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The spread podcast
Podcast by Kaz
Spread the Floor
Matt Moore takes you around the NBA with news and analysis on the game, the lines, daily fantasy and more as part of The Action Network family of podcasts.
Real Traders Webinar hosts webinars with top experts in the Day Trading Industry that show you their Best Day Trading Strategies for… Futures, Options Trading, Stock Trading, Credit Spreads Trading, Forex Trading, Binary Trading and so much more!
I'm an Agent of C.H.A.O.S. and I'm recruiting... Under this podcast umbrella you can find Old Time Radio shows each week on Biff's Mystery Theatre. Hypothetical Homicide is where people try to kill Biff and others in fictional scenarios. Gotham City Podcast Dudes was a short lived review show for Gotham on FOX. Spreading The Werd features interviews, conversations and skits with all sorts of ce ...
Podcast by MLC Radio
Double Page Spread
A podcast about comics, fandom and the creative process.
Spreading Happiness is a compilation of elegant teachings on conscious living. A blend of inspiration, timeless wisdom, story telling and guided meditations. These teachings are presented by Nithya Shanti, an internationally respected spiritual teacher. He was formerly a Buddhist monk who trained in forest meditation monasteries in South East Asia. He is committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and enlightenment with people in a joyful and transformational way. Blending ...
College football picks of the week and other odds and ins with our friends.
Spread the Floor
Matt Moore takes you around the NBA with news and analysis on the game, the lines, daily fantasy and more as part of The Action Network family of podcasts.
As Word Spreads is a podcast that serves the interests of youth in British Columbia, and is a production of First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition. Interested in coming on the podcast? Send us an email! info@firstcallbc.orgAll episodes are are archived here:
The Spread
We cover the NBA, NFL, ESports, WWE and MLB. Occasionally with a gambling twist.
Against The Spread
Home of Hot takes from all over the world of sports
Podcast about coaching football. Covering many offensive strategies and discussing better ways to coach.
Gospel Praise Party
Spreading the Gospel in Music and Mix. Creating A Space For Believers and Seekers to Find Peace Love Joy and Freedom. Featuring the best Gospel House, Soulful House, and Inspirational House Music.
Any & Everything Positive and Progressive
“The Word” Center is a progressive ministry located in Jackson, Mississippi. They believe that the Word of God is the means to changing your life from every perspective. From finances to health, “The Word” Center will impact your life through real and relevant messages.
Spreading God's Love
Podcast by Spread The Positive
Korakor / Spread your love
Spreading The Love
Spreading The Love featuring speaker Donald Jones, Jr.
The Market Spread
Investing in the financial markets doesn't have to be scary. With the right information and the right coach, investing can become a profitable (and even enjoyable) experience.
Podcast by Tony The Beat
Spreading the Word
Spreading the Word is focused around providing families, students, and parents with uplifting and positive insight, information, and resources.
Ahead of the Spread
Ahead of the Spread is a weekly podcast designed to help you beat the books betting on NCAA Football and the National Football League. Hosted by Jared Ferree, each week we'll look at some of the betting lines that look a bit suspect and should be avoided, and we'll target some of the lines that represent a lot of value. Whether you have been placing bets your entire adult life, or have a budding interest in sports gambling, this is the only place to come to get "Ahead of the Spread".
Dynamic and curious snippets of writing and writers in London. Spread the Word is London’s writer development organisation, supporting excellence, access and diversity in the London literature scene. Produced by Matt Hill
Spread On Toast is a podcast dedicated to serving straight up jams! Join Hannah as she talks through the latest pop bangers from around the world!
Tackling the spread podcast! Tackling the spread to help the viewers at home play smart! Great sport conversations, laughs, heated debates, fun guest and of course tackling the spread! Like share and subscribe for more content, and don't forget to rate us 5 stars! on twitter @TacklingSpread
Inspirational podcasts to help us all connect more deeply with ourselves, with one another, and with an ever-growing community of soulful people all around the world.
For sports lovers, by sports lovers.
My daily rants and thoughts about coaching in the greatest game on earth.
American Family Living is a ministry in Orange County, California dedicated to strengthening the foundation of the family, through Judeo Christian values, with tools to heal, grow, and mature in love.We have been fighting for the preservation and healing of America's families for 33 years. Jene and Evie and Steve and Kathy are the hosts. Helping you to discover how to build you're relationship with Christ, so you can have the best family of love and unity. May God bless you is our prayer.For ...
