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A podcast for summer camp professionals. In each episode I talk about 1 topic that has to do with the magic of camp. I prefer topics on programming and creating that magic only camps can create. Occasionally topics might include things like marketing and staff issues as well.
The Summer Camp Leadership Podcast hosts weekly interviews with notable leaders from within the camp industry and beyond. The goal? The help camp pros get unstuck, grow their camp’s impact and lead like never before!
Summer camp provides children and young adults with a life changing experience. Camp alumni Ian Paton & Matt Honsberger interview former campers and staff to find out how camp impacted their lives.
Portfolio of Andrew Waterhouse
Summer Camp is one of Papi Chulo RADIO's signature series. Summer Camp is a panel discussion series where a group of co-hosts gather to discuss some of Hollywood's campiest flicks, cult classic motion pictures and fan favorite films.
Kawaga is a boys summer camp, but it is also something much more. It's a community of over two hundred people that have fun, work, live, laugh, and overcome challenges together every year. It's a place where boys learn and grow while becoming better people. Kawaga is about heart and character! Learn more at
The Camp Awakening Leadership Podcast is a place to be equipped and trained as a leader to impact your local church! Camp Awakening is a spirit-filled youth camp dedicated to awakening the gifting and callings of God on the inside of every believer.
No matter the time, the memories of YMCA Storer Camps never leave us. The indelible life lessons learned in a safe place created and nurtured by amazing people. The experiences- so rich, so fun, so rewarding, and full of love and enthusiasm. Children were always at the center, as they should be...and the fun continues today, celebrating 100 years and beyond! Visit today!
The Shrine Mont Camp Cast is a show that aims to bring the world of shrine mont camps straight to your ears! It's a new way to tell the story of camp. Not a one-on-one interview with a staff member every week, but multiple voices telling the story. Shrine Mont Camps has always been a place where different voices can thrive in the same environment, something I hope to capture with the Camp-Cast. You won't hear from me much in this show, but what you will hear are the voices of Shrine Mont Cam ...
A podcast for those who may have left summer camp, but camp never left us.
Camp Code
Summer camp directors have been asking for more focussed leadership & staff training resources. Featuring 3 of the top trainers in the summer camp industry: Beth Allison, Gabrielle Raill and Ruby Compton, CampHacker.TV is pleased to present Camp Code.
Sunshine Parenting
Audrey Monke's blog about summer camp, parenting, and happiness.
Camp YoliJwa (Youth Living Jesus' Way) is the Christian camping ministry of the Eastern Regional Conference Churches of God. The YoliJwa program consists of fifteen weeks of summer camps and four different weekend retreats. Camp YoliJwa is designed to provide an opportunity for children, youth, and adults to share in Christian living experiences. Camp YoliJwa has been touching lives since 1934.
TVR Christian Camp and Retreat Center is a non-denominational Christian camp located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. We offer summer camp, fall family retreats, winter ski retreats, and a number of different retreats during the spring season.
Transform 2017
Transform is our annual summer camp looking at Taking New Ground: Mission, Miracles & multiplication
After The Ending
We look at what happened to the characters in your favorite movies after they end. If this was the real world, what would happen to that girl who survived the summer camp slasher massacre? Who's going to believe the guy who traveled through time? Were the members of The Breakfast Club still friends on Monday morning? These are the questions we're going to answer! And on top of that, every episode includes a fun mini-feature, and we revisit our picks for the top 10 films of a particular year ...
"Tales From Camp Alewisdodi" is a horror anthology podcast, presenting bone-chilling short stories weekly from a summer camp in the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest. Join camp counselors Nate, Jovi, Courtney, Shon, Wes, and Brady every Friday at dusk around the fire for tales to keep you up at night.
CampHacker aims to create great camp communities so that camps are inspired to change the world. Featuring hosts Travis Allison, Dan Weir, Gabrielle Raill, and Joe Richards. CampHacker is brought to you by summer camp consultants Travis & Beth Allison.
Bunk Notes
Summer Camp for Kids & Families in Santa Cruz, CA
Assistant Directed
Two Assistant Directors explore culture and hijinks at a normal summer camp.
Updates from Our Clergy, Staff, and Beloved Campers - Updates, homilies, stories, and reports from the staff, clergy, and campers of Antiochian Village Summer Camp.
Gifted Camp 2009
The following stories were created by gifted students during a summer camp.
Charisma Check
Charisma Check is: CJ Edgecombe, Trevor Smith and Zac Bunch, three old friends from the American Midwest who met at summer camp and decided to record the ridiculous conversations they have. We're likely to talk about video games, table top games, movies, anime, music, and brand slogans, but that's really no guarantee.
