Best Stand Up Ny Labs podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Race Wars
Hilarious, honest and unfiltered, Race Wars with Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small and Keren Margolis delivers a brutally funny perspective that can't be found anywhere else. Kurt, Sherrod and Keren cut through all the layers of politically correct media spin to deliver hysterical and truthful opinions on social, racial and global topics.
Sabrina Jalees talks to her favorite comedians about the pursuit of happiness and healthiness. Each episode features sexy conversations about comedy and life’s eternal bitch-slap, as well as uplifting cameos by Sabrina’s very Swiss mother, Ursula, with tips on happiness, healthiness and reminders to do your taxes. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
Rantin' and Ravin'
Rantin' and Ravin' with Yamaneika and Friends is the incredibly funny podcast hosted by the hilarious Yamaneika Saunders.
Passed Podcast
Comedy Club Insiders and Comics talk about how to level up in the industry. Produced by Matt W (Stand Up NY Labs)
Stand Up NY Labs brings you Charlie Murphy Presents- the official podcast of Charlie Murphy. Comin' at ya every Wednesday with the biggest guests in comedy and entertainment, Charlie hosts a round table in front of a live studio audience in the Stand Up NY Lab above Stand Up NY Comedy club in New York City. Charlie Murphy's rapid evolution from "Chappelle's Show" cast member to top-billed international comedian, playing to sold-out audiences around the globe, has been remarkable. He has spen ...
Step into the creative process of stand up comedy in Moonlighting with Sam Morril. Each week Sam brings in a panel of stand up comics to riff the new bits that they’re working on, sparking hilarious and honest conversation about personal topics and current events. They’re like your friends, only way funnier.
Lust for Life
Stand Up NY Labs presents Lust For Life with James L. Mattern and Benjy Susswein, a podcast about the human condition.
Lust For Life
Stand Up NY Labs presents Lust for Life with Maddog Mattern, a podcast about the human condition. Each week comedian Maddog Mattern, Benjy Susswein and a rotating group of their friends talk to a guest with a unique story in effort to get themselves and their listeners closer to understanding this thing called life.
Sole Men
Comedians Nore Davis and Derek Gaines, The Sole Men, come at you every two weeks to bring you into the conversation about sneaker releases, sneaker news and sneaker everything else.
Free Speech
FREE SPEECHThe world’s most uncensored podcast is hosted by “Godfather of hipsterdom” and Fox News regular Gavin McInnes. Whether he agrees with his guests or gets in an angry screaming match, McInnes always seems to draw out an unprecedented level of honesty which makes for a conversation that is always controversial and never boring. The point of this show is to counter political correctness and the war on fun going on in America today. Though every single episode seems to spark some sort ...
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Naomi Ekperigin (Seth Myers, Broad City, Search Party) stops by the dressing room to talk about career, love and muting the ‘gram to thrive. Sab and Naomi debate when it’s appropriate and when it’s psychotic to ask for job recommendations. How did Naomi break into the business? What was it like being one of these things is not like the other on ...…
Yamaneika is alone this week sharing an important message with black men.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Starlee and Sabrina continue their deep, vulnerable dive into their hearts and minds. Have you been frozen by fear? Listen! Starlee looks back at the time where she was given a book deal but couldn’t bang it out because of the pressure she stacked on herself. Wanna know how to break into the TV writing biz? Take a listen baby! Starlee talks abo ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Ryan Long and Rick Younger as Rick discusses being in Mean Girls on Broadway, black people with anxiety, and Ryan discusses his recent move to America.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at video of previous weeks extended episodes and more check us out a ...…
This episode starts out in the backyard and gets dog-chased into Sabrina’s bed where both Sab and guest Starlee Kine (Mystery Show, Search Party, This American Life) dive deep and get vulnerable. They discuss the inevitability of comparing and despairing and the fiction around it all. Starlee feels she needs to reignite her sense of hope and th ...…
Yamaneika is joined by comedian Christina Galston to break down their relationship situations, their dating struggles, and how to handle a breakup.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Emily just got s new dog and the girls discuss how that’s helped with breaking her indie-indie walls down. They also bond over the goofy make up and styling people instinctively put on on-camera women. All these and more AS WELL AS a chat with Ursula about her favorite new app and doggy potty training tricks. Emily Hellers comedy special Ice Th ...…
Sherrod is back from Vegas and joined by chef Carl Ruiz and comedians Kareem Green and Victoria Arnstein as Sherrod and Carl discuss drinking in the south, they discuss middle eastern women, and Nazi's in Argentina.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Sherrod and Kurt are reunited for a live episode in Las Vegas!!By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Emmy award winner (Barry) and very goodie goodie friend Emily Heller slips into Sabrina’s dressing room and the girls take off their bras for a comfy catch up. What did they catch up on? Would to you like to know. Full stop. End. JK! Here are some topics: starting in a multi cam (Emily was on Ground Floor), gardening and gardening hats, body im ...…
We’re back in the Carol’s Second Act dressing room just in time to find out Ashley’s tips on Instagram success. Sabrina trades her meeting Susan Sarandon story for Ashley’s meeting all of Brad Pitt’s exes stories (Jen Aniston AND Angelina Jolie). Ashley reminisces on the early days of High School Musical and shares the story of how she fell in ...…
Sabrina hangs chills in her dressing room with true star and delight Ashley Tisdale. They chat about anxiety, depression, sexuality, marriage and both bravely admit they don’t know how to use the word “propensity”. This episode is full of goodie goodies including Ashley’s red flag for when you should walk away from a relationship. WARNING: This ...…
Yamaneika is joined by her trainer Melina Saunders as they discuss her fitness goals as well as Yam's new relationship.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Sherrod and keren are joined by Yamaneika Saunders, Chrissie Mayr, Jeff Cerulli, Gina Brillon, and Matt Ritter as they discuss whether there are any subjects that are off limits to comedy, proper roast battle etiquette and they finish the show with some vintage tasteless jokes.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Yamaneika is joined by comedians Rachel Green and Del Harrison to discuss both of their recent musical projects and Yamaneika rants about reality stars trying to do comedy.By Yamaneika Saunders.
