Best Spooky podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Spooky Southcoast
Join host Tim Weisberg along with psychic medium Stephanie Burke and Science Advisor Matt Moniz as they delve into topics such as ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot and other mysterious topics. Also streaming LIVE video during the show at
Spooky Pinball
Spooky Pinball Podcast
A series of short fictional stories in the genres of horror, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, and steampunk. For more information, visit our website at
Come a little closer into the world of haunting horror and the world of scary stories with Spooky Boo. Submit your own stories at
Join comedian/filmmaker Chris L. Dillon and actor/comedian Shane K. Witte as they tackle the stories of fear and horror throughout the world with a skeptic perspective.
Spooky A S
Each week, host Eric Dwinnells chats with a different guest cohost about the unexplained, paranormal, mysterious, occult...anything that could be described as spooky! Some topics are heavy, some are light, but all are spooky.
A podcast covering spooky stuff in the small yet big city of Tucson and the state of Arizona at large. Dani, Jess, & Friends will cover a variety of topics, including local serial killers, haunted places, rumors, paranormal incidents, unexplained mysteries, ufo sightings, time disruptions, unsolved crimes, missing persons, and whatever else we want!
Spooky Sh*t
Do you love spooky stories, ghostly encounters, inexplicable events, curious cryptids or ALL OF THE ABOVE AND SO MUCH MORE MY DEAR BOY!?!?!?!? Then you will love SPOOKY SH*T. Hope and Brandi will take you on a journey full of wonder, confusion, and unverified facts. We have journeyed into the densest forests and foggiest alleyways just to bring you your weekly dose of goosebumps. I mean, we haven’t left our beds but mentally, you know, we’ve explored some hardcore chills and thrills.You’ll n ...
Join hosts Rebecca Mahoney and Alex Brown on a quest to discover what the horror genre does well, where it falters, and where it can do much, much better. As people who genuinely love horror, and believe in the huge amount of potential that the genre has, we'll analyze a new movie in each episode, flailing over the things we loved, and pointing out the things we didn't. If you like what they have to say, check out The Bridge, their audio drama about life in the middle of a bridge that spans ...
Talk Spooky To Me
Lene educates Bunny on all things weird and spooky in their conversational comedy podcast. Covering one topic per episode, they review a related film and creepy pasta which they contrast with real life stories relating to the topic while trying not to bum you... out.
Spooky Spaghetti
Podcast by Mr. Production's Production Co.
Your favorite millennial and gen z attempt to navigate all things spooky: the paranormal, urban legends, true crime, cults, conspiracies, and surviving engineering school. Join Maddy and Sarah as they talk about all things weird, with upcoming episodes on demonic possessions, Nazi scientists, MK Ultra, and haunted lakes! Grab a glass of something strong and join them as they delve into the strange and most definitely spooky world of the paranormal. IG/Twitter handle is spookypod
A podcast fueled by alcohol about conspiracies, unsolved crimes, folklore, urban legends, and the unknowns of the world. Hosted by Paulina Rios and Olivia Woods
Conversation between two spooky girls about spooky things.
Spooky Noodle
Josh and Jon tell each other spooky stories.
@MindlessDWHA podcast about supernatural places and happenings. Focusing on the history and evidence presented. This podcast is also on itunes and Tunein.
Spooky Hooky
Where every day is Halloween
Spooky Sexy Scary
Spooky Sexy Scary is a podcast where Patty Gould and Maria Lograsso-Gaitens explore the darkest realms of film, and decide which parts are spooky, sexy and scary! Follow us on twitter @spookysexyscary
Spookie Stuff
We - Abbie and Angela - are talking yoga, ghosts, sparkling rose, murder and all things creepy or otherworldly. Edited by Liam Cronin and Ashley McAtee. Original music by Garyn Jones.
Camp Spooky
Podcast by Harrison James Knittle
Spooky Jon
Podcast by Spooky Jon
Let's Get Spooky
Let's Get Spooky
Everyones favorite wizard, Spooky Wizard, and his Spooky Krew talk about life, love, and whatever else is on their minds.
Spooky-Doo – RPP
Red Peak Podcasts
Spooky Sky
Spooky Movies
Discussing the best horror movies on streaming services every single week.
Spooky Spouses
A husband and wife podcast inspired by our love/hate for most things paranormal. Topics include: possessions, unsolved mysteries, urban legends, cryptozoology, haunted foods, our creepy neighbor, etc. Please send your personal, spooky stories to spookyspousescast@gmail.comNew episodes released every Monday (unless we get eaten by a ghost)
I make great podcasts every day
Spooky Radio
A funny podcast.
Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, Death, Sex & Money, On the Media, and many others.
Two friends chatting about their love of food, adult beverages, and all things paranormal/supernatural. Hilarity doth ensue.
Funny Scary Stories w Chase Montavon
A podcast about nothing.