Why The Right Is Right
Desire to Know the Word, Live the Word, & Spread the Word as disciples of the Living Word, Jesus Christ.
Lets talk and have open dialogue about everyday life and more! Various topics of the listeners choice...from relationships, religion, sports, single parenting. you name it, Lets talk about it!
In this defensive playbook lesson Coach Calloway breaks down how to shut down a spread offense bubble screen game with a run pass option (RPO's) built in. Coach will go into detail how to run the Calloway Football defense we call 55 Purple.Check out our entire defensive playbook and offensive playbook at www.CallowayFootball.comALSO - please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this video.You can also get the Calloway Football Network programs like Coaching Academy Podcast on iTu ...
Fozzie and Tina love True Blood and talking to each other about it. This is their rad podcast.
Fozzie and Tina love True Blood and talking to each other about it. This is their rad podcast.
Your trusted source for sports odds, picks, news and betting info.
Free Sports Picks Every Day: NFL Picks, NBA Picks, College Football Picks, College Basketball Picks, NHL Picks, MLB Picks, Boxing Picks, MMA Picks, Horse Racing Picks, More
Every week on the Smarter Bets podcast, David Solar and Dan McGuire break down the biggest games using public betting trends, sharp money indicators, historically profitable betting systems and more. This insight, strategy, and overview will help even the most casual bettor make smarter bets.
Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time is an online ministry built to encourage and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the digital world. This ministry was founded by Ariel Mobley in 2014 to not only ensure that everyone receives the light of hope, but to receive the gospel by passing out bibles as well. Feel free to message SGL's Facebook page or email at for prayer requests and/or testimonies! For more posts and encouragement, feel free to visit ...
Kids around the UK tell us the things they really like in Spread The Word!
Kids around the UK tell us the things they really like in Spread The Word!
Dusty Porter from the YouTube Creators Hub podcast reveals all of his online business and strategies, ways to make money online and amazing tips and tricks so you can grow your business online. If you are wanting the freedom to do what you love and build a business around your passion, you are in the right place. Automation, passive income, podcasting, online video, SEO, building authority and trust, niche sites, social media, youtube, ebooks, online courses, affiliate marketing, and everyth ...
The Long and Short of Futures Options is your official source for futures options information. From unusual trading activity to cutting-edge education and trading strategies, you'll find it all on The Long and Short of Futures Options.
Your front-row seat for compelling panel audio and special event recordings from the world of options. In addition to free audio from leading options conferences, you will also have access to special recordings, roundtables and other exclusive Options Insider events. So if you missed a recent options conference, or if you simply cannot afford to attend the numerous events around the country, The Options Insider has you covered. Let our Options Insider Special Events program give you a front- ...
The essential show for fans, fantasy players, and bettors providing unique takes which will allow you to pivot into hopefully profitable plays. Featuring perspectives on Las Vegas lines and selections against the spread. Insight on daily fantasy sports with projections and analysis on players, teams, and games.
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I sitdown with the man, the myth, the ledgend Tim the Santa Maria Running Man. We chat and learn more about what drives Tim and get to know him a little bit better
It's Christmas in New Japan! G1 Climax 28 will be underway from July 14 until August 12 following last year's historic G1. This year a blend of facvorites and past winners such as Kenny Omega, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito blend with a mix of champions and up and coming talent like Hangman Page, Juice Robinson and Jay Whi ...…
In this corner, we have the spectacular J. Gonzo, artist and writer of "La Mano Del Destino", a comic set in a fictional 1960's Mexico about a supernatural luchador bent on revenge. He discusses all the thought and detail presented in the color and printing of this retro story, along with the history of Mexican wrestling, the importance of mask ...…
BAH GAWD! That's Big Jim's music!!! The boys are back after an exciting weekend of wrestling, Brandon is back from San Fran and chats with Big Jim about the NJPW G1 Special before the G1Climax kicks off. We discuss top matches between Cody and Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks vs LIJ and Takahashi vs Dragon Lee. We also wrap up with the epic Bullet ...…
Jonny OddsShark continues his Power 5 football previews. This week he tackles every season win total in the ACC with the talented Will Brinson, NFL Senior Writer for CBS and host of the Pick Six Pod. Brinson lives in the heart of ACC country and he’ll blow you away with his ACC knowledge in this fun listen that will have you thinking like an AC ...…
Every move in the NBA has basically been made! LeBron James is a Laker, Boogie Cousins is a Warrior and all hell has broken lose. We break down every move thus far and look towards the future to see who may be on the move.
