Best Spooky podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Talk Spooky To Me
Lene educates Bunny on all things weird and spooky in their conversational comedy podcast. Covering one topic per episode, they review a related film and creepy pasta which they contrast with real life stories relating to the topic while trying not to bum you... out.
Spooky Chat Podcast
A place where we chat about spooky things including ghosts, aliens, cryptids, the supernatural, paranormal, and everything in between! This is our first podcast ever and we are excited to learn more. Hosted by Jennifer and Monica (and sometimes Tim.)
Spooky Sh*t
Do you love spooky stories, ghostly encounters, inexplicable events, curious cryptids or ALL OF THE ABOVE AND SO MUCH MORE MY DEAR BOY!?!?!?!? Then you will love SPOOKY SH*T. Hope and Brandi will take you on a journey full of wonder, confusion, and unverified facts. We have journeyed into the densest forests and foggiest alleyways just to bring you your weekly dose of goosebumps. I mean, we haven’t left our beds but mentally, you know, we’ve explored some hardcore chills and thrills.You’ll n ...
Join comedian/filmmaker Chris L. Dillon and actor/comedian Shane K. Witte as they tackle the stories of fear and horror throughout the world with a skeptic perspective.
DJ since 1994Live Act - DJ - Producer - Sounddesigner - Label Boss of KWZ / Krawallzwang Records since 1997
As Long As It's Spooky is a podcast where two teens discuss things they find spooky. Alex and Aria cover topics varying from movies to real-life murders and bring spooky stories to you in the safety of your own home. Here, it's always Halloween.
A DAILY paranormal podcast filled with real ghost stories of horror, told by real people. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Some listeners describe our true ghost stories as “a podcast full of great spooky stories”. Another listener writes “not the same old boring zombies, vampires, witches and werewolves! This is the best ghost story podcast out there”, and an ...
Spooky Time Presents: Three horror film fanatics take a stab at revisiting your favorite spooky movies!
True stories of the supernatural as told by real people with your host Jim Harold. Den of Geek said this of the show: Jim Harold’s Campfire is perhaps the best tool we have currently in existence to hear real-life scary stories from other human beings since the actual campfire was invented. Jim agrees. Tune in and get your spooky on!
Stories so spooky spooky that they don't even need to be written or thought of beforehand.
Midnight Marinara
Midnight Marinara is a monthly podcast/radio play that serializes Creepypasta stories into full-fledged audio dramas. Whether it's a well-known chiller or a deserving unknown that catches attention, we endeavor to present an entertaining spin on these tales of the macabre. Pour some of this on your Creepypasta come midnight!
Spoopy Republican podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Scott Taylor,and Bradshaw Wilson We are everywhere. On Twitter @TheParanormies Email/D'nations:
Sick Sad World
Sick Sad World is a bi-weekly podcast on the dark and macabre. Co-Hosts Mari and Jasmine will take on grisly murders, spooky ghost stories, alien tales, and all things creepy, bringing their unique perspectives and (hopefully) witty banter. New episodes every other Friday! (Content warnings included before each story) If you’d like to share a spooky story, suggest a theme or case, or just want to let us know how lovely we are, send us an e-mail at Mari is a nonbina ...
CreepGeeks Podcast
Do you like weird, funny, unusual, spooky, paranormal News and stories? Then you’ll love our offbeat podcast. Creepy story or experience? Call 1.575.208.4025 We hope you'll join us! Thanks! Your Hosts, Greg and Omi
Haunted Places
You’ve heard of haunted houses, haunted cemeteries, haunted islands...but do you know how a normal place can become a paranormal minefield? Every haunted place on earth has a frightening, real backstory. Greg (Co-Host of Serial Killers and Cults) takes you on an audio tour of a new haunted place, and it’s haunted history, every Thursday. Spooky legends, weird histories, and tales of the supernatural... Listen at your own risk. Haunted Places is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Pa ...
In a world ravaged by an ancient monster race-war, a group of young tween supernatural friends from different backgrounds, codenamed “Spooky Troop”, come together to try and restore peace and harmony between monster kind. In this thrilling holiday special called Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween, the Spooky Troop kids, Stewart the Sorcerer, Valerie the Vampire, Willie the Werewolf, Zianna the Zombie, Michael the Monster, Delilah the Demon and Todd the Oddbot discover the Demon King’s plan to ...
