Best Spooky podcasts we could find (Updated July 2018)
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Spooky Southcoast
Join host Tim Weisberg along with psychic medium Stephanie Burke and Science Advisor Matt Moniz as they delve into topics such as ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot and other mysterious topics. Also streaming LIVE video during the show at
Spooky Pinball
Spooky Pinball Podcast
A series of short fictional stories in the genres of horror, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, and steampunk. For more information, visit our website at
Come a little closer into the world of haunting horror and the world of scary stories with Spooky Boo. Submit your own stories at
Join comedian/filmmaker Chris L. Dillon and actor/comedian Shane K. Witte as they tackle the stories of fear and horror throughout the world with a skeptic perspective.
Spooky A S
Each week, host Eric Dwinnells chats with a different guest cohost about the unexplained, paranormal, mysterious, occult...anything that could be described as spooky! Some topics are heavy, some are light, but all are spooky.
Keep Tucson Spooky
A podcast covering spooky stuff in the small yet big city of Tucson and the state of Arizona at large. Dani, Jess, & Friends will cover a variety of topics, including local serial killers, haunted places, rumors, paranormal incidents, unexplained mysteries, ufo sightings, time disruptions, unsolved crimes, missing persons, and whatever else we want!
Spooky Sh*t
Do you love spooky stories, ghostly encounters, inexplicable events, curious cryptids or ALL OF THE ABOVE AND SO MUCH MORE MY DEAR BOY!?!?!?!? Then you will love SPOOKY SH*T. Hope and Brandi will take you on a journey full of wonder, confusion, and unverified facts. We have journeyed into the densest forests and foggiest alleyways just to bring you your weekly dose of goosebumps. I mean, we haven’t left our beds but mentally, you know, we’ve explored some hardcore chills and thrills.You’ll n ...
Join hosts Rebecca Mahoney and Alex Brown on a quest to discover what the horror genre does well, where it falters, and where it can do much, much better. As people who genuinely love horror, and believe in the huge amount of potential that the genre has, we'll analyze a new movie in each episode, flailing over the things we loved, and pointing out the things we didn't. If you like what they have to say, check out The Bridge, their audio drama about life in the middle of a bridge that spans ...
Talk Spooky To Me
Lene educates Bunny on all things weird and spooky in their conversational comedy podcast. Covering one topic per episode, they review a related film and creepy pasta which they contrast with real life stories relating to the topic while trying not to bum you... out.
Spooky Spaghetti
Podcast by Mr. Production's Production Co.
@MindlessDWHA podcast about supernatural places and happenings. Focusing on the history and evidence presented. This podcast is also on itunes and Tunein.
Conversation between two spooky girls about spooky things.
Spooky Noodle
Josh and Jon tell each other spooky stories.
Spooky Nerds Podcast
A podcast fueled by alcohol about conspiracies, unsolved crimes, folklore, urban legends, and the unknowns of the world. Hosted by Paulina Rios and Olivia Woods
Spooky Hooky
Where every day is Halloween
Spooky Sexy Scary
Spooky Sexy Scary is a podcast where Patty Gould and Maria Lograsso-Gaitens explore the darkest realms of film, and decide which parts are spooky, sexy and scary! Follow us on twitter @spookysexyscary
Your favorite millennial and gen z attempt to navigate all things spooky: the paranormal, urban legends, true crime, cults, conspiracies, and surviving engineering school. Join Maddy and Sarah as they talk about all things weird, with upcoming episodes on demonic possessions, Nazi scientists, MK Ultra, and haunted lakes! Grab a glass of something strong and join them as they delve into the strange and most definitely spooky world of the paranormal. IG/Twitter handle is spookypod
Everyones favorite wizard, Spooky Wizard, and his Spooky Krew talk about life, love, and whatever else is on their minds.
Spookie Stuff
We - Abbie and Angela - are drinking wine and talking ghosts, murder and all things creepy or otherworldly. Edited by Liam Cronin and Ashley McAtee. Original music by Garyn Jones.
Camp Spooky
Podcast by Harrison James Knittle
Spooky Jon
Podcast by Spooky Jon
Let's Get Spooky
Let's Get Spooky
Spooky-Doo – RPP
Red Peak Podcasts
Spooky Spouses
A husband and wife podcast inspired by our love/hate for most things paranormal. Topics include: possessions, unsolved mysteries, urban legends, cryptozoology, haunted foods, our creepy neighbor, etc. Please send your personal, spooky stories to spookyspousescast@gmail.comNew episodes released every Monday (unless we get eaten by a ghost)
The XIII Club
Two weird girl bffs discuss all things creepy, spooky, and unsettling.
