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Cordialmente con Linus e gli Elio e le Storie Tese torna in versione mensile. Un lunedì al mese dalle 22 alle 24 in diretta radio e Facebook
It's the chance for you to hear first hand from authors on why they write their their own words! Join J. Douglas Barker LIVE for iUniverse Radio.
Una sex blogger a metà tra Bridget Jones e Samantha Jones. 💋 Ho creato la principale Pagina Facebook su Tinder in Italia. 😎 Parlo di storie di sessualità e disagio sulle dating App, di serie tv e libri sex positive.
If It Matters
Ordinary people having ordinary conversation about the things they find extraordinary.
Sometimes we're inside the race and sometimes we're outside, but always around the Rochester, NY running scene and the community members who make it happen. If you run you, are a runner. If you are a runner, you have a story. These are the stories of our community. Hosted by Chris O'Brien.
Consigli utili, riflessioni, approfondimenti su tutto il mondo del marketing digitale per chi non smette mai di imparare e aggiornarsi. Informazioni utili a chi guida aziende che vogliono avvantaggiarsi delle opportunità offerte da Internet.
Dark a dark basement, in a haunted dwelling. Some where n the Black Swamp of north west Ohio. This is Swamp Gas, with your host Arizona Tramp.The music aired on Swamp Gas is used with permission. Black Swamp Bride is by Dead In 5 and Dream of Mississippi is by SJ Tucker.
Sales Tuners
SalesTuners is a weekly podcast where I talk with great sales leaders and high performing individual salespeople about the attitude, actions, and abilities that have led to their success.
Our aim with this podcast is to activate your faith. We will have podcast in English and Afrikaans.
We've moved. Tune-in at
Due to requests from loyal following around the world, every post and mix on Indie Rock Cafe is automatically posted as a podcast which you can get on your computer or smart phone by subscribing. Get the best indie songs delivered to you how you want to hear them, and save them as MP3s too by visiting our homepage.
IRC is where hundreds of thousands of people from around the world come every month to hear and download the best new indie rock, plus special mixes, playlists, features, festival coverage, band profiles, Top Ten Songs list and so much more.
Art lover Tony Moschetti sits down with local creatives actively trying to make their mark in the Phoenix arts scene. Join us as they share their inspirations, their struggles, and perhaps their French fries.
The Games in Schools and Libraries podcast is about board, card and digital games, and the ways in which they can find a place in schools or at the local library.
Sports talk show mixing everyday life with the week in sports and latest controversies.
Our aim with this podcast is to activate your faith. We will have podcast in English and Afrikaans.
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Here I am. Halfway around the world, living what most would consider the “experience of a lifetime.” Yet, I’m spending my time thinking about all the things YOU get to do on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade this time for anything, but living in a constant state of change does start to wear on you. As we look to celebrate Than ...…
Che cos’è questo Customer Journey?Nulla di complicato: il customer journey è il percorso che passo-passo fanno i clienti per arrivare a diventare clienti.La serie di passaggi che fanno i prospect per diventare clienti coincide con dei “punti di contatto” dei “touchpoint” che possono essere l’aver cliccato su un banner pubblicitario, aver letto ...…
Tramp interviews Robert W. Sullivan IV about mason stuffBy (WiseFrog).
Takeaways Change Your Mindset: It is my strong belief that the next generation of great sellers will be subject matter experts that have been taught how to sell, rather than salespeople who learn about a portfolio of products. With information being readily accessible and buyers expecting more every day, you owe it to yourself to become an indu ...…
Metodi agili, metodologia agile, agile development, agile project management persino agile marketing e agile sales.Quante volte avete sentito la parola "agiàil" e vi siete chiesti: ma cos'è sta roba? Servirà a qualche cosa oppure è solo la moda del momento?Oggi ne parliamo con un amico del podcast di lunga data, una delle persone che da subito ...…
I'm reccin' the rest of the podcasts I know in town! And it's a really big list, so strap in! Which, if you're listening in your car, I shouldn't have to tell you. So unsafe. Take some time and listen through to find some new podcasts to support, because this one is all wrapped up like a corpse in a hotel rug! Thank you to everyone who supporte ...…
Tramp interviews Carol&Rick RockBy (WiseFrog).
Takeaways Figure Out the Why First: Nearly everyone you come across knows ‘what’ to do, but do they know ‘why’ to do it? If they know, do you? As you work through building a hook that resonates with your target audience, it’s critical you understand their why. Then, and only then, you can deliver your what in a bite-sized manner they can unders ...…
Join me as I spin some classics and future classics, good music to sit, drink and make love to. Music for your soul, to get you through with your significant other.