I have some big news I want to share!
Meet Tarurî Gatere. A Life Coach and Systemic Worker, the founder of FLYT (Freely Live Your Truth) which inspires people on their journey into spirituality, authentic living and self-love. She is passionate about being true to self and living life on your own terms. She is also the founder of Freegan Soul, a vegan catering businessFind her: htt ...…
"Rock Candy Mountain" is a hilarious and action packed comic detailing the adventures of hobos, and talking to writer/artist Kyle Starks and colorist Chris Schweizer is equally fast paced. It's a delirious book packed with colorful characters that's part historical, part supernatural and always ridiculous. They break down the false stereotypes ...…
Tired of not achieving your desires? You're doing everything right! Taking action, using crystals and visualizing, and yet nothing! You're left feeling like a repeller rather than a manifesting magnet. In this episode of Shine Your Light with Trish Mckinnley, you'll learn the #1 crucial thing you must be doing to attract what you desire. Plus, ...…
Tools for self you have trouble holding others or yourself accountable past actions? Are you unknowingly hindering your victimhood over your own mental liberation? Things to think about!
Talk and meditation with several practices for letting go. June 28th 2018, Toronto, Canada.
This episode I am joined by my friend Michelle Aragon-Patterson, a survivor of the Route 91 tragedy. I begin the podcast by talking about how our society has changed drastically to where mass shootings have become a normal everyday event. Michelle and I talk about the events that took place that night from her experience and how it has affected ...…
Male dominated energy guiding choices based off of fear is slowly dying...and mental health can start with forgiveness. Are you ready to offer that olive branch?
It’s that time of year where we get to wake up and start the day with action on the lawns of Wimbledon. Jonny OddsShark brings back the knowledgeable and talented @whale_capper to help handicap the fortnight ahead. Whale tells us the lone man that might be worth a gamble to take down Federer along with his picks for the ultra-competitive ladies ...…
Talk and meditation in Toronto, Canada. June 26th 2018
The boys are back to shoot on the biz and refute all mark sentiment throughout the wrestling world! This week, we cover our WWE power rankings which will be updated every week! We also take a look at some recent WWE news and talk about Enzo & Cass after wrestling. Near the end we get to tease some of our thoughts on Summer Slam and the upcoming ...…
Writer Erica Schultz is an exceptionally cool woman with a deep knowledge of true crime, cults and serial killers. She came into comics working at Neal Adams' studio where she honed her skills at lettering, inking, writing and editing, was accepted into the DC Comics writers' workshop where she got to write a Hawkgirl story, has written part of ...…
A journey through some of the most important aspects of meditation.
Just me sharing about whats been going on with me. Some bad news, but still hopeful.
On this episode of Spreading the Word, we discuss a very interserting and true story concerning giving, kindness, and not judging a book by its cover. To set the stage for this episode, what do you think happens when a bishop and a priest see an intimidating, homeless person approaching them as they walked down the street to grab some lunch? I ...…
What an average event the 2018 NBA Draft was! We talk about the lack of trades, winners and losers and swag levels of the upcoming NBA rookies. We also check in on NBA free agency, LeBron watch and suggest some bad trades!
