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Best Sports Science podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Sports Science podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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World-renowned sports scientist Professor Ross Tucker and veteran sports journalist Mike Finch break down the myths, practices and controversies from the world of sport. From athletics to rugby, soccer, cycling and more, the two delve into the most recent research, unearth lessons from the pros and host exclusive interviews with some of the world's leading sporting experts. For those who love sport.
NAF Physio Podcast
Hosted by Adam Meakins (aka The Sports Physio), The Not Another F**king (NAF) Physio Podcast promises to be unlike any other! Talking about things that matter, but don't really matter. It will be amateurish, inconsistent, with poor sound quality and even poorer interviews… Be prepared for critical critique, dubious debate, quirky questions and lots of bad language!
Ultra marathon physiology brought to you by the world’s leading scientists, coaches, and athletes. Science Of Ultra host, Dr. Shawn Bearden, brings you interviews and more to deliver everything you want to know about all facets of training, nutrition, hydration, environment, psychology, gear, and much more. Become your ultra best!
For current and aspiring sports nutritionists! The Institute of Performance Nutrition "We Do Science" Podcast, hosted by Dr Laurent Bannock, features a wide variety of leading guest experts (elite practitioners and scientists) with expertise in sport and exercise nutrition, and related fields relevant to 'real-world' practice.
The Cycling PodcastJoin journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe – and a few special guests along the way – as they podcast about the latest cycling news and the world of professional cycling.Expect a mix of insight and analysis as our three experienced journalists cover not just the big talking points but take you behind the scenes of professional cycling.Richard Moore is the author of Slaying the Badger and Sky’s the Limit, Daniel Friebe writes for Procycling and is autho ...
You’re listening to the “Restoring Human Movement” Podcast, where movement experts discuss the latest evidenced-based practices to help you and your clients move with mastery. In this podcast, we interview other movement professionals from a variety of disciplines (medical doctor, sports chiropractor, personal trainer, strength coach, physical therapist, athletic trainer, etc) about how they treat and prevent aches/ pains in their client population. Some experts we've had on the show are: - ...
Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.
Running podcast to motivate and help runners of every level, speed, and age run their best. Sinead Haughey interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and everyday runners with inspiring stories.
British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) is a multi-media information portal that provides original research, reviews and debate relating to clinically-relevant aspects of sport and exercise medicine. We contribute to innovation (research), education (teaching and learning) and knowledge translation (implementing research into practice and policy). We use web, print, video and audio material to serve the international sport and exercise medicine community.* The purpose of this podcast is to ...
Putting big mouths and big ideas behind microphones.The Physio Matters Podcast - Clinical Gold Delivered Direct.Episodes will feature expert, honest advice, delivered directly to listeners at no cost. Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine information for those working in physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports rehabilitation, medicine and all divisions of the healthcare industry.
Explorations in the world of science.
Fuel the Pedal is your source of science based nutrition for cycling based sports. Here, we want to distinguish between good/bad science and clarifying huge misconception on nutrition for cyclists such as: fasted training, low carb dieting, BCAAs or glutamine supplementation, caffeine, antioxidants, ketones supplementation & many other hot topics. To answer this I'll be interviewing the top researchers on each field as well as Sports Nutritionists and cyclists with real field experience on t ...
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services
The Clean Sport Collective is a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans and the public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs. With this podcast, we will celebrate clean athletes, educate you on issues in the world of clean sport, and bring hope that we can all believe in the power of fair play across all sports.
Your weekly Snippit of applied sports science
SAGE Orthopaedics
Welcome to the official free Podcast site from SAGE for Orthopaedics. SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets with principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.
The Why Factor
The extraordinary and hidden histories behind everyday objects and actions
A podcast about the natural world. Regarding the environment, renewable resources, conservation, forestry, hunting, fishing, etc.
Podcasts From Environmental Scientist Joey Bee
Podcasts From Environmental Scientist Joey Bee
The Naked Scientists flagship science show brings you a lighthearted look at the latest scientific breakthroughs, interviews with the world's top scientists, answers to your science questions and science experiments to try at home.
Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4
The Just Fly Performance Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of athletic performance training, with an emphasis on speed and power development. Featured on the show are coaches and experts in the spectrum of sport performance, ranging from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to sport psychology. Hosted by Joel Smith, the Just Fly Performance Podcast brings you some of the best information on modern athletic performance available.
Welcome to SMR’s this week in review podcast where we highlight the recent news in sports medicine research.
Golf Science Lab
We help golfers understand what it ACTUALLY takes to get better at golf and perform your best. Ignore the BS and cut to truth as we talk with leaders in the industry, from professional golfers, coaches, instructors, biomechanists, researchers and more. Host, Cordie Walker is on a mission to figure out how to improve the way we learn and get better at golf.
District of Conservation is a podcast highlighting the incredible conservationists who thrive and survive deep in or around "The Swamp." These are the policymakers, storytellers, trailblazers, and hardworking folks who go unnoticed but shape this region—whether they live or work here. In addition to guests, the podcast will also cover difficult and even controversial conservation public policy matters and news.
Each weekday naturalist Rudy Mancke, host of SCETV's NatureScene, shares his knowledge of plants and wildlife. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
Henry Gray’s classic anatomy textbook was first published in 1858 and has been in continuous publication ever since, revised and expanded through many successive editions. This recording is of the public-domain 1918 US edition (some information may be outdated).
1 More Mile is a lifestyle brand devoted to advancing the ideal that every individual can go 1 More Mile. The podcast brings science-based health, nutrition, & fitness advice, as well as compelling guest interviews from sports scientists, athletes, and industry leaders.
Each week Hal Bidlack from the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society alerts Southern Colorado listeners what to watch for in our night skies.
Something Wild
Something Wild explores the features of our local landscapes, from birds to trees to stone walls, and explains some of the behavior and science behind what we see and hear in our backyards.
On September 2nd 2017, just east of Portland, Oregon, 150 hikers were trapped behind a wall of flames created by one mistake, one that would lead to immense fear and loss. Wildfire, a podcast from REI Co-op, investigates the causes and repercussions of this devastating wildfire.
"Elite sport & exercise science support for all" Extreme Sports Performance was founded by Ryan Blake in 2008 and launched online in 2018. After spending all of our lives playing, competing and coaching school, county, national and international sport, we have followed a continuing education, pathway and profession in top end sport, health and wellness. We believe that there are many talented and aspiring athletes, of all ages in all sports, that do not have the appropriate guidance or recei ...
VeloNews Podcasts
Bike racing at its finest. VeloNews podcasts utilize our network of reporters, commentators, and coaches to bring you inside pro cycling and improve your own riding and racing.
Podcast by Kokoro_MVMT
An open discussion based on experience and knowledge to assist with the understanding of an animals perception of reality.
‘WorldAbout’ – A talk show packed with interesting, informative, innovative news from around the world you can use at home. Filmmaker, Journalist and Broadcaster Grace Farah has interviewed many of the World's most prominent and famous business leaders, innovators and entertainers. An Australian who has lived in several countries and travelled to many more, Grace understands the power of shared knowledge and the value of our collective experiences. Whether its tech advances, medical breakthr ...
BBC Inside Science
Dr Adam Rutherford and guests illuminate the mysteries and challenge the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.
Knowledge Without Mileage is B.S.– everyone talks about it, be the one who is about it. Kris Gethin is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder, IRONMAN, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Author, Co-Founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms Franchise, CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements and the host of many Daily Video Trainer Video Series that have transformed Millions. In this Podcast, Kris dissects myths of muscle building and endurance, bridges the gap between health and sports supplementation, expands upon the healing benefit ...
They're known by many names; Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti, Almas and the list goes on. For centuries, eyewitnesses have reported seeing them in forests all over the world. You might wonder what's it like to have an encounter with a Sasquatch. Well, listen to the show and you'll hear eyewitnesses tell you what it was like for them when they encountered a Sasquatch.
