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Religious ideologies often use the practice of shunning to silence their critics and to control their members through fear. This podcast sheds light on this practice through real life stories as told by the people that have lived through it. Learn what their lives were like and where they have ended up in life after shunning.
Since Right Now
Shunning stereotypes and shattering the stigma of being in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.This is the Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast — the podcast of KLĒN + SŌBR / hosts Chris, Jeff & Matt discuss any and all issues supporting sustained recovery with irreverent compassion, empathy and insight.#alcoholism #addiction #sobriety #recovery
Podcast by Shun
The Imperfect Buddha podcast explores the world of contemporary Western Buddhism mixing in banter with analysis, no holds barred discussion, and guest interviews. We shun Ted style talks in favour of in-depth discussion and interviews that have room to breathe. The podcast is run in conjunction with the Post-Traditional Buddhism site which features articles and essays on contemporary Western Buddhism, as well as show notes for each episode. Follow the link to find out more: http://posttradit ...
As children, our first experience of the magic of talking animals, the conflict between good and evil, the battle of wits between the cunning and the innocent most probably came from Aesop's Fables. These delightful, pithy and brief narratives are simple, easy to understand and convey their message in a memorable and charming fashion. Aesop's Fables by Aesop consists of about 600 tales, some well-loved and familiar, others less known but just as entertaining and educative and help us map the ...
Fat Chicks on Top
Fat Chicks on Top explores the world through the eyes of your hosts, two fat chicks! We chat about all things we are suppose to shun: sex, food, clothing, and our bodies.
Champions for Life
Welcome to Champions for Life online sermon player. We pray that each message will bless you by teaching you how to walk in love, live by faith and experience God's prosperity in every area of life. We know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word
The "Critical Thought" presents topics that will challenge you to use critical thinking as you examine the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses.As we present the facts about our personal experience with the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society (The "Society"), we challenge individuals to use critical thinking when examining the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, the group that follows the leadership of the Society. We encourage you to conduct research and not blindly accept everything the Society te ...
Ride the funk vibe with VibeRide, the original classic funk and soulful grooves podcast produced by Gary Hall.
JW Community Podcast is the new podcast home for Louise Goode and Lara Kaput.Our podcast has the objective of providing support and information to people when they leave the cult, and presenting factual and entertaining content through discussion and interviews with a range of ex Jehovah's Witnesses, professionals and experts.You have the opportunity to feed back to us and send us any questions you would like the team to answer by contacting
Anime SHUN
In this weekly Anime Podcast our hosts talk through a new anime every month.
The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC
Discussing business,money,finances and supporting others dreams
The Tell All
I dish on tv shows, movies and life
Childhood friends Cody & Paul used to sit in a small basement arguing about Star Wars. Flash forward to today and throw in craft beer and some mics, and now the debates are a little livelier, a little drunker, and everyone’s invited, because Star Wars is here until the end of time! Join Mopar Melton, Commander Cody, and the rowdiest crowd of nerds you’ll ever meet for the original 21+ Star Wars show, where you’ll feel like you’re in the room with your best friends each and every week.
Akimbo is an ancient word, from the bend in the river or the bend in an archer's bow. It's become a symbol for strength, a posture of possibility, the idea that when we stand tall, arms bent, looking right at it, we can make a difference. Akimbo's a podcast about our culture and about how we can change it. About seeing what's happening and choosing to do something. The culture is real, but it can be changed. You can bend it.
Twenty-five years ago, HIV/AIDS was a death sentence. And people living with HIV were shunned. It was as if the world didn’t care. Then, against all odds, filmmaker Jonathan Demme and stars Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington created the first mainstream Hollywood film about HIV/AIDS and homophobia, the first to give the disease a face and reveal the humanity of those who live with it. PEOPLE LIKE US: INSIDE PHILADELPHIA tells the story behind the story - how this remarkable movie got made and h ...
Howzat For A Laugh?!
Whitto, your average cricket fan takes you through the cricketing week. Spurned by his friends, silenced by his girlfriend and shunned by his family, he takes it all out on the cricketing gods. Full of metaphors, silly sounds and a few swears this podcast performs a function none out there do. If you want a lighthearted, possibly funny and opinionated look at cricket then this is for you.
Lastest from UK Investor Magazine
Bestselling author Michael Covel is the host of Trend Following Radio with 7+ million listens. Investments, economics, decision-making, human behavior & entrepreneurship--all passionately explored. Guests include Nobel Prize winners Robert Aumann, Angus Deaton, Daniel Kahneman, Harry Markowitz & Vernon Smith. Also: James Altucher, Dan Ariely, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Marc Faber, Tim Ferriss, Jason Fried, Gerd Gigerenzer, Larry Hite, Sally Hogshead, Ryan Holiday, Jack Horn ...