Your Sports Website For Game Previews, Picks, Contests, Bonuses And Daily Fantasy Sports
Just in Time for Halloween, it's the Spooky Wignall Podcast. Cover art by Dan Chenall ( (contains explicit language)
Midnight Marinara
Midnight Marinara is a monthly podcast/radio play that serializes Creepypasta stories into full-fledged audio dramas. Whether it's a well-known chiller or a deserving unknown that catches attention, we endeavor to present an entertaining spin on these tales of the macabre. Pour some of this on your Creepypasta come midnight!
Two best friends who bonded over gettin' spooked! Join Courtney and Jenn as they drink their way through their favorite spooky stuff. COME GET SPOOKED.
Ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales. Website:
If you like the paranormal, you've come to the right place, Join hosts Lee and Andy as we cover subjects like ufo's, ghosts, cryptozoology, mysteries and conspiracies. We will also include interviews and listeners true stories of the strange and paranormal, If you have a story for the show please send them to Thank you for listening.
Scary Stories
Listen to the most scary stories podcast!
Spoopy Republican podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Scott Taylor,and Bradshaw Wilson We are everywhere. On Twitter @TheParanormies Email/D'nations:
A short audio program celebrating our creepiest holiday. Hosted by the Halloween Haunter. History, customs, traditions, as well as spooky stories and poems. Available on all podcast apps.
Keep It Weird
Keep It Weird is a podcast about all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, spooky, gross, sticky, and all around weird! Lauren and Ashley meet with their friends, family, strangers, and experts and talk about their favorite WEIRD topics!! (Music: Intro Tunes: Aurora Borealis by Jon Wright Outro Tunes: Mystical Music Box by Erick McNerney Artwork: Stephanie Weitekamp)
The Switchboard
A mysterious individual broadcasts global news on paranormal events from a Lighthouse on an isolated island.
Buried in the abandoned structure of an experiment gone awry, a functional terminal is discovered. On what remains of its drives, the story of the facility, its purpose, and what resulted in its quarantine are revealed through the logs of those involved with it's inevitable collapse."An episodic mystery told as a series of linked vignettes that chronicle the days leading up to the collapse of an experimental city?
Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. We take stories from listeners, share out own experiences and discuss famous haunted and paranormal locations as well as some lesser known myths, legends and spooky tales!
Tales from the Night Side
A podcast about mysteries, the paranormal, urban legends & folklore. But ya know, keeping it light. From bro & sis @HauntedSponge & @ChillinKristen 💀✨
The Rose Hill Diaries is a radio-drama style show following our narrator, Zedediah Stone, as he investigates the mysterious inner workings of the now-shuttered Rose Hill Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Zed thinks he knows what he's getting himself into, but not everything on the grounds of Rose Hill is what it seems...
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While watching The Exorcist growing up, there were several moments in the film that scared the hell out of me. Nearly all of them involved a pale white face we’d only see for seconds at a time. The face of evil. The made-up face of Eileen Dietz. Last night Eileen joined us on Brainwaves to talk about her career, working with the legendary Dick ...…
Eels? Check. Teeth horror? Check. Weird dances? Check. In this episode Michael and Jenny watch this spooky film.
Nonfiction Friends is an educational, library-based podcast that seeks to help the public learn interesting, quirky, and sometimes bizarre facts that can be found in the nonfiction section of their local library. This week things get spooky as we highlight our very first local author by talking about cryptids! Music credit:"Digital Lemonade" Ke ...…
The guys talk about some spooky happenings on this episode. Strange A$$ news covers laboratory human meat steaks. Sit back with some coffee and enjoy.
Originally released Feb 24, 2014. The first of two episodes where the hosts talk about failures. 0:01:40 - Josh Force ( is the graphic designer behind Laura's impending website. Note from the future Laura’s website is done and here: Jake is very proud of the SSL/TLS certification. 0:02 ...…
Welcome the newest episode of Dark Discussions, your place for the discussion of horror film, fiction, and all that’s fantastic. André Øvredal, if not a house hold name to horror fans, made a splash in 2016 with his brilliantly spooky film, The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Starring Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch, this theater worthy VOD release, wowed the ...…
Lauren and Kassy enter the underworld, see dead people and eat cookies. Prepare to get extra SPOOKED!!!!!
This week on Spooky! We missed you guys! Maddy and Sarah talk about a lil spooky boy and an unsolved string of murders or domestic terror incident, that's up to you to decide. Before the stories even start there's a short "listener story" about a recently solved murder/paranormal incident (at about 3:45). Stories start at about 13:30. First, Sa ...…
Are there any two holidays that have more in common than Easter and Halloween? Seriously, think about it: they are both a religious celebration. Most years you have to go to work the next day. They both deal in spirits (some of the Holy kind and some of the unholy type). Resurrections are standard for both. Kids and adults are often dressed in ...…
Welcome to Episode Four!! We uncover the spookiest Ohio legends and who gets the most spooked! We must apologize for the background noise, as much as we wanted to control it our spooky friends couldn't control their excitement! enjoy and GET SPOOKED!
