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Spiro Avenue
Podcast by Justin Spiro
Knitcircus Podcast
The podcast brought to you by the gang from Knitcircus magazine.
Taking its name from the Latin word spiro (which can mean literally to breathe or exhale but also figuratively to be alive, inspired, and expressive), this podcast tells stories of inspiring men and women through song. Each series is based upon the life of an inspiring individual in history, and each episode in that series contains original music as well as historical background behind the lyrics. This podcast highlights the beautiful marriage between music and history; at its purest form, h ...
Listen to the Official Ligue 1 Conforama Podcast, it has all the natural talent of PSG stars Neymar ⭐ and Kylian Mbappé 🚀, the unerring aim of Olympique de Marseille striker Mario Balotelli 🎯, the passionate 🔥 of Olympique Lyonnais' young talents 👶, and all the big-game nous of AS Monaco captain Radamel Falcao 🐯.Join Matt Spiro and the panel as they add their touch of je ne sais quoi to the hottest topics in French football ⚽Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcas ...
Hello everyone and welcome to Stronger Self Radio. In these episodes, me and other Influencers from around the world will help bring you inspiring and insightful content in the topics of fitness, business, lifestyle, mental health, and personal development to help ignite your passion for creating a better world and living your best life.I am your host, Caleb Spiro, and lets find out what makes you into your most powerful, empowered, and strongest self.
The Fatherland
We discuss topics of interest to right-wing dads, such as raising children in an era of degeneracy. D'nate bitcoin to: 1CN33AwqjbECsLSuYpNoWKdrbBVJ9tKhNY
Inspiring stories of finding God in everyday life.
Dialogos Radio
The Dialogos interview series features interviews with notable Greek and international personalities, as featured on Dialogos Radio.
Podcast by FBCSpiro
Mixed Mental Arts
As kids, we're like little sponges blindly copying culture from the people around us. The cultures into which we were all born evolved to fit very old agricultural environments. Each contains timeless wisdom about human affairs but none of them is ideally suited to navigating the ever-changing environment in which we find ourselves. The goal of Mixed Mental Arts is to steal the best cultural software from everywhere and apply the core principle of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do "Adapt what is usef ...
Jason Louv brings together thinkers from the worlds of spirituality, high technology and the counterculture with some of the most challenging issues we face today. Change your focus, change your reality.
Yeah! It's a Thing!
The Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR) is the research division of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Europe. Its purpose is to promote problem-centered, interdisciplinary research in international policy by drawing upon the global network of SAIS faculty, students and scholars. BIPR SeminarCasts are made available to the public with the goal of providing a pivotal forum for thought and debate in international public policy.
Innovation Crush
Innovation Crush smashes convention to bits by profiling some of the world's most daring projects and the people behind them. From marketing ideas to technology innovations, disruptive business models, personal development, and everything between, IC is a one stop shop for all the "who-to-know" and "what-to-know" you'll ever need to know. Hosted by long-time idea maker, Chris Denson, the show serves up a giant helping of some of the best minds around the world, all with a heaping side of occ ...
OFF Recordings Radio is the weekly show of the Berlin based techno label run by Andre Crom.OFF has been known as one of the world's leading underground electronic music label since many years.The recent times have seen it moving towards decidely more radical sounds, focusing on different shades of techno: From deeper emotional tracks, over stripped back functional tools, up to straight up peaktime dancefloor bombs.This made the label a firm favorite of the global DJ Elite; every weekend OFF' ...
A conversation with restaurant folks who have gone through the process of creating, building and opening restaurants. We’ll cover everything from those first creative meetings to the first few months of operation. We’ll hear the moments when dreams are realized or dashed and the unexpected sometimes becomes the norm.
JLG My Boys Podcast
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This series partners with energy industry thought leadership as well as investing partners to point a wider lens toward the things that matter in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry. Answering commonly asked questions and filling in blanks sharing industry knowledge, Tellurian Inc. looks forward to be your preferred partner for experiencing LNG.
We Are Rhythm
All the vibes, grooves, inspirations, legends, stories and the instruments that are instrumental to the music. We Are Rythm.
