Best Superhero podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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We strive to empower social entrepreneurs, creatives & influencers to become everyday superheroes who will change the world through their business endeavours and the movements they inspire. Listen to hear the way these game changers are lining up the ROI of Return on Investment with the other ROI - Ripple of Impact
Superhero Talk
Kova and Steven from Scene-It Cast rant, rate and review superhero entertanment news, movies and tv shows. To send them feedback, email
I believe everyone in the world is 97% exceptional at their unique gift, their purpose. My purpose is to help you find that which pushes you into the realm of vision, belonging, and completeness. That 3% is found in the unique superpower you already have inside you. I can't promise I can fix you, but I can promise that I'll challenge you the rest of your days.
Get ready for a superhero story never been told.
Lisa Betts-LaCroix talks to brilliant and wise academics and scientists, visionary innovators and entrepreneurs, communication experts, authors, and other bright minds to unpack the skills and mindset needed to activate your Inner Super Hero. Whether you're growing a business, building a family, launching a start-up, managing a team, or reinventing your Self, the world needs your brightest, biggest most powerful Self now more than ever.
A weekly news video podcast where Chris and Mike talk about TV, movies, superheroes, and everything in-between!
We review every Superhero Movie ever Made! Comic book superfans Arthur and Justin bring insight, humor, and decades of industry experience to a journey through the cinematic universe of Superheroes!
We're Whitney and Will, and we're here to yell about superheroes.New episodes Mondays. Contact:
RedWing is a superhero audio drama. By day, Jordan Redfield-Wade is a billionaire philanthropist and private investigator, but by night, he protects the people of New Ark City as RedWing, the masked vigilante. There is evil and darkness on the horizon. It's time to Unite the Guardians.
The Weekend Superheroes Podcast is kind of like an organized train wreck. It's a crass yet witty internet radio station starring some of the wackiest, nimble witted yinzers in Pittsburgh. Filled with unpredictable topic discussions, insane news stories and special celebrity guest appearances that will keep you coming back just to see what they come up with next. So if you're tired of the same old boring podcast, grab your favorite drink and strap in for ride you won't soon forget.
Comedians Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum ( creators of ) break down and discuss a different superhero movie or TV show every week, with drop-ins from special guests and comedians.
In a world of limitless marketing BS, corporate jargon, and shiny-suited liars — who can you count on for the simple stuff you need to grow your business? If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, check in with Vicky from for Stuff You Need To Know.
One Panel Later
Two librarians from opposing fandoms attempt to conquer the world of comics and manga.Why can’t comics and manga people get along? Librarians Angela Ocana and Kelly Quinn Chiu try to find common ground between Spider-Man readers and One Piece fans as they discuss comics, manga, anime, superhero movies and everything in between. Website: www.onepanellater.comTwitter: @onepanellater
Two guys with PhDs talking about comics! The Comics Alternative is a multi-programmed podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New review episodes become available every Wednesday and include discussions of graphic novels and current ongoing series, overviews of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, insightful analyses of a variety of cri ...
Brought to you by -- Welcome to "Boldly Going: Creative, Brilliant, Inspirational People of the Universe on Planet Earth." If you’re anything like me, Jason Sowell, you crave inspiration. There is something within us that longs for heroes to rise amongst the ordinary to show us that we can all be better. It’s why we love the underdog, why we passionately tell the incredible story and why we flock to the superhero genre. We need the "creative, brilliant, inspirational people o ...
Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly celebrate their favorite superhero movie of all time, 1978's SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, five minutes at a time!
Parent Savers
We provide new parents with practical information to help preserve their sanity. Both moms and dads discuss common parenting concerns for their toddlers. With the help of our experts, parents get the superhero strength they need to tackle the world, and the next dirty diaper. The show is part of the Parents On Demand Network.
A podcast where we talk mainly about Superhero movies and TV shows with a bit of Star Wars and other things in the genre. On that topic we discuss the news stories of the week, the TV shows episodes we watch and have movie reviews / discussions.
Geek 101 Podcast
We're here to talk about all the geeky things you're too ashamed to talk about in public.
