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Joe Soucheray's Garage Logic has been a Minnesota radio mainstay and lifestyle for more than two decades. This podcast (Inside Garage Logic) takes you behind the scenes and into the history archives to discuss the makings and inner workings of Garage Logic.
By day, “The Rookie” is the producer/sidekick of Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray on 1500 ESPN – one of the longest running, most successful radio shows in the Twin Cities. By night, he’s Matt Michalski – one part of an entertaining family of six. Join the Michalski family for an audio place at their homemade dinner table. Table Talk discusses life events, including family ups and downs. Table Talk with Rookie’s family will make you think, laugh and probably make you cry. It’s just that real.
Garage Logic
1500 ESPN's Garage Logic is the seat of Gumption County, down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes. It's a place where common sense prevails, the 2-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed (and lawyers aren't).
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Patrick Reusse and Judd Zulgad host "Saturday Morning SportsTalk," discussing all the happenings on the local sports scene -- Twins, Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves, Gophers and more -- with an often-irreverent and humorous tone. A 1500 ESPN Twin Cities radio show.
Mackey and Judd
Judd Zulgad is a former Minnesota Vikings beat writer, lifetime beer connoisseur and part-time sports conspiracy theorist. Phil Mackey is a former Minnesota Twins beat writer, full-time professional wrestling geek and unofficial ambassador for robot umpires. Together they are The Most Progressive Sports Talk Show in the Twin Cities (or so they say), weekdays 9a-1p on 1500 ESPN.
Patrick Reusse is a legendary Twin Cities sports columnist-turned-radio host -- and 1500 ESPN's resident curmudgeon. Listen to his stories, rants and headliner guests every afternoon.
Carl Franklin is a retired farmer turned podcast host world wide. Information Conversation. On the "time delay radio network"
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Hour 1 Joe reviews a quote from FDR and wonders how it would fit in today's world. What party would he represent? The fire raging in California, wiping out the city of Paradise. Climate change real, Joe says the reason for climate change is simple: Nature and nothing else.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Brian Murphy is in with Judd and Manny today. They discuss Joe Mauer's retirement and his legacy with the Twins. Roy Smalley joins to talk more on Mauer, and also Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic checks in with thoughts on the Jimmy Butler trade.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Mackey joins for Hour 2, and it's more discussion on Joe Mauer's legacy with the Twins. Is Joe a Hall of Famer? Mackey also talks with former Twins GM Terry Ryan on Mauer's career and impact on the Twins.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The guys talk more about the Joe Mauer retirement. Glen Perkins joins to talk about Joe. Patrick Reusse joins to help close out this Monday show.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 The anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald's sinking is upon us. This shipwreck captivates so many. Is it just a Midwest thing? CNN reporter Jim Acosta is not acting like a reporter should. Joe mentions that a journalist's first job is not be become the story. Well, he is now. Reporting is not what it used to be.…
Darren "Doogie" Wolfson is in for Mackey and Judd today. It's all Wolves talk this hour as it's a round table discussion on the team with guests Dane Moore of Zone Coverage and and Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe combs over the events that are taking place in Thousand Oaks, CA. Post shooting, many are calling for more gun control. Will that solve the problem? The NY socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, does not have enough money for her new digs in DC. What are we to do? Reusse's take on sports tirades over the years is hilarious!…
With Darren "Doogie" Wolfson in for Mackey and Judd, Twins CBO Derek Falvey joins to start hour 2 to discuss the state of the Twins and the offseason. Later, Ex-Gopher hoopster Richard Coffey joins Doogie in studio to talk about his playing days with both the Gophers and Wolves, and the current Gopher basketball team.…
With Doogie in for Phil and Judd, hour 3 begins with the breaking news on a report that Joe Mauer is set to announce his retirement. Then Sage Rosenfels joins Doogie and Manny to talk Vikings. Later, former Gopher Women's basketball coach Pam Borton joins to discuss Lindsay Whalen's debut tonight as Gopher women's coach.…
Myron Medcalf of ESPN fills in for Mackey and Judd today. He and Manny are joined by Chip Scoggins of the Star Tribune for the whole hour as they talk about the sticky situation with the Timberwolves and Jimmy Butler. Later, Matthew Coller joins to talk Vikings.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 Breaking news today of a shooting in California. Someone who is evil shot up a club, killing twelve innocent souls. With evil present in the world, Joe looks over the events of the day, trying to process where we are heading in this world.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Myron Medcalf opens hour 3 with a question: Which Minnesota Sports team is on the best track for success? Then Tom Pelissero of NFL Network joins to talk Vikings and the rest of the NFL. Myron then sounds off on the NCAA, and later Patrick Reusse joins to talk Gopher hoops.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 We learn today that the phrase "Long time no see" is considered offensive to Asians, at least at Colorado State University. Are you kidding me? Joe has a new picture in his mind of the "Service road of life". We lost a Great Living American. What is Bigfoot Erotica? Find out....By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Myron Medcalf and Manny Hill dive more into the Timberwolves situation and where they go from here. Later, former NFL QB and current ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky joins to evaluate the Vikings and talk more on the rest of the NFL. Also, Zion Williamson is ridiculously good.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press and is in for Phil and Judd today. He and Manny spend the hour talking about the Vikings at the bye week and where they're at with the rest of the NFC. Also, can they theoretically go on the road and win a playoff game in Los Angeles or New Orleans? Later, Murph's colleague Jace Frederick checks ...…