Καθε Δευτερα 20:00 - 22:00, ο Σπυρος Παπαδατος στα μικροφωνα & στις μουσικες επιλογες στονgingeRadioμοιραζεται μαζι σας την μουσικη του διαθεση.
Commonly Intoxicated
A NSFW podcast that takes a look into daily events, life, happenings amongst all of us, and rusty rings. Free to download for your enjoyment.Join Our Online Community Here: outlet to vent and talk about every topic under the sun.The show features news, music, opinions, live music, and a wide variety of guests.Host: Jimmy ZarembskiCommentators: Christian Spigos and Spiros LoukopoulosNews: Len Melendez
Development Ready’s podcast brings together the sharpest minds in the property industry to discuss the critical issues affecting property development across Australia. Built upon their unrivalled access to professionals across the development, architecture, real estate, legal and planning spheres, the team are granted special access to interview guests on a broad range of topics, delving into each of their guests’ unique perspectives and experience to uncover strategies, tactics and opportun ...
Information Creep
The Realm Of Collectors Transformers IDW Comics Podcast
Podcast by Matt Langel
Colossal Soul
Creative. Conscious. Community.
Estate Practice & Elder Law Community Legal News from LexisNexis® via Podcast
Mike Kukin Podcast
Mike Kukin - Music and Podcast
SUNY Downstate History
The Faculty of architecture and fine art at NTNU arranges guest lectures for their architect students. Topics varies from semester to semester.
The Faculty of architecture and fine art at NTNU arranges guest lectures for their architect students. Topics varies from semester to semester.
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Episode 156: "Dum spiro spero" Break tracks:Sir Oswald Mosely speech from the Spero Patria documentary: (full doco here: We Talked About: A good health reference book (sometimes you don't have internet!): ...…
Zach Messitte, Ripon College, US, discussed "Republican Populist: Spiro Agnew and the Origins of Donald Trump’s America" as part of the American Foreign Policy Series.
It's Episode 8 with Dave standing in for Matt, and he, Robbie and Andy pick over PSG's title party featuring Kylian Mbappé's star turn 🌟and Neymar's return 🔙 They discuss Memphis Depay hitting 🔝 form at Lyon despite his dash to see Drake 🎶 and hear from Bordeaux coach Paulo Sousa 🇵🇹 And ever wanted to know what the build-up to the Coupe de Fran ...…
OFF Recordings Radio 46 with Barbuto Welcome to episode 46 of OFF Recordings Radio; this week with Barbuto from Austin, Texas.He's having his debut EP on OFF in a couple of days, with one original by himself alone and a collab with Mittens from Australia, as well as remixes by Black Asteroid and Solaxid; ...…
The panel ponders how Ligue 1 champions-elect Paris Saint-Germain could slip to such a heavy defeat at Lille 🤔 and asks where Christophe Galtier's talented young team goes next 🔀❓
Julian Assange has some very powerful enemies. #45 trumpeted WikiLeaks DNC email dump, but he is silent now. Assange is feared and hated on both sides of the aisle. Democrats are even more virulent in their hatred. I guess the outing of the unDemocratic National Committee to the American people is an unforgivable crime. Chelsea Manning is back ...…
In Episode 7, Matt, Dave, Robbie and Armel come to terms with what happened in Lille as PSG are schooled by Christophe Galtier's young bucks 👨‍🏫 the panel ponders Lyon's post-Bruno Genesio options 🤔 and discuss the fast-food refuelling 🍔 that has made Nîmes' mercurial Téji Savanier one of Ligue 1's most entertaining talents 🎩…
OFF Recordings Radio 45 with Andre Crom Welcome to episode 45 of OFF Recordings Radio.This week we present you Andre Crom's set from last saturday at Silodom Saarbrücken.That's a really cool venue below an old Silo, proper warehouse techno vibes.Andre played there for an OFF showcase with Chris Von B. and it was really good fun.Enjoy!----Learn ...…
The pod panel discusses the ructions at Olympique Lyonnais 🦁, examines the delicate balance struck between the club and its supporters ☯️ and ponders the ever-changing destiny of coach Bruno Genesio ❓
