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The Spark & The Art
The creative life: Interviews with writers, musicians, filmmakers and more.
Inside the Spa Business takes you on a journey beyond the aromatherapy oils and plush linens, into a world of business realities. Each week, we'll bring you information, advice and insights on every aspect of the spa and wellness industry. Whether you want to learn about spa & wellness business models, hotel and spa management courses, spa therapist education, training and recruitment, skincare products and their place in spas, wellness trends, spa and wellness industry research, spa confere ...
Podcast by SPR & CO
A podcast discussing food, local happenings, and stuff around the Hampton Roads area. Mostly stuff though. Unique guests range from top local chefs to antique repurposers.
Welcome to Lacon-Sparland United Methodist Church!This site features sermons preached at Lacon-Sparland UMC in Lacon, IL. Most sermons are preached by Pastor Casey Taylor unless otherwise noted. Lacon-Sparland UMC 107 N. Prairie Lacon, IL 61540Additional sermons can be found at us out at
Customized Marketing For Female Entrepreneurs
Dave Courteen, Managing Director or Mosaic Spa and Health Clubs Ltd interviews key figures within the spa and health club industry offering insight, training and operating procedures to Mosaic staff and other interested parties.
Welcome to the Day Spa | Med Spa Success Podcast. Jeremy Baker is the founder and editor in chief of, a top resource and guide on aesthetic and wellness treatments. Jeremy is a frequent contributor to USA Today & CNN. He specializes in helping Day Spas & Medical Aesthetic practices discover, attract & keep ideal clients & Patients. On the podcast, Jeremy interviews some of the top spa owner's in the country to find out what makes them so successful, and how they delive ...
Raised on a mildly unhealthy helping of Pop Culture, Shea Leary and Crystal 'Critch' Flores talk about their love for everything Music, Movies, TV, and if they're stoned enough, Current Events -- and how their Queer and Messy lives have been shaped by it all. Tune in, relax, and chill out with Gold Star & The Hot Mess!
Doctor Who fans unite! Two fans -- one of the original show, one brought in by the new. They discuss, debate, spar and meander over the episodes, audios, books, comics and new releases.
Welcome to the Let’s chat with miss nana and miss star podcast, where amazing things happen
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A critical consideration in any discussion about growing a brand is that of brand integrity. Often times hotel brands have been all too willing to compromise, within reason. But as we are seeing now with the Sheraton brand, it looks like enough is enough.
What do you get when the Fifth Doctor and his crowded TARDIS meet a 17th century Highwayman? Hijinx, laughs, adventure, the Grim Reaper and Tegan turning into a zombie drone. Does that make for a great Doctor Who story? Join us as we discuss "The Visitation."
In Episode 60 I share my frustrations - but with the best of intentions. As I travel around I'm regularly confronted with annoying little customer service failures. Some more annoying than others. Here's my Top 5 in the hope that you can learn from them
Today, in Episode 59, I sit down with Beata Aleksandrowicz, Founder of Pure Massage. Come and hear what influence the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa had on Beata and see what happens when I suggest that robots will one day replace massage therapists.
After seeing it on the big screen, how does the original 6 episode version compare? What makes this one of the, if not THE greatest Doctor Who story ever? And why can't Harry jump over a clam? All that and more . . .
Som crescendo på Kreditvärden-säsongen bjuder vi här på ett riktigt pangavsnitt med allt från 90-talskris och penningmarknadsanekdoter, via Lehman och globala finanskrisen, till en diskussion om dagens risker. Berit Behring, VD Danske Bank Sverige med tidigare lång erfarenhet av ränte- och kreditmarknaden, och Anders Kvist, CFO på Kungsleden oc ...…
In Episode 58 I sit down with Steve Spiro of Global Halotherapy Solutions to find about more about the wonders of salt. Halotherapy (also known as dry salt therapy) is an effective, natural and drug-free therapy which provides relief from many respiratory and skin conditions. Salt Therapy’s revitalizing effects benefits both adults and childr ...…
Vi avslutar berättelsen om WorldCom i detta avsnitt med att starta på toppen, strax efter IT-yrans crescendo. Framgångssagan WorldCom med sina oberäkneliga förvärv i bagaget och svindlande tillväxt har sina sprickor i fasaden. Dessa upptäcks dock först inifrån – hör Louis berätta om hur internrevisionen blev hjälte för dagen (nåja, först långt ...…
In Episode 57 I sit down with Daniel Levin, author of The Mosaic. Danny shares the story of how The Mosaic came to be and how we are all connected. I even read a section of the book on air to help give you a feel for the little fable that is The Mosaic. The Mosaic follows the journey of Mo, a boy who loses his parents two years apart on the sam ...…
Stories are the way we communicate. The big question is, What's Your Story? Many don't know. In Episode 56 I share 5 Simple Storylines for Every Spa Business. That should be enough to get you started.