Lotsa Pasta
Welcome to Lotsa Pasta! This is the Podcast led by your Host -Captain Death- where we read scary stories from sources like Reddit/NoSleep, CreepyPasta, TrollPasta, Unsettling Stories, Stories to Read Alone at Night, and MANY MANY more with different guests almost EVERY WEEK! Join us for some casual spoopy spoopo conversation about Horror Films/Shows/Books/Games/etc and then sit down, spark it up, and get ready for some stories around the campfire with me and all my friends. FOLLOW US ON FACE ...
Spooky Radio
A funny podcast.
Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and many others. © WNYC Studios
A podcast in which one film lecturer and one scaredy-cat discuss creepy, spooky and disturbing children's books, films and tv.
Podcasters from South Wales (UK) who love to talk about anything paranormal, spooky or off the wall. Not for the faint hearted and certainly not for children.
Ghost Emoji
Join us as we dive into all of the spooky scary stuff the world has to offer. We discuss urban legends, cryptids, horror movies and games, ghosts and any other paranormal bits we can get our grubby little hands on.
The Golden Ghouls
Lifelong paranormal lovers Alyssa Minnis, Emily Alston, and Kyley Smiley share their personal experiences, along with those of friends, family, guests and beyond.
Explore the unexplored with Gaby and Reid as they cover Cryptids, Demons, Mythical Beings, and other potentially spooky, always charismatic creatures.
Spooky, funny, touching, honest, offensive, and at times completely random. Join your hosts Steve Barton and Joe Knetter live every Wednesday evening beginning at 9:00 PM Pacific Time (12:00 midnight Eastern Time). Knetter and Creepy will be taking your calls LIVE and un-screened via Skype, so let your freak flags fly! Feel free to add BrainWavesTalk to your Skype account so you can reach us. The duo also take questions via Twitter; you can reach them at @UncleCreepy and @JoeKnetter using th ...
Superstition is a southwestern gothic mystery audio drama about a private eye, a bartender, a cop, a missing girl, an old mystery and one very spooky town in Arizona. Created by Sarah Kolb.
3T RPG Podcast
The 3T RPG PodcastIn the 3T RPG Podcast we do in depth reviews of RPG products, discussion, competitions, play reports, and listener discussions and (perhaps our favourite) we cover the RPG products so weird and gross that no-one else wants to. In addition to all of this, it features many features alongside these features, such as; -Song Fight: where two hosts make RPG related songs and battle them to the death.-The chamber of Challenges: The hosts set strange challenges for one-another.-Adv ...
Welcome to the SpookyToast podcast! Zoë Valentine and Lucius Blackworth welcome you to their (not at all absurd) world of the strange, unusual, and spooky. From the occult, paranormal, and true crime to all things horror, unsettling and bizarre... with a touch of attempted comedy. You like murder, ghosts, and monsters? We got you! You wanna learn how to live a spooky lifestyle? No problem! Tune in and subscribe... if you dare.
Spooky Sky
Ladies Fright
Oh yes, it's Ladies Fright! Two best friends tell spooky stories then try to figure out why they are so spooky. Using personal anecdotes, psychology, and sociology Loren and Maggie dive into urban legends, ghost stories, and other tales that give us a good fright.
Static Creeps
Matt Willocks and Bryan Richards creep together bi-weekly in the crypt to discuss their undying love for the macabre, horror, and all things spooky! Creeps listen at your own risk!
Geckos & Grottos is a tabletop esque podcast that many will find themselves feeling a sense of familiarity towards. Join Brittany, Dan, Matt, and Tim as they drink and adventure their way through the various worlds that spring to life from their spooky and weird minds! Join the conversation over on Facebook and watch the visual component over on Youtube! Find Geckos & Grottos on all your favorite podcast listening apps! Itunes: Castbox: Web: htt ...
Fantastic Daily
Fantastic Daily dives deep into the world of the paranormal and unexplained with exclusive stories and interviews every week.
Monsters Out of the Closet is a horror fiction podcast dedicated to proudly featuring spooky, suspenseful, and strange stories, poetry, songs, and other creative content from diverse LGBTQ+ voices.
A weekly comic book podcast by fans for fans. Reviews, discussions, news, contests and more.
A basic Halloween spooky pod cast with list reviews and too if discussion. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.
Siany had a ghostly experience at Swansea Museum and you got in touch with YOUR spooky stories
The stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.
Hosted by Spirits Wake ParanormalSpirits Wake is a paranormal discussion and investigation group. We are here to help, as well as to teach.Spirits Wake has been investigating matters of the paranormal for over 20 years in private homes, public locations and businesses. Located in Maryland, Spirits Wake has done investigations up and down the East Coast. Spiritual counseling sessions, equipment help, dream interpretation, angel card readings and tarot card readings are also available as part ...
