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The Soaps takes you back to the days of soap operas of love,family drama's that provided entertainment for women as they did their daily actives at home. The Soap Opera cliffhangers kept listeners come back everyday. Join us as we go back to early radio and The Soaps.
Every Monday, Susan Spence previews the week ahead in your favourite soaps
A Trip Down Soap Lane is the ultimate soap opera history podcast. Take a trip all the way back to the beginning of soap operas till the present day. This podcast explores all the amazing history, storylines and characters that have made soap operas so memorable over the years. The podcast includes special audio features, trivia, and so much more.
Every Thursday night at 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST, TOLN SOAPS brings you their new weekly hour-long BlogTalkRadio show, "TOLN SOAPS Live with Michael Fairman.” This unique series will give fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with the stars and creatives behind the return of iconic soap operas "All My Children" and "One Life to Live." Through exclusive interviews, fans now have the opportunity to call in and ask their burning questions, share their point of view, and chat on a weekly ...
Talk Soap
Talk Soap is weekly conversations about daytime's, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives and General Hospital. The hosts also weigh in on some of their favorite primetime shows like Revenge, American Horror Story and How To Get Away with Murder.
Soap Party
A Show for Daytime and Prime Time Soap fans. Join us Sunday nights at 8pm ET to talk about the soap genre. ^MP @minniepearl74 ,^CP @candypooh ,^SD @samanthadelayed, ^KT @kathtatum@soapparty411 Podcast was created using
Soap Countdown
A Top 5 Countdown Podcast About Soap Operas including Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and some classics as well.
Soap Addict
All the latest soap news from Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Find more great podcasts at
Where Fans Talk Eastenders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks & Coronation Street
Gopher Soap
The late night drunken discussion show.
A Ten part mini series soap opera that mixes it up with hot women, corrupt businessmen and innocent teens.
Join us each week as we dish the latest soap news and get up close and personal with the biggest names in daytime. Stay informed about all the soaps at and pick up a copy of Soap Opera Digest on stands now!
Icarus and Liquid soap (youtubers who like to talk about film, television) do a podcast talking about films they watched as well as news about the industry.
Soap Entertainment
Recording Music and the struggle of an artist.
Dum Tee Dum is a weekly podcast about The Archers that features Lucy Freeman, Roifield Brown and you.
Soap in your eye
Damon, Davidge, Rog and Clayton's site for fun and hijinks! Stay tuned for exciting, thrill packed updates...
Magic: The Gathering Podcasts
DJ Soap's Podcast
Studio and live mixes from DJ Soap (Kansas City, USA)
A new radio play every week.
Soap in a Box
A podcast about everything, and also nothing. Sometimes about sports and pop culture.
No Soap Radio is a podcast that tackles the many things in life. We consist of Jack Parker, Davin Stilson, Hayden Abelt, Jared Newman, and John Fleming.
David Mitchell, star of UK TV favourites Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, brings us his unique perspective on the issues facing men of the world today.
Sunday Sermons from Community Evangelical Free Church in Soap Lake, WA from Pastor Derek Olson. Our goal is to glorify God through the preaching of His Word.
Soap Smack Talk
Clocking The Soap T
No Soap Radio
Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web -- just to entertain you.Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this...
Skunks & Soap
Skunks and Soap is a weekly innovation podcast dedicated to those who dare to be different. From a drug dealer turned fitness mogul in New York to a factory president giving former gang members a second chance in El Salvador, hear from people on a mission to change our world.
SOAP BOX MOB is a collection of athletes, coaches, gym owners and fitness enthusiasts striving to perfect the craft of human performance expression and education. We compete, we learn, we educate, we observe, and we strive to share our collected knowledge about Strength and Conditioning to further explore the boundaries of the physical life. Soap Box Mob is for you the Crossfit gym owner who want to discover new ways to spruce up your business and your community. Soap Box Mob is also for you ...
No Soap Radio
Austin, Mike, and Erik ramble about NFL Football, life, and other shenanigans
International Hip-hop News!
