Best Staffdevelopment podcasts we could find (Updated August 2018)
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Staff development delivered in the form of story telling and interesting interviews.
T is For Training
T is for Training is a podcast dedicated to improvement through learning. Also, it is about training, presenting, learning, teaching, understanding and compassion. Started in 2008 this program seeks to expand the conversation and have a good time while doing it. ] So, grab a beverage of your choice and join us either live or via podcast. Keep in touch via the site
In an effort to share best practices and solutions with the justice community, SEARCH provides expert training, consulting and technical assistance to law enforcement investigators. Staff develops and delivers high-tech crime training, education, and outreach through its training courses, publications, online resources, webinars, and podcasts.
The focus of this show is to dive into hospital revenue cycle management from the staff development perspective. The show will have discussions on career direction, entry level jobs, and skills needed, growth, becoming a Supervisor and finally moving into the covered Director position. Discussions will also include the different computer skills and resources used in the field. The best part of this program, we will top it off with life work balance to create the life you want. Money, Career, ...
Produced by the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW), this podcast is your source for EMS news, leadership & staff development topics, and coverage of the Midwest EMS Expo.
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SEEMS LIKE TALKSHOE STARTED RECORDING EARLY. there is a bit of dead air. Fast forward to the 745 mark to start the show. Damn new interface. We talked the future of training and tried to look ahead (and look behind) 17 years to see what things will be needed to be successful learners and learning professionals and what the learners will expect ...…
Using an article from Use ‘Metaphorical Scaffolding’ to Learn Hard Stuff we had a discussion that talked about how to do metaphorical training, how to keep up with pop culture to make sure your metaphors speak to your whole audience, and our current experience with the talkshoe interface, which has changed a bit.…
For this podcast, I talked with Chris Anderson, Director of Operations for Bell Ambulance and PAAW Vice President, and Tom Tornstrom, Executive Director of Tri-State Ambulance and PAAW Board Member, about their thoughts on leading millennials. They share their perspective on the difficulties and differences they’ve experienced as their workforc ...…
We talked to author and friend Clark Quinn about his new book Millenials, Goldfish, and other training Misconceptions from ATD press.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked trends in training seen at conferences, and the value of showing up and participatingBy (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
In this episode, we talk to Dr. Ricardo Collela and Linda Matrisch from Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Managment about quality improvement systems in EMS. They share what they're doing, how they're doing it, and why building a culture of quality matters.
We talked Education tech, AI, AR and how each of these technologies can help and hinder learners and trainers.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Cost data collection system – we sit down with Tristan North, SVP of Government Affairs with the American Ambulance Association to learn about what it is, why it’s happening, what you need to prepare for and how it is different than cost reporting. If you’re an EMS service director or billing manger, you’ll want to listen to this episode.…
Full Title: You are my work therapist â?? Make them smart, important, and significant Joined by @ChristieSpeaks, Maurice, Jill, Paul and Andrea talk about Training and Leading Questions that Foster ChangeBy (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
In this episode, we talk about attracting, engaging and retaining millennials with Tyler Christifulli, who presented at this year's Midwest EMS Expo. We cover positive attitudes, education and career opportunities and how maybe the millennial problem isn't about millennials, exactly.