One Bad Mother
One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn. Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging and more laughing.
It's not just crazy talk, it's Psychobabble - the official free audio podcast from YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. Listen each week as he and his bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before.
Hollywood Handbook is an insider's guide to achieving your showbiz dreams from two A-List it-boys who are living theirs. Hayes and Sean provide an exclusive VIP backstage pass into Tinseltown politics, answer questions from unsuccessful listeners, and bring in famous guests to discuss their craft and how they became what they are (famous).
The Friend Zone
Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?Send inquiries and questions
Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to. Every month we share a new investigation, along with occasional bonus interviews and updates.
iNTO THE FRAY features top-rated guest speakers and discussions in the fields of the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, true crime and all other manners of the unexplained. Join Shannon every Thursday at 7pm PST as we examine the many oddities in our little known universe. Visit for blog posts, all archived episodes and sign up for the weekly guest newsletter.
Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.
Do Go On
A fact based comedy podcast. Each week Melbourne comedians Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins and Dave Warneke take it in turns to research a topic and report back to the class.
We surprise some of the world's brightest minds with ideas they're not at all prepared to discuss. With host Jason Gots and special guests Neil Gaiman, Alan Alda, Salman Rushdie, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Saul Williams, Henry Rollins, Bill Nye, George Takei, Maria Popova, and many more . . .You've got 10 minutes with Einstein. What do you talk about? Black holes? Time travel?Why not gambling? The Art of War? Contemporary parenting?Some ...
Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.
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Are you Jewish enough?, State Department phone call, abortion laws in Kentucky, Bible classes in school, Supreme Court rejects LGBTQ discrimination case, yoga in the schools, and our response to the shooting in New Zealand.
They say Confucius said “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” I did the research. Confucius probably didn’t say that. But whoever said it was right—revenge bites back. Victor Headley’s 1992 book YARDIE launched a genre of Jamaican pulp fiction. It’s the story of a life driven and destroyed by revenge, from the Kingston ga ...…
On this week's episode of #TheFriendZone, we continue our discussion on Intellectual Property Laws, sharing a recent experience with theft, discussing our own biggest influences and whether or not stricter laws would interfere with the evolution of thought and the progression of art.Wellness Segment: Online ConcertsTiny Desk - https://www.youtu ...…
This week we got some stories about accidental magical deaths followed by some intentional ghost deaths.
In the summer of 1983, Wesley Fox and his family moved into a brand new house in Arkansas. It should have been the perfect setting for this young family to call home and to grow in. Immediately, one of the family members has a vivid and disturbing dream of a baby being sacrificed in the attic of the home. Was it just a strange dream caused by s ...…
Max Hawthorne is back! We talk about sightings of massive Octopus, aka Kraken, in different locations around the globe. For this episode? "You're gonna need a bigger boat..." Find Max on his new website, Facebook, and Twitter. Purchase his award-winning, paleo-fiction books on Amazon, or anywhere fine books are sold! As mentioned in the show: T ...…
Chemist and fire scene investigator Niamh Nic Daeid on doing science in the service of justice
Ross and Carrie pack their bones and flesh into the world's hottest sleeping bag and sweat their toxins, fat, and stress away, thanks to Shape House, "the first and only urban sweat lodge." Along with their friend Allan Amato, they strap themselves into individual infrared sauna beds, raise the temperature to mega-sweat levels, and bake out all ...…
Episode Notes Viva Haunt Vegas, baby! We're talking haunted casinos, hotels, and beyond, and it's a roaring good time. Have ghost stories of your own? Email them to us at Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts, and follow us on social media - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook If y ...…
A strange creature with large claws lurks on a woman porch, seemingly waiting for her return. The death of a former owner doesn’t stop a family from taking advantage of a great deal on a new home. The price they pay, is discovered later. A house holds a room that can not be changed, no matter who owns it. Taking a quiet walk in the cemetery tur ...…