Camp Girl
Camp Girl explores the summer camp world. Join Marley, Director at the oldest girls camp in America, as she interviews campers and staff and delves deeper into how summer camp makes kids more successful adults.
The fun interview show that discusses 'The Art of Living'. Host Robert Halley guides his guests through a series of creative games and thought provoking questions. Think of it as a self discovery summer camp for grownups; common themes of relationships, favorite food , travel, gratitude, and motivation are explored; along with profound subjects such as self care, purpose, and mindfulness. All approached with curious childlike honesty. Allow these conversations to serve as a mirror, inspiring ...
Rooted in the finest traditions of summer camping, Camp Alleghany for Girls was founded in 1922. Celebrating our 95th Summer in 2016, Camp Alleghany continues to provide a challenging yet relaxing summer camp setting for girls to learn new skills, grow in exciting ways, and make lasting friendships.
Transform 2016
Transform is our annual summer camp looking at our Confidence in the Gospel: the Power of God. For links to downloads separate to itunes see our shop website under Transform mp3s (
Hidden Acres is run by the Evangelical Free Church Central District. Hidden Acres hosts many summer camps and retreats throughout the year.
You'll be able to download sermons from the First Baptist Church Youth Ministries. Such as, Youth Conference, Summer Camps, Chapel Services, Teen Church, & other sermons directed towards teens.
Full Turbo Podcast
Podcast host, Denny Taylor, only cares about four things: Jesus, people, summer camp, and professional wrestling. In the Full Turbo Podcast, we touch on all of these subjects while we shoot the breeze about our summer escapades on high.
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This week, Elyse made Scott wake up at 6 AM on a Saturday to watch royal people get married. So in return, Scott decided to make Elyse watch Schindler's List. We maybe should have thought about this combination a little more... Next week we go to Summer camp! DISCUSSION QUESTION How would you spend your summer break as a kid? Support us on Patr ...…
On this edition of the VYPE Locker Talk Radio Podcast Managing Editor Josh Koch brings in VYPE Media sportswriters Ashton Jeanlewis of Fort Bend and Thomas Bingham of Cypress to talk playoffs and whats new in the Houston area sports scene. The group discusses which softball teams are trending towards Austin and on the baseball side who is looki ...…
Beginning our 3rd season of podcasts with Moeller Lacrosse. Head Coach Sean McGinnis and Rob Ebel discuss the following in today's podcast sponsored by Accurate Masonry.Reviewing Little Miami, Mason, and Springboro, discussing the other elite 8 games in Ohio, and Friday's matchup with the St. Xavier Bombers.Don't forget the Moeller Lacrosse Sum ...…
If you're in ministry, you're also in the event planning business. Whether it's a summer camp, conference, retreat, or all-nighter, we all want to know how to reach more people and drive registrations for our events. What if I told you that most of the usual tactics like discounts and promo codes don't work as well as you think? Last summer, we ...…
Tayler makes a dietary announcemnet during his food review, Cole recovers from the fever, and Elija starts making plans for summer camping. Also, we review Deadpool 2 (with no spoilers). We're coming up on our two year anniversary, so don't miss this week's edition, of Comic Can Coozie.
