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Life is hard and we don't always have that sista friend to turn to. Ashley is that sista friend for you. She is a curious woman who loves a deep, insightful conversation so join her as she has sista talk conversations about life, love, and faith.
Sista Bossen
Söder och Felix listar det bästa och sämsta ur tv-spelens kufiska värld. Allt akompanjerat av spelmusikens främsta melodier. Nu med extra klavertramp och personangrepp.
Sista, you have limitless potential and can rewrite your story at any time. No matter your background, past, or current situation, you can have the type of life you crave.
Nygammal skräckfilms podcast i en källare nära dig!
They say no bond is stronger than sisterhood and it couldn't be more true for these girls. 3 sisters, 3 different perspective, 3x's the fun! Tune in to the #SoulSistasPodcast
Shalom Sistas
Shalom Sistas is a podcast hosted by Osheta Moore, a wifey, writer, entrepreneur, and mom who loves to talk Shalom with her favorite women, her Shalom Sistas. While Shalom is often thought of as another word for peace, it’s actually a deep and wide concept of the world as it should be- whole, flourishing, and vibrant. Being a Shalom Sistah is as simple as seeing a need in the world and asking "how can I help?" Every episode Osheta will introduce a Shalom Sista who asked that question to shar ...
Dear Sista
Dear Sista is the self-help book, best friend, and grandma every girl needs; all rolled into one easy to swallow multivitamin. Tune in to journey with Kiara as she grows through personal life lessons and into full bloom. Subscribe!!
Real talk by women of colour – at times lit, at times serious, but always honest #siscollective
Sassy back talk from your fave soul sista
Recorded in the heart of the south, 3BC features Intelligent, sophisticated, and successful business women engaging in real talk on real topics. Be prepared to hear what you've always thought, but never had the courage to say. Tune in to 3BC, the podcast you want to hear!
Sistas B Trippin
Sista’s "B" Trippin' focuses on two sisters who tackle real-life issues with building confidence, becoming more assertive and clarifying boundaries. As with anything in life, take only the information relevant to your situation and tune out the rest of the gibberish. Thank you for listening and daring to live life loudly!
Conscious Sistas
Conversations in Consciousness. Riahnna Demahr and Amy Shine are Access Consciousness Facilitators and love to talk and share pragmatic tools that you can use to change any areas of your life. Let's talk about relationships, money, work, sex, bodies, and much more.
Young. Ambitious. Melanated. Sistas.
Fancy Pea Podcast
A sista gaining a different perspective from folks about this thing called LIFE.
Would You Like to Win In the Game of Life? Overcome Your Problems and Obstacles? Listen to Sista' Joy's advice. It will help you gain the mastery you desire and grow strong in the process.
Spiritual Boss Babe podcast is your go to vortex for mind & SOUL fuel, so that you can Quantum Leap into your next phase of spiritual growth, IMPACT, and abundance. Stephanie Bellinger is your long lost soul sista, here to remind you of your innate magic (and badassery) to create a life that sets your SOUL on fire & live out your purpose. Learn more at & come say HI on Instagram @TheSpiritualBossBabe
Buckle Up for some bull s**t. Hello and welcome to the gayest hour of your week! We see you, sitting there wondering why two flawless narcissists think they should be talking into a microphone at you every week? First of all, thank you! And we are SO glad you asked! We met our Junior year of High School and have been sistas ever since. The only thing we care about more than ourselves is each other and BEYONCÉ. Every week hear us talk about a lot of wild s**t we know nothing about all in a ha ...
En gång i veckan ägnar de en timme åt varandra, i ett samtal som ingen jävel får störa. Kan de inte bara få göra det? Låt dem hålla på! Det är NYTTIGT för dem.
Tom Herazo is a former U.S. Marine with a deep passion for all things political and Gzo is the "woke" voice of the people. Chantelle LDN is the London voice of objective thought and reasoning! WTFU America is streamed live to YouTube on Ruckus Radio Live (channel). Please support our host, Big Rich, by going to and subscribing. At Ruckus Radio (YouTube), you'll find great shows like;Waking Up with Ruckus Weekdays @0900 EST WeekdaysSocial Therapy with Nicki Jea ...
vibes-sounds& thoughtful conversations from the sun-drinched brothas and sistas of the world, feelfree to call
...dishing on Tarot, Oracles and other Intuitive Arts. Co-hosted by Gina Thies and Katrina Wynne.
