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The St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast features interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, bartenders, and more, and covers the burgeoning food scene in St. Petersburg, Florida. Episodes air every Tuesday.
The extraordinary child-adult Prince Myshkin, confined for several years in a Swiss sanatorium suffering from severe epilepsy, returns to Russia to claim his inheritance and to find a place in healthy human society.The teeming St Petersburg community he enters is far from receptive to an innocent like himself, despite some early successes and relentless pursuit by grotesque fortune-hunters. His naive gaucheries give rise to extreme reactions among his new acquaintance, ranging from anguished ...
DJ sets and mixes from DJ Gvozd — DJ, promoter, producer, author of d&b radioshow "Pirate Station", founding father of Respect Records. He is actively engaged in drum&bass music since 1997. Since March 2000 Gvozd is the author of "Pirate Station" radioshow on Radio Record. For today "Pirate Station" is the largest drum&bass radioshow of Russia acquainting listeners with all tendencies of modern music and classics of the genre. Numerous representatives of the scene from every corner of the gl ...
Connecting jobseekers & entreprenuers with career opportunities.Gene Hodge is a futurist, author, motivational speaker, and training consultant; and Founder & President of Hodgepodge Training Inc. (HTI) and Hi-Tech Training Associates (HTA), Gene brings 20 years of experience and innovation from corporate information systems, training, and management dedicated to providing quality training to make people and organizations more productive.Gene has taught computer and job-seeking skills traini ...
Brought to you by -- Welcome to "Boldly Going: Creative, Brilliant, Inspirational People of the Universe on Planet Earth." If you’re anything like me, Jason Sowell, you crave inspiration. There is something within us that longs for heroes to rise amongst the ordinary to show us that we can all be better. It’s why we love the underdog, why we passionately tell the incredible story and why we flock to the superhero genre. We need the "creative, brilliant, inspirational people o ...
Arkady Antsyrev
Arkady Antsyrev - Sound producer, DJ and electronic artist in the underground scene of St. Petersburg, Russia. Arkady produces minimalistic House tunes, combining deep-atmospheric soundscapes with uniformed electro beats. His sound is inherent in the allocation of percussion parties and several live instruments. In order to develop a unique sound, Arkady Antsyrew uses modern as well as classical synthesizers, that were popular in the far 80s and 70s (Moog, TR - 909, TR - 808). The combinatio ...
The Melotronics Drum&Bass Podcast.Melotronics project have been formed by three musicians from St.Petersburg (RUS) with similar musical visions and ideas known as Max Shifty, Dmitry Raytem and Alex Rockit. They began individual careers in electronic dance music in 1998 but have combined in a band in the end of 2009. Melotronics way of production formed under the influences from various styles of music to create a new unique sound, in general from drum&bass and drumstep (halftime) to synthpop ...
Lady Waks In Da Mix
One of Russia’s best and most well-known DJs, Alexandra Waks was born in St Petersburg but lived in Germany between the ages of 12 and 17. She got into electronic music through breakdancing and hip-hop parties, and after returning to St Petersburg she scored a hip-hop radio show on Russia's biggest radio station. She also started putting on the InBeatWeTrust nights with hip-hop in the main room and electronic music in the other. Simultaneously she worked at the big events company Contrforce ...
Ekumeniska Kommuniteten i Bjärka-Säby
The World
Each weekday, host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories in an hour of radio that reminds us just how small our planet really is. PRI's The World is heard on over 300 stations across North America.
Pit Lane Parley
Welcome to Pit Lane Parley! Your #1 stop for interviews with fan favorite IndyCar drivers, personnel, IndyCar news, discussions, and debate. We bring the best racing content to you each week! Join the debate on our social media, @pitlaneparley, where we continue the discussion! Fan questions each week are always welcome! Thank you for subscribing and we look forward to bringing you more and more IndyCar content!
RTS.FM radio
Unique internet radio with audio+video stream and live shows from Moscow, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Riga etc. Here you can find short previews of the latest radio
“There are very few persons who have not heard of the fame of Peter the Great, the founder, as he is generally regarded by mankind, of Russian civilization. The celebrity, however, of the great Muscovite sovereign among young persons is due in a great measure to the circumstance of his having repaired personally to Holland, in the course of his efforts to introduce the industrial arts among his people, in order to study himself the art and mystery of shipbuilding, and of his having worked wi ...
