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It starts with a conversation and ends with an improvised comedy sketch! Sketch Comedy Podcast Show invites interesting people to talk and then create a comedy sketch based on something that was talked about on-the-fly!
Victrola! is a monthly smorgasbord of audio-phonic chaos. Sketch comedy culled together from improvised bits and forged into a single, mighty podcast! Brought to you by the fine folks at Austin's ColdTowne Theater. Written by and Starring Michael Jastroch, Bob McNichol, Bryan Roberts, Lance Gilstrap, Cortnie Jones and Jericho Thorp. Produced by Michael Jastroch, in collaboration with our good friends at Got Your Back! (
Left Handed Radio is a hilarious sketch comedy podcast written and performed each month by Adam Bozarth, Matt Little, Anna Rubanova, and Brett White. Every episode is packed with hilarious sketch comedy and features a selection of the funniest sketch performers and writers in New York. We also offer occasional extras and bonus episodes in between, such as recordings from our outrageously frenetic live show, The Sequel Machine.Left Handed Radio is part of a balanced sketch comedy diet.
The Weed Show is a comedy talk show for cannabis fans and people who support the decriminalization of marijuana. The show is hosted by long time comedian Chris Iacono, and features weekly cannabis and world news, hysterical in-studio banter, interviews, funny recipes, comedy sketches, and many conversations about cheese. Get exclusive content and video by visiting
Dead Jesters Sketch Comedy Podcast is a collection of hilarious and original skits brought to you by NYC stand-up comedians Joe Powell and Ryco Newton-Block. Each episode if filled with absurd characters, outrageous storylines, and hysterical parodies. This podcast has 5-star ratings across the board; we don't even know what 4-stars looks like. Tune in to the Jesters and you're guaranteed to be laughing throughout. Enjoy!CreditsScript & Voice Over: Joe Powell & Ryco Newton BlockProduction: J ...
Sketching Comedy
Blazing Caribou Studios presents Sketching Comedy the show that teaches you the story behind the illustrators, animators and comics while you listen and watch from the comfort of your home.
A podcast from Philadelphia sketch writer, performer, and PHIT Instructor Matt Schmid, focusing on sketch comedy and featuring interviews with comedians from across the country (those you know and those you *should* know) about their sketch comedy writing practices and philosophies.The Sketch Comedy Writer's Podcast is a part of the Rocket Comedy Network, the internet home of PHIT Comedy.
OH! The Humanity is a internet based sketch comedy show. A generation after the legendary comedy of Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, and the funny years of SNL; A new breed of comedians arise to destroy the boundaries of... Oh. I just farted.
Portland, OR stand-up comics, filmmakers and other aspiring creative-types combined efforts to produce a monthly multimedia comedy showcase in historic Jasmine Tree tiki lounge. Though the bar is gone, the live sketches and comedy film shorts live on in this biweekly podcast.
A shambolic comedy podcast from London's strangest simian sketch group
Story Pirates
Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Visit for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!
After These Messages
After These Messages is a short sketch comedy podcast about tv commercial breaks. Come on a tour of insane tv shows, unusual movie mash ups and implausible businesses. Listen to them between longer podcasts.
As It Occurs To Me (AIOTM) was a smash-hit sketch show written by Richard Herring and performed in front of a live audience. It ran for three series and was nominated for a Sony Award. It's now back!
This is Jonny5's Sketch Comedy Podcast.
At Jason Berlin’s Sketch Comedy Podcast, you’ll find original sketch comedy videos featuring funny-style humor by me, my sketch comedy troupe The Ministry of Unknown Science, and others, every Tuesday and Thursday! (Optional Extra Credit videos may be added on Wednesdays, Lord Willing.) Visit to see the podcast in its native webitat, and while you're at it, visit my BLOGSCHT, updated daily with original cartoons, photos and pseudo-poetic “insights.” Enjoy your stay on the Ber ...
WallerFM is a sketch comedy podcast from the boys of Fat-Pie. Everything is performed, written and improvised by David Firth and Christian Pickup.