Ep. 98Are You Experienced
Today Brian Barnhart has a Penny open line and guests.  First is Retired US Marine Sam Weldon who served in World War Two at the battle of Iwo Jima. From Parkland College, Brian welcomes C ...…
Brian Barnhart talks with Cindy Smith, Christina Beatty, and Terry Thies on summer camps at Parkland College. There's a new camp this year:
This Memorial Day weekend marks the annual Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois. The event hosts more than 20,000 attendees each year and over 125 artists on in stages over three days. Summer Camp is the biggest event in the Midwest every Memorial Day weekend, and this year’s event is no exception with big jam band names like moe ...…
Ken Allen, executive director of Denver Area Youth for Christ, describes the ministries the organization offers to middle school and high school students, and mentoring opportunities for believers with a heart to serve them. For more information, visit
Children's Innovation Center offers Unique STEAM Summer camps and ongoing programs to build knowledge and skills and enables students to LEAD the 21st Century! More details:
Cantankerous Goes to Camp! Brian and Danny discuss going to summer camp as kids. Rope swings, canoeing and seeing another kid's junk. We also crap all over the Rolling Stone magazine's 20 Greatest guitarists of all time. Neil Young? Honestly? If Prince isn't on the list then Brian says it's total BS. Brian recounts his life threatening trip to ...…
Hey Punky Peeps,Angela Bowen here, the host of Punky Power: An Unofficial Punky Brewster Podcast.Here's S3E21: Remember When which aired on December 4, 1987. In this episode A blackout prompts the gang to reminisce on old times (in clips from previous episodes).I also bring up the confusion of how in S3E20 Help Wanted the girls had just gotten ...…
0:00 - Headlines 27:27 - Slimfast's Adult Summer Camp 45:30 - Jackson or JohnsonBy
Priya Parker discusses her new book The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters in which she argues that a human-centered approach to gathering is essential, now more than ever. Parker draws on her expertise as a facilitator of high-powered gatherings to show what works, what doesn't, and why. She investigates a wide array of gathering ...…
What a privilege it is for me to be standing here and speaking to you, my church family. Today is a special day, it’s Baptist Women’s Sunday. I haven’t always been a Baptist, but I feel so at home now that I’ve been adopted into this beautiful family of believers. I feel honoured to be asked to share with you today and believe that God has some ...…
Chicka Elloy is the Senior Director of Global Strategic Talent Management at BCD Travel in Atlanta. In his role, Chicka is responsible for strategically leading the global coordination of BCD Travel talent initiatives, PEOPLE branding, and tactical execution across the functions of Talent Acquisition (recruitment), Learning & Development, HR Bu ...…
In this edition, we deal with listener questions concerning: images of Christ, innovative ecclesiastical practices, God's decrees, ministerial practices of rest, Reformed catholicity, church summer camps, and much more.
Episode 50 ChiroSushi Summercamp and The Vault Opens Live for this week’s ChiroSocialTechRAW live interview episode is your co hosts, Nicole Cowley from ChiroSocialTech and Tristan L. Schaub from ChiroSushi. We would love to connect with you more! Next month is ChiroSushi’s annual Summercamp event in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Chiropractic Marketi ...…
Episode 30. On Episode 30, Soy and Peanut Butter sat down to chat about making friends, GACting, and her love of pesto. There’s also a princess themed Joke of the Cast and Taylor Swift is featured in our GACspiration. The post Ep. 30 – Peanut Butter appeared first on California Summer Camps, Gold Arrow Camp, Huntington Lake, Overnight Camp Cali ...…
Podclass is a podcast that highlights student audio work from the Center for Visual Culture and Media Studies at Greenville University.This episode features the work of Computer and Information Science major, Cameron Privett. In this episode, Cameron tells us about his experiences working at a summer camp!…
Weekly Updates May 13, 2018 Hello VAPA Community! This is Dr. Trimis with a few announcements! Hola comunidad VAPA! ¡Este es el Dr. Trimis con algunos anuncios! First of all, a reminder to our community that the district’s Open Enrollment application window is now open. Anyone who is interested in attending VAPA, and not in the South Gate or Be ...…
The End Of All Is Near What if the last day were today? That question makes you think, doesn’t it? Would you take a different course of action? Would you take the day off from work? Martin Luther was once asked that question, “what would you do if today was your last day?” He said that he’d go out and plant a tree. You see, the point he was mak ...…
May 11, 2018, Episode 4 of Over Coffee.Pastor Alex White interviewed Andrew Shannon about his experience at summer camps. Also, they discussed the message the Mark Taylor shared with the church last Sunday.
Trump to meet Un in Singapore, Iran and Israel on the brink of war, Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast talks summer camps, Zodiac Killer Investigator Tom Voight discusses his findings, Trending news, #SwampWatch, #TechTalk, Strange Science
Today on Open Stance Audio, Joey discusses how you can prepare for the impending summer heat on the tennis courts! Playing tennis in summer can be tough; it's hot, humid, and our body does not always cooperate. The ball can often fly and we struggle to maintain a consistent game. But with these few tips you can overcome all of that and have a g ...…
Once a month Dr. Annette Nunez will do a segment entitled Annette’s Vignettes. During these episodes Dr. Nunez will share her experiences as therapist as well as her personal life situations. The realness of these vignettes are meant to be inspirational, tear jerking, and/or funny. They also tell a story of what really goes on Behind the Breakt ...…
Ashley and Travis talk about summer camps and activities on Mason CountyNews and Views.