Spooky Radio
A funny podcast.
Spooky Sky
Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and many others. © WNYC Studios
Two friends chatting about their love of food, adult beverages, and all things paranormal/supernatural. Hilarity doth ensue.
Each episode we read from a classic spooky story, and discuss on completion.
A podcast about nothing.
Your Sports Website For Game Previews, Picks, Contests, Bonuses And Daily Fantasy Sports
KPISS presents Funny Scary Stories w Chase Montavon
the time of the end.
Just in Time for Halloween, it's the Spooky Wignall Podcast. Cover art by Dan Chenall ( (contains explicit language)
I make great podcasts every day
Midnight Marinara
Midnight Marinara is a monthly podcast/radio play that serializes Creepypasta stories into full-fledged audio dramas. Whether it's a well-known chiller or a deserving unknown that catches attention, we endeavor to present an entertaining spin on these tales of the macabre. Pour some of this on your Creepypasta come midnight!
Ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales. Website:
Join Kyle and Jarrett each week to explore the spooky scary world of the paranormal!
Two best friends who bonded over gettin' spooked! Join Courtney and Jenn as they drink their way through their favorite spooky stuff. COME GET SPOOKED.
Scary Stories
Listen to the most scary stories podcast!
Join hosts Lee and Andy as we cover subjects from the paranormal, ufo's, ghosts, cryptozoology, mysteries and more. We will also include some great interviews and listeners true stories of the strange and paranormal, If you have a story for the show please send them to Thank you for listening.
Spoopy Republican podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Scott Taylor,and Bradshaw Wilson We are everywhere. On Twitter @TheParanormies Email/D'nations:
A short audio program celebrating our creepiest holiday. Hosted by the Halloween Haunter. History, customs, traditions, as well as spooky stories and poems. Available on all podcast apps.
The Switchboard
A mysterious individual broadcasts global news on paranormal events from a Lighthouse on an isolated island.
Buried in the abandoned structure of an experiment gone awry, a functional terminal is discovered. On what remains of its drives, the story of the facility, its purpose, and what resulted in its quarantine are revealed through the logs of those involved with it's inevitable collapse."An episodic mystery told as a series of linked vignettes that chronicle the days leading up to the collapse of an experimental city?
We are a group of friends who share a love of unexplained mysteries, true crime and ghost stories. Every other week we gather campfire style to share our favorite stories based on a spooky theme.
Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. We take stories from listeners, share out own experiences and discuss famous haunted and paranormal locations as well as some lesser known myths, legends and spooky tales!
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The ladies discuss the nature of incels in this week's episode, finishing up with a story about a femcel witch.Special thanks to our Patron supporters Natalie and Dan.
Get creepy stories at Hear stories from callers at
WE ARE BACK. WE MISSED YOU!!!seriously, sorry for the over extended break. we didn't mean to, we swear. join us as we talk about a missin NYC socialite and some weird hums in New always, stay spooky y'all!
In this episode we discuss the anti-vaxxer movement
This week on Spooky Sexy Scary; Patty and Maria watch The Brain with Nick Pobutsky they discussMaria meeting monkeys in GhanaLearning Ukranian with Nickand Puppets! You can catch Nick Pobutsky as a resident puppeteer with PuppetART Theatre. You can see his upocimg shows at , or see his band The Creepos next gig at Facebook You can ...…
This is a strange one, Spookaroos. Eric invited Fatima Elmi over to watch the internet cartoon Salad Fingers with him. She'd never heard of it, but it was very popular in its day. People wondered what it was...and why it was. Spoiler alert: Fatima doesn't care for it and seems legit mad at Eric for making her watch it. In short, Salad Fingers i ...…
In this episode Miramay and Spectre discuss the origins of Friday the 13th, The 13 Club, and the mystery of The Watcher House.