Hosted by award winning comedian Jimmy Gore, this is an irreverent and humorous take on todays headlines and hypocrites.
An innovative audio comedy panel game podcast from sketch team Pappy's, recorded in front of a live audience. These episodes are not topical so it's fun to listen to Flatslam anytime.
Fries on the Side is a the most unique and fresh sketch comedy show around. New shows are created and performed Live in Los Angeles. This is our podcast and you'll find a steady stream of our live shows, digital shorts, and even some thoughts and messages from the cast and crew.
PC on the Radio is a sketch comedy podcast inspired by sketch programs like Chappelle's Show, This Is An Audiobook, SNL, That Mitchell & Webb Sound, and Key & Peele.
Keeping It Weird is a sketch comedy radio show that was on terrestrial radio for several years and is now broadcast weekly on
An interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays.
Welcome Thru Effingham is a sketch comedy podcast brought to you by the St Louis-based comedy writers at Sketchpad Comedy. Originally known as STL SketchPAD was created in 2014 as a way for local comedy writers to get their written work performed on stage without having to worry about silly things like lights, paying rent for stage time, or having enough material to put on an entire show. We’d love for you to check out one of our never-to-be-seen-again monthly shows. If you recently thought ...
Release The Clowns
The comedy sketch show that's a bop on the head with an inflatable mallet.
Winners of "Best Comedy Podcast" and "Best Comedy Show is Las Vegas" with hundreds of 5 star reviews on iTunes and Stitcher, godless Las Vegas comedians Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly put out at least 2 episodes each week, trying to entertain people with crappy commutes, tedious job, stuck at home or overseas. By giving their comedic take on the strange life of living in Las Vegas or taking on local and national news and issues of the day, by answering listener mail and ending each episode ...
PodWeaver brings surrealist sketch comedy straight to your ear holes, without all the distractions of visuals and movement. New episodes released the last Monday of every month. Like what you hear? Why not rate/review us? REALLY like what you hear? Why not throw a few bucks our way on If your ears need a rest from laughing too hard, make your eyes laugh by checking out PodWeaver on Facebook ( and Twitter (
The Hooray Show
Welcome to The Hooray Show, with Horatio Sanz, recorded weekly from Echo Park, California. Each week, Horatio and his producer Chad Krueger invite you in to Bro Bro Studios to listen in on some friendly conversations with friends, comedians and special guests. Break out the tissues, because we bring out the issues. Improv, Sketch and Music interweave their way through the episodes each week after the record button is pressed, and you never know where the conversation will lead.
The MoShow Podcast
The MoShow Podcast is a scripted sketch comedy show loosely based on the life and career of voice actor Mocean Melvin. It contains explicit language and adult themes so, don't say we didn't warn you!
Rufus and Howard are trying to make a sitcom and sketch show; but with dinosaurs in the garden, a kettle that can see the future, and a doorway to hell in the cellar - will they ever make it to the end?
The Corner Store Variety Show is an original, scripted, sketch comedy podcast produced in Boston. We've got elevator-building squirrels, "The Dating Game" for moms, and chocolate chip aliens. Come here when you need a little bite of comedy.
Inside the minds of Pete Zias and The Black Ken as they discuss hot topics, perform original sketch comedy, and prank call unsuspecting innocents.
UCB Digital Podcast
A behind-the-scenes look at comedy filmmaking featuring conversations with creators about their craft in a converging digital media landscape. Expect to hear from a varied group of industry professionals (writers, directors, actors and more) who shed light on their unique creative process.
Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment presents original radio plays and songs recorded before a LIVE audience at Stage773 in Chicago, IL.
Justin Michael and Jacob Reed of Tremendosaur have asked their favorite comedians to dust off their worst sketches and perform them…LIVE.
An insanely silly, yet utterly peculiar award-winning sketch show. The episodes - created by and starring John Dredge - feature sketches, surreal spoofs and sublime sound effects. There are four series to enjoy here:
Pod Awful
Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S and his comedy co-hosts bully the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners.Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yoursel ...