Version 3.0
Jonny, Ryan and Marc attempt to alleviate their fears of turning 30 by talking to a myriad of people about their journey in life so far and the triumphs and failures they’ve experienced along the way. In each episode of Version 3.0 the guys are joined by a different individual with an interesting story to tell. Be it a successful comedian, entrepreneur, ex-drug dealer kingpin or a survival expert, the hosts chat over a few beers and try to figure out if any universal truths can be gleamed, a ...
A Ten part mini series soap opera that mixes it up with hot women, corrupt businessmen and innocent teens.
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the middle ages but were afraid to ask! Two professional medieval historians answer questions from the audience about anything and everything to do with the middle ages. Did they know about other kinds of sex? How long would I really have lived? Who was the best medieval? What were the best swearwords? Listen and find out… Please send us more questions via Facebook, Twitter or email – we will always try to answer! /Latest episode Facebook: www.fa ...
Sudsing up your iPod, Daytime Confidential is the first podcast featuring daytime Gossip, News, Rumors, Opinions and more for all your favorite soaps and talk shows. Humorous yet heated, the Daytime Confidential team debates the hottest topics and controversial storylines. From The Bold and the Beautiful to The Young and the Restless, and every View in between, we have you covered. Each episode we dish the latest dirt and go in depth on your favorite soaps. Lather up your iPod by subscribing ...
"Soaping Up With Matthew Evan Paine" will feature in-depth interviews with Soap Opera personalities, designed to learn about their beginnings, journey through show business and discuss any upcoming projects. For more, follow Matthew Evan Paine on Instagram at @matthewepaine
Weekly Y&R podcast about current events in Genoa city.
Welcome to Neighbuzz! The Neighbours recap podcast, hashing over the events on Ramsay Street each fortnight. Hosted by Vaya Pashos and friends in the PirateNet studios.
Guilt and Shame
Comedians Gabriel Bisset-Smith and Robert Cawsey are joined by award winning writer Vicky Jones to candidly discuss the topics we can all feel Guilt & Shame in. With the help of listeners stories and some special guests, this trio will leave no shameful stone unturned.
Radio Retropolis
Hosted by Jim Romanovich. Retro cool, refreshingly new. A network of podcasts under several genres relating to the retro pop culture field and how these features are relevant to everyone today. Retro doesn't mean old. It's about a style and a vibe that is all about one's passion. These podcasts will consist of classic radio drama and discussion, blogs, new interviews from individuals who contributed to the pop culture experience, and high end audio documentaries.
Fact Up
Fact Up! The weekly improvised character comedy podcast from Britain's best improvisers & comedians. Join hosts Ian T Day (The Free Association), Chris Gau (C5's Borderline) & Shaun Lowthian (Do Not Adjust Your Stage) as they fail to answer all of life’s questions, one topic at a time. In their fruitless quest for knowledge, they're helped & hindered by guest ‘experts' from the UK & US comedy scene. Who is Eddie Stobart? What is the point? Why is France? Find out and Fact Up!
Will You Read to Me is a podcast of nice people reading short stories. We would have called it Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups. But it turns out that's porn. Featuring the dulcet tones of Tim Key, Kieran Hodgson, Phil Wang and many more. With thanks to Zak Annette and artwork by the amazing Alice Thompson
Tune In Tomorrow
From daytime to primetime, we talk about all things sudsy with your host, Soaps In Depth’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms. With weekly hot topics, preview and more, the show also gives soap fans a voice. Want to join the conversation? Call and talk about the storyline you love... hate... or love to hate!
Always and Forever
The official website of the free soap opera podcast.
All Glory
All Glory is Fleeting... Some trends and fashions make their impact on society whilst others gently fade into obscurity. All Glory is the comedy magazine show which shines a light on the latter bringing forgotten pieces of the past forward into today's world. However, none of these pieces are real, it's all completely made up. Our reporters delve into each story, relaying to you the fictitious facts and non-existent news of their subjects.
Learn conversational Korean phrases from scenes of your favorite Korean soap operas.
Hattys Running a bath showcases some of the best new comedy and creative’s around . Working in the creative arts, life is often not 9-5pm and an evening in is a very rare thing or if you do have one there is the guilt you should be working. So in this show my guests are invited to relax and share with me what they like to do with a guilt free night inn. Hattys running a bath is a “ desert island” disc of your perfect night Inn, while discovering new talent in a far from normal chat show form ...