These are the most recent writings and recordings of a teacher whom we respect and found to hold true to the word of God. All materials can be accessed at 20: 27For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.
The Aussie Video Gaming podcast with some humour!
Welcome To Hidden Behind the Smile where mental illness and addictions are brought to light and given the platform they deserve to be discussed. I'll share my experience living with and combating the daily struggles of mental health and addictions while providing some advice for those who are silently struggling. Mental health shouldn't be shunned or looked down upon anymore and it's time we addressed our problems.Twitter: @behind_hiddenEmail: hiddenbehindthesmilepodcast@gmail.comSubscribe a ...
Correctly Mistaken
Welcome to the Correctly Mistaken podcast, where the great intersection of thought and reflection meet. And from time to time, make no sense at all. We talk sports mainly and wherever else the podcast take us, we openly go down that road. Guest are always welcomed, never shunned. If you want to hear something in particular, give some support and let’s take the ride together. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Podcast by We Shun The Sun
Consistency is about maintaining a set of principles and actions that matter to an individual, shunning tempting propositions that bring immediate gratification and leads to one sacrificing what he or she values. This show is dedicated to persuading and encouraging others to be consistent with their ambitions for life. I'll be posting one podcast every Saturday.
Sermons by FMM
The latest feed from Tri-City Baptist Church Ministries on
This serves as an adjunct to our hit show on 1180am every Saturday @ 1:30p...shunning a light on everyday people.
Holy Soup Podcast
Join host Thom Schultz (author, innovator, filmmaker and founder of Group Publishing) as he offers innovative approaches to ministry and challenges the status quo of today’s church.
If you died right now, what would your gravestone say? My name is Cary Hokama and I exist on this earth to help you become a champion and a master of your craft. Let's be straight up and honest - this life is no joke and it can be outright stifling and lonely. I'm sick and tired of hearing about today's entrepreneurship and 15-seconds of fame. It's time to wear your big boy pants, work hard, and fight back against today's soft, PC policing culture. Within this community, my guests and I will ...
Democratizing knowledge by sharing underrated social, scientific and international viewpoints in the Information Era
The Cruise Cruise
The Cruise Cruise is a somewhat comprehensive exploration of Tom Cruise's illustrious movie career. Each episode hosts Eric Welch and Griffin Van Malssen dive into a specific movie in the Cruise canon and try to unpack why they find the man so reliably entertaining and endlessly fascinating.
In this book, his most famous, Max Stirner presents a philosophical case for a radical egoism that shuns the socially-oriented outlooks of both "establishment" ideologies and of revolutionaries in favor of an extreme individualism. The book is most widely talked about today only through the lens of other philosophers' thought: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels launched a famous assault on it in The German Ideology, and some draw a connection between Stirner's thoughts here and Nietzsche's egois ...
Finding our voices as confident, empowered and authentic women
Howard Phillips Lovecraft, better known as H.P. Lovecraft, was an American author of horror, fantasy, poetry and science fiction, especially the subgenre known as weird fiction and many feel he is the acknowledged master of creepy, weird and unsettling stories. These are seven stories by Lovecraft that literally span his career; some being written when he was barely a teenager and one (The Shunned House) only published after he had died. Each story is unique and strange in it's own way but a ...
We are a group of simple, New Testament Christians meeting in Inver Grove Heights, MN who are trying to be like the church that you read about in the Bible. We shun man-made doctrines, church politics, and too much emphasis upon money as these things displease the Lord. We believe that you will find us to be Christ-centered and truth loving.For more information, please visit or call us at (651) 457-1189
The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's autobiography, Ecce Homo, was the last prose work that he wrote before his illness in 1889. Coming at the end of an extraordinarily productive year in which he had produced The Twilight of the Idols and The Antichrist, Nietzsche shuns any pretense at modesty with chapter titles include “Why I am so Wise”, “Why I am so Clever” and “Why I Write Such Excellent Books”. His translator Anthony M. Ludovici states, Ecce Homo “is not only a coping-stone worthy of ...
Noggle Stones
In this podiobook: Shunned by his people and tormented by nightmare visions, Bugbear, the mad goblin scholar, ventures into the wilderness with his ne'er-do-well cousin, Tudmire, to seek out an ancient ruin and the lost wisdom it holds.Soon the cousins find themselves embroiled in cosmic events as their magical world of Annwfn is merged with 19th Century Earth after an accident concerning a mysterious scroll Tudmire acquires in a crooked game of Noggle Stones. While fleeing the enraged ogres ...