Comedy specially designed to fit right inside your ears.Written and produced by T. Gregory Argall and Stephanie-Lynn Russell.Some material may be considered offensive by people who choose to be offended by things. If you are a person who chooses to be offended by things, then for the love of puppies, please, go listen to something else.
Off Topic Podcast
Hello and welcome to the REAL Off Topic Podcast! We're just two disembodied voices who love to talk about anything and everything once a week. Host #1 Nick: Voted class clown in high school, smooth with the ladies and has no eternal optimism. Host #2 Jake: A director who wears glasses, loves root beer and has the original rosetta stone in his basement. Anyways, sit down, relax and enjoy our hilarious podcast of a suggestive and questionable nature!
We are an unscripted sketch comedy podcast performed in an old time radio style.Each of our episodes follow a unique science-fiction based theme. We are what the Twilight Zone would have been if Rod Sterling was hit on the head several times with a lead pipe.So, if you want idiotic tales that defy time, space, logic, and intelligence, look no further because you are about to unlock... the Mysteries of the Mind.We would love to hear from you! Please email us at
Hollywood Close-Up
Hollywood Close-up, hosted by two actors Natalie Lipka and Wayne Frazier focuses on creating your own career in the entertainment industry. On the show, Natalie and Wayne discuss the latest in the entertainment world, how to be proactive, well-rounded actors and how they don't wait for the phone to ring. Each episode will feature a close-up interview with one of Hollywood's finest working actors, directors, producers, writers and all the industry professionals in between.
Story Matters is a weekly podcast looking at the world through the lens of story with Curt Mega, Kim Whalen and Michael Tobias. Each episode we will take a deep dive into stories across all mediums to gain better insight and understanding into how the stories we tell shape our lives, impact our culture and transform our world. Featuring special guests, original material and in-depth conversation about the creative process and the art of storytelling. You can also find all episodes at www.sto ...
The Dumb Show
The Dumb Show is a stupid sketch comedy podcast from the minds of Jay Brody and Roddy Colmer. (Sirius XM's The Todd Shapiro Show & Laugh League) Neil deGrasse Tyson's brother Tyson called this show "not as smart as my brother, but way funnier" he also added "Hey, I'm smart too." If this podcast were an Olympian, it would win gold, then fail a urine test, then drink the test. Welcome to The Dumb Show! Let the Dumb begin!
Weekly podcast full of noise from an undisclosed location north of the Memphis zoo.
Garrett Titlebaum interviews artists pursuing their art as a career choice.
The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a staged show in the style of old-time radio performed by your favorite stars from the worlds of television, film, comedy, sketch, animation, and the stage. It is created and written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. For more information, tickets to the live show, and pretty pictures, please visit
Uncensored Live Internet Radio
The topical comedy podcast shows, covering big news, strange news and the latest celeb gossip with jokes and sketches. Written and performed by comedian Steve N Allen.
How To Write Comedy
The official podcast of Think Funny Comedy Writing Workshops.
The Koz and Bru Show
The Koz and Bru Show is a weekly NBA podcast including fake sponsors and sketch comedy, brought to you by NBC Sports’ Aaron Bruski and Kgosi Chuenyane.
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LIVE Clips from Thalia Hall in Chicago, Illinois! Establishment smears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dems didn't fight for the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer won't say 'Single Payer' Healthcare. Every War Is A Lie. Featuring Stef Zamorano, Mike MacRae, and Graham Elwood. Phone Calls from Vince Vaughn, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie. Thank you Chicago ...…
Dottie rescues Captain Maro, Saccharine the Spider-Monkey says a word about her product and we're proud to introduce yet another story in the tired old “lovesick nun” trope.
Kleenex and Friends Episode: 10 Air Date: 07/18/18 Duration: 103:21 Size: 100mb Summary: Kleenex returns from a short hiatus after the passing of his mother. Kleenex figures out his free mic. Relationships resurrected. I remember Mama. Milking cows with Gramps. Mom and dad meet, love at first sight. Ayumi meets Mom. Docs pic wins the celebratio ...…
Federal ruling in favor of Hemp farmers. Chris reviews Gia's garden 1:1 THC CBD candies. New Patreon Shout outs. And new live stream video show scheduled!