Join me on this special edition of Talkin Shit with Kire! As I host a Night Moods show; an entire show of love songs and ballads, like back in the day when radio stations played real love songs every night! I’ll be playing old and my school cuts!
Avete mai preparato i testi per un sito web?Vi siete bloccati davanti al monitor per ore senza cavare un ragno dal buco? È un’esperienza abbastanza comune.Ora pensate a cosa potrebbe succedere se vi accorgeste di dover ripensare anche al microcopy, cioè a tutti quei piccoli testi che stanno sulle call-to-action, sui pulsanti, nelle introduzioni ...…
Performer, writer and poet Clare Thompson Roy is a strong advocate for “doing the work” for the love of it and not accepting gigs based on money alone. Which is great because she moved to Phoenix. Clare sat with me outside of Urban Beans to talk about working with managers and agents, growing as an artist, and succeeding by not doing what she w ...…
Takeaways Think Big Even If You Start Small: Anyone who’s either lived it before or is living it now knows the truth about being a sales development representative: it’s tough. SDRs are pushed hard, work long hours and go into work every single day knowing they’re going to get rejected over and over again. But, if you can master the art of open ...…
Dana Forrester of Dead In 5 calls into the stationBy (WiseFrog).
Arizona Tramp TOGHS and HTBy (WiseFrog).
Le chat (o i chatbot) sono spesso usate dai clienti per raggiungere i brand in momenti di difficoltà se non di sconforto.Capita quindi che in questi momenti si generi tensione, sgradevole sia per il cliente che per l’operatore che dall’altra parta cerca in tutti i modi di dare un contributo positivo.Oggi quindi vedremo con Annamaria Anelli qual ...…
The tables are turned for the 2nd time ever on the podcast. Jamie Hobbs convinced me to be other the other side of the mic and so, ... In this episode, Chris O'Brien (me) joins to talk about Oil Creek 100k. Listen in to find out what happens when a podcast host does exactly the bare minimum training and even less planning for an ultra! (Spoiler ...…
Arizona Tramp interviews Black Swamp Paranormal of NWOBy (WiseFrog).
Light em if you got em bruh, it's the Rec Room. Today I'm shouting out a local podcast that is no long releasing episodes, because nothing matters and it's funny.So check out Ghost Boys with Lou Moon and Tristan Bowling! Lou has since relocated but Tristan is still active in town doing fun stuff. On a heavier note, Comedy Off Main St. Needs our ...…
Takeaways Become an Advocate: As a seller, you will never benefit if a prospect goes down a path that isn’t going to benefit them. We’ve talked a lot on this show about the need to truly listen to your buyer, and it’s true — you have to understand what factors they’re facing internally and externally, what deadlines they're up against, and what ...…
Linkedin serve per trovare lavoro?La risposta non è così scontata.Perciò se state cercando un lavoro, se lo avete perso da poco, se volete un avanzamento di carriera e avete voglia di guardarvi attorno questa puntata vi darà qualche consiglio utile.E lo darà specialmente a chi è davvero in difficoltà, perché a volte quando siamo in una situazio ...…
Shandi, Allison, and Jessie are three theatre practitioners who joined forces to create the Blood n'Blush podcast, combining true crime, makeup, and current events. Like a Voltron of shit you drown in on Youtube. We met up at good ol' Urban Beans to talk about acknowledging 2nd jobs as a part of an artist's life, accepting praise from your peer ...…
On this Swamp Gas we have Darrell Neely Odin Sr. From LNM NetworkBy (WiseFrog).
Takeaways Relationships Begin With Intent: You don’t need me to tell you this, but buyers can sniff a hard sell coming from a mile away. The long-term relationship you’ll build begins with the first conversation you have. Find a way to align your goals with their needs. And no, that does not mean you have to sell them something. Steven Covey sa ...…
Il marketing durante Halloween spesso strappa un sorriso, altre volte sembra una riproposizione ti tempi già visti.La domanda a cui cercheremo oggi di rispondere è però: l'Halloween marketing è utile?Che sia la festa delle streghe, la festa dei morti viventi oppure una carnevalata senza senso, ormai Halloween è diventata per il business un picc ...…
meet America's newest and funniest teenaged comedians named Zah Funny! He is an internet sensation who has hilarious videos of commentary; he took off withhis commentary on the Cardi B Nicki Minaj fiasco. Join us as we laugh and discuss the topics of today and I hear exactly what's on his mind and heart.…
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