Matthew Coller joins Murph and Manny at the start of the hour to talk more on the Vikings. Also, Murph weighs in on the Twins, and wonders if they are going to spend money in free agency this winter. Later, Dave LaVaque of the Star Tribune joins to preview what's ahead for the state high school football tournaments.…
Hour 1 The Mayor started the show with a lot of election talk recapping yesterday's results. Will common sense prevail? Not if you live near the country's tallest buildings apparently.........By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
With Brian Murphy in for Mackey & Judd, the football hour kicks off with discussion on the relationships between NFL coaches and the media. Then Rich Gannon joins to talk Vikings and the rest of the NFL. Later, Murph and Manny wrap with Reusse.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 69 year old Dutch wants to legally change his age for the strangest reason, find out why. Rookie also shares another great Governor Ventura story, along with a potential ticket of Ventura / Reusse in 2020, and a John Heidt news cast to finish off the show.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with yet another horrific story out of western WI, he also discusses potentially making voting day a National Holliday.......but only if we eliminate early voting.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Lou Nanne reacts to the Blackhawks' decision to fire three-time Stanley Cup winning coach Joel Quenneville and points to a few spots where Quenneville might next find work. The former North Stars general manager also talks about why teams make in-season coaching changes. Louie gives his thoughts on the Wild's hot streak and why things have chan ...…
Judd and Manny begin with the Opening Bell on the Wolves loss to the Clippers, and Jimmy Butler continuing to pick and choose which games he's going to sit out. Then it's Manny's 4-Deep Thoughts on the world of sports. Later, Wolves TV Analyst Jim Peterson joins to discuss the current state of the Wolves.…
Hour 2 starts with Scoops from Doogie on the Wolves, Twins and Gophers. Later Mike Golic Jr. joins to talk college football and the latest around the NFL. Matthew Coller joins at the end of the hour to discuss the Uber video involving Ottawa Senators players.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin join Judd for the Football Hour and discuss Kirk Cousins' comments from today on his fumbles. Then, Coller and Cronin throw out some of their hottest takes on the NFL this season. Later Judd and Manny Wrap with Reusse.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 Jesse Ventura's former Press Secretary John Wodele joined the start of the show today to reflect on the 20th anniversary of winning the nomination for Governor of Minnesota. The Rookie also shared some of his stories on being present with the Ventura family the night he won.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Judd and Manny spend the hour discussing the Vikings win over the Lions and whether or not Minnesota has rediscovered their winning formula. ESPN's Courtney Cronin also joins for more on the discussion. Judd and Manny also mix in some Packer Ventline calls.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Mackey joins the show and it's more discussion on the Vikings win over the Lions. Can this team go on a run to the Super Bowl? Later, the guys talk with Andy Greder of the Pioneer Press on the Gophers decision to part ways with Defensive Coordinator Robb Smith.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Matthew Coller joins for the Football Hour and isn't quite sure the Vikings are ready to make a run to the Super Bowl yet. Then it's more talk on the status of the Packers with Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. Later, it's time to Wrap with Reusse, and Patrick discusses the passing of Vikings great Bill Brown.…
Hour 1 The Mayor begins the show today discussing the voting process and why we have attempted to fix something that was never broken. He also talked about baseball being involved in military strategy, how the city of St Paul continues to screw up trash collection, and a John Heidt news update.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 A Saturday Night Live actor makes fun of a wounded war veteran who lost an eye, and of course there is very little outrage from "The Club." Johnny Heidt with another award-winning news cast, and more climate change alarmists in Florida!!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Chip Scoggins joins Judd and Manny for the hour, and Judd opens with talk on the Vikings; What to be confident in, what to be curious about, and what should cause concern. Then the guys discuss some of the odd quotes from football coaches this week, including Mike Gundy, Matt Patricia and Jon Gruden. Later, how does Chip feel about the Gophers ...…
