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In this series, Jim Sollecito of Sollecito Landscaping Nursery in central New York provides a series of helpful talks to help navigate the seasonal shifts that impact plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds, and garden plots. Jim focuses on the use of natural products and cultivation methods specifically adapted to this region's climate, soil composition, geology, and native ecology. Sollecito Landscaping Nursery is the first Be Green garden center licensed by the New York State Department of Env ...
The Vermont Garden Journal is a weekly program hosted by horticulturalist Charlie Nardozzi. Each week, Nardozzi will focus on a topic that's relevant to both new and experienced gardeners, including pruning lilac bushes, growing blight-free tomatoes, groundcovers, sunflowers, bulbs, pests and more.
Gardening tips and information from KTOO in Juneau
University United Methodist Church is a progressive congregation committed to mission and social justice in the heart of Austin, Texas. We are a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network.
Sermons I preach each week.
Boozhoo all.I'm Wetootwaag. My show is mainly Bagpiping by myself, and some others popping by now and again.
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Sermons I preach each week.By (Philip Hoppe).
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! For some gardeners St. Patty's Day is the time to start sowing tomato seeds indoors. While the sentiment is great, the timing is off.By (jstewart).
A sermon about what Baptism is.By (Philip Hoppe).
A sermon about how urgent it is to turn from sin and to our gracious God.By (Philip Hoppe).
A sermon about how both our confession of faith and our offerings are to be acts of thanksgivings directed to our saving God.By (Philip Hoppe).
With longer days and warmer temperatures, it's time to start pruning grapes. Pruning grapes can be hard for gardeners. Most gardeners prune off too little, leaving a nice looking vine for now, but a monster come summer.By (jstewart).
A sermon about how Jesus is greater than Moses.By (Philip Hoppe).
This vegetable is ancient. Wild versions were used medicinally in 850 BC to ward off colds, flu and poor digestion. Its origins are from around the Mediterranean Sea, but it's also found wild in Asia and Northern Europe. The Italians first started growing it as a vegetable in the 17 th century and through seed saving, they created taller stalks ...…
A sermon about the generosity of God towards us.By (Philip Hoppe).
It's become a biennial tradition in Vermont. In March, just when the cold, snow, ice and cloudy weather seems to never end, the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association puts on the Vermont Flower Show. What a relief!By (jstewart).
A sermon about the difference between the life of the one who trust in himself and the one whose trust in the Lord.By (Philip Hoppe).
On my recent trip to Northern India, I noticed in farmers' fields a common Vermont shrub. There were rows and rows of yews. I found out they're the Pacific yews and farmers are growing them to extract a cancer-fighting chemical, taxol, from the plant.By (jstewart).
A sermon about how God sends out people to their work after sending out their sin from them.By (Philip Hoppe).
A sermon about Christ's power to do all things.By (Philip Hoppe).
Many people love having some houseplants blooming in winter. We're all familiar with African violets and Christmas cactus as two of the best flowering houseplants. But there are others that offer bright colorful flowers without much more work.By (jstewart).
A sermon about suffering with one another in the Body of Christ.By (Philip Hoppe).
For years onions were one of those crops I avoided growing in the garden. They're cheap and plentiful in markets. Why take up space with such a common veggie? But then I started experimenting with unusual varieties and now I'm hooked on onions.By (jstewart).
A sermon about how God has designed His Church.By (Philip Hoppe).
I'm always looking for new plants and growing techniques. That's why I'm fascinated with kokedama hanging houseplants. Kokedama is an ancient form of Japanese bonsai. It's also called "poorman's bonsai" because it is so easy to do.By (jstewart).
A sermon about how God adopts us as His children.By (Philip Hoppe).
Sermon about how the light of Christ shines on us and off of us.By (Philip Hoppe).
Christmas Day Sermon about how God gives manifold gifts to us!By (Philip Hoppe).
Christmas Eve Sermon about Jesus' NameBy (Philip Hoppe).