To celebrate the launch of Mercedes-Benz EQ -- a new electric vehicle -- OK Go front man, Damian Kulash joins Innovation Crush and discusses the creation of the Stress Inversion Transformer (SIT). Damian's vision in exploring "EQ" was to figure out away to turn negative energy into positive energy. So naturally (and because science), he built a ...…
Where is the ‘release valve’ for the prolific U.S. natural gas? Louisiana, the home of our proposed Driftwood LNG project. LNG answers more than urban pollution. Building U.S. pipeline infrastructure and export terminals help Permian producers find an outlet for their associated gas. Listen to our team talk efficiencies and alternatives to help ...…
In Episode 6, Matt, Dave and Andy discuss Paris Saint-Germain's title party falling flat as Strasbourg keep the champagne on ice 🍾 Dijon cut the mustard in Lyon to leave the seven-time 🇫🇷 champions looking nervously over their shoulders 😱…where they saw all their rivals fail to take full advantage, and the panel sticks their necks out in the Li ...…
Host Joey De Leon is joined by Emmy- nominated musical director, producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Peter Michael Escovedo. Joey and Peter Michael talk about his famous family, his early days growing up in the Bay Area and why that part of the country was the perfect place to get a well rounded musical education. He talks about the lat ...…
The ex-Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea midfielder talks to Matt about his new life in the principality 🇲🇨 gives his thoughts on coaches from Thierry Henry and Leonardo Jardim to Jose Mourinho 🔝 and admits he has been impressed with standards in Ligue 1 ⚽️🇫🇷
Jonathan M. Weisgall, Berkshire Hathaway Energy; Georgetown University, US, discussed "U.S. Energy Policy: Can Trump Trump States and Markets?" at SAIS Europe on Thursday, April 4.
OFF Recordings Radio 44 with Spiros Kaloumenos Welcome to episode 44 of OFF Recordings Radio.This week we present you Spiros Kaloumenos from Greece.He's a prolific producer who was first introduced to our label by doing a remix for Quentin Ravn last year; and by the time you hear this, his own EP will be released on OFF.Three spacy originals an ...…
Monaco man Cesc Fabregas, a World Cup and EURO winner with Spain 🇪🇸, tells us how impressed he's been by Ligue 1's young talents while Youri Djorkaeff, a world and European champion with France 🇫🇷, opens the doors to his country's ultra-productive football factory ⚽🏭
Episode 155: "The Florida Sound" Break tracks: Hook's Band: Witchcraft & Wave Hog (TFL Exclusive) We Talked About: We also appear on Exodus Americanus' network: can also find us on Right Wing Entertainment Squads: Live show: ...…
When a passion enters your life and, shall we say, “takes over”. You have two choices to make. The first and most obvious choice for most of us missing the enterprise gene is to let the moment pass then see what it feels like in the cold light of morning. Whether or not it was a good idea. The second choice, and the one followed by those who ar ...…
As silky a speaker as he was a player, in an exclusive interview the 1998 World Cup and EURO 2000 winner tells us about how Ligue 1 🇫🇷 set him on the road 🛣️ to becoming a 🌟, why France has a knack for producing generation after generation of 🌍-class footballers, and the ex-Paris Saint-Germain man gives his former club a plan to finally conquer ...…
In Episode Five, Matt, Dave and Robbie are joined by debutant Armel Tanguy 👶 to discuss Strasbourg's Coupe de la Ligue final win 🏆 the pod hears from World Cup winners Cesc Fabregas and Youri Djorkaeff 💪 on why French football produces so many 🔝 players 🇫🇷 Monaco are put in the spotlight 🔦 and the lads look at Lille's stunning comeback at Nantes 😲…
GR - Michael Nevradakis, producer/host of Dialogos Radio, on the "Spilia tou Platona" radio program on ERT Open 106.7 FM in Athens, discussing the suspicious role of Greek diaspora organizations in the Macedonia name issue. In Greek. Aired March 29, 2019.By (Dialogos Radio).
EN - Author and ex-university lecturer Evans Agelissopoulos joined us from London to provide a detailed analysis of the latest developments concerning Brexit and what is likely to occur in the coming weeks. In English. Recorded March 28, 2019.By (Dialogos Radio).