Shou' Shu' Podcast
Principles, history, and experiences of learning and teaching Shou' Shu'. For students of Shou' Shu'. This is a part of the online learning experiene at
Badge Of Infamy
Daniel Feldman was a doctor once. He made the mistake of saving a friend's life in violation of Medical Lobby rules. Now, he's a pariah, shunned by all, forbidden to touch another patient. But things are more loose on Mars. There, Doc Feldman is welcomed by the colonists, even as he's hunted by the authorities. But, when he discovers a Martian plague may soon wipe out humanity on two planets, the authorities begin hunting him for a different reason altogether. Read by Steven Wilson.
Doctor John Dolittle is the central character of a series of children's books by Hugh Lofting. He is a doctor who shuns human patients in favour of animals, with whom he can speak in their own languages. He later becomes a naturalist, using his abilities to speak with animals to better understand nature and the history of the world.(summary from Wikipedia)
Graduate from grammar.
A Science fiction Radiodrama audiobook of Vampires and Human Cellphones, with songs and sound effects! Written, performed, and produced by MarkPlimsoll,
FOX News Channel’s Greta van Susteren, host of the 7pm ET program “On The Record,” hosts a series of lively conversations on Greta Talk. These in-depth sit-downs feature fascinating details about the lives, likes and dislikes of Greta’s TV family, as well as many of her guests – ranging from celebrities to people who are sometimes totally unknown. Produced by FOX News Radio.
Daniel Feldman was a doctor once. He made the mistake of saving a friend's life in violation of Medical Lobby rules. Now, he's a pariah, shunned by all, forbidden to touch another patient. But things are more loose on Mars. There, Doc Feldman is welcomed by the colonists, even as he's hunted by the authorities. But, when he discovers a Martian plague may soon wipe out humanity on two planets, Feldman finds himself a pivotal figure. War erupts. Earth is poised to wipe out the Mars colony utte ...
The Quarry After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Cinemax's Quarry.Show Summary: When Marine Mac "Quarry" Conway returns home to Memphis in 1972 after fighting in Vietnam, he finds that he has been shunned by his loved ones and demonized by the public. Upon his return stateside, Quarry struggles to cope with what he experienced and witnessed while at war and readapt to civilian life. As he struggles to make ends meet financially, Quarry gets drawn into a network of killing and ...
A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up your spine, the stench of human flesh, and the occasional touch of wonder.
Best collection of hockey minds ever to be shunned from the starting lineup, covering the NHL from the luxury box for the @Bloguin network and for our homies.
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Jules Pieri is Co-Founder and CEO of The Grommet – a marketplace for unique and innovative ideas to launch. She helps entrepreneurs bypass the corporate chain by reshaping how consumer products get discovered, shared, and bought. Her new book is “How We Make Stuff Now: Turn Ideas into Products That Build Successful Businesses.” Jules loved fine ...…
New structures to encourage the development of international financial services will include bringing the Central Bank into a new stakeholder engagement group with industry and see overall responsibility for promoting the sector shifting to the Department of Finance.
The number of Irish tourists heading overseas has staged a comeback close to levels not seen since before the financial crisis hit, according to the Central Statistical Office.
BT Ireland is the network formerly known as Esat that was originally built by businessman Denis O'Brien before it was sold to British Telecom for €2.4bn in 2000.
US investment giant Capital Group has ditched its entire holding in Irish travel software firm Datalex ahead of a shareholder meeting today to approve a €6.1m loan from billionaire financier Dermot Desmond to the firm.
Plans by a company associated with billionaire businessman Denis O'Brien to construct a five-floor vertical extension to an office block in Dublin's docklands have been put on hold.
IRISH explorer Tullow Oil has lowered its 2019 oil production guidance to 90,000-98,000 barrels per day, following technical issues in Ghana.
UNDERTAKERS Fanagans marked its bicentennial in business with the launch of a book 'Fanagans of Dublin - a 200-Year History' in City Hall, Dublin, last night.
FORMER Bank of Ireland boss Richie Boucher has defended the pay structure for CRH CEO Albert Manifold, who earned a total of €8.2m last year.
World leaders are gathering in Beijing from Thursday for a summit on China's Belt and Road initiative amid growing criticism of the project. The sweeping infrastructure project aims to expand global trade links. The initiative has funded trains, roads, and ports in many countries, but has left some saddled with debt. Dr. Yu Jie of Chatham House ...…
Brazil's indigenous people have been protesting the country's business-friendly leaders. Our reporter in Brasilia has been speaking with some of those who have taken to the streets. And Sarah Schenker of campaign group Survival International explains concerns that the government is pushing for commercial mining and fishing on indigenous reserve ...…
The Sainsburys and Asda deal has fallen flat on its face after the CMA reject the tie up citing price increases for consumers. Taylor Wimpey and Barclays give disappointing updates causing shares to fall.
The world of business and media has begun to pay tribute to Feargal Quinn, who passed away following a short illness.
