can't robots get married? Are exorcisms real? Watch as Stuff You Should Know takes a look at astonishing facts from across the globe in this podcast from Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant.
Most times its me and my co-host hanging out and telling you about things we feel you should know. Whether it be comic books, movies, cars,tv, or just plain nonsense,lets be honest its usually the nonsense, we got you covered!
Fun Judaism Podcasts
The podcast for Electricians where we give you bite sized bits of useful information, usually in the form of an answer to a question the every electrician should know!
Nick loves wrestling. Stephen hates wrestling. Join us every week for You Should Love Wrestling, a podcast where Nick Gligor and a special guest try to convince Stephen Perlstein to love professional wrestling. From the greatest classics and even some clunkers, they tackle matches and promos from WWE, WWF, WCW, NJPW, NXT, ROH, Lucha Underground and beyond, all in an effort to create another pro wrestling fanatic.
Everything you should know about #Scouting in #Canada, and occasionally other places.
An informative and entertaining podcast on health, nutrition and related topics along with tips to empower you to take the first steps to a happier and healthier you.
Funny as shit.
A treasure trove of more than two hundred poems, this gem of an anthology compiled by Mary E Burt is indeed a most valuable set of poems to read or listen to. Published in 1904, Poems Every Child Should Know contains some well-loved verses like Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, Lewis Carroll's delightful parody Father William, Felicia Hemans' deeply-moving Casablanca and other favorites. It also has lesser-known but equally beautiful pieces like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow' ...
Best friends Corey Podell and Courtney Pauroso share everything - initials, secrets, and a deep-seated existential dread. They are sorry for everything ever.
A.J., Graeme, and Thomas discuss everything having to do with the classical world. Our aim is to help both educators and laypeople enjoy the classical world as much as they enjoy fine ales and good tales.
A podcast about documentaries you should watch, just as the title implies. Hosted by Adam Tod Brown, Monrok and Jess McDonald. Part of the Unpops Podcast Network. To hear all of our shows completely ad-free each week, subscribe on Patreon -
No BS, real-life, street-smart conversations with some of the world's leading thinkers about how we can end the grind and create extraordinary lives. Let's face it… The world is changing and the traditional roadmap for success just isn't working anymore. So, what does it actually take for us to be happy and successful? How do we create a life of excitement and integrity, while living with a deep sense of purpose? Join us for a shockingly clear, fresh perspective on how to start living the dream.
Discussion, Articles, and Podcasts about Instructional Technology
Cat Oddy and Eden Robins are professional worriers. We’ll tell you what to worry about, when to worry about it, and how best to go about your worrying. New podcast episodes every Monday! Find us on Twitter and Facebook too! Listen to us on Stitcher!Enter your e-mail address:Powered by FeedPress
Movies You Should Love is like film school without the tuition. Loren and Scott take on classic and current films and break them down, explaining what makes them tick and why people love them today. In our weekly (well, usually weekly) film discussion, we pick apart, analyze, critique, mock, and dig into both classic films, mediocre movies, and modern masterpieces.
What's up all the people on the internet, It's Me Milo! I'm a YouTuber on the channel "It's Me Milo!". Where Should We Start? is my brand new podcast. Each week we have a new guest on the show, and the topic on the show can be anything. Sometimes we might talk about music, another time food, and sometimes we forget the topic in general. So there's only one thing to ask; Where Should We Start?
WSBF is a podcast about exciting work by cool people.Email us! WSBFpodcast (at)
Should We
Creative conversations about the everyday choices that make us, hosted by Lisa Sanchez and Diana Kimball Berlin.
Chris Tellez & AJ Henderson give a guest a limited amount of time to convince them to care about anything.
THE Pittsburgh craft beer podcast bringing you Beer-ducation through inebriation. Should I Drink That has focused on the culture, product and advocacy of the beer industry since 2006. The number one rule for the show is that no alcohol is EVER wasted. They hold true to their belief “Even if it’s crap, we drink it so you don’t have to!”. If they don’t like it, they chug it.
Local radio personality Andrea Duffy and higher-ed diversity expert Sarah Carter bring you the latest from the ongoing discussion of lady comedians (of all types!) through interviews, games, and clips of the best comedy by or related to women. Featuring discussion of current hot topics around women in comedy like harassment, being one of the guys, etc., mixed with historic context from the stories of ground-breaking female comics, this podcast promises to inject these important conversations ...
Hollywood Babble-On
Podcast by Ralph Garman, Kevin Smith
This study reminds us of three wonderful reasons why studying Bible Prophecy is in fact a blessing to us.