Physiology Secrets
The Physiology Secrets Podcast gives you inside access to the BEST Endurance Performance information out there, presented in a way that anyone can understand.
Each weekday naturalist Rudy Mancke, host of SCETV's NatureScene, shares his knowledge of plants and wildlife. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
“When I was a kid, my mom told me to ‘Go play outside.’ So I did. And I have been enjoying it ever since!” -- Chuck Lura. A short piece of information about some part of the natural world in North Dakota.
Nature notes and inquiry from the Montana Natural History Center.
Welcome to The Sports Medicine Podcast, hosted by Dr. Andrew Dold, MD - orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. This is a series of interviews with world leaders in the field of Sports Medicine. Guests include orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, athletes, trainers, nutritionists, and others, all within the field of sports medicine! Interviews are intended to be informative and interesting for listeners, covering a variety of topics within the world of sports medicine ...
Ducks Unlimited Podcast is a constant discussion of all things waterfowl. From in-depth hunting tips and tactics, to waterfowl biology, research, science, and habitat updates. The DU Podcast is the go-to resource for waterfowlers and conservationists. Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands conservation.
Sports? with Katie Nolan is a weekly show about sports and all the things tangentially related to sports. Its friends would describe it as "curious," "fun," and "a podcast." Weekly guests will include sports fans from all sorts of industries: comedy, film, television, science?
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Snippit is made possible by listeners like you.Please help support the podcast:► https://www.patreon.com/snippitscience Hi everyone, We hope you've been enjoying our podcast. If you could help us out by leaving a rating on iTunes we would really appreciate it. Today's episode we look at the effect of Electromyostimulation (EMS) on the calf/foot ...…
Since the human genome was first sequenced nearly 20 years ago, around a million people have had theirs decoded, giving us new insights into the links between genes, ancestry and disease. But most of the genomes studied have been in people of European descent. Now a decade-long collaboration between scientists in the UK and in Uganda has create ...…
From law changes to concussion research, World Rugby has taken a proactive approach to make the game safer at all levels. Professor Ross Tucker and host Mike Finch discuss the research and findings into the risks of contact sports around the world, why rugby is leading the way in player safety and what Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy really me ...…
This week on Looking Up we are California Nebula dreamin'. We humans like to find order in chaos, and we have a trait, called Pareidolia, which leads us to try to see patterns in, well, lots of things. That’s why we think we see a man in the Moon, and why some folks thought they saw a face on Mars.By Hal Bidlack
Asked to describe your grandparents, you may conjure fond childhood memories of trips to the park or going round for your favourite dinner after school. You may live just around the corner and see your grandparents daily or they might be a welcome voice on the phone, brightening your day from afar.In this week’s Why Factor Elaine Chong discover ...…
A listener finds a pair of "Walkingsticks"...By Rudy Mancke
A listener finds a pair of "Walkingsticks"...By Rudy Mancke
Should you deload every week to make sure you’re peaked for every crit race?By METS Performance
Special Guest, Country Music’s Singer/Songwriter, former American Idol contestant, and fellow Dog lover, Bucky Covington… shares his story about his best friend and travel companion Slim. After American Idol, Bucky has since produced a #1 Billboard charting debut album and 3 consecutive #1 Singles. As always, Thank you for listening to The Pack ...…
In 2012, Mary Cain set the US High School record in the 1500m at the World Junior Championships running 4:11. Later that year, she got a call from Alberto Salazar who invited her to come train with the Nike Oregon Project (NOP). She was 16 years old. After joining the NOP, she had initial success that belied her age including a remarkable run i ...…
Researchers are now testing theories that archaea populate the lowest branches, maybe even the roots, of our phylogenetic family tree. The hydrothermal ecosystems that encompass hot springs are among the oldest continuously-inhabited ecosystems on earth. These environments and the creatures that thrive there need to be protected, for they may t ...…