Deep meditation and talk in NYC (20th June '18)
This episode I am joined by my friend Michelle Aragon-Patterson, a survivor of the Route 91 tragedy. I begin the podcast by talking about how our society has changed drastically to where mass shootings have become a normal everyday event. Michelle and I talk about the events that took place that night from her experience and how it has affected ...…
College football season win totals are out so Jonny OddsShark thought it would be a good idea to go through the Power 5 conferences to get you started with your college football handicapping for 2018. This week he tackles the Big Ten and brings in special guest Ryan Schuiling to break it all down. Ryan covers the Big Ten (among other great spor ...…
Meditation and Talk in New York City 19th June 2018
On this episode of Spreading the Word, we take a look at how to deal with sibling rivalry. We discuss Six ways to manage sibling rivalry so that you and your entire family can have the best summer ever. Spreading the Word is a Podcast from St. Anthony School in Hawthorne, NJ. St. Anthony's School 270 Diamond Bridge Avenue Hawthorne, NJ 07506 Ph ...…
The 2018 NBA Draft is upon us and with it, tons of specualtion about trades, free agents and poor organizational management! This year's draft is packed with storylines, star players and guaranteed busts and the Spread crew breaks down the best and worst fits for the top 10 and go over some draft odds!…
This episode of the podcast is with Beau Ash a Functional Fitness Coach and Yoga Instructor in Phoenix, AZ and super awesome example of everything Spread The Positive. A mutual friend of ours (Tory) told me to reach out to Beau about being on the podcast and connecting in general. I am very grateful she did that. Beau has a really awesome story ...…
Vaginal Prolapse, scientifically defined, is what happens when organs such as the uterus, rectum, bladder, urethra, small bowel, or the vagina itself begin to prolapse or, in layman’s terms ‘to fall out of their regular position’. The most popular causes of vaginal prolapse are childbirth, menopause and hysterectomies (surgical removal of the u ...…
This episode of the podcast is with Taylor Loyal with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. To anyone who is not familiar with Second Harvest ( please do so. This organization does some really incredible work in Middle Tennessee and beyond. Taylor is one of the main people on the business development/operations si ...…
This episode I am joined by my friend Michelle Aragon-Patterson, a survivor of the Route 91 tragedy. I begin the podcast by talking about how our society has changed drastically to where mass shootings have become a normal everyday event. Michelle and I talk about the events that took place that night from her experience and how it has affected ...…
This week on the PoddsShark podcast, Jonny and Ninja reverse roles. Jonny plays host to ask Ninja about the World Cup, which Ninja has been handicapping with vigor for months. Ninja gives his strategy for betting the tournament along with his favorite group and futures picks. (2:11) His pick to win it all will make this episode worth listening ...…
This episode I'm talking about suicide and that it is never the answer to the problems we face. There is hope, there is going to be a day when the problems that we were facing will be in our past and resolving these solvable problems with an absolute resolution of taking your life is not the anser.
Well well well, the NBA Finals are over and there are a lot of questions to be answered. Most of them invoving LeBron James. We guess where LeBron goes next, how the draft plays out and more.
Sybil Danning is a goddess of 80s action film cinema. Statuesque and vivacious, she featured in such films as "Howling 2", "Battle Beyond the Stars", "Chained Heat" and "Reform School Girls". Wendi and guest host Brian Kirst of "Big Gay Horror Fan" have a fantastic time listening to her tell Hollywood stories about working with people like Arno ...…
School's Out for Summer! On this episode, we share some tips on how to successfully transition your kids from school to summer. Think about it; your kids just spent the last 8-9 months in a structured school environment and are now being set free. How can you avoid boredom and give you and your kids the best summer ever? Check out this episode ...…
Time to recap one of the best wrestling events of the year, NJPW Dominion 2018! We breakdown Okada vs Omega. We talk about the most underrated match, worst match and more. Check out the end where we chat about the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank Pay Per view and NXT Takeover: Chicago
This episode I invite my friend Fabi Frausto to share about the battle her mom went through with cancer. She shares a candid insight as to what she went through as she pain of loss to acceptance of her mom passing away. Fabi shares he grief and how she has gotten through grief and how she feels today.You can help support the show by visiting ww ...…
On this episode of Spreading the Word we discuss the importance of keeping traditions alive, the history of the St. Anthony Feast, and the importance of community and teamwork. Spreading the Word is a Podcast from St. Anthony School in Hawthorne, NJ. St. Anthony's School 270 Diamond Bridge Avenue Hawthorne, NJ 07506 Phone: 973-423-1818 Fax: 973 ...…
Grief is something that we all go through in life, we all have to face the pain of losing a loved one, but just how long can a person grieve? On this episode I talk about the five stages of grief along with taking on the loss one experinces and how to find acceptance with the death of that person.
---------P R O D U C E D B YKaren kaz Lucas---------B U S I N E S S I N Q U I R I E SFor business inquiries, please contact I N D M E Instagram - - ...…
Who are the 5 superstars around the world today that you would start a wrestling promotion with? We break down our top 5 with some surprises near the top! We also go more in depth on the upcoming New Japan pro Wrestling Dominion show and look into the future of the NJPW title scene.
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