We travel back to Bryan's first kiss, which had a very fun surprise (splooj!) ending. We stumble upon a MAYBE UNIVERSAL TO CLOSETED TEENS experience that MAYBE WE DISCOVERED? Bryan talks about crying in a Kristen Wiig movie and gives tips on onscreen tear-jerking. What did we love about our childhoods? Listen to find out! What needs to be repea ...…
For Sherrod's birthday Keren and him are joined by four pornstars Dani Daniels, Dillion Harper, Kelli Provacateur, and Payton Sin Clair as Payton talks about her multiple engagements and going to high school with Todd Frazier, and Kelli teaches Sherrod about scat.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Sabrina sits down with Bryan Safi (star of Fox’s 911 and the hit podcast Throwing Shade) to chat about the balance of f*cks given vs. f*cks not given. If you’re wondering whether or not Sabrina’s mom Ursula hates this description already wonder no longer because she certainly don’t. Both Bryan and Sabrina went through periods of family estrange ...…
Yamaneika is joined by Kerry Coddett and Aida Rodriguez as they breakdown the recent A$AP Rocky controversy, and Yam gets excited about Chick-Fil-A mac and cheese.By Yamaneika Saunders.
We jump back in to our giggly chat with Mitra Jouhari. How do we avoid internet depression? How did Mitra and Whit(mere Thomas comedian and goodie goodie guy) meet and fall in lerv? This episode includes a special message from Sabrina’s son Wolfie (!!) and a special call with her VERY NORMAL mom Ursula about her very normal childhood and period ...…
Sherrod is joined in studio by Ann Coulter, Judge Herb Dodell, and comedian Jeff Leach as they get political debating gun control, Herb shares stories from the bench handing out restraining orders, and Jeff asks for legal advice.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Mitra Jouhari has not only written on High Maintenance and Big Mouth but now FINALLY she has appeared on The Goodie Goodie and this episode is PROOF! Mitra and Sab talk about being half brown, having relationships, dealing with anxiety and Mitra’s first adult vacation. You want more details? Seems greedy but I’ll tell you this: they also talk D ...…
Yamaneika is back with Mehran, Celeste and Del Harrison as Yam finally tells her story of getting in a fight at a wedding.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Hop back in bed with Liza Treyger and Sab to find out what it’s like to have an Internet snafu that lands you boiling in a mass troll witch hunty cauldron. They also chat New York vs. Los Angeles, cheesecakes vs. dream bods, and dream lives in general. Come for the giggles, stay for the therapist tips and stumble upon the section where Liza and ...…
Sherrod is joined in studio by Dan Frigolette, Nic Novicki, Derek Gaines, and Jailyn as the new owner of The Weekly World News joins to tell everyone of the return of Bat Boy, Tracey tells about her crazy dating history and cheating with well endowed men.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at Vid ...…
Liza Treyger is a global treasure sent from the Russian Space Center to light this planet on fire via hotboxing. She’s also one of Sab’s best friends and so it makes full sense that this episode was taped while nestled in Sabrina’s true, at home bed. The two chat about squandering money, personal growth as well as Liza’s massive twitter drama o ...…
Aminah Imani and Rosebud Baker join Yamanieka in a studio full of dogs flies and children to continue the discussion of Dina Hashem and what is meant by hot girls summer.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Today, we continue our chat with the great, kooky, brilliant Jeffery Self and dig in to mental health, medicating and the tough tough sport of restraint. How much do you think Jeffery and Cole Escola were paid for their Logo show? Well it’s lower than that #HollywoodScoop. The episode is capped by a chat with Sab's mama Ursula about what it was ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Blair Thompson, Joe DeVito, Katie Boyle, and Riley Lassin for a wild episode where Katie talks about the black people she knew in Ireland, she struggles with American racism and Keren and Riley teach her about Judaism.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at ...…
Jefferey Self poops like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Today we chat with the Search Party star and Drag Teen author about growing up in Rome, Georgia, being a fourteen year old local theater director and running away from college to sex his way across America AMONG MANY OTHER THINGS. What are those things? Stick this pod into your ears an ...…
Yamaneika is joined by Rosebud Baker and Chloe Hilliard as they break down the controversy of Dina Hashem's XXXTentacion joke and the discuss the etiquette of roast battles.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Did you know every podcast episode needs a lil descriptor? Neither did I until very late in this process! If you listened last week you know that Sabrina and Natasha are enjoying both a giggly and the-world-is-gonna-end vibe. This episode we get into embryo freezing as Natasha walks us through the process of her pregnancy. Dieting, a fish recip ...…