Morgan takes us to the suburban home of a woman and her son where spooky things keep happening. But after a medium is called and the house is cleared, things continue to go bump in the night.
Morgan gives what is hopefully the final update on her haunted home, as well as a spooky tale of a ghost child terrifying a stay at home mom. After researching the history of the home, she reveals the dark and traumatic past of her son's "imaginary friend". But will she be able to help him move on??? Listen and find out!!…
Out of the goodness of our heart, here is Episode 2 for free! For all future episodes, check out our $3 tier on our Patreon. The adventurers follow the mysterious children into their quiet, empty home to see what help they can provide--much to the annoyance of Caius. Inside, they find more than just a spooky house with odd walls and paintings.…
The hilarious Carla Jimenez is on the lounge! She talks about her keys to success, favorite shows to binge and cats! It's a time you can't miss in the lounge. Plus Jonathan and Sergey catch you up on what's spooky in their home....
If you’re wearing a poncho, eating Noodles & Company, and sassing others, you’re well on your way to achieving Sasha and Courtney’s Best Friend Tier status! In this installment of the Besties Podcaster’s Series, I chat with extraordinarily spoopy friends who host the Halloweenie podcast, Spoop Hour, focusing on all the stuff that scares us! But ...…
Jonathan from Queer Eye brings the HUN outta these Balitmore Hunniieeees! We really shook it up this episode! There's a little snippit from Katie's real time documentation of the perils of LA traffic on a Friday night! OH NAH! We cover our love of Jonathan and the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix! We talk about how Jess traumatized Katie by s ...…
It’s been a good year for me (re: games), and things are only getting better. Example A: I’m knee deep in Persona 5, which of course came out last year but allow me this indulgence, would you? Example B: Ni No Kuni II was released last week to positive acclaim, which means I have a meaty RPG to look forward to courtesy Level 5. Example C: Squar ...…
The crew happily deals with an evil being to further their own gains. How spooky!Bossk (Justin)is unphased by horrible sights. John (Jacob) has a breakdown. Mercer (Joseph) also functions as a flashlight. Jynx (Talia) uncovers a portkey. Galaxy Master Konnery learns how hard Christian Bale had it.
(Originally recorded in May 2017) Believe it or not, we managed to con (get it?) our way into doing panels at a convention once. Nick and Kyle only, of course, because we only had two invitations, and because Keith was busy typing out his virulent anti-fiat manifesto on a decrepit variable typewriter in a spooky unabomber shack in the depths of ...…
Would you have sex with an alien? Well if you listen to this episode you could do just that.This week the boys discuss road rage situations they have been in and Florez recounts a spooky story from his childhood. Sunny gets scared and Rudeboy has an issue with a guys that had sex with an extra-terrestrial, plus much more.If you have any questio ...…
On this minisode Jessie quizzes Sam once again on her terrible knowledge of ghosts. Then they have a half assed conversation about the ouija board! Is it a hoax or is there something behind this childs board game?
On this week of Spooky!, Maddy and Sarah talk about some lesser known but VERY spooky dudes. Stories start around 13 minutes in. First, Maddy comes at you with the stomach churning story of Richard Chase, “The Vampire of Sacramento,” who was infatuated with powdered blood, obsessed with nazi conspiracies, and raised the question “How many dead ...…
Welcome back! Today the Ghouls discuss electronic voice phenomena (or E.V.P. for the paranormal cool kids). We talk about the history of recording voices of the dead with Friedrich Jurgenson, to the questionable claims of Sarah Estep recording "THE FAMOUS BEETHOVEN", to contemporary ghost hunter EVP and weird stuff caught on baby monitors and p ...…
The duo gets spooky (with more O's) in this match between GHOSTBUSTERS and THE SIXTH SENSE. We first discuss the new TOMB RAIDER (boring) and the incomparable BACK TO THE FUTURE (awesome) before taking a trip down Broadway. We debate the difficulty of time travel vs space travel and do dueling bad Mark Wahlberg impressions. Do you prefer your W ...…
Episode 13, Season 8 of The Walking Dead "Do Not Send Us Astray"Episodes 7 & 8 are NOW available for streaming on our #FacebookPage!Background music by Bear McCreary* Dave & Carol flexing their (not so) creative muscles* #AMC, fooling viewers into watching #TheTerror... and Carol's not having it ("AMC: We're killing it! [GUTTURAL WALKER SOUND]" ...…
Our host and co-host tries to go on camping like the girls from Yuru Camp but realized camping sucks because they are not cute anime girls and barely go outside. So they ended up making a podcast in the deep woods while keeping an eye out for bears or any spooky forest things.Links:YouTube: Soundcloud: Hosts:- Jonic (@Chromadream)- Ares (@V1nn1 ...…
Batman team-ups from the 1970s including Batman tries to exorcize himself of the ghost of a Portuguese sailor, trying to foster mutual understanding between adults and some well-intentioned teenagers who are holding Gotham City hostage with a nuclear bomb!And will the Metal Men refuse to help Batman because of robot lib? Affiliate link added. T ...…
Eliza @freakyteen and Edy @doodiehole brought drama!