Elit-triathleten och träningsgurun Oscar Olsson samtalar med moderatorn Frida Zetterstöm om konditionsträning.
Nubian Noonas
A safe house for trans-cultural misfits. A podcast by 3 Chicago sistas shaken by the Korean wave. •Crushing cultural stereotypes, building cultural bridges ?????? ???. ??? ??? ?????~~
Politics & Thangs
A show with some dope sistas discussing politics.
Mycket gnäll, svordomar och raljerande utan poäng, samt lite nyheter på skeptiska!
Veckans bläcka!
Jennie Hammar och Karin Bastin på spaning i Los Angeles. Trender, fenomen, folk och stjärnor i Hollywood. Träning och hälsa. Samt lite vardagsliv. Och hunden Buster.
Sista Ledtråden
Welcome to the Sista Ledtråden podcast, where amazing things happen.
Organic Sista
Welcome to my world of Organic Sista
Dilan och Moa
En podcast av och med frisurarna Dilan Apak och Moa Lundqvist. Det handlar om astrologi, ångest och allt däremellan. Det kan låta snävt MEN DET ÄR DET INTE!!!
Mycket gnäll, svordomar och raljerande utan poäng, samt lite nyheter på skeptiska!
"I AM my Sista's Keeper" gives teen girls a NEW platform to get their voices heard and tell their stories. We discuss topics & issues that affect teen girls and interview teen girls who are great examples for their peers.
Wealthy Sistas® Radio Connecting Business with People, Stories, and Music LIVE Tuesdays 11 AM EST | @WEALTHYSISTASRADIO.COM Wealthy Sistas® Radio, is a production of Wealthy Sistas® Media Group, Each week Deborah Hardnett interviews extraordinary business owners who share their real life, uncensored and uncut stories of triumphs and mishaps on their journey. Each show is packed with sound business concepts that offer solutions to business professionals globally. And is intertwined with some ...
Dem Wize Girls
Wize is their name, and wise is their game. Laura and Kay Rae Wize are two 30 somethin’ sister-sistas who are glad 30 is not the new 20 because they embrace the wizdom that comes with age.As Black women, we just want to BE our authentic selves, think as individuals to form opinions, and have a sense of self before societal expectations are thrusted upon us. The girl in us has questions but the woman in us needs answers.
LIVEfree Church
Weekly Sermons direct from the pulpit of LiveFree Church, Newcastle NSW Australia.
Carnivore Cast
The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics.
“Annmarie’s Breaking Ground Podcast” shares interviews with industry leading executives, CEO’s, and product innovators to discuss topics from Engineering to Operations and everything in between. This is your go-to podcast for best practices and industry trends on new products, services and facility operations. Annmarie Bhola is the owner of Enhanced Building Solutions, a company that's committed to transforming the culture in the building industry through training and development.
Tell Mama All About It! Is a Live stream webtv show. Our main goal is to help people in their everyday lives with love, health, family, & more.
Who Said That?
"Who Said That?" is a weekly podcast in which 3 friends join forces covering pop culture and life as New York City transplants. Join Javon, Ingrid, and Justin for some hearty laughs and a multitude of mess. Ask Phoebe / Bookings:
Hart Murmur
You will enjoy listening to Terrell Hart retell the ins and outs of being a thirtysomething New York City misfit who just doesn’t quite have it together; often times his sister in Fort Lauderdale will join him as well as other special guests.
A first of it's kind! The all inclusive, no holds barred, do-it-all podcast. From Khyrie Neveaux
Alla Mina Kamrater
Fritte Fritzson, Martin Soneby, Nisse Hallberg och David Sundin
Kandid Konvos
Welcome Niggas! (And other races if you’re listening 😊). We’re just a couple who decided to create a show which features a young producer and an aspiring chef from Ohio. We discuss today’s controversial topics (niggatry) with a fun twist to it. Listen and enjoy the show! Become a supporter of this podcast:
If you follow the patterns in your life, you will find that everything points back to SELF LOVE. Self love is the answer to the void we all possess at some point in our lives. We find that self love is ultimately connected to the choices we make: from the men we choose, the jobs/careers we take on, decisions about our health/lifestyle, and even the friendships we engage in. Join Sista Love and Boo-Bae w/the Balance as they share their own stories of navigating this journey of Self Love. “Whe ...