Your ANP flight crew is back as we find out what's on tap at this year's Armadillo Adventures summer camp. Plus, we welcome special guest Jonathan Thill to the mic and chat about drones and other technology and how it will shape our world of the future. Of course, Felicia has our quiz and we talk about what we're nuts about, all in this episode ...…
In this episode, Ashley and Scott talk about the upcoming Pickle ball tournament. They also sit down and speak with Recreation Activities Coordinator, Shannon Fazio about her humble beginnings, as well as her role in the City’s upcoming Summer Camp Program. They also preview all things coming up in May! So sit back and relax! Listen by clicking ...…
It will inevitably happen. At some point, a well-intentioned trip or retreat will be an abject failure. This week, the collective shares some of those failures and lessons learned from the “experience.”
Adam and Alexis from Laguna Beach’s Community Services Department join Zach and Ed on the morning show to discuss summer camps, events, and recreation options in Laguna Beach.
Tonight was One Night! We hope to see you this Sunday or Wednesday! Don't forget that summer camp is coming soon!
In a particularly musical episode, Kristin and Karen dive into Phillip Margolin's Jean-Auel-Approved thriller Gone But Not Forgotten. We talk "to the pain!," swap some summer camp stories, and generally complain about Ayn Rand. Something for everyone! Next up: Jessica Lynch's Twin Peaks tie-in, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. AND YOU ARE NOT ...…
Meet Stephanie Schiff the Executive Director of Connect Us a Denver-based nonprofit, whose mission is to develop skills in young children necessary to becoming socially competent, self-confident, and resilient individuals through physical, creative, and collaborative play in a guided learning environment. Stephanie talks about the importance of ...…
This week we answer a listener question about rushing through practice and how to help our children and students slow down a bit and focus more! We have a great conversation with Laurita Jauregui about her work in Portland, OR with BRAVO, Oregon's only current El Sistema Program. We talk about how the program started and how it is impacting stu ...…
John and Craig partake in another installment of How Would This Be a Movie? Which story is destined for the big screen: The millennial mother with her surprise, Youtube-guided childbirth? The couple that has the same fight for decades? The Japanese families-for-hire? We also follow up on the logic of multi-cam formatting, Georgia’s success in d ...…
If you're looking for a summer job, the YMCA in Duval County, Florida is looking for candidates for their summer camps.
Summer camp is awesome! At least that's what Matt McClure will tell you, with 20 years of youth ministry experience behind him. Enjoy this interview episode of the Youth Ministry Booster podcast and learn from the wisdom and creativity of one of YM's most enthusiastic and honest leaders.
Notes: In this episode of Stemiverse, Peter and Marcus talk with Ben Newsome. Ben Newsome is the founder of Fizzics Education, a company that specialises in delivering interactive science workshops and shows. Through Fizzics Education, Ben reaches around 300,000 children each year, in person or via video conference, in Austalia or around the wo ...…
Youth ministry and summer camp are like peanut butter and jelly except that nobody can decide which kind of peanut butter is best. It seems like everyone is doing summer camp but we are all doing it different so what are we to do? Well in this facebook live episode Zac and Kristen talk about purposes, plans, and pastoral moments to help make su ...…
Andy Pritikin, founder Liberty Lake Foundation and owner/operator, Liberty Lake Day Camp, talking about the Foundation and how it makes it possible for kids who ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford summer camp to attend. He also provided advice for parents who are thinking about sending their children to camp.…
Coming Attractions/News: Hot Summer Nights – Trailer Dark Crimes – Trailer Hotel Artemis – Trailer An Evening With Kevin Smith New Movies Rampage – When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago. Truth or Dare – A harmless game of Truth or Dar ...…
Hey hey hey everyone! We are back with another episode of The Just Talk Podcast! Episode 61 is in the books and here's what we have for you. Apparently, there are Mystery Boxes on eBay that people will absolutely buy for a ridiculous amount of money without knowing what you're getting hence, Mystery Boxes. Pretty sketchy if y'all asked us. Mike ...…
Hey hey hey everyone! We are back with another episode of The Just Talk Podcast! Episode 61 is in the books and here's what we have for you. Apparently, there are Mystery Boxes on eBay that people will absolutely buy for a ridiculous amount of money without knowing what you're getting hence, Mystery Boxes. Pretty sketchy if y'all asked us. Mike ...…
A recap of my experience being the only black child at a summer camp in Germany. A funny look back.
Guests on The Mountain Life today are: Karen Crouse, author of Norwich: One Tiny Vermont Town's Secret to Happiness and Excellence. Then Shauna Wiest with Connect Summit County who will preview next week's events with ESPN journalist Kate Fagan and renowned yoga practitioner Kathryn Budig, who visit Park City to bring awareness to suicide preve ...…
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