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One Step At A Time
I am a stepmom who has lost her stepchildren. I am Christian. The purpose of this podcast is to give a voice to the stepparents who have no children of their own and had to give up those children because their spouse’s experiences in the family court system. You are not alone and I will show how this is all part of God's divine plan.
Mom Enough
the moms our children need, the women we want to be
The Parents' Show was launched in October 2010 by local parents from St Albans with the aim of providing parents or anyone who cares for kids with up-to-date information and resources on the issues that matter to them.The show is broadcast live every Thursday evening from 8-9pm. Each week, we select a theme, as suggested by one of our listeners, and each week we get a top expert in the studio responding to listener questions and concerns. We also discuss local resources available to parents. ...
A free, weekly show to support and inspire you! Discussing every possible aspect of parenting, giving you advice and support on topics which affect your daily life. Each free, weekly episode is bursting with practical tips, techniques and ideas.
Delivered by parents for parents, the support and education you get will leave you feeling empowered, confident and tooled with skills to help your family.
The Hamilton Corner provides pertinent insight into the legal, political, and spiritual issues of the day. Tune in for up to date Biblical Worldview commentary that plants a flag for Christ in today’s culture.
I'll Be Honest
Christian Videos and Audio Sermons of Tim Conway, Paul Washer and other Biblical preachers.
Vita Nova provides Counselling on topics such as Marriage, Relationship and Parenting. The postcast includes radio recordings on various topics
RN Drive takes you behind the day’s headlines, with an engaging mix of current affairs, analysis, arts and culture from across Australia and around the world.
AM is Australia's most informative morning current affairs program. With key political interviews and stories about the Australian way of life, AM sets the agenda for the nation’s daily news and current affairs coverage.
The pleasures, pratfalls & practical lessons of parenting in the modern world.
ABC radio news and current affairs afternoon program reporting on Australia and the world.
From nurturing newborns to taming toddlers, we unravel the art and science of parenting with real-life stories and expert advice. The hilarious to the humbling and all the nitty gritty in between. Hosted by mum of two and journalist Shevonne Hunt. Produced by Elise Cooper. Kinderling Kids' Radio is Australia's #1 radio station for kids and families. Visit us at
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher shares in casual conversation, topics of health, wellness and spirituality to transform your life. Her guests are authors, physicians, spiritual leaders, and people who wish to share a message of hope as the world evolves through daily challenges. The conversations may ease your concerns, encourage deep laughter or challenge your beliefs but you will come away with a sense that something has stirred inside of you and you just can't wait to share it with others. Dr. Jea ...
Banned Books
Welcome to Banned Books, where we read and converse with the rebel children, the holy mischief-makers of God, who fight against the kind of useless religious, spiritual, and moral methods of life improvement that seeks to smother the glory of God in Jesus Christ. We want to introduce you to those who forgot everything except Jesus Christ and him crucified. We all struggle with fear of being last, lost, least, littlest, and dead, and so we are here to encourage, challenge, provoke, and maybe ...
Do you feel that parenting teens is the biggest job you’ll ever have? Are you wondering about how to help your child discover his or her unique potential? Are you dedicated to raising a child with character and integrity? Based on the Hyde School’s philosophy of “parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom,” this podcast was created to help parents understand just how to put this philosophy in place in the home, and to discover the transformative outcomes that happ ...
We exist to love God, love each other, and make Jesus Christ known.
ADHD Experts Podcast
Leading ADHD experts give real-life answers to questions submitted by ADD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life. Note on audio quality: This podcast is a recording of a webinar series, and the audio has been captured from telephone conversations, not recorded in a studio. Register to participate in the live webinars at:
Sponsored in part by the CHWC Bryan Hospital and Specialty Clinics.Wednesdays at 7:45 a.m. during Morning EditionWGTE presents The Rough Draft Diaries with Haley Taylor, an ongoing, short form radio podcast that explores the social and cultural fabric of the local community, while uncovering personal stories and experiences that resonate globally.At the end of each episode, Haley asks her guest to suggest three different possibilities for a story, from which one is chosen. The program then u ...
The Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) serves its readers as the single most credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research. Usually presented in conjunction with an original report and an editorial published on, the JCO podcasts enable readers to stay current on the latest research while placing the results into a clinically useful context.