Fascist Brig with a toady Benton? Liz as an methodical bureaucrat? The Doctor has landed in an alternate universe, but both Earths are in peril. Star turns by UNIT regulars playing different roles make for one of the great Third Doctor stories.
Äntligen! Efter avsnitten om Enron har många av våra lyssnare längtat efter fler makalösa bolags uppgång och fall. Enron var den dittills störst konkursen men bara månader senare trumfades de av ett annat bolag – WorldCom. Vi får följa med Bernie Ebbers på hans resa från motellägare till en av senaste decenniernas största bolagsbyggare. Hur bli ...…
On today's episode we're talking about the couples that are #GOALS and we're accompanied by our very good friend Megan! You'll hear about our favorite TV Couples and how we've become obsessed with all.
In Episode 55 we look at the relationship between Governments and Spas. In many cases, it's a complex relationship. As with most nascent industries, it takes time for government regulations to catch up. But as this industry matures, this needs to change.
Cybermen invade the Moon, but Ben, Polly, Jamie and the Doctor are there to meet them. It takes all of Polly's feminine know-how (nail varnish remover) and social skills (Coffee, anyone?) to find the source of their power and defeat them. A great 2nd Doctor story, with animation of the missing episodes.…
In Episode 54 we take a look at In-Room Marketing. Hotels have had a long love affair with In-Room Marketing. Hotel guests, not so much. Many General Manager's think digital is the answer. They may be partially right. But there's much more to do.
In this our first episode of our 2nd year, we discuss a big development in the world of wellness - Wellness Real Estate. Yes, it's a thing. And it's growing fast. Estimates expect the segment to be valued at USD $180 billion by 2022.
Vi fortsätter vår exposé över redovisningens fallgropar. Peter Malmqvist, ordförande för Sveriges Finansanalytikers förening, ger oss sin syn på en av de senaste årens mest uppmärksammade konkurser – HQ Bank. Rättegångarna därefter har tagit mycket uppmärksamhet men Peter guidar oss genom den redovsningsskandal som ligger bakom HQ:s fall. Däref ...…
Back to the beginning, to Susan and the Doctor, Ian and Barbara exploring what it means to travel together in the TARDIS -- which communicates with the travelers for the first time. Join us for this first "bottle" episode in Doctor Who history.
On today's episode we talk about the beloved ladies of comedy, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey! We talk about their history of working together and their side projects, and what they mean to us! Tune in and check it out!
In Episode 52 I interview myself - with the help of my friends over at Spa Business School. They wanted to know more about what makes Trent Munday tick. To use their words, they “wanted to find out more about the man compelled to ask “Why?�
The search for Liquid Wellness may well signal the end of two of the world’s most iconic brands. In Episode 51 I ask whether Liquid Wellness is really what they should be focussing on - instead of each other.
Bantering, lots of bantering. And laughing in the face of danger. And jokes. lots and lots of jokes. But Clara has been promised a trip to meet her "hero," and she intends to meet Robin Hood.
Jämt och ständigt önskar alla ni lyssnare fler avsnitt om krisande bolag. Tyvärr finns det ett antal att avhandla, så i detta avsnitt har vi bjudit in legendaren inom finansanalys, Peter Malmqvist, för att diskutera och minnas ett par exempel på bolag som fallit på, bland annat, sitt trixande med redovisningen. Fermenta var en av de första förv ...…
Want to turn your passion into profit? During this episode Tamiko Kelly shares how she did exactly that, discovering your purpose and scaling your business. The post Episode 86: Turning Your Passion Into a Thriving Business With Tamiko Kelly appeared first on Spark and Profit.
Hotel Spas are in need of some new business models if they are to remain relevant in a fast-changing world. Maybe a Retail Spa? Retail First, Services Second. A quick look into the world skincare brands may give us some clues. In Episode #50, we explore.
Ever feel like you wanna quit your business because the fizz is gone? On this episode, Lisa a shares five ways to breathe life back into your business. The post Episode 85: Get Fired Up When You Feel Uninspired About Your Business appeared first on Spark and Profit.