Programledaren Gry Forssells podcast som spelas in hemma tillsammans med Praktikant-Malin och härliga gäster.
A show where Sistas talk about any and everything. Great convos are made of great friends, great food, and dope green.
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Ashley talks with Phoenix Williams this week on the importance of finding your voice. It can be hard to speak up and out as women. We are often told not to rock the boat. We are made to feel too sensitive or whinny if we state our opinion. Phoenix gives us great tips and insights on how to find and use your voice.Based out of Illinois, Phoenix ...…
Ashley and Sarah Armstrong, also known as @Strong.Sistas, are two incredibly intelligent, hilarious, and positive minds in the keto/carnivore nutrition world. They’ve both struggled with eating disorders and autoimmune diseases, but pursued health and nutrition knowledge relentlessly. Thanks to that research and passion they’re now thriving on ...…
On Episode 38, I talk to professional basketball player, Sarah Ogoke. Sarah plays for Nigeria's national team. We talk about her career, the pay gap between female and male athletes, her experience playing overseas, the possibility of playing at the upcoming Olympics, and much much more!
We all have episodes when our life takes us in an unexpected direction. Oracle Soup sistas, Gina Thies and Katrina Wynne, reconnect with you and pick up their passion for sharing this podcast. Oh, and did I mention what some of those episodes entail? Please see the list of exciting things these two hard working women are sharing with the Tarot ...…
This episode is a solocast (just me, Scott) diving deep on the topic of electrolytes, specifically sodium. Can you have too much salt on a carnivore diet? What's the right amount? What can happen if you over/under consume? I also talk about my recent experiments and what I'm eating. Let me know what you think! The Carnivore Cast is also now on ...…
When you embark on a journey into learning Tarot, you will never be alone. There are so many ways to connect with all levels of oracular interest, wisdom and camaraderie. Katrina Wynne and Gina Thies put their 60+ years of experience together to share with you to lovingly support your part in continuing to build this magnificent community. Feat ...…
There’s a SPICY SEXY energy for this one people!!! Wil’s got her Jesus say YES braids, Court’s got alcoholic family FLAVA and Leif is actually Dax Shepard! Hold onto your wigs cause it’s a LEGENDS ONLY pod today!! Joining us in the studio we have co-owner of Calexico and stunning bad b*tch... DAVE VENDLEY!! Dave is falling down at the Super Bow ...…
Stefanie Gass is the host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University. Fueled by iced coffee, oversized lounge clothes, mom buns, and snuggles from her littles… she is a wife and mama on a mission. Stef’s call is empowering women through faith-based business and balance mentorship, to step into their potenti ...…
There is great cost to hesitation. If you want to get anywhere, you have to take action. Action is the secret to accomplishing anything awesome in your life.By Public House Media.
Bland gummor, cigarrer och skrynkliga äldre män etnoturistar Filip i Lilla Havanna i Miami och suger likt en mopp upp de exotiska inslagen. Och Fredrik försöker sig, mot bättre vetande, på en klassisk corporate-shaming genom att hänga ut hans nya gym för dess orimliga ekonomiska upplägg. Och så om alla kändisar som misslyckats med att bli profe ...…
...and justice for all? by No Sugar No CreamBy No Sugar No Cream.
In this episode, I share 3 ways you can tap into the frequency of abundance-- NOW! Dive deep with me, and tag me on IG when ya listen @TheSpiritualBossBabe! Join me on Monday 8/19 for 21 Days Of MindSHIFT Magic LIVE! I'll be helping you destroy limiting beliefs & radically shift your energy over these 3 weeks! You will have a daily hypnosis aud ...…
SZN 2: My Journey to Earning 6 Figures by Ashley Na'TriceBy Ashley Na'Trice.
You are pretty for a dark skin girl a controversial conversation.By Ayanna Hollomon.
Lauren Eliz Love is the founder of Badass Business Babe and has dedicated her life to transforming businesses and the women who run them. In 2015 Lauren left her corporate job as a National TV News producer and stepped into online entrepreneurship with zero back up plan and a desire to help women step into their highest version of self. Today s ...…
People who complain have nothing else to talk about. I think who you make friends with is everything. Hang around people who make your life better and more enjoyable.By Public House Media.