We talked how do we remember and use the ideas we see at conferences, then how we choose conferences then other stuff.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Jill and Maurice talked about really really big screens (VISTA) and Virtual Reality Programs and VR Software Writing.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
In this episode, we speak with Mathew Streger, Keavney & Streger ( about managing former peers. Moving from partner to Supervisor or Manager can be a bit like moving from partner to pariah, Matt shares his 10 commandments of managing former peers with us so we can avoid some common pitfalls of the transition.…
We talked about 5 strategies to demystify learning at We worked over the 5 items pretty well. Paul and Diane gave book recommendations.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Only 14,926 individual EMS licenses to renew in about 115 days (episode recorded on March 6th, 2018). The State of Wisconsin EMS office is dealing with many things, and EMS license renewals for both services and individuals is only one of them. In this episode, Helen Pullen of Wisconsin EMS joins us to discuss deadlines, common questions and mu ...…
Our topic was project-based learning.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We discussed tools we use for online collaboration.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
This episode features guest Scott Moore, Esq. an HR and Operations consultant for The American Ambulance Association and owner of EMS Resource Advisors, LLC. We are talking about employee incentive programs, what they are (and are not), and what you should consider before implementation. Scott also shares his views on what the single most effec ...…
We talked to Samantha Becker @sambeckertweets about her work with technology and connecting students/users with engaging and meaningful uses of technology.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
2018 is here! In the first half of this episode, we talk with Dr. Suzanne Martens, EMS Medical Director for the state of Wisconsin as she shares the work the Physician Advisory Committee has been doing and their plan for 2018. The second half of this episode features Joe Kachelski, CEO of the Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISH ...…
Jill, Paul and Maurice talk accessibility of your live and digital presentations.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Today was all about future literacies for success. Jonathan from joined Andrea, Maurice, Paul And Jill.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked about what one word we are going to use this year or would be our foucs. That became T is for Training Bingo.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
A holiday show. Probably a year wrap or not. we talked about what we saw as 2017 trends in training. What fun.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Guest Host Paul S.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked this list of top 11 challenges for Learning also dealt with random trolls popping in and out of our show. Fun Fun Fun.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked about making space for creativity how 10 seconds and 10 minutes make a difference.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked about @gcouros 8 characteristics of the innovator's mindset and other riffs off of that including TTWWADI That's The Way We've Always Done It. Usually not a good answer.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We discussed Liberating Structures, an inclusionary Instructional Design system The Link: And How To Bring Training To Those Who Can't Come to you.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Jill and Maurice talked about what training topics or skills are at the front of our brains including Jill's new course and Maurice product roll out.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
When you are faced with a constraint, you need to be able to smile, laugh, and move forward.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked physical and digital library space evaluation. Also contact forms and how to do them right and not right. User Experience and who can help you bring in fresh eyes to your building or website.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Andrea and Maurice talked service to rural libraries, targeting the OWWL libraries in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Jill and Kate do a short show to kickoff the summer holiday season with some of their favorite podcasts...for when you're stuck in Memorial Day Weekend Traffic.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
you're really smart. We talked training you develop but don't deliver, we talked ADA style assistance and training design and IFLA.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Five hours of learning each week and how hard that can be. also, do we live in an information age?By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Talked about Cil2017, presentations in general, and Andrea S. New Gig somewhere in new york state (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked Play to learn, the Congress bromance trip and incorporating play into your training.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Paul and Maurice discussed the 2017 NMC Horizon Report Higher Education Edition. Paul is one of the folks who helped create the report and talks about the process. Then we discuss the report itself and industry ramifications. We made jokes too.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
What has changed in training in the last 10 years....Our Library Training Heroes. A little bit about ALA midwinter in Atlanta.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked ALA MW, Marches, Politics and what are the roles of libraries in times of civic turmoil?By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
I don't think anyone reads the notes so I will just say we talked about customization v standardization in training, reorganizing conferences and various other topics.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked about who are your learning community heroes, what groups and individuals can do to support learning, wrote a presentation and shared how we can continue to hold space for ourselves and others.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Jill and Kate talk about the little things that make training user experience wonderful for our trainer, from start to finish. Also, there's a spider.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Another one of our super short shows, but Kate leaves us with an interesting question to consider.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked connection with the audience and some tips on presenting and how we get ready for a presentation.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
Explored NMC K 12 tech report (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
No Real Show just a bunch of thanks.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
We talked How do you pave the way for training to be well received? How to create effective resources for an unknown user group; ALA and our dream cities for possible locations.By (MC aka Baldgeekinmd).
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