In this episode, we talk about FEMA and the conspiracies behind
Welcome to Podcast 51! Your audio home at Central Michigan University for all things spooky and weird. A disclaimer: we talk about these things on the podcast, but it doesn't mean we condone or believe in any of it! On this two-part series, we look at the mysterious death surrounding former The Doors frontman Jim Morrison. The 2nd episode conti ...…
Daniel's in the driver's seat for a tour of spooky children's entertainment from the 70's: "Sky", "King Of The Castle" and "Into The Labyrinth".
Get Check’d! Livi and Chris catch up with affable fermentation YouTube reccs, spooky eco movies, addictive RTS strategy games/ jam boyfriend simulators, and more!By (Livi Watkinson and Chris Foster).
Bee & Dee talk the unsolved case of JonBenét Ramsey. This case is sensitive and we are not professionals these are just theories. Your continued support has been overwhelming and wonderful. In order to continue growing the show, we have set up a Patreon account. Snag some sweet rewards by supporting us on Patreon ...…
The Runaway Boyz crack open the case file on the Hannibal Lecter Franchise, starting with 1991’s Silence of the Lambs. Dom blows Ed’s mind about a miss quoted line and Tom reveals his fears and shares a spooky story. BUT, does this critically acclaimed, Academy Award cannibalizing juggernaut satisfy the Runaway Boyz appetite? Join them for the ...… Grab your blankies, folks. It’s about to get real spooky up in here. In this week’s episode, we welcome in Trent from Beyond Life Investigations. And he has some really creepy stories about some girl named Sally. We talk about this rich Silicon Valley dude who thinks he ...…
Want to hear how Nik and Reader plan on making millions of dollars on Dragon's Den? Click here!
Our 2nd episode! It's short and sweet, we talk about our local watering hole and how it's spooky and haunted! Don't forget to like and subscribe... and that the first couple of episodes always suck. Check out our Kickstarter:
Run! It's the Howloween Hound! Just kidding- it's another episode of All Dogs Go To Hollywood! Join host IO Duarte and their friend and baby sister, hilarious comedian Helena Duarte as they untangle the spider web-like details of the halloween Air Buddies feature. Join them as they talk about underwhelming reactions to reality being broken, and ...…
Riley gets acquainted with her new surroundings. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 Support our Patreon, each month 10% of all proceeds go to supporting the organization of the month! Content Warnings: Horror Cliches Sirens Swearing Hallucinations Allusion to violence Allus ...…
The Top Tier Podcast Community Discord is here!:, Behr, Lou and Billy are back for Episode 88 of the Top Tier Podcast!In this episode we talk about spooky places, local restaurants, music we listened to growing up and more!If you like the show, consider supporting us on Patreon! in email ...…
Attention passengers we've come to a temporary stop on the Mad Express for a Tale From The Cryo Chamber! Travel back to a time BEFORE the podcast and listen in as we embrace the spooky side discuss some of our most horrifying ideas to date. But be warned: there is a jump scare sometime during this episode. OR IS THERE? Only one way to find out. ...…
Join us on a camping(ish) trip to Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA, where we'll share some spooky local legends from around Southwest Virginia. Mentioned in this episode: Haunts of Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands by Joe Tennis
In this episode, Vin shares the few unexplained occurrences that he's experienced. Hang on to yer butts....
PC Culture allows child sex ring to operate!!? Just like San Bernardino, suppressing the natural urge to report spooky, scary minorities is keeping criminals from being caught!! Don't hesitate, discriminate!!!
by Rev. Grant Armstrong Luke 8:26-40 Online Offering - Secure web based giving to First UMC SERMON NOTES Jesus will go out of His way to __________ the __________.Naming the current __________ allows Jesus to __________ it.Sometimes the power of God is met with __________ instead of __________.A __________ life is the most valuable sign of Jesu ...…
Andrew has some stuff to say about this game and horror movies. In fact we're going to be going down memory lane with Amnesia: The Dark Descent as it drags up a lot of comparisons to places the podcast has been before. What wicked webs Sam does weave. But don't get too comfortable as Sam's got a surprise for you that WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. Spo ...…
This week we Finally Talk about the city of Gettysburg and a bit about the Civil War. If you like this podcast, consider supporting us on Patreon. Sources: ...…
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