This week the whole APX team came through for the podcast. I ( Jordan Garland ) sit down with recording artist Supakaine, and Joe Robinson of APX Management while Kaine promotes his new mixtape. We talk about a wide variety of things from performing in South Africa, to promoting self love, to album rollouts. This was one of the funner conversat ...…
Eric is keeping it short and sweet this week. All killer no filler as he dives right into the true story of Chicago's most famous ghost, Resurrection Mary! For almost a century, a young blonde has been asking travelers along Archer Road for a ride home. But there is more to this young woman than meets the eye. In fact, she's not a young woman a ...…
Story by M59Gar Background by Myuu EXCERPT I’ll admit, my lip quivered, I shook, and I couldn’t help but let some tears slide. Overwhelmed… I didn’t know what else to think or do. She’d just tried to kill me… and I couldn’t even imagine what she woul ...…
That’s right, we’re back, and here to tell more spooky scary stories!1999; a year to remember. I recall I was in the first grade… wait, that’s not right. I was in first grade when 9/11 happened, so I had to have been in preschool. Yea, that’s right because I would have been 5 at the time. Anyway, it was about mid-summer… wait, that doesn’t soun ...…
In this episode we discusses the (maybe?) solved mystery of D. B Cooper
Looking for a new religion? Why not aliens? Today Brandi and Hope are taking a deep dive into two of the most well known UFO religions, Heaven's Gate and Scientology. They are a confusing, maddening whirlwind that may or may not have wriggled into Hope’s computer and destroyed our audio. Whether you're a struggling actor or a long-time sci-fi e ...…
Eric is back from Disney World and, by listener request, is doing another Disney-themed episode. This time he's going off the beaten spooky track to tell you about a different kind of horror: the all too real horrors of drug addiction! This is the story of Disney's Peter Pan, Bobby Driscoll. Bobby Driscoll seemed to be living a charmed life. He ...…
Wow, it's actually over! Season 3 is coming to a close, and the goys sit down to go over highlights, lowlights, favorite episodes, and least favorite episodes. We remember it all...the Holocaust, the Titanic, the bantz, the shitposting, and more...along with plenty of /comfy/ discussions as we bring you the Season 3 Retrospect and Recap. Enjoy, ...…
More sports and sportsball posting, with Johnny and Stan ​With: Johnny Monoxide, Stan Hess​RSS Feed:​Email/Donations:​Johnny's Email:​Bitcoin Donations: 151kfokzGJmZMMdEPMz5FjvasMyWQNxwWS​Litecoin Donations: LMizbFXL8d ...…
In this accidentally themed ghost travel episode, Miramay tells us all about the murder and ghost of Nell Cropsey and Spectre covers the haunts of Manresa Castle.
Sam and Nathan have been best friends since childhood, and their regular camping trip has become a tradition for just the two of them and Nathan's dog, Mikey. This year, however, things take an unusual turn when they realize they're not alone in their neck of the woods... Featuring the voices of (in order of appearance) Ben Spiegel, Ty Lucas, K ...…
We had some tech difficulties but were still able to learn that all bullying is just sexual tension (problem solved) and the power of a first aid kit.Follow Emma at @Emmarogering (IG) @EmRogering (Twitter)Follow Chase @ChasemontavonListen LIVE on KPISS.FM every Sat. 4pm@KPISSFM
A show 8.333 years in the making… it’s Spooky Pinball Podcast #100! Terry from Pinball Life is giving away a Scoregasam Master Playfield to 1 lucky listener, and Spooky Pinball is giving away a prize pack as well to double the prizes, double the fun. The E.M. Dungeon master has a special interview, and a skit breaks out with the legendary Alice ...…
Lil & Fitz pay a visit to the RAF Twinwood aviation museum, where Glen Miller began his final flight. We both encountered a little more than history on our trip. In digging into the history of Twinwoods, we also meet paranormal investigator and author, Adrian Perkins to talk about his investigation of the site. Long time listener and patron And ...…
This week on the podcast your host Jordan Garland sits down with Professional Action sports athlete Connor Keating to discuss designing and engineering product, what it’s like to survive a stroke at a young age, brutal crashes, risking your life to pursue your dreams, and much more. Huge thanks to Kevin Zarycki for co-hosting yet another podcas ...…
"Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, June 30, 2018. With Stephanie back in the Spooky Studio, we kick around the topic of whether or not paranormal investigators should take it upon themselves to speak up when they see others posting "evidence" that is nothing more than pareidolia.
Story The Asylum Series | The Scholarship by M59Gar Other stories by Matt Dymerski Music Myuu Excerpt I had a knife already, you know. I’m not from a great neighborhood. It was about then that I knew I might have to use it. Th ...…
In this episode we discuss the high profile death of artist, Kurt Cobain. Was it suicide or was it murder?
The Asylum Series | The Bonewalker | by M59Gar Background Ambience Story by Matt Dymerski EXCERPT I was on the street, walking with friends. We were drinking, and heading to the next bar, when some weird, disgusting, guy with d ...…
The second part to the discussion Thalassophobia & Deep Sea Deaths. This week, Bunny tells Lene about the Plura exploration accidents and the rescue mission that followed. Of course, finishing up with some crappy pastas.
The Asylum Series - Eating Disorder by M59Gar This series of files from an asylum will make you question whether people are really ill or is there another more demented reality where mental illness is just a trick of the mind and a game. This is story number one. Story: Backgroun ...…
HEY Y'ALL. Join us as we dive into two different government programs that ended with more questions than answers. Was Frank Olson pushed? Are there aliens in Mexico? Join us to find out.Don't forget to STAY SPOOKY Y'ALL.