OFF Recordings Radio 43 with Andre Crom Welcome to episode 43 of OFF Recordings Radio.This week we'll listen to Andre Crom's debut set at About Blank, Berlin. Chances are you have heard this club, it's widely known for its well curated line ups, a beautiful outdoors area in summer, and one of the best sound systems of Berlin.It was a real joy f ...…
EN - Michael Nevradakis of Dialogos Radio interviewed on "Ellada Siko" with Parmenion Livanidis on Art FM 90.6, on the Macedonia issue, UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, the Prespa Agreement, and the role of the "Greek Lobby." In Greek. Aired March 27, 2019.By (Dialogos Radio).
Production, logistics, marketing and midstream – what do these have in common? Perhaps the research of a ‘#well’ oiled machine. Meet our strategy and research team – and hear their Market Commentary live! Watch on YouTube Follow us on Twitter @TellurianLNG Program outline – Part 1 01:32:00 Introductions 03:26:00 How long can the flaring and exc ...…
Bafana Bafana's 🇿🇦 very own Lebo Mothiba looks forward to his first Coupe de la Ligue final with Strasbourg 🔵⚪, talks about facing fellow South African Lebogang Phiri, and enlightens us all with the explanation behind that goal celebration 💡⚡
The Guingamp midfielder opens up on a tough season in Brittany that could end with a silverware lining in the Coupe de la Ligue 🏆, and tells us about his relationship with fellow South African Lebo Mothiba ❤️🇿🇦, the Strasbourg striker he'll be desperate to stop ⛔ in Lille on Saturday.
In Episode Four, the Coupe de la Ligue BKT final takes centre stage for Matt, Dave and Robbie. They examine the chances of Strasbourg 🔵⚪and Guingamp 🔴⚫ of getting their hands on silverware next weekend 🏆 We hear exclusive snippets of interviews with South African duo Lebo Mothiba and Lebogang Phiri, look ahead to next weekend's Ligue 1 action, ...…
With the Coupe de la Ligue final looming 🏆 Matt, Dave and Robbie look at the chances of Strasbourg and Guingamp coming out on 🔝 at Lille's Stade Pierre Mauroy on Saturday. They break down the squads, picking out the South African duo 🇿🇦 on show — Strasbourg's Lebo Mothiba 💪 and Guingamp's own Bafana Bafana man Lebogang 'General' Phiri 💂— and di ...…
Paul Tucker, Systemic Risk Council; Harvard Kennedy School, US, discussed "A Gap in Constitutionalism: Independent Central Banks and Other Commitment Devices" as part of the Constitutionalism in Illiberal Democracies Series.
Episode 154: "Dogs Don't Go to Heaven" Alice in Chains - I Stay Away Fr Coughlin - Warmongers and Financiers Phil Collins - Against All Odds We also appear on Exodus Americanus' network: http://exodusamericanus. ...…
EN - Interview with Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois, on the illegality of the Prespa Agreement which established "North Macedonia" and on how the agreement can be disputed. In English. Aired March 14-22, 2019.By (Dialogos Radio).