RN Breakfast is the program informed Australians wake up to. Start each day with comprehensive coverage and analysis of national and international events, and hear interviews with the people who matter today—along with those who'll be making news tomorrow.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Tim Conway' on
The Mormon Messages video series contain short inspirational messages regarding principles and values that are important to the world.
Vox's The Weeds
In politics, you’re often told not to get lost in the weeds. But we love the weeds! That’s where politics becomes policy – the stuff that shapes our lives. Every Tuesday and Friday, Matthew Yglesias is joined by Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff, Dara Lind, Jane Coaston and other Vox voices to dig into the weeds on important national issues, including healthcare, immigration, housing, and everything else that matters. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
In just 60 seconds, the Focus on the Family Minute provides a daily "nugget of truth" for building strong families. Hosted by John Fuller, the Focus on the Family Minute features helpful advice on how to strengthen your marriage and raise your kids on the right path.
Weekly sermons recorded at Veritas Community Church in Dayton, Ohio
Weekly sermons from All Souls Presbyterian Church proclaim the good news of God's grace toward sinners through the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Luke Herche is the pastor of All Souls Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Champaign-Urbana, IL.
FREE podcasts related to divorce and divorce recovery are provided weekly to help get your life back on track. Whether contemplating, going through or just getting over divorce, this is the place for you. Welcome to our community!
Philip and Lucy discover that the city Philip has built using toys, books and household objects, has come alive. This is the account of their incredible adventures in those magical lands, where they meet characters from books and history, mythical beasts, and many other nice (and not so nice) people and creatures. As with all Edith Nesbit’s tales, The Magic City has generous helpings of humour, imagination and interesting ideas, as well as the over-arching story of how a boy and girl who hav ...
Essential listening for the broadcast production, journalism and technology communities. Practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio, journalism.
Sermon Audio from 2 Pillars Church. 2 Pillars is a gospel-centered, missionally-focused church located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our mission is to make, mature, and unleash missionary disciples who live with gospel faithfulness to the glory of God. For more information visit our website at
Making Marriage Cool -- Standing up for Traditional Marriage
Sermons form Norway Avenue Church of Christ
Community Christian Church of Springfield, MODr. Roger Ray, Pastor
The BBC has learned that the British government paid £3.2 million AGEF, an aid agency which has shuttered over allegations of fraud. AGEF's mission was to help resettle failed asylum-seekers sent back to Kabul and to train local people. The British government was aware of problems since 2009, according to the BBC, but continued to pay AGEF until this year. Angus Crawford, correspondent for the BBC, filed this report.
Bringing the best of UBC to our alumni and listeners around the world. Episodes feature prominent speakers and insightful discussions about current issues, as well as covering topics related to career development and entrepreneurship.
Join us live every Tuesday - Friday at 5:30 pm EST, at Learn how to withstand, recover, and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands. My guests unveil their life transformation and their WHY. We will empower the listeners with the tools necessary to take MASSIVE action, and inspire them to live EPIC lives. My guests are Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Podcasters, Innovators, and other life changing people who elevat ...
Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective. Find out more at
ConnectedCoaches is UK Coaching's (formerly Sports Coach UK) free online community for coaches of any sport or activity. Our podcasts are recordings of blogs posted on Become a ConnectedCoaches member and you’ll find lots more content to help you improve your coaching, including blogs, videos and conversations started in the many group forums. Connect with coaches by registering today – it’s quick, simple and free! Find out more by visiting
True Crime Brewery
Jill and Dick are a married couple who love to drink beer and discuss true crime. Join them at the quiet end of the bar. Dick will bring along an excellent beer from the region where the crime occurred. He will give us a little beer lesson and review before Jill starts off their true crime discussion. The discussions are well-researched and in depth. Dick is a physician and often shares his medical expertise at Jill's urging.
Christian Zion Church Daily Podcast
Ridiculous History
History is beautiful, brutal and, often, ridiculous. Join Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown as they dive into some of the weirdest stories from across the span of human civilization in Ridiculous History, a podcast by HowStuffWorks.
Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Positive Psychology and Energy Psychology Practitioner, Meditation, Breathwork and Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, as well as a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines, T focuses on how energy effects every aspect of our lives. Learn how to raise your awareness, consciousness and vibration so you can live the best life possible. T shares her wealth of information on energy ...
The weekly podcast for Central West End Church in St. Louis, MO. For more information please visit
Plaza Baptist
Sermons by Plaza Baptist
Feed your soul - wherever, whenever!
This is a podcast dedicated to finding free market solutions to society's problems. Join hosts Josh Taylor & Kevin McCreary as they seek peaceful alternatives to the "necessary evil" known as The State.
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On Nov. 8, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation tribal government repealed a law guaranteeing freedom of the press for their tribe. In an act that critics have called an aggressive attack on the press, the repeal of the 2015 Free Press Act was done in a hurried fashion, with little transparency. In 2015, the Free Press Act was passed, creating an indepe ...…
Continuing their conversation from episode #31, Gillespie and Riley follow Gerhard Forde, and with him examine Luther's Heidelberg Disputation. This week, Aristotle, righteousness, and whose work is worth calling "good." Our Text: On Being a Theologian of the Cross, Gerhard Forde, Part IV: “God’s Work in Us: The Righteousness of Faith” Show Not ...…
While responding to the California wildfires, President Trump pointed to the successful practices of Finland in forest fire prevention.
Concerns about how our urban cities will cope in the years to come are nothing new, but experts say building smarter and more flexible infrastructure could make a big difference.
Supratim Adhikari from The Australian unpacks the biggest stories from the world of tech.
Facebook has made a philanthropic leap of faith into supporting quality journalism in the United Kingdom.
The statement has taken a few by surprise, but what can it tell us about US-Saudi relations?
On Wednesday's PM: Scott Morrison under fire as some Muslim leaders plan to boycott a meeting on radical Islam; Donald Trump stands by Saudi Arabian ties, despite the CIA finding the Saudi crown prince ordered a journalist's murder; and chaos surrounds the opening of a brand new hospital in Sydney as its boss resigns.…
Bali Nine member Renae Lawrence is set to be released from prison after spending nearly 13 years behind bars.
It appears unlikely that controversial laws which would give law enforcement access to encrypted messaging will pass the Parliament before the end of the year.
The Prime Minister Scott Morrison is accusing Muslim leaders of continuing down a path of denial.
Erin Hawley reminds us that God has a plan for our families. Listen to the full program here.By (Focus on the Family).
The Federal Government is overseeing two programs which will use facial recognition technology for digital identification and law enforcement. Experts warn the way the technology is being rolled out could have serious privacy implications.
Sydney's newest hospital officially opened two days ago but its CEO has already resigned, following complaints over a lack of resources and understaffing. Questions are now being asked about the public-private partnership arrangement used by the NSW Government to operate the hospital.
The Prime Minister has criticized a group of Muslim leaders for refusing to attend a meeting with him. Nine invited leaders have penned an open letter, declining to attend due to deep disappointment with Scott Morrison's comments following the Bourke Street attack.
Donald Trump has declared his unwavering support for Saudi Arabia's Muhammad bin Salman, just days after the CIA concluded that the crown prince had ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Dr Rodger Shanahan, research fellow at the Lowy Institute, speaks with PM on the complex relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia.…
The Commonwealth Bank chair has again been in the hot seat at the banking Royal Commission, with senior counsel suggesting the CBA board broke the law by failing to hold management to account and failing to keep proper records.
Roger Fankhauser, author of the book, "Stormproof Men," gives hope to those struggling with sexual sin. Sin gets its strength in the dark, and shame tells us not to tell, but the Bible gives us a better way to be set free. At the root of sexual sin, Fankhauser explains, is the feeling of false intimacy that pornography gives you. In truth, porn ...…
In this Thanksgiving Special, The Rough Draft Diaries visited Erika Rapp, of Registry Bistro, as she shared her family favorite recipe (one she's been making for 20 years), her Oven Roasted Chestnut Soup.If you had trouble following along with the recipe, check out our handy-dandy, behind-the-scenes video of The Rough Draft Diaries in Registry ...…
Here in the modern day, most people don’t love going to the dentist — but we still have it much better than the dental patients of yesteryear! Join the guys as they dive into a strange, grisly story from the early days of dentistry. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn ...…
Dr Bruce Robinson is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia and is the Director of The Fathering Project, a non-profit organisation helping dads become the best fathers they can be. Bruce shares what he has learnt from two decades of helping dads become better fathers, overcoming the struggle of not having a good father ...…
Anita Birges from Mise En Place is a decluttering queen who knows all to well the deluge of itsy bitsy things than can build up over the year. She shares her top tips for decluttering your kids' toys before the silly season, and how to keep your toy space organised; from the smallest of shelf spaces to whole rumpus rooms.…
One of the biggest battles Christians face in their church is with selfishness. Christians should not be consumed with themselves and their own interests. We need to resist this inward pull to be focused on our own needs and not the needs of others. Excerpt from, “The Unity of the Spirit“.