Serial Coma
A frank and filthy feminist podcast about daytime and primetime soaps, hosted by ex-SOW News Editor Mala Bhattacharjee and Scandalous Women's Elizabeth Kerri Mahon. Intro music courtesy of
Jeremiah "Sin" Sinclair is an assassin, employed by a company known as "The Corporation." He and his best friend, Trevor "Solace" Solento, travel the world, eliminating the lowest dregs that society can muster. Join them on their journey...
Talk Daytime
A place to chat about your favorite soaps, gossip about the comings and goings, and forget the real world for a little while.
A weekly podcast about all things Game of Thrones hosted by Thronecast presenter and comedian Rachel Parris. Join in for post-show chat, fan theories, games, skits and new guests every week ranging from your favourite comedians to actors and crew from the show. Valar Dohaeris!
Diva of DOOL
The Diva of DOOL discusses Days of our Lives on our weekly show. We have also interviewed many Days actors.
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Lamont Cranston and Margot arrive in a fishing village where a cult that engages in human sacrifice has set up shop in the home of a rich and slightly senile old woman suspected of being behind the death of the preacher who objected to their presence.
A hypnotist sabotages a flying torpedo. Later, he tries to use it to destroy the headquarters where several officials of the war department are meeting.
Join co-hosts Ian T Day, Chris Gau & Shaun Lowthian to deal with the pesky annoyance of insects. Activist Aaron Bugg does his part for the cause of insect rights. Swat up on your knowledge and Fact Up! Leave a question on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @factuppod Leave a voice message on our answering machine at Leave a rati ...…
This week’s Dumteedum comes from Claire Astbury. This week we hear from Witherspoon, Aunty Jean and Blithe Spirit.
A demented old hag and her hunchback son kidnap four boys and hold them captive in their mansion. Two criminals also stay in the mansion, using the place as a hideout.
Sunday's sermon from Community Evangelical Free Church in Soap Lake, WA. As we begin a new summer series on redemption, Pastor Derek opens God's Word to Exodus 6 to remind us of God's nature to redeem. The prayer as we think on this truths is that we would marvel and stand in awe at God's glorious purpose in redeeming those who are His from the ...…
Kyle’s grave mistake; JT steps out of the shadows; Nick is awarded permanent custody of Christian; Nate examines Hilary; Out of nowhere, Neil and Ashley are locking lips!; Should Summer tell Phyllis about Billy’s gambling problem?; and Mariah and Tessa go on a date; PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll, “Who Said It” Game, and Opening “The Chatterbox ...…
Rob 'Millsy' Mills, best known as Evil Millsy/Finn/Patrick on #Neighbours, joins CJ, Kate and Vaya in the PirateNet Studios in Melbourne for an examination of Finn's evil deeds, cold-shoulder fashion, and his Robnaissance on the stage. See Millsy as a wizard in Puffs at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda - extra shows are on sale! And follow Millsy o ...…
Join the Diva as we discuss this past week on DAYS. Ok so who is the daddy? What look was that on Abby's face? Did Gabi some how mess with the results? Gabi was in pain and went to see Kayla who told her she had an infection and may not be able to have any more children. Of course Kayla has to leave the office and they bring the results of Abby ...…
A Senator is framed on bribery charges. The Shadow has figured out the devilish plot if only he can prove it before witnesses are killed.
"Aftermath" • This BSP: We're feelin the final days of Corrie's Phelan, and Eastenders Kat handling up on Mo's scheming; we think Hollyoaks Milo has got to go, Emmerdale's Chas & Charity stole the show, and need the resurrection of Days Leo
A terrorist claiming to be The Shadow is poisoning the Department of Sanitation's water supply, and only the real Shadow can deduce who is behind the diabolical crime.
An evil businessman kidnaps his partner and keeps him in a burial vault. He wants him to sign a confession stating how he killed himself by drowning. Once the confession is signed, he will then kill his associate, take over the whole business and marry his partner's daughter. As The Shadow investigates a fake passport racket, it leads him to th ...…
The Shadow breaks up a spy ring who are destroying shipyards and sinking submarines.
