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Maia and Adair love Disney Channel Original Movies. They also love drinking and over explaining their opinions. Every other week they will be adding the two things your childhood entertainment was missing: whiskey and running commentary.
Sermons preached at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia.
University United Methodist Church is a progressive congregation committed to mission and social justice in the heart of Austin, Texas. We are a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network.
Tips on maintaining your garden, plants and flowers year-round.
Welcome to Verdant North, a Minneapolis based podcast, blog and informational tool for your gardening, food and drink needs.
The Vermont Garden Journal is a weekly program hosted by horticulturalist Charlie Nardozzi. Each week, Nardozzi will focus on a topic that's relevant to both new and experienced gardeners, including pruning lilac bushes, growing blight-free tomatoes, groundcovers, sunflowers, bulbs, pests and more.
Hear Gardening With Angelo Saturday mornings on Newsradio WTAM 1100.
The Unexpectables
Follow the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains.
Diving into the contrasts and evolution of monsters between their folklore origins and contemporary depictions in various media. Discussions center on film, video games, and literature.
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(Dec 17, 2018) Arrangements and centerpieces and cut flowers may be a better gift for the non-gardener; live plants can bring a burden of guilt. but they can make a nice gift for the green thumbs in your life. Amy Ivy recommends cyclamens, which are hardy and long blooming, and have colorful leaves when not in bloom. Garden gear may by pricey, ...…
Happy holidays from Verdant North! We are back from November hiatus and Caroline and Dan take your questions and answer them!Visit us at or email us at special thanks to Volkanus for letting us use their music!Visit their YouTube Channel here: ...…
One symbol representing the holidays is a wreath. The word “wreath” derives from the ancient English word meaning "to twist." Ancient Greeks and Romans used wreaths as a head dress to symbolize one's status in society. Pagans used evergreen boughs in wreaths to symbolize the strength of life during the dark days of winter. Christians saw the ci ...…
The Unexpectables, along with their new fishy friend find themselves at an interesting place and meet up with some old paramours. Ft Octopimp!
White wine and wild horses! Maia and Adair talk about Montana, cowboy culture, and a blink and you’ll miss it Lawrence Brother bingo! (All three! All three!)
Scripture: Psalm 86:9-11 and Luke 2:8-14
The Unexpectables go deep divin' and find themselves a new friend. Featuring Octopimp!
Dave and Cameron take another short trip into the various worlds crafted by weird fiction author, Clark Ashton Smith. This time, they discuss the tales, The Ghoul, and The City of Singing Flame, and the creatures therein. Links of Note: @Sentionaut_Plus @Night_Twitten @Drfaustisdead…
While a large holiday tree may be the tradition in many homes, more people are turning to unusual tabletop holiday plants to decorate their homes this time of year. The advantages are obvious. Tabletop plants don't take up much space, they require less maintenance, and some can be used as garden plants next summer. They also make great holiday ...…
(Dec 3, 2018) The Winter Solstice is three weeks away. The sun is low in the sky; days are short and getting shorter. Cold drizzle and slush aren't helping. Houseplants can be an antidote, even for those of us without much, or any, of a green thumb. Cooperative Extension's horticulturist lists a few favorite and trouble-free options for indoor ...…
The Unexpectables face hard times.
Dave and Leonard discuss the last half of the Haunting of Hill House television series. Links of Note: @Sentionaut_plus @DrFaustisDeadBy Dave Cox.
Houseplants are back. When I was growing up, houseplants were considered your grandmother's plant. But demographics have put houseplants back on the map. The recent houseplant uptick is being driven by millennials. In 2016 the National Gardening Survey found that five out of six new gardeners are 18-to-34-year-olds. Millennials want to grow pla ...…
Tonight, on a very special Clone High… It’s a Lawrence brother movie, so you have to have more than one brother right? Do clones count?
Scripture: Psalm 93 and John 18:33-37
Fallen leaves can be useful in the garden to insulate plants during the cold winter months.
This Thanksgiving you might have noticed a few extra guests literally dropping in for the holiday. Asian ladybugs have become an indoor pest throughout the state. This species of ladybug was introduced in the 1900s to eat aphids and scale, but also has accidentally arrived on freighter ships since then. Their population has expanded into the No ...…
The Unexpectables go fishing and reel up more then they'd like.
The Unexpectables meet up with companions new and old before embarking on a new quest on the sea!