This is a collection of well known fairy tales by various authors, including the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and many others. (Summary by Elli)
Listen to Taylor and Owen explore lesser known facets of Brigham Young University.
The People You Should Know Podcast features guests who are striving to create change. These people are either leading philanthropic organizations, raising awareness for a cause they are passionate about, inventing devices that will change the future or creating art, all while attempting to reshape the conversation around a topic that is dear to their heart.
Get to know the hot messes of the "Things You Should Know" podcast and why we’re here.ComedyEntertaitment
Intelligent faith provides clarity and meaningful answers about God, the Bible and your Christian life. Visit
Every episode Tim, Kyle and Sky play the Wiki game and attempt to get from one specific Wikipedia article to another only through the links within the articles.
Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.
Silly and DAHM remix popular movies and add dope soundtracks.
The best time to being to study the trees is to-day! The place to begin is right where you are, provided there is a tree near enough, for a lesson about trees will be very dull unless there is a tree to look at, to ask questions of, and to get answers from. (Julia Rogers)
A selection of famous and timeless myths, adapted for a junior audience. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
We have always loved stories. people have always entertained each other by telling tales around the campfire; traveling storytellers were huge crowd-pullers. Many of these stories were passed down through the generations, largely unchanged. "The stories made by the people, and told before evening fires, or in public places and at the gates of inns in the Orient, belong to the ages when books were few and knowledge limited, or to people whose fancy was not hampered by familiarity with or care ...
The official podcast of, where we take a deeper dive into the 'why' behind the one sentence review.
It’s a great time to start podcasting. It’s never been easier to record, publish, and distribute a podcast that everyone can listen to. But it can still be tricky to get started and make your show sound as good as possible. John Lagomarsino from the Anchor production team is here to help!
I Should Say
I started this podcast to get a better understanding of the process of making one. Turns out that it is a lot of fun sharing feelings and ideas with an online audience. In a few years I will probably say this was the phase where I was just messing around. I intend to get much better at this so enjoy the ride.
This podcast helps you discover new experiences and is a how to guide for amazing experiences you should have.
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Almost to 400, and I still feel like I'm a beginner! Wow.By (Mur Lafferty).
Devon Walker drops by and does his best to convince Chris and AJ to care about Drake.
Black Water Diving is an Experience You Will Never Forget Black water (or blackwater) diving is by far one of my favorite types of dives I’ve ever done. I’ve been diving for 16 years and I’ve seen a lot in the ocean, however, black water diving astounds me every time I’ve gone. I only have 12 blackwater dives, and I am hungry for more. Many peo ...…
Bill is a Boston Celtics season ticket holder and super-fan, so you knew he was going to check out Kyrie Irving in his own movie! And you also knew AJ was going to give him a hard time for it. Listen to them break down this summer sports-comedy. *This episode is spoiler-free*-- Follow on instagram: @shouldigoseeit…
One of the oldest protected forms of speech comes from when a lawyer speaks with their client. Over centuries, this legal privilege has been protected and defined and still stands stronger than ever. Find out why a person’s ability to speak freely to their counselor is so highly prized and protected. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuff ...…
When you want something from someone else – like in a negotiation – it usually doesn’t pay to get mad. But it might be a good idea to get sad. This episode begins with some interesting research that can help you get better at getting what you want. ...…
Zoinks, in this episode Sky has the gang go from necktie to Scooby-Doo! We take in some wild old neck fashions and learn a weird thing Greeks did to/with bread. Subscribe in iTunes Listen on Stitcher RadioBy (Sky).
WCSK Volume Five takes a tour of the entire Bible with a focus on making big themes and ideas very simple and easy to understand. In this episode, the reverend discusses the historical and social happenings during the intertestamental period to paint a clear picture of the world into which Jesus was born. Also discussed are the characters of th ...…
Join Josh and Chuck today as they take a fun look at some of the strange jobs that our ancestors did. It's a SYSK top 10, meaning there will only be eight or so. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit ...…
One of the greatest military minds of all time, Julius Caesar, was written about by two greats: Shakespeare and Plutarch.