[PIZZA FUND ONLY -] Brandon Marshall Havener, The Spiritual Smartass, is a life coach with a bit of a problem. He's being bullied by the PIRANHAS. Who life coaches the life coach? What is a man to do when his world falls apart? Brandon's answer is to start UNSPOOLING and spill his spaghetti al over the internet. Best of al ...…
Can Paul pawn? GLOW’s Rebekka Johnson talk about her new project scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd
This is it, another Microsode to tide you over before our next full length episode! A reminder, we have an album for sale. You can, ironically, support all this free content by purchasing it! ( You can also help us out by reviewing us on iTunes and telling your friends! ( Victrola is brought to you by ...…
What a fun chance to spend an hour with both local music comedian Mike Travers and his wife, Kendyll. The two of them talk about turning comedy shows into date nights, Mike's bathroom meeting with a Beatles hero, and some of their favorite travel destinations. 1-800-637-HOPE (4673) Garrett Titlebaum: It's Nice To See He's Working RSS…
Technical Holocaust Air Date: 07/15/18 Episode: 104 Duration: 170:21 Size: 164MB Summary: A Voitekless show. Gruse is joined by Crazy Southerner and Janella. Discussions about some issues going on in her personal life. Gruse gives some support. Jizzmaster sits in for the rest of the show. Peace & Love all around. The post Episode 104 – Life Stu ...…
The guys go through Bru's Hoop Ball Free Agent Ranks in a lightning round format to give their takes on the top-25. Find the original article here: (07-16-18) Subscribe to the Koz and Bru Show on iTunes! Follow @AaronBruski & @KozNTrubl Bookmark and follow @h ...…
THERESE PATRICIA OKOUMOU is the woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty in order to protest Trump and ICE, and as it turns out, Jesse used to work with her. AT A HAUNTED HOUSE. Joined by CHRIS HAMILTON, they explore mind of the woman that Jesse met years ago. It turns out this isn't her first climbing stunt, and she has had run ins with the law ...…
Only one thing in both life and death is certain - taxes. Don't let your taxes becoming a living hell, let Hell handle them for you! Directed by Courtney Lynn Written by Rob McLemore Foley by Ele Matelan Music by Gail Gallagher Featuring the vocal talents of Martin Downs & Steve Yandell
Man Vs Food’s Casey Webb joins the boys in stage at Tierneys Tavern. So does one super surprise guest and about a half dozen scoops for scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. We are so thankful to the 130 people who packed Tierneys Tavern in NJ Man Vs Food airs Monday nights on the Travel Channel.
What Is This Episode: 96 Air Date: 07/13/18 Duration:220:24 Size: 213mb Summary: * Wush is transitioning into a hispanic male. * The tale of the asian landlord and the strange people of the apartment complex. * Tekashi69 gets arrested in NYC on an outstanding warrant and put in Rikers island with no bail. Shout out to the lawyers who managed to ...…
[PIZZA FUND ONLY -] My brain has become a gelatin from eating only meat, so I put it out to the listeners on what topics they wanted me to cover for this episode. Their suggestions ranged from bad to stupid, so I spent most of this episode just bullying them for being such idiots. Join the FACEBOOK CULT: ...…
Corporate media response to Ed Schultz passing away. Why Paul Manafort is being prosecuted. Democrats are planning a coup? Montana is scared of Mexicans. Featuring R.J. Eskow (from "The Zero Hour"), Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae. Phone calls from Vladimir Putin, George Clooney, and Vince Vaughn. See you in Chicago!…
Only Paul would have this tax experience... Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd
Nick Miller & Ashley Corts co-owners of Black Forge Coffee House are wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign in the next 5 days with the hope of being able to develop a second larger venue in McKees Rocks. For this episode I was joined in the studio by Nick Miller for a great chat about this current crowdsourcing campaign and their goals for gro ...…
This is it, another Microsode to tide you over before our next full length episode! Featuring Special Guest Bob McNichol! A reminder, we have an album for sale. You can, ironically, support all this free content by purchasing it! ( You can also help us out by reviewing us on iTunes and telling your friends! ( ...…
We take a look at the life and legacy of Fred Rogers and break down our reactions and thoughts to Morgan Neville's latest documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor, an in depth look at the the life, philosophy and heart of Fred Rogers. We also talk about Mister Roger's Neighborhood and the impact it had on our lives as both children and adults and i ...…
Shit On My Chest Air Date: 06/19/18 Episode: 01 Duration: 127:51 Size: 130MB Summary: After a successful test dump, Crazy Southerner puts the shit on his chest with his co-host Jizzmaster as they tackle the world carrying a heavy burden. The post Episode 01 – The Dump appeared first on Podtrash.