Eric - Nuttall - 250418 02 by SPR & CO
Your coaching business foundation is key to your success. When you set things up the right way you save time, walk in alignment with your purpose and build your business so much easier. On this episode, Lisa talks with Cat Stancik, who shares truths about solid foundations and integrity in your business. The post Episode 84: Laying A Solid Foun ...…
In Episode 49 I suggest a potential business model for the spa industry of tomorrow. The Machine Man. No, not the character from Marvel Comics back in the 1970’s. This is a way for equipment manufacturers to #OwnTheUpside and for all parties to benefit.
Want the fastest one business setup? On this episode, Lisa a simple strategy to start an online business. The post Episode 83: The Fastest Way To Start An Online Business appeared first on Spark and Profit.
Wrap up of our RegenerationWho 4 review -- we talk kids cosplaying as Mondasian Cybermen and Daleks; artists and fantastic panels.
Kelsey Chapman is a creative and Marketing Strategist. During this episode Kelsey shares her 10k launch lessons, which detail the struggles and the wins. The post EP 82: Lessons From A 10k Launch With Kelsey Chapman appeared first on Spark and Profit.
Today's episode is dedicated to the late and great Selena Quintanilla. Her impact completely affected our lives personally and made the world a better place. We honor her memory by talking of her impact, the blockbuster hit movie, and her amazing grace. RIP SELENAS
In Episode 48 I share my Top 15 Spa KPI's - in no particular order. Why no order or priority? Because it all depends on the specific business priorities of your spa. Remember, you manage what you measure. What metrics are key to your business?
Wondering how to turn a cold prospect into a customer? On this episode, Lisa gives tips on how to turn a cold lead into a paying customer, and how you can make a sale right away. The post How To Turn A Cold Lead Into A Paying Customer appeared first on Spark and Profit.
Our favorite weekend of the year -- ReGeneration Who 4, wherein your intrepid hosts cosplay, geek out over creators and directors and mingle with the greatest fans in the galaxy. This is our "on the road" segment, apologies for audio quality.
Kelly Dawn is an Intuitive Coach and a mindset rockstar. During this episode Kelly shares mindset and journaling tips and talks about how to make your thoughts a reality so you can step into your vision. The post Episode 80: Using Mindset & Journaling To Make Your Vision A Reality appeared first on Spark and Profit.…
On this episode of GSHM, we test our knowledge on some boy band lyrics! Do we know what we're talking about, or are we just frauds? Come check it out! Shoutout to Sporkle for the quiz!
In Episode 47 I expand upon a couple of concepts uncovered during my daily podcast - Trent365! Is the Glass Half Empty - or Half Full? And what implication does this have on Almost Opportunities? Tune in and find out.
If you are trying to do every marketing strategy at once to get seen and get clients, it's time to stop. On this episode, Lisa shares why you need to focus on one strategy at a time. She also explains reasons an email list may not be getting subscribers. The post Episode 79: Why You Should Focus On One Strategy At A Time appeared first on Spark ...…
I det andra avsnittet av vår exposé över svensk bostadspolitik över tid är vi framme vid våra egna dagar. Via allmännyttan tar vi oss an hyresmarknadens förutsättningar. Går det att bygga “billiga hyresrätter”? Vår gäst, Lennart Weiss på Veidekke, ser många brister i dagens svenska bostadspolitiska ramverk. Han ger oss dock goda exempel från vå ...…
On this episode, Lisa talks with Jessica Lorimer a Sales Coach, Business Strategist and Facebook group boss, who shares actionable tips and strategies to help you up your sales game and get your FB group engaged. The post Episode 78: Mastering Sales and Facebook Groups With Jessica Lorimer appeared first on Spark and Profit.…
The long awaited second season of the Spark and Profit podcast is here. Get a sneak peak of what to expect during this new season. The post SP77: Season Two What To Expect appeared first on Spark and Profit.
10 - Hey Girl, GSHM and Boy Bands Think You're Beautiful and Want You Back by Gold Star and the Hot Mess
In Episode 46 we take a look at the various management options for you hotel spa. Self-Managed, Outsourced, Product House, Spa Consultant? Or maybe it's a combination of these. We discuss the Pros & Cons of each.
The Doctor and Winston Churchill are old friends, and Winston has a secret weapon in his War Rooms. Moffat pairs again with Mark Gatiss to bring another "celebrity historical" to the screen. Does it really work this time?
Episode 45 is our third instalment in the Spa Design for Dummies series. In this episode - Spa Size. What's the ideal size for your hotel spa? How many treatments hours are you likely to perform? How many treatment rooms do you really need?
9 - You Turn Me On I'm a Radio, So Shake It Out and Listen To Us Ramble On! GSHM: Music Edition by Gold Star and the Hot Mess
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