Remembering to give thanks for the farmers who grow the interesting vegetables for our Thanksgiving feasts.
It's been a great fall, but the leaves have dropped and it's “stick” season according to my neighbor. But those “sticks” don't have to be uninspiring. There are many trees that have attractive bark making them focal points in your winter landscape. Choosing a new tree based on the bark color or texture certainly should be a considered since we ...…
(Nov 12, 2018) Not only is it getting consistently frosty, we've had a string of wet days. Conditions haven't been ideal for gardening outdoors. But there can be a whole host of chores involving plants and dirt indoors. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy took a call from a concerned Christmas Cactus owner last week. It was blooming on Election Day ...…
Dave and Leonard return to the topic of Ghosts, and take a look into the most recent entry of the Hill House franchise, with 2018's The Haunting of Hill House. Links of Note: @Sentionaut_Plus @DrfaustisdeadBy Dave Cox.
Scripture: Psalm 127:1-2 and Mark 12:38-44
Animal damage is a threat to new trees during the fall and wintr, hre are tips on how to protect them.
The Unexpectables begin an adventure anew! What awaits our heroes?
I like flowering houseplants that need little attention. We all know Christmas cactus are one of the easiest plants to grow and mine are already starting to bloom. But if you're up for a challenge, you might want to try Clivia. This native South African amaryllis-family plant was brought to England in the 1800's by plant explorer James Bowie. H ...…
Ain’t no party like an Avalon Party ‘cus an Avalon party involves THE RETURN OF THE KING! Adair and Maia breakdown this teenage T. H. White inspired romp, and get into their favorite fairytale reimagining, drink mezcal, and talk about how teenagers makeout at the worst time!
The frosts have come and the gardens are almost finished, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the taste of fresh herbs all winter. Many herbs can be grown indoors throughout the winter. These provide not only fresh ingredients for cooking, but emotional and psychological relief from the cold temperatures, short days, gray skies and eventu ...…
(Nov 5, 2018) Shrubs and trees are on the way into winter. They're literally shutting down for the coming cold. So it's a bad time to do any unnecessary pruning or trimming of ornamental shrubs, hedges and the like. [full story]
Scripture: Isaiah 25:6-9 and Psalm 24
Japanese Maples trees are bursting into gorgeous fall color.
Welcome to Spooky North!Dan and Caroline talk about poisonous plants as well as 'blessed' plants.Dan also talks about his Halloween Tree of the Pod!We also eat awesome pumpkin bread and drink a Peanut Butter Porter from Waconia Brewing Company.Visit us at or email us at special thanks to Volkanu ...…
(Oct 29, 2018) There are a few blossoms left in the perennial garden, if you're lucky and have a really hardy mum or showy Autumn Joy sedum. But, mostly, what's left are dramatic dried seed heads and foliage that turns bright as the season changes. [full story]
Halloween is time to plant tulips and daffodil bulbs but it's also a great time to plant edible bulbs like garlic, shallots or onions.
Dave, Leonard, and Cameron, discuss the themes and monsters of the webcomic "Melvina's Therapy". Specifically, Episode #1 (Hare's Arms) & Episode #2 (Chairs). Links of Note: @Sentionaut_Plus @Night_Twitten @Drfaustisdead Dave Cox.
Angelo is in for the 2nd to last show of the season and he gives you a few more things to get done before the gardening season is over. Plus, Angelo is answering any gardening questions you have!
It will be Halloween soon and kids, young and old, will be carving pumpkins for the big event. Halloween decorating almost rivals Christmas for the amount of money spent and the elaborate displays created.By (James Stewart).
Happy fall time everyone!On this episode, Dan and Caroline get into all things apple!Dan talks about apple trees. Caroline brings in cider and apples to try out.We also talk yard care before winter settles in.Visit us at or email us at special thanks to Volkanus for letting us use their music!Vi ...…
Can a good cast save a bad movie? Save us Mickey Rooney, you’re our only hope! Awkward family dynamics, early 2000’s dynamics, and too many characters make this DCOM to remember!
(Oct 22, 2018) If it's a matter of raking and disposal, the thick fall of leaves from your maples or oaks can be a real headache. But gardeners can turn that work to real advantage, as mulch and compost. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy has lots of advice to turn the curse of those deciduous leftovers into a blessing for the gardens. [full story]…
Scripture: Psalm 46 and John 3:16-21
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