Mackey joins to start the hour, and it begins with Write That Down (and the batting averages aren't pretty). The guys then venture into more Timberwolves discussion as Zach Harper of The Athletic joins for some perspective on the state of the team.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Matthew Coller joins to start the Football Hour, and looks into the Vikings/Lions matchup. Then Sage Rosenfels checks in and discusses a piece he wrote for The Athletic, and talks more on the Vikings offense and how they can help Cousins perform even better. Later, the guys Wrap with Reusse.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 The Mayor starts the show with a story and it just may be "BREAK GLASS, SMOKE LUCKY'S!!!" He then had a ray of hope in that the Star Tribune actually chose not to endorse either candidate in the run for Attorney General. The discussion this hour ended with why our political choices seem to be so thin as it relates to the candidates we ge ...…
Hour 2 Joe starts with a case of a high school football player suing the MSHSL because he was suspended for an illegal hit. He then touches on leaked information about an upcoming documentary about the Royal family that he can't wait to see, and Reusse joins to wrap up the week on GL!!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Judd and Manny recap Derrick Rose's 50-point performance for the Wolvesand wonder how we should feel about it. Is Rose capable of repeating this level of play? Also, should there be a balance with how we view the performance vs. the off the court issues Rose has faced in the past? Later, Tom Chorske joins to talk Wild.…
Mackey joins the show to start the hour and it's more talk on Derrick Rose's 50-point game for the Wolves. Then Tom Pelissero of NFL Network joins to discuss the latest around the league. Later, Glen Taylor joined Doogie's Scoop podcast and the guys discuss his comments on the Jimmy Butler situation.…
Matthew Coller joins for the Football Hour, and talks about a new article for the website he has on Tecmo Bowl. The conversation then ventures further into the impact of football video games like Madden and NFL Blitz. Later, the guys Wrap with Reusse.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Lou Nanne tells us why Wild coach Bruce Boudreau continues to have success behind the bench and why Louie did not enjoy being behind the bench. The Minnesota hockey legend also discusses why coaches and officials no longer argue -- the reason will surprise you -- and recalls former NHL President John Ziegler, who recently passed away at the age ...…
Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with great Halloween stories from the staff and the emailers. He then gives the latest with the tragic story out of Barron county Wisconsin, stops by for a visit in the world of sports and why he is very worried about the game of baseball. Joe then wraps up the hour with a letter to the editor who compares drivers to ...…
Hour 2 The Mayor starts with a big story in the LA times about a problem nature.....and we can't do anything about it. Listener email played a big role this hour including one about the absolute definition of wind-milling.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Mackey joins for hour 2 and the guys talk more on Jimmy Butler sitting out tonight's Wolves game. Phil poses the question; What exactly is the end game here for Tom Thibodeau, Jimmy Butler or for Glen Taylor? Also, Stan Van Gundy had some comments on Karl-Anthony Towns during the Dan Le Batard Show, and callers also weigh in. Then it's a final ...…
Matthew Coller joins for the Football Hour to break down the Vikings/Lions matchup and other Vikings matters. Then Manny has another random sports memory moment. Later, Rich Gannon checks in to talk Vikings, the play of young quarterbacks around the league, and also the continued dysfunction of the Cleveland Browns. The guys then Wrap with Reusse.…
Hour 1 Joe begins the hour talking about memories from the great Halloween blizzard of 1991, they also unveiled yet another fantastic GL comic from Greg Holcomb, this time the GL tennis team is defeated by Diversity-ville. Also the entire crew is in today and Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with the news of the day.…
10/31/18 Hour 2 Joe has been excited for weeks to get the chance to chat with Amor Towles, author of "A Gentleman in Moscow."By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Judd and Manny start with the Opening Bell, with the news that Jimmy Butler is going to sit out another game for the Wolves tonight against Utah. Doogie joins with scoops on that situation, and also Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic also checks in with more perspective.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 The Mayor begins the hour defending Hillary, and you need to find out why. More from the shootings in Pittsburgh, a Johnny Heidt news update, and Joe ends the hour with some great breaking news regarding the GL podcast!!!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with the sad state of our current political election races. In particular the race for Attorney General between Wardlow and Ellison. Johnny Heidt with another news segment, and Michael Bloomberg was in town to give Minneapolis and St Paul $2.5 million dollars to warming.…
Matthew Coller and ESPN's Courtney Cronin join for the Football Hour to discuss all the NFL deadline deals, the Vikings loss to the Saints along with their upcoming matchup with the Lions. Later, Judd and Manny Wrap with Reusse.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Judd and Manny start with the opening bell, breaking down a crazy and unusual NFL trade deadline and Timberwolves discussion after their win over the Lakers. Later, it's Manny's 4-Deep Thoughts on the last few days in sports, and a check in on the Minnesota Sports Dysfunctional Bracket.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
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