Nick Koplan
Nick Koplan - известный в России и далеко за её пределами, активно гастролирующий электронный музыкант, продюсер и DJ. Владелец международного букинг агентства «Union Booking», участник различных фестивалей и рейвов как в России так и за рубежом. За его плечами релизы на мировых лейблах и поддержка от мэтров электронной сцены, таких как: Pete Tong (BBC), Tocadisco, Soul Button, Robert Babicz, Gabriel Ananda, John 00 Fleming,...
Notes from Underground is an 1864 novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Notes is considered by many to be the first existentialist novel. It presents itself as an excerpt from the rambling memoirs of a bitter, isolated, unnamed narrator (generally referred to by critics as the Underground Man) who is a retired civil servant living in St. Petersburg. The first part of the story is told in monologue form, or the underground man's diary, and attacks emerging Western philosophy, especially Nikolay Cher ...
Russian techno / hard techno podcast from St.Petersburg. A part of label "TECHNO CENTRE Russia". Hosted by Recycle bot.
Afterparty in St.Petersburg - Uralskaya 8B, 07:00-19:00 Saturday, Sunday contributors and other guests talk about sports, pop culture, and life with host Jarrett Haas. If you are interested in sponsoring the official State-Lines Podcast or other State-Lines Network podcasts, email #StateLines
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Photo: BBC..Student protesters in Algeria demand that their longtime president step down. They want a new, more representative government. CLIP: "I feel like it's important to every Algerian, especially as a student, because we have been told that we are the future of Algeria." But parents of the students remember protests a generation ago. And ...…
Mike, Jess, and Matt preview INDYCAR's first voyage to Austin, Texas and the Circuit of the Americas track and more in this weeks episode! From discussing the unknowns of being at the track for the first time, the pole/race winner award possibility, the threat of rain for qualifying to what can we expect for the race! Afterward we cover: Danica ...…
Show date 3/21/2019By (Gene Hodge).
Abu Bakr is 5 and his sister Samira is 9. They're from Dagestan, a Russian republic in the Caucasus Mountains. Four years ago, their parents their children and went to Iraq to join ISIS. Their father was killed in an airstrike and their mother captured in Iraq. Now they're back home in Dagestan being cared for by their aunt. Marco Werman talks ...…
Is an iPad training session enough for pilots?After the most recent Boeing 737 crash, training procedures are under scrutiny. Host Marco Werman speaks with David Learmount, a former UK pilot and current aviation journalist about the differences and parity in aviation training.
Abortion is highly restricted in Argentina. But even in cases where abortion is legal, activists say it's very difficult for women to get one. Many doctors say no. The World's Allison Herrera has the story.
Tomorrow Bolivians will celebrate “Día Del Mar,” the “Day of the Sea” holiday. Every March 23, Bolivians commemorate a war they had with Chile from 1879 to 1883, in which they lost their access to the coastline. Marco Werman talks with Bolivian journalist Chantelle Bacigalupo.
Gonzaga is a favorite to go far in the NCAA basketball tournament. The team is powered by a budding superstar from Japan, who many are predicting to be that country’s greatest basketball player ever. The World's Jason Margolis has more.
On Sunday, Thailand will hold its first election since a military coup in 2014. The World's Patrick Winn in Bangkok tells Marco Werman about two Thai pop songs that can help us understand the upcoming election and what's at stake.
One of Germany's most-visited museums is moving forward with a plan to host an art exhibit that explores the life and influence of Michael Jackson. That's despite new child sex abuse allegations being levied against the late pop artist in an HBO documentary out earlier this month. Host Marco Werman speaks with Rein Wolfs, director of the Bonn-b ...…
The Tate galleries and the National Portrait Gallery in London say they will no longer accept money from the Sacklers, the family who made, marketed and profited OxyContin through its company, Purdue Pharma. Marco Werman speaks to Benjamin Soskis, an expert on philanthropy at the Urban Institute. Is this a watershed moment in the controversy ov ...…
The Special Counsel was tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and related matters. Those "matters" extend deeply into the finances of President Trump. Host Marco Werman talks with Seth Hettena, an investigative reporter and author of "Trump/Russia: A Definitive History."…
Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to the attorney general, marking the end of an investigation that started nearly two years ago. Host Marco Werman Werman talks with The World's Matthew Bell and journalist Garrett Graff about the investigation into connections between the Trump administration and Russia.…
A reporter goes back to her native New Zealand to cover tragedyThe Washington Post's Anna Fifield is usually stationed in Beijing. But this week she's been in her native New Zealand, covering the aftermath of last week's terror attack. She tells host Marco Werman about the soul-searching New Zealanders like her have had to do in the week after ...…
It's become fashionable to compare the United States to ancient Rome. Some have gone so far as to say Trump is a latter day Nero, obsessed with image, and fiddling while Rome burns. How real is this bar-stool trope? Host Marco Werman speaks with classical author, Barry Strauss, professor at Cornell University about his new book, "Ten Caesars: R ...…
Japan's greatest baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki, officially retires from Major League Baseball to standing ovation from Seattle Mariners’ fa
A dean of diversity at a small Georgia college found herself at the center of a racial divide when the college's historical links to the KKK were discovered.