Cannabis is now allowed to be administered in Colorado schools by nurses to students with Medical MJ cards. Winner of the Name that train Contest, Marijuana, Weed, & other psychedelics while floating. |
What Is This Episode: 95 Air Date: 07/06/18 Duration:328:14 Size: 320mb Summary: * Wush is high and fixes his camera and tries a new broadcasting software. * Are DNA databases the ultimate attempt to get our last bit of personal identification? * Wush predicted the death of the Old Man from “Pawn Stars” with his old parody bit. * Static joins t ...…
We are truly embarking on a new path for the human race. At no time in our history has there been an opportunity for closing the gender and race gaps, for creating an environment of love and peace and equality… wait, who is president again? Well, shoot… maybe in the next 100 years. Featuring Tammy Leitzel, who uses bits of her fantastic materia ...…
Jordan Peterson went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and gave the most bizarre interview where he claimed he eats only meat, that he went a full month without sleeping, and that cider gives him a sense of impending doom. Jesse decides to try the diet out for himself. PLUS: Brandon Marshall, The Spiritual Smartass, completely unravels after ...…
RS in "A League That's Entirely Theirs" It's an all star event for the Rogers Sisters! When the gals are called in to bring back the moxie to a group of overworked soldiers, they find out that they're going to need more than their stellar songs to save the day... by putting together a game of baseball! But, it's not going to be a field day for ...…
The churn is gone. Long Live the churn. Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd.
Identity Rising Episode: 19 Air Date: 07/01/18 Duration: 93:56 Size: 91mb Summary: Identity Rising is a live podcast that airs on every Sunday at 11AM EST. We are identitarians who are passionate about the future of our country and identity. We realize that the “anti-white rhetoric” ensuing all across the country is putting our peo ...…
LIVE clips from the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon! Democrats - the party of Bloomberg. Kamala Harris is a cop. Celebrities voter shame on Twitter. Featuring Mike Figueredo (The Humanist Report), Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae. Thank you Portland for Great Shows!
Koz and Bru tackle the Kawhi situation, the LeBron to L.A. situation, the Boogie to Golden State situation and any other situation that's worth situating. (07-06-18) Subscribe to the Koz and Bru Show on iTunes! Follow @AaronBruski & @KozNTrubl Bookmark and follow @hoopballtweets for round-the-clock updates!…
A ridiculous bonus episode brought to you by the kind and sexy people who support us on Patreon.
[PIZZA FUND ONLY -] Some idiot woman decided to climb the Statue of Liberty to protest Trump or borders existing or something stupid. Jesse targets the degenerates celebrating, ruining, and protesting against Independence Day. We also celebrate a true American hero Goon, and pray to Deer God for a miracle against an enemy ...…
As someone that grew up in southwest Ohio but started comedy in Pittsburgh, the allure of becoming a Queen City comedian has always been something I've toyed with. With clubs like Go Bananas and Funny Bone taking the time to invest in the local comedians of Dayton and Cincinnati, along with my family still being based there, a move certainly ha ...…
Happy 4th of July to all the American listeners. Happy Wednesday to everyone else. Happy Thursday to Australians.