Sherrod and Keren get mystical this week as they're joined by medium and oracle Elena Servidio-Schwin, Dr Todd Hoffman, and Steve Calabria as Elena explains how she can talk to the dead, astrally project, and she reads Steve on air.For video and the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at…
Natasha and Sabrina are both on the verge of acting in their own respective CBS sitcoms and the abundance is 🆒💃🏽💯. Sabrina and Natasha sit poolside at Natasha’s home, digging in to their beginnings and chatting about the snakes and ladders* that landed them closer to their childhood dreams of ATTENTION SO MUCH ATTENTION. They get into the goodi ...…
Yamaneika is joined by comedian and actor Seaton Smith to discuss getting hit as a child and a grandfather who dropped his granddaughter out a cruise ship window.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Yamaneika is back in the studio with friend of the show Joyelle Johnson. They get into it over the short white man screaming in the bagel shop as well as other top news stories around the country.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Sherrod and Keren are joined in studio by Alexis Guerreros, Christian Polanco, and Brian Kim as they discuss America winning the Women's World Cup, Jeffery Epstein's arrest, and Anthony Weiner.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Yamaneika is joined by frequent guests Del Harrison, Celeste Jennings and Meran Khagani as they slowly try to break down the recent Taylor Swift controversy, but get repeatedly side tracked.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Enjoy this sneak preview of Sabrina Jalees's brand new podcast THE GOODIE GOODIE featuring special guest Natasha Leggero! The Goodie Goodie premieres Tuesday July 16th. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.By Forever Dog.
Sherrod and Keren are joined in studio by comedians Liza Treyger, Janelle Dennis, James Goff, and Chewy May as they discuss Trump's military parade, whether Jay Z and Beyonce still love each other, and dating both other comics or fans.For video and the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at…
Jon and Kevin are back in the studio with JT Anderson and Harry Terjanian to discuss all the controversies and surprise guests at Skankfest as well as the recent controversy around Francis Ellis.By Passed Podcast.
Yamaneika is once again joined by Del Harrison and Mehran Khagani in a wild follow up to last weeks episode where Yam shares how she catfished a man on Grinder, trying to help Matt with dating and how Mehran can help Yam have a baby.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedian Josh Tolentino and Yamaneika takes over the show as they discuss Josh dating older women, Dora the Explorer's connection to sex trafficking and Yamaneika and Sherrod sing together.For video and the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at…
Yamaneika is joined by Del Harrison and Mehran as they listen to Del's song Boom Boom and discuss what her music means to Yam and Yam tells a story of a young comedian disrespecting her.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Sherrod and Keren are joined by porn actress Jessy Dubai and comedians Rebecca Rush, Jaime Linn and Celeste Jennings as Jessy describes growing up in Mexico and discovering her father was gay, what happens when a boob job fails and Sherrod gets mad at Rebecca for letting LA change her.For video and the extended version of this weeks podcast sub ...…
Yamaneika is on location in LA and stops to have "girl talk" with Zainab! Zainab is a fan favorite and also has a podcast called "Honesty w/ Z"By Yamaneika Saunders.
Jon has Sherrod Small in studio for a brief one on one interview where Sherrod discusses his rise in comedy and whether it's helpful for every comedian to have their own podcast.By Passed Podcast.
With Milo's recent controversy at the Creek and the Cave we're rereleasing a classic episode where Milo Yiannopoulos came into the studio and Tommy O'Malley attempted to pick a fight with him.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians James Altucher, Drew Picklyk, Dustin Chafin and Eli Sairs as they discuss Canadian racism, the Canadian Drew educates everyone on American politics and Dustin tells black children how to get ahead in life.For video and the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at…
Yamaneika and Christine Meehan-Berg go back and forth, trading stories about the horrors of entitled white women and Yam shares a story of getting the cops called on her by her neighbors.By Yamaneika Saunders.
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