With the surge of interest in houseplants, many home owners are rethinking indoor plantings. While floor plants, such as ficus and dracena, are dramatic, a more practical approach is hanging baskets. Hanging houseplants take up less space, fit into small nooks and can have interesting growth. Here are some of the easiest to try in your home.…
After all the activity and eating around the holidays, it's time to stretch out on the couch and look at vegetable seed catalogs. Although I do most of my vegetable seed ordering on-line, I still like to leaf through the catalogs. They feel like an old friend that I invite over to my house once a year.…
During this holiday week, many gardeners have some free time. After the rains melted much of our snow cover, it's a good time to think about some spring projects. Spring is only 82 days away.By (jstewart).
A sermon about how the babe of Bethlehem is our peace.By (Philip Hoppe).
Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas! As everyone scurries for last-minute stocking stuffers, seed packets often come to mind for gardeners. There's no better sign of hope than a few packets of vegetable, herb or flower seeds slipped into someone's stocking. While the sentiment is great, and brings smiles to everyone's faces, I have a few tips ba ...…
A sermon about God's love song that He will sing on the last day.By (Philip Hoppe).
One symbol representing the holidays is a wreath. The word “wreath” derives from the ancient English word meaning "to twist." Ancient Greeks and Romans used wreaths as a head dress to symbolize one's status in society. Pagans used evergreen boughs in wreaths to symbolize the strength of life during the dark days of winter. Christians saw the ci ...…
A sermon about Christ completing the work he began in us.By (Philip Hoppe).
While a large holiday tree may be the tradition in many homes, more people are turning to unusual tabletop holiday plants to decorate their homes this time of year. The advantages are obvious. Tabletop plants don't take up much space, they require less maintenance, and some can be used as garden plants next summer. They also make great holiday ...…
A sermon about God bringing life through Jesus, the shoot for David.By (Philip Hoppe).
Houseplants are back. When I was growing up, houseplants were considered your grandmother's plant. But demographics have put houseplants back on the map. The recent houseplant uptick is being driven by millennials. In 2016 the National Gardening Survey found that five out of six new gardeners are 18-to-34-year-olds. Millennials want to grow pla ...…
A sermon about Christ's return.By (Philip Hoppe).
This Thanksgiving you might have noticed a few extra guests literally dropping in for the holiday. Asian ladybugs have become an indoor pest throughout the state. This species of ladybug was introduced in the 1900s to eat aphids and scale, but also has accidentally arrived on freighter ships since then. Their population has expanded into the No ...…
A sermon about how we abide in the salvation of Jesus.By (Philip Hoppe).
It's been a great fall, but the leaves have dropped and it's “stick” season according to my neighbor. But those “sticks” don't have to be uninspiring. There are many trees that have attractive bark making them focal points in your winter landscape. Choosing a new tree based on the bark color or texture certainly should be a considered since we ...…
A sermon about what truly frees us to give generously, cheerfully, and sacrificially.By (Philip Hoppe).
I like flowering houseplants that need little attention. We all know Christmas cactus are one of the easiest plants to grow and mine are already starting to bloom. But if you're up for a challenge, you might want to try Clivia. This native South African amaryllis-family plant was brought to England in the 1800's by plant explorer James Bowie. H ...…
A sermon about what will make all the troubles experienced for Christ in this world worth it.By (Philip Hoppe).
The frosts have come and the gardens are almost finished, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the taste of fresh herbs all winter. Many herbs can be grown indoors throughout the winter. These provide not only fresh ingredients for cooking, but emotional and psychological relief from the cold temperatures, short days, gray skies and eventu ...…
A sermon about how to find refuge from the accusations of the conscience.By (Philip Hoppe).
It will be Halloween soon and kids, young and old, will be carving pumpkins for the big event. Halloween decorating almost rivals Christmas for the amount of money spent and the elaborate displays created.By (jstewart).
A sermon about persisting in faith between baptism and heaven.By (Philip Hoppe).
A sermon about clinging to our Savior rather than our stuff.By (Philip Hoppe).
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