It's the July episode of Victrola! Featuring the return of Bob McNichol! A reminder, we have an album for sale. You can, ironically, support all this free content by purchasing it! ( You can also help us out by reviewing us on iTunes and telling your friends! ( Victrola is brought to you by the fine f ...…
Anna Mann and Lou Sanders are the houseguests as Pappy's return to the glorious Mach Comedy Festival for a noisy and fun-filled flatslam. Featuring out of tune singing, high intensity sound effects, an awful lot of candles and an unusually tuneful quickfire round.Vast gratitude to anyone and everyone who has chucked a few coins into the flatsla ...…
What Is This Episode: 94 Air Date: 06/29/18 Duration:231:58 Size: 222mb Summary: * Back from vacation and the internet cancer is attacking Wush in real life. * Wush’s trip to Barrie & Toronto to drop the kids off at sleep away summer camp. * Certain people who don’t make eye contact when they speak is a strange social issue. * Trying to argue w ...…
Oklahoma legalizes medical marijuana! To listen to this full episode for FREE, visit No Patreon account necessary!
We call up westworld’s Ptolemy Slocum and talk about season 2. Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd
Okay, admittedly, the description of this guest is a little misleading. Tammy Leitzel is a former Mennonite, not Amish (and not really that connected), and she has performed stripping since that time, not during that time. Also, she was never a Mennonite past the age of 18, so maybe that isn’t entirely truthful either… I took liberties, but tha ...…
Now every day can be Taco Tuesday at Taco Town! So long as you get in before they close... Written by Tony Pellegrino Directed by Courtney Lynn Music & Arrangement by Gail Gallagher Featuring the vocal talents of Tony Pellegrino, Steven Yandell, Kim Fukawa & Chelsea Dàvid (with a special guest appearance by Shane Hill)…
TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. Tired of getting banned on social media and Youtube, Jesse has decided to end his bullying ways. Taking a page from the book of Kyle Cease, Jesse has decided to become a LIFE COACH. He studies Kyle's transformational speaking, studies the face and history of a motivational speaker named The Spiritual Smartass, and even ...…
Matt Walsh and Scot Armstrong bring the UCB Sports and Leisure podcast over to Bro Bro Studios to mix it up with Horatio Sanz, Brad Morris, Joe Nunez and Chad Krueger. The guys confront the dark mood of the country and ask "what we can we do to make it better?" Also, they improvise on the ideas of homelessness, immigration and even the merits o ...…
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez victory upsets Dem leadership! Corporate Media admits they are clueless. How Democrats could stop the Supreme Court. Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae. Phone calls from Chuck Schumer, Jeb Bush, and Rick Perry!
Pete and The Black Ken share their most prideful moments! Pete has T.V. talk with Silver Lake Icon Tony Soto! Prank phone calls to arrest white women, Meghan Markle and so much more. It's our time.By (Cha Cha Heels).
Special Guest: Abby Martin! Trump and Obama's horrible ICE policies. Hillary Clinton's horrible deportation policies. Laura Ingraham is a horrible person. Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae. Phone calls from Jeff Sessions, Mitt Romney, and Congressman Peter King.
Matt annouces he is filling in for Mac King in July 7th. Matt and Paul somehow saw Ocean’s 8. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd.
Garrett Titlebaum: It's Nice To See He's Working RSS Finally on mic with a fellow Dayton Flyer! Pittsburgh based, ad man Jeff Swartz, and I were connected through a mutual friend from our college days. It's been great to get to know Jeff off mic and I wanted to bring him on the show to share the story of creating Ethic Advertising. Now 3 years ...…
The guys quickly recap last week's NBA Draft and then get into the good stuff -- free agency! Going through Bru's recently released Hoop Ball Free Agent Ranks, they hit on big names like Aaron Gordon, Clint Capela, Marcus Smart, Zach LaVine, Julius Randle and DeMarcus Cousins. There's also time to talk about the big dominoes in LeBron James, Pa ...…
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