Florence Schechter is trying to make the brick-and-mortar vagina museum a reality in the UK. And yes, there is already a penis museum. The Vagina Museum will be curation of gynecological studies that are gender inclusive and intersectional. Host Marco Werman speaks with Schechter about why this launch is important.…
President Donald Trump tweeted today that it is time for the world to "fully recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights." Host Marco Werman spoke to The World's Matthew Bell about this declaration.
Hundreds of thousands of residents of Mozambique and Zimbabwe lost everything in Cyclone Idai. Many will rely on aid from humanitarian relief groups for months if not years. Podcast host Amy Costello talks with host Marco Werman about the long term impact that aid might have on local economies.
Cyclone Idai caused massive damage and devastation in Mozambique, leaving hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Host Marco Werman spoke with Anne Soy who is on the ground in Mozambique reporting on the disaster.
Reporter Aurora Almendral visits Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's home town of Davao City. In an excerpt from her podcast, “The Frontline Dispatch,” Almendral explores Duterte’s childhood and political awakening in the city he ruled for 22 years as mayor before becoming president.
Host Marco Werman talks with The World's Orla Barry in London for an update on the latest Brexit news.
Photo: BBC..Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte makes his own rules. His war on drugs has executed thousands of Filipinos without a trial. Next time on THE WORLD, Duterte's sister explains. CLIP: All I can say is in his heart he is guided by God. She compares him to Donald Trump. CLIP: “ They're not guided by Darth Vader. They're guided by th ...…
Luxembourg is set to become the first country in the world to make all public transportation free. Host Marco Werman speaks with Oded Cats, a professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and co-director of the Smart Public Transport Lab.
Eastern Zimbabwe has been hammered with heavy rains and violent winds. Paolo Cernuschi, the country director for the International Rescue Committee in Harare, tells host Marco Werman that aid groups like his are changing their structures to deal with the increased frequency of extreme weather events.…
The port city of Beira, in eastern Mozambique, was hit hard by Cyclone Idai. The BBC's Pumza Fihlani is there.
Singer Malou Beauvoir was born to Haitian parents in Chicago. Her childhood was spent in the US and in France, two countries with connections to Haiti's history. But it's Haiti that she most connects to in her music. Singing to her people and the Voodoo spirits in Creole, all with a disco backbeat. Marco Werman spins us a track from her latest ...…
Host Marco Werman spoke with Aaron Richterman, a doctor with Partners in Health, a nonprofit that operates in Haiti, about how Haiti's troubled history led to its modern conditions.
An emerging trend on social media, specifically WeChat, are “Kua Kua” groups. They're groups where people go to be affirmed and praised. The World's Brandi Fullwood speaks with Manya Koeste from What’s on Weibo, a news website about Chinese social media, about the trend.
Australia has been operating controversial detention centers for asylum seekers on small Pacific islands. Host Marco Werman has the story.
The protests in Sudan are connecting Sudanese American teens to their parents' country in a way they've never felt before. And it's changing the way they think of themselves. Hana Baba of KALW has the story.
Host Marco Werman speaks with Sheraz Ibrahim, an activist based in Khartoum about what she has seen during Sudan's large-scale protests that have continued for over three months.
Filipinos are among the biggest users of the H-2B visa, which allows American businesses to hire seasonal workers. But this summer, the Trump administration won’t be issuing visas to Filipinos. The World’s Jason Margolis has more.
Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh is getting a late night show on NBC.
Family photo courtesy of Yolanda Tamayo..A restaurant owner on Cape Cod hires workers from the Philippines every summer. Because he can't find enough Americans to do the work. CLIP: "There’s just not enough. I mean you have 50-something restaurants and they all need workers.There’s just not enough to go around.” And the Filipino family he hires ...…
Mike Sponaugle from Buya Ramen is the featured interview. Chantal Lester Interview & Love and Lament Music.
Этот эпизод шоу был по-весеннему подогрет гостевым миксом музыканта из Мурманска STIMPY, представившего в эфире жаркую подборку из своих свежих вещей наряду с текущими dnb фаворитами! Также прокачались под лучшие текущие танцевальные настроения в некоторых новых релизах! Reload...
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