Founded in 1899, this is one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles, California. Over its century of operation, Hollywood Forever has seen scandals, grave robbers, earthquakes, floods, and disrepair. Yet, the famous dead still long to be buried among their peers. Some of these deceased stars, refuse to give up the spotlight to this day. Parcas ...…
Kate Legge traces the lives of pioneering naturalists Kate Cowle and Gustav Weindorfer in Tasmania's remote and sublime wilderness
Biz and Theresa get stuck holding the bag…and the water bottles, and the half eaten sandwich, and the “art” and the toddler. Where in all those parenting books did it warn us that there would be so much carrying? Perhaps it's less about the stuff and more about feeling like a haggard and broken coat rack left outside? Yeah, probably. Plus, Biz ...…
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And now for something a little different: we revisit Disney’s classic 1997 film Hercules! Unlike when we were 5, we now have plenty of booze in hand to explore what Disney got right and got wrong with Greek mythology. We review how the 90s were a WILD time, play 20 questions of Zeus fuckery, and realize the past is probably FULL of bad smells. ...…
Who's legs are those in the dressing room and where did they go? A man recounts his troubling childhood and dark energy that surrounded his home. A house party filled with young adults takes a turn for the worst as the dead return to terrify everyone in the night. If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into ...…
This week on the pod, Bob, Jess and Steve go to the dentist, down a tank of nitrous oxide, and then go for a walk inside a haunted house filled with vampire leprechauns! And that's just in the first few minutes! After that, the storm rages on with Lightning Rounds, plus we take a deep-dive into Saladin Ahmed's debut issue of The Magnificent Ms. ...…
Released in 1977, 'Rumours' is Fleetwood Mac's eleventh album and would go on to become one of the best selling albums in history. But being the scenes, the band were really struggling during the recording. With two inter band relationships splitting up, a whole lot of affairs, a ridiculous amount of drugs and very personal songs written about ...…
Sarah Smarsh on the idiosyncratic women who raised her in Kansas
In this episode, the boys get into the rich kid college scandal, they hold a prayer circle live for Korey, they discuss whether or not Mitt Romney's birthday cake candle blowing was monstrous, and Tyler shares what he dislikes most about Meghan McCain.
Today Tony & Jenny talk about: A man with black eyes vanishes from sight in a rear-view mirror. Voices get louder and louder until a young woman heeds their warnings. A move from Texas to Louisiana turns into the most haunting time of a woman’s life. A house party filled with young adults takes a turn for the worst as the dead return to terrify ...…
In one of our last bonus interviews, our supporting producer and frequent contributor, Taara Rangan chats with author (and former roommate), Liesl Matzka about her piece, Beneath the Surface, which was recently featured in FAIRY TALE. The discuss a formative love for mythology, writing from the perspective of a child, and creating complex chara ...…
The Boys help KAITLIN OLSON figure out what she's doing next. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace ( code: THEBOYS), Brilliant Earth (, Harry's (, and Robinhood (
Bob Doneley is one of the only Australian vets specialising in the health of budgerigars (R)
Today Tony & Carol talk about: Popular music playing on a device transforms into a demonic voice. Who is the strange man in a yellow shirt that appears night after night? Do dream visions match up to historical facts of a tragic death? A house party filled with young adults takes a turn for the worst as the dead return to terrify everyone in th ...…
Doctor Munjed Al Muderis on returning to Iraq to operate on soldiers and civilians wounded in the war against ISIS
A white guy shot up a mosque in New Zealand because he's mad about Muslim immigration. Or at least, that's what you're supposed to believe. Johnny, Zev, and later, Adam discuss the "cowabunga it is", video game looking, /mass shooting/ that "totally happened" (exactly the way (((they))) say it did) the other day. With: Johnny Monoxide, Zev, Ada ...…
Ive spent a lot of time on the streets You might say Ive been a bit of a street rat for most of my life Let me raise that up a notch and introduce you to the new guest and woman who eats street rats for breakfast Alley Cat Shes joining Frowns McBooHooback from a short hiatus and Iyour Captain on this short journey through space and time and tro ...…
Live with a wonderful audience at PodCon in Seattle, Ross and Carrie share their local tour of spooky spots with Haunted Seattle. They learn the hidden history of the area, including who died where and why they won't leave. They test the electromagnetic field of a local bar, listen to recordings that are definitely ghosts coughing, and learn s ...…
Iranian couple breaks cultural norms, churches closing in Canada, stats on humanist marriages in Scotland, a French Cardinal, Texas judge in hot water, China wants west's religious influence out, and strategies for combatting conspiracy theories.