Anne chats with Ian Morgan Cron, noted Enneagram teacher, psychotherapist, author of The Road Back to You and host of the Typology podcast, about how their favorite literary characters (and maybe a few movie characters) fit into the framework of the super-hot-right-now Enneagram personality system. From Hermione Granger to Jay Gatsby to Mariann ...…
WARNING: This episode contains more 'adult' content and language than usual.Bill saw the latest installment in the MCU and can't wait to tell AJ all about it. Listen to them discuss how it fits into the Marvel timeline and whether it's the funniest movie in the MCU.*This episode contains minor spoilers for a sub-plot in the first Ant-Man, but n ...…
ABOUT THIS EPISODE Izzy Ezagui grew up in a regular Jewish family in Miami, Florida. But his adult life has been anything but "regular"; while serving in the IDF, a rocket attack destroyed Izzy's arm. He knew, however, that his life would not be derailed, that he would not only resume living but would return to once again serve his country. Aft ...…
A kiss is just a kiss. Or is it? It turns out kissing does a lot. I begin this episode with some interesting facts about what kissing does, the messages it sends and why men and women tend to prefer different kinds of kisses. Why would you ever w ...…
Recorded LIVE at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, 7/13/2018.By
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is at it again! And so are AJ and Bill, as they break down this Die Hard wannabe (with a vengeance). *This episode is Spoiler-Free*-- Follow on instagram: @shouldigoseeit
Twinkies have a reputation for being so processed that they can last for years and years, but they're not as hardy as you'd expect. Uncover the sweet story of Twinkies in this classic SYSK. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choices when listening to pod ...…
No matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, you should be outraged about the practice of gerrymandering. Redrawing voter district maps to ensure political dominance is about as undemocratic as it gets. Please enjoy Josh and Chuck getting unusually worked up about this abhorrent practice. Learn more about advertising on the HowSt ...…
A lot of things about you determine how likable you are but there are a few simple techniques to make you appear more likable instantly. I start this episode with three ways, according to Psychology Today, that will make you more likable to others when you meet them. And they aren’t what you probably think. ...…
Daniel T. Debaun is back with us, one of the authors of Radiation Nation. This is the science you've been asking for to convince you to TURN YOUR WIFI OFF when you can, and so much more that you can do to, "reduce the bees in the room", as Daniel likes to say. Also mentioned in the podcast is the COUPON CODE for Defender Shield! Protect your la ...…
Today I'll cover 6 mistakes you want to avoid when it comes to project management.
WCSK shorts equip you with practical wisdom based on a brief Bible passage. In this episode, Reverend Sadaphal clarifies that oftentimes God requires His servants to go through lengthy, arduous preparation before they are called to use their gifts and talents to serve more people on a larger scale.
Help us help you by sending us your questions to Ask anything that relates to God, the Bible or your Christian life so that you will be equipped with clarity and meaningful answers. Who knows ... maybe your question with be the topic of discussion for the next episode of WCSK!
In this episode of Where Should I Invest the Podcast, we interview Ken Bekendam from my favourite investment city of Brantford Ontario. Ken Bekendam is a full time Real Estate Investor, and expert in basement conversions. Listen and learn about. . . – How to successfully complete a basement conversion – What to look for and pitfalls to avoid – ...…
Ever struggle to decide what to watch on a flight? What constitutes a good plane movie anyway? Bill and AJ break down their criteria, pick some favorites, and share their (strong) feelings about air travel.
We’re live from the Philadelphia Podcast Festival with special guest Alyssa Al-Dookhi and the return of the wheel of topics! Follow us! twitter: @S_A_ShouldSmile IG:@sarahandandreashouldsmile fb: Sarah & Andrea Should Smile
In 1978, five friends set out for home from a basketball game. The next day, their car was discovered in a lonely mountain road. The next spring, their bodies began to turn up. What happened that night remains a mystery to this day. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn ...…
The most common criticism of English courses is that some of the things we teach sound made up. How do you know what is symbolic in a book and what isn't?
Today’s guest Cindy Wang-Brandt has gone through a lot of shifts in her life - spiritual, political, familial… which around here, begs a question: what do those shifts do to a person’s reading life? Join Anne and Cindy in an examination of how identities are reflected in what books we choose, the lenses we bring to what we read, what “counts” a ...…
Sailing at Night – Podcast Show Notes Sailing at night to John is completely relaxing because it’s the power of the wind moving the vessel through the water. John describes one of his first major voyages as a young man from Annapolis to the Carribean and how the first night, the nearly full moon came up over the water and it was so bright, it w ...…
ABOUT THIS EPISODE Sarah Stern considers herself shy and unassuming, but when it comes to Israel she is a fierce warrior for truth and righteousness. A lifelong Zionist, who worked in major pro-Israel organizations, ultimately determined to strike out on her own to promote messages she wasn't hearing elsewhere. Along the way, she has encountere ...…
Do you blush? Most people who do blush wish they didn’t because it is embarrassing and – as blushers know – it is impossible to stop doing it. But blushing has a purpose and I begin this episode by discussing who blushes, why they blush and what it means to others when you do. ...…
Recorded LIVE at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday, 7/7/2018.By
We're back with a new episode, new season, and NEWS. Listen in as we unpack one of our biggest questions yet.
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