OFF Recordings Radio 42 with Drumcomplex Welcome to episode 42 of OFF Recordings Radio.This week we welcome Drumcomplex back to this show.If you have been following us for a while you'll surely be familiar with him; right now we are releasing his third EP on our label: Lens and many other of ...…
As the co-founder and CEO of PROHBTD, Drake Sutton-Shearer has created one of the leading brands inside and adjacent to the cannabis industry. PROHBTD doubles as a content platform and product engine focused on the intersection of cannabis and pop culture. From fashion to gastronomy to music and smart business insights, the brand has become an ...…
Episode 153: "Fugue State Jim" Break tracks: Terms of Fair Use 84 - Be Cleansed of Sin We Talked About: More creepy Youtube kids and the moms who enable them: Solar panel scam: ...…
Episode 151: "With Walrus Aurelius" Break tracks: Red Strange: "Hold Your Heads High for We are the Creators of Brighter Futures" (TFL exclusive)and Franco Sinazi: "Wignats" (TFL exclusive) Now crossposting to Exodus Americanus' network:! You can also find us on Right Wing Entertainment Squads: https://rightwinge ...…
In Episode 3, Andy Scott makes his pod debut 👶 joining Matt and Robbie to go over the Classique and Paris Saint-Germain's win over Marseille ⚡ They wax lyrical about PSG's conductor-in-chief Angel Di Maria 🎶 dissect Monaco's renaissance under Leonardo Jardim 🆙 and hear exclusively from Lyon 🦁 defender Rafael as he praises the work of coach Brun ...…
In an exclusive interview, Lyon and Brazil 🇧🇷 international defender Rafael tells the Ligue 1 Podcast about why the OL squad should take some of the flak directed at coach Bruno Genesio 🛡️ he explains what makes Nabil Fekir as good a talent as Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney 💪🔥 and how the seven-time French champions should follow the model ...…
Matt, Robbie and Andy give France's biggest football rivalry a thorough examination following Paris Saint-Germain's win over Marseille 🔴🔵 and cannot speak highly enough of PSG's man of the moment, Angel di Maria 😇
Andy is a Scot who has lived and worked in Spain 🇪🇸 and now France 🇫🇷covering the beautiful game ⚽ for more than a decade. A member of the Ligue 1 international commentary team, Andy loves nothing better than playing the big man role up front...😜
GR-Michael Nevradakis, producer/host of Dialogos Radio, interviewed on the "Spilia tou Platona" radio program on ERT Open 106.7 FM in Athens, on declassified CIA documents showing that the "Macedonian" language was invented. In Greek. Aired March 8, 2019.By (ERT Open).
Myriam Ferran, Strategy and Turkey, European Commission, discussed "EU Enlargement Policy, Soft Power, Solid Results" as part of the Hard Power/Soft Power in Global Politics Series.
OFF Recordings Radio 41 with Andre Crom Welcome to episode 41 of OFF Recordings Radio.This week we're offering you one hour of Andre Crom's last week's set at Le Cargo in Caen, France.Caen, is a smaller city in the north of the country, and home to a very vital electronic music scene. Le Cargo, the venue where this set was recorded, is an event ...…
In Episode 2, Matt, Dave, Robbie and guest Darren Tulett discuss where Paris Saint-Germain go now after European disappointment ↔️, play paper, ✂️, stone to talk first about another iconic goal celebration from a reborn Mario Balotelli 🐣, and we hear from two special guests: Arsenal and France legend Robert Pires 🌟 gives his thoughts on the Ren ...…
Podcast presenter Matt Spiro talks exclusively to ex-France and Arsenal icon Robert Pires 🌟 about Paris Saint-Germain's UEFA Champions League exit, Rennes' dismantling of his former club in the UEFA Europa League, and hears how Gilles Grimandi's Gunners reunion 🤝 with Parick Vieira could make things very nice in Nice 🔴⚫…
Matt, Dave, Robbie and Darren discuss how Rennes have developed into one of France's most exciting sides ☄️⚡under Julien Stéphan, who has a firm fan in ex-Arsenal and France icon Robert Pires ❤️🔴⚫
Episode 152: "The Rest of the Story" Now crossposting to Exodus Americanus' network: Live show: there to find the phone numbers to call in or to "call" in via your Xbox headset Facebook: me on there to get in the secret Listen ...…
To kick off ⚽ the official Ligue 1 podcast, Matt Spiro, Robbie Thomson and David Crossan ponder Kylian Mbappé's place 🌟 in Paris Saint-Germain's future, they debate Jose Fonte's claim that his Lille teammate Nicolas Pepe "can play anywhere he wants" 🌍🔝, and they wonder just how Mario Balotelli got mobile phone coverage at Marseille's packed Sta ...…
UEFA EURO 2016 winner and LOSC Lille centre-back Jose Fonte talks exclusively to Le Beau Jeu's Ian Holyman about the father figure role👨he was brought to the club to play, how the team's ambitions have grown from mid-table security to UEFA Champions League qualification⤴️, and why giving Nicolas Pepe a kick is the only way to stop the ultra-tal ...…
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