We’ve never been so moved by straight love y’all!! Wil is Blue Ivy hittin the choreo, Court is SINGLE LADIES cause DUH and Leif is calling Courtney fat!! Take a hint b*tch!! We talking ENGAGEMENT so naturally our guest today is the funniest... sexiest... BIGGEST man alive Casey James Salengo aka MR HUSBAND!! A true GAG! They gettin married!! We ...…
Fredriks vedertagna anustourettes, Filips feministiska mancave och Bibeln som podcastformatets urmoder. Och så om den episkt sänkta ribban för vad bra pappaskap innebär.
Chantelle London, discusses UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and his plan to add 10,000 more ,"prison places", to combat crime.(28 min. mark) Author Stephen Clark discusses his upcoming novel, "Hands Up". Mr. Clark is a former journalist who has worked for the L.A. Times and Fox News. Hands Up, is fictional account following the aftermath of a ...…
I'm SO excited to kick off the first LIVE round of 21 Days of MindSHIFT Magic!! >> 21 Days Of MindSHIFT Magic SIGN UP HERE FOR MINDSHIFT LIVEBy Stephanie Bellinger.
Ps Mat Jones "Be a Disciple of Jesus"
John Loiterton "Be an Ambassador for Christ"
Ps Mat Jones "Be a Witness of the Kingdom"
Nicholas Andre (@NickAndre) and Nathan Owens (@NathanEqualsOne) are two brilliant and resourceful keto/carnivore West Coast engineers who have seen massive health improvements on this way of eating. They've decided to dig deep and search critically in the scientific literature and research on what causes heart / cardiovascular disease with thei ...…
Welcome! Joy, Kyrra and Tricia take on the Korean proficiency test known as TOPIK. We talk about our experience studying, taking the test and why we decided to take the test. Join the conversation and leave your thoughts!By Nubian Noonas.
Mikayla Arrington is the modern millennial manifestation queen behind Mikayla Jai. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Mikayla is single-handedly changing the way millennials look at spirituality and motivation by giving a step-by-step process for manifestation. Her company is on a mission to prove that you can, too, manifest your next level luxe life. ...…
Joining The Narcisistas in the LOUVRE... I’m sorry The Brain Machine recording studio this week is Comedian, Film Maker and NYC Historian Tour Guide.. TOM DELGADO!! Let’s get into it! Wil is APE$HIT recycled hair-dos commanding the room EFFORTLESSLY, Court is getting Jay-Z together but in a lipliner because she found HERSELF, Leif misses the Ob ...…
This is the number one fear holding people back from going after their dreams. When you're aware of it and look at this fear through a different lens, the game changes for you.By Public House Media.
Självhatet når rekordnivåer hos Fredrik när han About Schmittar sig själv, dvs blir varse om drag hos sig själv som han hatar. Och det må, i denna podd lite titt som tätt, kastas skit på diverse länder i Sydeuropa, så den här veckan förs det till protokollet att när det kommer till pissiga länder i världen så är inget lika pissigt som England, ...…
Grey Haired Wisdom by No Sugar No CreamBy No Sugar No Cream.
On Episode 39, I talk to MMA fighter, and 2x Sanda National champion, Gaby Echavarry. We talk about his training, how he fell in love with fighting, what happened his last fight that he lost, his upcoming fight and so much more!
#ASKCHRISTY is a Q&A style solo podcast episode where I answer any questions that were sent to me on a specific instagram post. Stay tuned for more :) TREND ON INSTAGRAM | FINDING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT | BEING IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR PERSONAL BRAND
This week, Ashley tackles a topic that many of us deal with every day...the black superwoman mask. She talks with Tiaera Pritchett,who graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. In 2014, Tiaera appeared on the local news to bring awareness to a group therapy program sh ...…
Danielle Lloyd (@artlife_dot_us) is a graphic artist & a screen printer with 30+ years of experience in graphic design. She's been a carnivore for almost a year and ate a S.A.D until she saw her husband, Brett Lloyd, lose 94 lbs via #LCHF & suddenly she wasn't the skinniest person at home anymore in the summer of 2018. She began carnivory prima ...…
Alright Folks...the Produce X Series has come to an end and we are sharing our intial emotions and opinions about the finale. This year was full of exciting stages, talented individuals but also some suuuupa fishy stuff! If you watched this season, we'd love to hear from you about your favorite and least favorite moments of the season and if yo ...…
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