BT plans to exit the Irish market though the £400m (€462m) sale of BT Ireland.
Tullow Oil has lowered its 2019 oil production guidance to 90,000 - 98,000 barrels per day, following technical issues in Ghana, which have now been resolved.
Dublin Airport is embarking on its multimillion-euro project to upgrade a security-screening system for passenger baggage at Terminal 1.
Primark's profits surged 25pc to £426m (€492m) in the first half of its financial year, reflecting increased selling space and better margins, according to owner Associated British Foods (ABF).
Fitness and gym operators, part of a sector which previously opted for secondary or industrial space, are now competing with retailers.
For landlords in London and the south-east of the UK who have seen their returns hammered in recent years, buying a property elsewhere in the country can seem like an attractive prospect.
There has been some nonsensical comment recently about the so-called 'cuckoo funds', and one gets the scent of a traditional Irish, anti-landlord and anti-developer prejudice.
Iput's success in securing the green light for its new development at The Park Retail Park at Carrickmines appears to have raised little controversy in the local elections even though it will likely contribute to a glut of retail space in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR) County Council area.
International property fund Hines has received the green light from An Bord Pleanála for the addition of an extension of about 60,000 sq ft to Two Grand Parade, the former headquarters of Irish Nationwide Building Society overlooking the Charlemont Luas Stop and the Grand Canal in Dublin.
An investment and redevelopment property known as George Cooke Industrial Estate in Bluebell, Dublin 12, has come to the market with a €2.75m guide price.
The firm behind the business that transformed the property auction market here recorded profits of more than €1m in 2017.
Carbery Group, the West Cork based producer of Dubliner Cheese, has reported increased sales of €423.5m last year.
As it gears up for its annual general meeting this morning under the watchful eye of activist investor Cevian Capital, CRH is to buy back an additional €350m of its own shares.
Enterprise Ireland and the IDA need to evolve in order to foster a "new breed of startups," according to Dublin-based aircraft-leasing giant Avolon.
Farmers protesting against loan sales at AIB's annual meeting scored a coup when they managed to get CEO Colin Hunt to agree to meet them.
Shares in Glanbia tumbled over 6pc yesterday amid disappointment at a trading update and as more than a fifth of shareholders voted to oppose a 22pc hike for managing director Siobhan Talbot under a new three-year multimillion-euro pay package.
Ahoy! We've arrived at our final port of call on The Cruise and it takes us to the existential dread and family horror of 2005's War of the Worlds! Micah Griffin-Lundy's back and we dive into the second Cruise/Spielberg collabo as well as the PR disaster that was Cruise's press tour for the film. This may be the last Cruise movie until next sum ...…
Boeing does not know how the crisis over safety of its 737 Max jets will affect profits. Aviation analyst Sally Gethin discusses the plane maker's latest financial figures. We find out how significant Boeing is to the local economy in Seattle, Washington, where the firm is based, from professor Leon Grunberg of the University of Puget Sound in ...…
Head of Glanbia, Siobhan Talbot, has said the group’s strategy "remains on track" as it reported an 8.4pc increase in revenue in the three months to 31 March.
Ireland’s largest company, CRH, has reported a “positive” start to 2019, with like-for-like sales up 7pc year-on-year in the three months to 31 March.
The space shuttle, Spiro Agnew and the homunculus
Snap, the owner of photo based app SnapChat, has reported good financial health. Jo Saluzzi of Themis Trading gives us an update on the stock markets.
The social media giant Twitter has attracted more users, and earnings are up significantly. But the firm is still mired in controversy over the amount of hate speech on the platform. We hear from women who have suffered abuse and find out more about founder Jack Dorsey's plans to tackle the problem. The fashion industry has been criticised by M ...…
Welcome to Champions for Life online sermon player. We pray that each message will bless you by teaching you how to walk in love, live by faith and experience God's prosperity in every area of life. We know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word
Dublin-based travel software company Datalex will temporarily suspend the trading of its shares from the 1st of May.
Dublin based Keywords Studios has acquired Japanese group Wizcorp for JPY120m (€953,000) from Ankama and Silicon Studio.
A new MP3 sermon from Tri-City Baptist Church Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: The Resurrection of Christ: The Fundamental Core to Gospel-centered Christianity Speaker: Dr. Mike Sproul Broadcaster: Tri-City Baptist Church Ministries Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/21/2019 Bible: 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 L ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Tri-City Baptist Church Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: Mary Magdalene: A Woman Redeemed Speaker: Dr. Mike Sproul Broadcaster: Tri-City Baptist Church Ministries Event: Sunday School Date: 4/21/2019 Bible: John 20:11-18 Length: 24 min.…
Canada's trove of overseas assets, including assets held by pension funds in Ireland, is helping to protect its top credit rating, according to Fitch Ratings.
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