Americans seem to enjoy lists! I was reminded of that recently when I happened upon a website that contained a list of “ The 10 Most Incredible Natural Attractions in North Dakota That Everyone Should Visit .” They note that North Dakota has way more beautiful spots of nature than most people realize. They also note that everyone should visit a ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Henry Gray
In this episode, Aaron Yetter, Waterfowl Ecologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey, shares results and observations from their most recent aerial waterfowl survey. The combination of cold weather and open hunting seasons helped push up mallard numbers, while other species were variable from the previous survey. https://www.ducks.org/du ...…
Evo Morales, Bolivia’s longest-serving leader and first indigenous president, stepped down last week amid weeks of protests sparked by a dispute over a recent presidential election in the country. His opponents say the election was rigged but the embattled former president said it was a cunning coup. We take a closer look at the election result ...…
Dr. Drew Fowler from Wisconsin DNR joins the shows to give a quick update on migration conditions in Wisconsin. We learn that smaller wetlands are now frozen, but open water still remains in rivers and larger water bodies. A few ducks and healthy numbers of geese remain for the chasing! https://www.ducks.org/dupodcast…
On this week’s episode, we are joined by Dr Louise Tulloh to dive into the biopsychosocial realm of patient management in sport and exercise medicine. Dr Tulloh was recently elected as President of The Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP) and has been practicing sport and exercise medicine for over 20 years.In this 20-m ...…
Hosts Chris Jennings and Dr. Mike Brasher talk Boreal Forest with Dr. Fritz Reid, director of conservation programs for the Boreal and Arctic for Ducks Unlimited. Reid details his role and brings to light the importance of Boreal habitats for waterfowl and other birds. Download and subscribe to follow along with all things waterfowl as the DU P ...…
A listener finds two insects feasting on the same meal...By Rudy Mancke
A listener finds two insects feasting on the same meal...By Rudy Mancke
Welcome to Sports Med Res’ this week in review podcast where we highlight the news in sports medicine research from the week ending on November 15, 2019. This week we will focus on medications prescribed to patients with an acute ankle sprain. http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/ [audio src="https://www.sportsmedres.org/wp-content/uploads/2 ...…
I sat down with Spring co-founder Rafal Nazarewicz, PhD to talk about using real foods in ultras.
The UK's soils are the first line of defence against flooding, but the condition of the soil is vital to how well it can soak up and slowly release rainwater. Jane Rickson, Professor of soil erosion and conservation at Cranfield University, explains to Adam what makes a healthy soil and what farmers can do to try to prevent floods."Spice" is a ...…
Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois rejoins host Chris Jennings on the show to talk about his best day duck hunting. Bourgeois describes a day in the south Louisiana marshes, the birds, and the meal shared after the hunt. Download and subscribe to follow along with all things waterfowl as the DU Podcast brings the resource to you. https://www.ducks.org/du ...…
Today’s episode features Justin Moore. Justin is the head performance coach at Parabolic Performance and Rehab in Montclair, New Jersey.Justin has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, from eight-years-old to professional football players in the National Football League (NFL) and Olympic-level Ice Skaters and Ice Dancers. He has been ...…
The Cycling Podcast is currently on a theatre tour but Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie, François Thomazeau and Orla Chennaoui recorded this week's episode a few hours before taking to the stage at Worcester's Huntingdon Hall. They discuss the latest developments in the General Medical Council's hearing into former Team Sky and British Cycling doct ...…
The hooded warbler (Setophaga citrina) breeds in eastern North America and across the eastern United States and into southernmost Canada (Ontario).By Rudy Mancke
The hooded warbler (Setophaga citrina) breeds in eastern North America and across the eastern United States and into southernmost Canada (Ontario).By Rudy Mancke
In this episode, Greg and Eric have no idea what a new discovery about lactate means, but it seems important. Greg shares some impressive feats of strength, followed by a research roundup segment in which Eric discusses protein intake, sodium bicarbonate supplementation, dietary fiber, and more. After that, Greg gives an overview of the researc ...…