122 History Join Fact Up co-hosts Ian T Day, Chris Gau & Shaun Lowthian to run through the annals of all recorded events. Historian Gustav Helmst is attempting to write the entirety of human history from memory. He drops by the studio to fill in some gaps. Stop reflecting on the past and Fact Up today! Leave a question on Facebook, Twitter or I ...…
Sunday's sermon from Community Evangelical Free Church in Soap Lake, WA. As we wrap up our study in the book of Nehemiah, Pastor Derek highlights four themes that are important for us to remember, as well as the ultimate reminder that the book of Nehemiah points us to our need for Jesus! We pray this sermon encourages and challenges you in the ...…
The Shadow breaks up a counterfeit ring who are terrorizing a poor neighborhood.
Australian Podcast Award winner Carla Donnelly from Across the Aisle podcast joins Vaya and Kate to review Puffs the Play starring Rob Millsy Mills! And more importantly, to catch up on 20 years' worth of #Neighbours episodes. Sonya's jacked up on IVF hormones, Colette Nann won't let XanCan be average at her dreams, two tomboys go wedding dress ...…
Kyle goes gravedigging; Billy loses big; Faces of JT Hellstrom; Nikki and Victor meet with the social worker; Abby and Arturo make fireworks; Hilary and Devon’s home sonogram; The return of Nate Hastings. Are you feeling it?; and 4th of July wrap up! PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll and “Who Said It” Game! I love hearing from YOU! Please feel fre ...…
Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. Theresa and Brady play dirty in their custody battle for Tate, Brady tells Eve he knows who killed Deimos....and what will Eric hear? JJ comforts Lani on the loss of her baby. Claire tries to jump Tripp again. Sonny accidentally kills Leo. Will helps him cover it up and they roll the bo ...…
The Shadow comes to the aid of a doctor who was once a prisoner on Devil's Island.
Several bomb explosions are caused by a man who hates crowds. The police are unable to make any progress and the town becomes more scared. When Margot Lane claims that The Shadow can catch the criminal, Commissioner Weston scoffs at the idea and challenges The Shadow to try and uncover new evidence that the police may have overlooked.…
On the latest Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Mike Jubinville, Jillian Bowe and Joshua Baldwin dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful headlines and storylines. Twitter: @DCConfidential, @Luke_Kerr, @Jamey_Giddens @Mike Jubinville, @JillianBowe and Josh Baldwin. Facebook: Daytime Confidential Subscribe to Daytime Confidential on iTun ...…
A recently married woman is brought to madness while living in her husband's creepy manor.
This episode spotlights the first couple years of Days of Our Lives. The episode discusses the show’s earliest storylines, including courtroom dramas and intriguing cliffhangers. Included in this episode are audio excerpts from the early episodes of Days of Our Lives. As always, this episode includes trivia time, ratings time, and much more. En ...…
This week’s Dumteedum comes from Sheila and Berni Maguire wtih some rather lovely harmonies. This week we hear from the Maguire sisters, Claire, Witherspoon and Rachel.
The Shadow meets an exotic woman from his past. He soon discovers that she has been trained in the remote and mysterious area of India, the same place where he learned his power to control minds and make himself invisible.
Join Fact Up co-hosts Ian T Day, Chris Gau & Shaun Lowthian as they delve into that most mercurial of topics: mysteries. Mystic Haley Plugg is routinely entered by spirits, but what happens when they enter the studio? Ask the right questions and Fact Up! Leave a question on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @factuppod Leave a voice message on our ...…
Sunday's sermon from Community Evangelical Free Church in Soap Lake, WA. As we approach the last chapter of Nehemiah we find the people of God once again falling into disobedience. Because they've forgotten God's Word, as well as the commitments they've made to God, they find themselves walking in sin. As we look at this chapter in Nehemiah we ...…
A man who's looking for a job mistakenly becomes involved with a bank robbery. He is later sentenced to death for a cop killing he didn't commit.