In this Post Mortem episode, we talk about a way you can play In Memoriam, Spectre shares a spooky Spanish Flu audio recording, and Miramay shares a scary stalker story from Reddit.
The goys are back, and they're talking about the stars and how they affect you. Astrology, what is it and why do cat ladies love it? Find out tonight on The Paranormies With: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, Bradshaw Wilson Music Break: Path To Power, by Xurious & Elessar Creepypasta: Ghost In The Machine Check out our website; ...…
This week your host Jordan Garland sits down with Jason Hall creator of “Slow Roll Detroit”, and Brian Lindsay from the “HandleBar Detroit”. The conversation covers a wide array of subjects that covers the qualities of entrepreneurs, creating your own opportunities, building ideas in a changing Detroit, and much more… A very moving conversation ...…
Guest: Peter James Haviland. Pete is Lone Star Spirits Lead Investigator, President and is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has had success with clients in haunting cases in removing fears, anxieties, and psychological triggers that have caused either possible poltergeist activity, or hypersensitivity, due to subconscious trigg ...…
Eric Dwinnells is once again joined by Lilith Beest (aka Lil' Beesty) and this time they are talking about one of Eric's favorite movies, 1978's John Carpenter's Halloween! We'll discuss the film its self as well as how it was made and personal recollections of being it for the first time. We'll also briefly touch on the sequels and discuss the ...…
This little ghost likes to play and to drive you insane! He thought he had hit a girl and tried to save her, but then she disappeared. Then he hit her again...and again...and again! Dear in the Headlights Music by Myuu
In this episode we talk about the Lost Dutch Man treasure of the Superstition Mountains
It's been a fucking minute you guys! We've missed you! This week we're catching up on must-watch shows, new girl crushes and sharing our opions on The Staircase documentary and, most importantly, where Lebron will go next year. *Trigger warning* At 13:35, Abbie discusses Aokigahara, famously known as Japan's Suicide Forest. Then, Angela introdu ...…
Y'all really came through with the first two listener submitted stories!! We're still spooked!!!! Don't forget to submit your own stories to us @spookystuffpod on instagram and SPOOKY Y'ALL.
Super special, way over due bonus episode with our friends over at I Can't Relate Podcast. We talk about Gianni Versace's death and other shit that we can't relate to.
This week Patty and Maria go to Lass Laugh Fest and do the show LIVE. Instead of a full movie they watch the trailer for "Truth or Dare" with the audience! This is a short episode but keep subscribed because something special might end up in your podcast machine thing. You can keep up with us by following us on twitter @spookysexyscary or going ...…
Maddy and Sarah are back from their unexpected, unexplained, unannounced, unplanned hiatus! Join us for this week's horror stories including cults, serial killers, and online app-based dating (special shoutout if you are reading this because you matched with Maddy on Tinder)
The Bathroom Mirror Music by Myuu
In this episode we discuss the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, old school horror games Missing Since January & In Memoriam, a psych ward horror story, and pumpkin superstitions.
Eric is back to tell you all about The Loch Ness Monster!!! Since the first reports in 1933, people have been fascinated and infatuated with the idea that there is a large creature living in this Scottish lake...but could it possibly be true? Tonight we'll look at the evidence presented through the years and discuss the merits of each plus we'l ...…
Hello & firstly thank you for listening, today we look into the paranormal world of possessions, I myself are a little bit sceptical about possessions in general but I present evidence of a case which may make you lean towards my way thinking, we take a look into two cases of demonic possessions one from a small town in France called Loudon whe ...…
This week on the podcast we dive into a realm that has played a major role in my life and my successes, as well as my failures- ROOFTOPPING. This counter culture exploded onto the scene less than a decade ago, although videos and photos of the act have been seen by hundreds of millions of people, it’s a small community that probably contains ju ...…
Original Story: Background sounds Myuuji They moved to the country for a better life, but what they found was Hell. A weird monsterous cult sect with demonic abilities kidnaps his sister and he slowly realizes the disappearing townsfolk have turned into cult de ...…
If you're not careful, the desert can consume your soul and eat your alive. That is what seems to have happened to this couple driving through the dark Arizona desert at night, alone. The demons from another dimension came out to play. Arizona Background sounds - Myuu There ...…
Sorry for the radio silence! In this episode we discuss big foot/ the yeti/ sasquatch!
A demon? A vampire? You be the judge! A student takes matters into his own hands when he possibly becomes a sacrafice at a heavy metal concert during the darkest month if Alaska. He Played Until His Fingers Bled Music by Myuu…
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