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Joe Soucheray and Patrick Reusse invented SportsTalk in the Twin Cities more than 30 years ago. Listen to their daily banter on 1500 ESPN.
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Joe and Patrick chat about the show over the years and Rookie pulls out some pretty good best of cuts, as well as Johnny Heidt dives into some of his best stories "From the Folder"By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The show opens with Summer Wind, as a tip of the cap to Sports Talk over the years. The boys do a quick review of their years at KSTP, while doing the new Johnny Heidt comes up with some good ones!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe and Patrick showcase their Sports knowledge-By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe and Patrick chat about the lengthy career of Fred Zamberletti. what a character. The Twins are done, never getting to five hundred. Great news segment with Johnny Heidt.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Reusse and Soucherry are back for their final Sports Talk show from the Fair and the last rendition of The Corn Dog Blues live at the Fair.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The boys return for an hour of fun for Day Six of the Fair.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Lou Nanne stops by the front porch to start off Day Five of Sports Talk at the Fair. The guys spend a majority of the hour talking about Reusse's shoe fiasco from yesterday.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Pat and Joe are joined by the Wacky Wheeler. John has an extended newscast to wrap up SportsTalk.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe tells the boys a story about getting stuck in the mud, Gopher head hockey coach Bob Motzko joins to wrap the hour.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe and Pat are back for Day Two at the Great Minnesota Get Together. The boys discuss all things from golf leaderboards to Rooks high school math teacher. We also end the hour with a Friday Scramble.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Former Twins pitcher Glen Perkins joins to talk about post career life, his beer he made, and his playing career.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Twins are not doing well against a poor White Sox club today. Patrick recalls some funny stories and Kenny takes him to task about not writing them down.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe and Patrick are off of their game because some guys from the newspaper are taking their pictures and writing an article. It's rather funny actually, they try to talk some sports, but it doesn't really work. LOLBy (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The Twins the their quest to......get to five-hundred? The new MN Viking electronic ticket program. The boys want to know if it works!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
It's Fun Fest Freelance Friday! Not much sports, but some good Patrick!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick pays tribute to Aretha Franklin on a Thursday afternoon~ Nice.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick and Don Shelby chat about their careers. Don pays Patrick a nice compliment, which was from the heart.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Great SportsTalk hour with Mike Veeck and some great Patrick stories! Must listenBy (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Myron Medcalf in for Reusse and Joe.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Big injury news for the Vikings. Can they survive this? Myron asks Joe and Reuvers about what grade they would give the club so far, including the Twins. Joe is mocked about the time Rookie rolled up to Joe's house with a leak in his gas tank.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Minus Joe and Patrick today, Myron Metcalf chats about the current state of the Vikings and then does indeed chat with Patrick via the phone to get an update from spring training. John does not get much news in today. Kenny discovers Nikki Menage.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Frank had the staff in tears laughing up a storm as he puts Rookie in his place and talks about his upcoming show. Very Good.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Myron and Joe do some straight talk about the violence in Chicago and what needs to be done to change things. Pretty good perspective from Myron. Then onto some sports, mostly the Twins and the hole that they are in~By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick chats it up from the 3M Championship today.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The Twins are not going to get anywhere near .500 and to make matters worse, Dozier made his debut with the LA Dodgers and had a great game. Links golf belongs in Great Britain. more people are 'taking too the refer', according to RookieBy (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe sneaks out early today and that allows the staff to mock him in his absence. The local ball club tries to beat Cleveland, but comes up two runs short......Who in the hell cuts doughnuts and leaves them in pieces in the box.........Rookie is one~By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
There are trades all over the place and Reuvers is very busy trying to keep up. Johnny Heidt will be back tomorrow and that makes Kenny happy. Rookie replays a classic. Patrick calls in from his hospital bed and is higher than a kite!!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The boys discuss how poorly the Twins played this weekend. Patrick takes credit for calling that they would only won one game versus Boston. Reuse runs into a lot of traffic heading to Mankato for a Viking piece. How did Pat ever build a dog box?By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick tells a story of a group of friends that were making plans to go to Rudolph's BBQ for a dinner out. Much to his surprise : THEY HAVE CLOSED!! The Twins Beat Boston and Pat has a hero of the game that will surprise you. Kenny goes after Rookie for dancing on TV> Gross!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The time in a baseball game can be reduced greatly by implementing some new rules according to the boys. The games are just too long. Ever thought ducks could be a topic on SportsTalk? Yep.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick says that he is officially done with the Twins. He is not even saying 'see ya in Ft. Myers' he is done with the team. Pretty good golf tourney this weekend with the British Open.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Doug Hennes worked at the newspaper with Patrick and he held many jobs officially and unofficially at the University of St Thomas. Great guy, big loss at 63.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick mentions the passing of UST backer/employee, Doug Hennes. Patrick said he was a talented City Editor at the SPPP for many years. He would also help out with the football team at UST. Big unexpected loss.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
ALL STAR game and the future of the Twins club. Bulged is all ready to sell off all Twins assets.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Town Ball is the talk of the town with Reuvers, Hauser and Patrick. What a great way to bring people together. They better have beer. Patrick tells his Cooperstown story. Very Funny!!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Joe asks Patrick if the Twins are going to climb back to five hundred soon. Patrick was not very optimistic. The All-Star game is tomorrow. Is the game of baseball in trouble? It just may be if they cannot keep the youth watching and attending games. Kenny comes back and he starts up with where he left off-LOL…
Patrick mentions that people are either cold people or heat people. The extremes are both bad. The bugs that are out there really can ruin a nice quiet sitting time outside. Not too many sports were covered in this hour.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
These TCL TV's are remarkable, according to Pat and Joe. Seeing how beautiful these courses are and the clarity is amazing. The Twins will have their hands full tonight at the ballpark. How do the Tampa Bay Devil Rays do this? They only have three starting pitchers? What purses there are for tourney like the John Deer Classic. Wow!…
The showdown between Croatia and England comes down to the wire with extra time. The Twins beat up on a pretty poor Kansas City club. Rookie gets distracted with National Pina Colada Day~~~By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The death of former radio host Barbara Carlson has the boys going back to old school radio show with her involved. What a character she was. The Twins are getting closer to five hundred. HmmmmBy (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Patrick and Joe wonder if the Twins will get to .500. Pat says not going to happen. Did Phil Mickelson self report a penalty that he intended to do? Hmmm. Why would anyone zip line over live alligators?By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Reusse is joined for the whole hour by wrestling historian George Schire!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Tom and Patrick with the crew chat about soccer and the poor Twins. A call from Gil makes everyone laugh a bit.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The Twins are terrible/Manny has things on his mind/Patrick describes his train ride to Chicago.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press is in for Reusse again today. He and the crew spend the hour talking about Wrigley Field and other older ball parks in MLB. John Heidt has more crazy news stories!By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press is in for Reusse today. The guys spend the hour talking about various topics of the day, including the awful smell of old ketchup, mobile coolers, and a camera exploding on someone's foot. All while the Twins battle the White Sox. Also, some serious and sad news regarding the mass shooting in Annapolis, MD.…
Patrick will take the train to Chicago instead of driving. I wish it was on a reality TV show. Patrick says that the Twins are officially done now. Dave Dahl brings the new meteorologist to meet the staff and she gets heckled. Her name is Wren and Joe says give her the Foghorn.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Can the Twins get back on their winning ways? The boys hope so. Bill Russell was a pretty good play-by-play guy. Johnny Heidt saves a news story for Kenny.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
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