On the latest Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Mike Jubinville, Jillian Bowe and Joshua Baldwin reveal their Performers of the Week from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. They then reveal their Honorable Mention picks. Twitter: @DCConfidential, @Luke_Kerr, @Jamey_Giddens @Mike ...…
Once in a blue moon, we are blessed with a near perfect episode of #Neighbours. On Thursday 28 June, 2018, we got a cracker. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect the Ned and Loz plot of 2017 to get another run and yet here we are. Also Toadfish has spawned. And there was a dance-a-thon. Bec Dahl joins a Madge-esque Vaya to talk it out. Mor ...…
The ghost of JT Hellstrom; Nick and Sharon meet with a social worker; Is Phillip Chancellor II really Jack’s biological father?; Skinny dipping with Summer and Kyle; Billy’s gambling secret; Abby and Arturo kiss and makeup; and Charlie and Shauna’s relationship status; PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll, “Who Said It” Game, and Opening “The Chatter ...…
Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 340th Blogtalkradio Show. Topics this week include: Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) and Christopher Sean (Paul Norita) both quit the show, Eileen Davidson quits the Young and the Restless, Stacy Haiduk is announced as the new Kristen DiMera, Ciara contacts Hope who figures out that Ben may ...…
Soap Opera Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky chat with B&B star Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) about his four daytime roles, real-life fatherhood and more on the latest edition of Dishing With Digest. Plus, we dish the imminent exits of Eileen Davidson from Y&R and Stephen Nichols from DAYS.By (Soap Opera Digest).
A past Sunday sermon from Community Evangelical Free Church in Soap Lake, WA. Because false teachers are a reality, all believers in Jesus need to be serious about the responsibility we have to guard the truth of the gospel from perversion. We pray this past sermon from CEFC encourages you in your walk with the Lord. If you have any questions o ...…
Improviser Greg Hess (Cook County Social Club, Improvised Shakespeare Company) joins co-hosts Ian T Day, Chris Gau & Shaun Lowthian for a spot of breakfast. Sentient frittata Percy Lamont drops in to deliver some scathing commentary on proceedings. Fry Up and Fact Up! Leave a question on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @factuppod Leave a voice m ...…
Originally from Wales via Wiltshire, Keri Davies has been resident in Ambridge for 25 years now.
Ned's back. And so is Pufferfish's Piss Engine. CJ, Kate and Vaya explore this dichotomy in the PirateNet Studios. We also debut a sexy new segment called 'Kate's Plant Rant' and herald the return of the Ceramic Pig. Find our whole back catalogue, including our interview with Ben Hall (Ned Willis) at the Neighbuzz Council ...…
Summer calls Billy’s bluff; Should Nick and Sharon get married right now?; Who’s the Newman Enterprises hacker?; Red flags around Arturo; Jack digs up the dirt; and The cats are away, Shauna wants to play! PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll, “Who Said It” Game, and Opening “The Chatterbox” to Read YOUR Comments! I love hearing from YOU! Please feel ...…
Join the Diva as we discuss this past week in Salem. Topics will include the shuffling of players at Titan and DiMera. Chad is offered the CEO of Titan while Brady and Eve are thinking of joining Stefan in business. Kate confesses to Chad about Leo. Kate tempts Chad with the Phoenix ring as head of the family...but wasn't Andre buried with it o ...…
Soap Opera Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky chat with Y&R star Jason Thompson (Billy) about his time in Genoa City, the popular “Philly” romance, who he keeps in touch with from GH and more. Plus, we talk about Dominic Zamprogna’s exit as GH’s Dante, and whether or not soap roles should be recast.…
This week we have calls from Witherspoon, Catherine Rowan Jones, Blithe Spirit, Andrew Horn and the Sussex Shepherd.
Join Fact Up co-hosts Ian T Day, Chris Gau & Shaun Lowthian as they hope for the best on the topic of luck. The world’s unluckiest man, Xavier Bottomsworth, drops into the studio for some respite. Cross your fingers and Fact Up! Leave a question on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @factuppod Leave a voice message on our answering machine at factu ...…
Sunday's sermon from Community Evangelical Free Church in Soap Lake, WA. As we near the end of the book of Nehemiah we find an important reminder that God is at work always. For the people of Nehemiah's day it was clear; God worked among them to rebuild Jerusalem's walls, and also worked to spiritually rebuild the people. For us today, we can b ...…
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