I like to think. If I didn’t, this would be the wrong job for me. But I realize that as open-minded as I like to consider myself, I’ve taken a thick, black sharpie to certain areas of the philosophical map, scrawling “here there be monsters” and leaving them be. We’re all like this to some extent—it’s the flip side of interest—even if you’re su ...…
Hey folks, WE'RE BACK! Sorry about the longer than anticipated absence, but Spooky Time Presents is back and ready to rumble! The dog on weather in the Illinois has been a real drag as well as the dang Day Lights Savings... I'm still reelin' Hope you enjoy todays discussion on 1993's Leprechaun! Happy St. Patricks Day! Today's episode was produ ...…
Lene tells Bunny the gripping tale of the Pillow Pyro, chock full with twists and turns!.. and Bunny in turn tells Lene about the Bell witch.
In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss: Was Dr. Snead involved in questionable medical practices, or is he more insulted by the accusation after death? Is there a demonic entity that is feeding off of the curious energy that surrounds this house? Who is the woman in blue who haunts the Nickerson Snead House? D ...…
Wil contacted me again after a startling memory surfaced. As a young man spending time during the summer in Wisconsin, a beast is seen outside one night that is so terrifying, Wil has blocked out the memory for many years. He shares this encounter, and speaks on some current activity in his home. Listen to Wil's previous interview on iTF 171... ...…
Thousands of citizens were housed in Melbourne's asylums during the 19th Century, and they received surprisingly humane treatment
Biz and Theresa discuss family scheduling. Once all of the basics are set, like school/daycare drop offs and pick ups, work, doctor appointments and groceries, adding extra activities like classes and play dates is enough to make us want to go out for milk and never come home. Whether our kids thrive on doing many activities or we subscribe to ...…
A creepy cat-like creature comes at night, a possibly possessed man, a gravedigger encounters something very strange while on the job. -CASPER- Thanks to Casper for supporting Jim Harold’s Campfire. Save $50 on select mattresses at and use the discount code campfire Terms & Conditions Apply…
Justin and Bobby return to the world of podcasting with a new monthly video game podcast. This month we discuss what happened to Talking Games, the disaster that was Anthem and we clear the books of 2018 once and for all with our Top 5 Games. CONNECT WITH US: DISCORD SERVER: EMAIL: TWITTE ...…
Episode Notes Ghosts will haunt just about anyone, and your favorite celebrities are no exception! From comedic genius Megan Mullally to the beloved Carrie Fisher, we're sharing their stories of personal hauntings. Have ghost stories of your own? Email them to us at Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to us w ...…
A ghost makes life hell for a young man who traveled around the world to be with the one he loves. A ghost loves to get “handsy” and throw drinks around a restaurant, but why? A house party filled with young adults takes a turn for the worst as the dead return to terrify everyone in the night. If you have a real ghost story or supernatural even ...…
On February 1st, 1974, a 25-story building in Sao Paolo, Brazil, suddenly caught fire. The blaze quickly spread throughout the tower, leading to the gruesome deaths of 179 people. The fire was caused by a faulty air conditioner, but many believe the land was cursed long before Joelma was built. Sponsors! BetterHelp - Haunted Places listeners ge ...…
How a former ballerina revolutionised Australia’s dance landscape
On this week's episode of #TheFriendZone, we explore Intellectual Property Laws. Why are brands like Fashion Nova allowed to steal and replicate looks created by indie designers? How can Fortnite use 2 Milly's dance move, rename it and sell it to gamers without any legal ramifications? We discuss these cases within the entertainment + digital i ...…
We’re getting meta in this episode featuring Internet Linguist Gretchen McCulloch. Learn why names are important not only in mythology and folklore, but in our own lives (including online lives!) as well. Also featuring the Amanda Sins Podcast, a podcast within a podcast, so many throwbacks to the 90s, and what kind of kids did the Bloody Mary ...…
We got a HUGE SHOW for you this week!!! First, the gang talks comics. Then, the gang chats with Christine Larsen, creator and artist behind such works as By Night, Valentine, and Adventure Time. And THEN, it's CAPTAIN MARVEL TIME and the crew is joined by a very special guest to review the movie we've all been waiting for around these Talking C ...…
A listener weights in with their stories on what causes paranormal activity and what can be done to deal with it. A grandmother returns for a final goodbye. One nursing student gets the lesson of a lifetime as she experience how the dead still connect with the living. A house party filled with young adults takes a turn for the worst as the dead ...…
OOooOOoo it's time for mini reports! Which we love, because it means less work! This week we look at stories of famous animals and boy oh boy did we find some weird and wonderful stories. Tickets to our four Melbourne Comedy Festival live podcasts: Support the show and get rewards like bonus ...…
How Travis Saunders and his son Patch are helping rewrite the story of autism.
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