MPs are set to pass a modern slavery act when Federal Parliament returns next week.
Academics from Canberra University said research had uncovered evidence a Russian troll farm based in St Petersburg had tried to incite divisions among Australians by playing on fears around Islam.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Energy Minister Angus Taylor keep telling Australians the government will meet its emission reductions targets "at a a canter" — but the experts aren't so sure.
Delegates attending the second National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference heard that maintaining a connection to culture is important for mental health.
The Liberal speaker in Tasmania has voted against the government to side with the Tasmanian Greens and Labor party to introduce laws to make it easier for adults to change their gender of birth certificates.
A suicide bomb attack on a gathering of religious scholars in Kabul has killed at least 43 people.
The World Health Organisation is working with governments globally to improve the response to domestic and family violence by health workers on the frontline of the "epidemic".
There have been calls for the establishment of a new international crime-fighting organisation to replace Interpol if the former head of the Russian interior ministry is elected as its president.
Jane, Ezra, and Matt explain a new brand of right-wing politics rising under conditions of permanent opposition. References and further reading: Jane’s piece on the driving force that is California-style conservatism A white paper examining which voters supported Medicaid in Maine’s 2017 referendum John Sides, Michael Tesler, and Lynn Vavreck e ...…
The crossbenchers will introduce a bill for a wide ranging National Integrity Commission having made the issue their top priority as they exert their balance of power in the hung parliament.
Reserve Bank governor Dr Philip Lowe says Australia's banks have been "severely tarnished" by evidence of shocking misconduct but has warned that tougher regulation might hurt the economy.
On today's program: Calls to scrap Interpol as one of Vladimir Putin's allies emerges as the top contender to take control of the international crime fighting body; Tasmania may become the first state to allow people to remove gender from birth certificates; And conference delegates working to prevent suicide in the Indigenous community.…
The Home Affairs Minister has ramped up pressure on Parliament to pass laws that would compel tech companies to decrypt messages for police and intelligence operations, but some are arguing more time is needed.
Donald Trump has declared that America is standing by Saudi Arabia, even though he concedes the country's crown prince may have had knowledge of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Some of Australia's biggest aid organisations are publicly apologising to victims of sexual abuse and harassment at the hands of their staffers, on some of the world's most vulnerable people.
Australian scientists have discovered what could be the best diet for keeping your brain youthful.
There are strong social and community benefits of grassroots sport but it's also crucial to the success of Australian sport at an elite level.
Contributing Editor with The Australian and Professor of Politics at the University of Western Australia Peter Van Onselen joins RN Breakfast to discuss the latest developments in federal politics.
Congestion, law and order and terrorism are front of mind issues for Victorians as they head into this weekend's state election with yet another alleged terror plot foiled in Melbourne yesterday.
RN Breakfast's Sports Commentator Warwick Hadfield joins Fran Kelly to bring you news from the world of sport.
"There's a good narrative to spin here but it has clearly come at a huge cost," the director of the Lowy Institute's Pacific Islands program said.
The US President's statement begins by saying, "America First! The world is a very dangerous place!"
There are concerns a Russian-led Interpol could further politicise police cooperation across borders with Moscow regularly accused of using Interpol's procedures to pursue political enemies.
There are concerns a Russian-led Interpol could further politicise police cooperation across borders with Moscow regularly accused of using Interpol's procedures to pursue political enemies.
The US President said facts surrounding the murder may never be known, adding "it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event — maybe he did and maybe he didn't!"
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