What types of bicycle racing stories appeal to a mainstream sports audience? It's a topic we've often thought about here at VeloNews. On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast, we speak with Patrick Redford, who covered pro cycling for the sports website Deadspin.com. Patrick also takes us through the fateful past few months at Deadspin, w ...…
How much credit do you give to your feet for making you a better runner? If you are like most of us, those feet get put into shoes and then you just hope they’ll do their job. It’s time to rethink the strategic value of those two extremities that connect you to the ground and push you forward with every single step. Our guest today is Jay Dicha ...…
The KAJ starts off with a bell update, then dives into Seahawks 49ers on MNF (19:11), Coinflip Yanny/Laurel (26:01), The Rally Cat that did not rally (27:11), Dak's hips (33:35), and Jeff Bezos' potential NFL ownership (37:45). Later, they dive deep on James Harden's strip club correlation (44:20), Jeremy Roenick on Michael Jordan (48:14), Live ...…
DU Chief Scientist Dr. Tom Moorman joins host Chris Jennings to discuss how and why ducks and geese learn. These conditioned behaviors such as being able to identify decoys, spinning-wing decoys and sensing danger are a part of waterfowl’s ability to survive. Download and subscribe to follow along with all things waterfowl as the DU Podcast bri ...…
Part 1 of 2: Doctor/ Patient communication builds often times builds trust. Building patient trust improves doctor's ability to successfully guide that person through a recovery process. I interview an anonymous guest today (Alec), who has listened to the podcast for years and has some experience in effective communication in his line of work. ...…
The Cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus) is a species of eagle ray found throughout a large part of the western Atlantic and Caribbean, from New England, United States to southern Brazil.By Rudy Mancke
The Cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus) is a species of eagle ray found throughout a large part of the western Atlantic and Caribbean, from New England, United States to southern Brazil.By Rudy Mancke
One of tonight's guests, Robin, was featured on Episodes 64 and 65, with her brother, Aaron. On those shows, Robin told us about the ongoing Sasquatch activity that had been happening around her home, in rural Montana. Well, the activity hasn't stopped and that's why she's come back, for tonight's show. She's going to update us on what's been g ...…
Bobby and Gus bring you this special edition of PYSO from Pace Ranch in Tucson, AZ. And not only are the guys together in the same room, but they have a special guest too. Nicola Cranmer, the founder and GM of the TWENTY20 Women’s Pro Cycling Team joins the podcast.The trio talk cover a variety of topics including:* What riders do during their ...…
Scott Leysath, DU Magazine cooking columnist joins host Chris Jennings on this episode to share his five favorite waterfowl recipes. A few of these recipes may surprise you. Download and subscribe to follow along with all things waterfowl as the DU Podcast brings the resource to you. https://www.ducks.org/dupodcast…
There is something special about each season. Many people are fortunate enough to witness the colors of fall. I have found that there is so much more to the ‘beauty of fall.’By Joey Bee Outdoors, Science, and Nature
There is something special about each season. Many people are fortunate enough to witness the colors of fall. I have found that there is so much more to the ‘beauty of fall.’By Joey Bee Outdoors, Science, and Nature
Josh Trent, founder and host of Wellness Force and CEO of Civilized Caveman joins us today to discuss the art and skill of breath work, insatiable drive and emotional intelligence. Josh has spent the last 16 years researching and putting into practice the best techniques to thrive in our modern world with physical and emotional intelligence. Ti ...…
Polygonia interrogationis, the Question Mark butterfly, is a North American nymphalid butterfly. It lives in wooded areas, city parks, generally in areas with a combination of trees and open space.By Rudy Mancke
Polygonia interrogationis, the Question Mark butterfly, is a North American nymphalid butterfly. It lives in wooded areas, city parks, generally in areas with a combination of trees and open space.By Rudy Mancke
Meet the Extraordinarily Inspiring Julie Randall. In 2012, Julie was told she was going to die. She went from being a seemingly healthy 50 year old one day to being told the next that she had Advanced Melanoma with only months to live and there was nothing more doctors in Australia could do. Julie, Author of 'Patient 71' shares her remarkable c ...…
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