The Comic Book Podcast is a weekly talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Ron, Conor and Josh will share what they loved and hated about the week's comics. With a deep, sometimes scary knowledge of the depths and intricacies of pop culture and the geek lifestyle, the conversations can spin off in many directions. While comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the center of the iFanboy universe, the discussion often covers the video games, movies and TV shows ...
Across the Desk
Keep it short they say: entrepreneur, teacher, communications professional, superhero enthusiast, lifelong learner, tea addict, book lover and movie watcher. I take what I've learned and help businesses save time, money and craziness for their communications.
Monkeys Fighting Robots covers pop culture news, including your favorite comic books, superhero films, movies, TV shows, & Anime. Your host, Matthew Sardo will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at the world of pop culture journalism. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Send your comments and questions to
Discussions of ethical, moral and related questions raised by TV shows and movies about superheros, sci-fi and all other things geeky.
Headline Heroes
Three friends take a crack at comedic, comic book worldbuilding. Each week they take a look at a recent bizarre headline and craft an origin story for a superhero or supervillain. Join Drew, Nate, and Tanner as they transform reality into something a little more super.
We are your hosts Joe and Aaron. Join us from St. Louis through the magic of the interwebz, each month, as we plumb the depths of nerdery, geekery, gaming, pop culture, art, philosophy, and only very occasionally politics. We aren’t actually plumbers, we’re librarians, but we promise- there shall be no shushing- far from it! We encounter the dialectic through topics like tabletop gaming, the latest superhero schlock, the magic of geek-love, the promises of VR technology and more! Sit back, a ...
Tomorrow's Legends
A podcast dedicated to the television show DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Join hosts Martin "The Flash" and Jess aka "Harley Quinn" as they discuss the CW's latest superhero television show.
Obstacle Dominator
Whether you want to dominate your next obstacle race or just get started in obstacle racing, Hunter Mcintyre and Beni Gifford - from - will answer your questions and give you every training, nutrition and racing tip you need for Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, Tough Guy, Atlas Race, Warrior Dash, Superhero Scramble, Rugged Race, Mud Run and any other obstacle and adventure race.
Mental Girl
Mental Girl, my inner superhero, has encouraged me to share and talk about my struggles with panic disorder, OCD and anxiety which helps me heal, connect with others and raise awareness about mental health. Thank you for listening.
We do comic book previews, news, rumors, and a month superhero theme of your choosing.
Welcome to G.C.N short for Galactic conquest of Nerdiness podcast, the number one Sac town superhero podcast
The Hero Movie Podcast, hosted by Adam Portrais, Sean Kovacs and Bruce Leslie, is a weekly podcast EXCLUSIVELY about superhero, comic book movies and television shows and relate everything back to Sylvester Stallone....really. So if you love comic books, movies and super nerd discussion- this is a show you can't miss.
Legends Of Tomorrow After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's Legends Of Tomorrow.Show Summary: "Arrow" and "The Flash" have some new superhero company in the CW's lineup with the addition of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." After seeing what doom the future holds, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter realizes heroes alone are not enough to prevent the impending catastrophe that threatens not only the planet, but all of time itself. Tasked with recruiting both heroes and villains, Rip ...
In 1991, comic book writer-artist Mike Mignola simply wanted to draw a monster for a comic convention program. Yet by adding the name HELLBOY to the creature's belt, Mignola set in motion the creation of one of the most iconic superhero comics to ever be printed. Since Hellboy's first appearance in 1993, the artistic style and storytelling of Mignola has influenced fan and artist alike. These include your hosts Mark David Christenson and Kait Thompson, who have chosen to dedicate an entire s ...
Normal Movies for Normal People is a film-by-film critique of comic book and superhero cinema. Guided by a robot programmed to select movies, we discuss this apparently never-ending subgenre.
The Black Lightning After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's Black Lightning.Show Summary: CW and Greg Berlanti expand the footprint of their DC Comics universe with this exploration of the intersection between family life and being a superhero. As a younger man, Jefferson Pierce donned the suit of a vigilante and protected the streets of his city, but he believed he'd left those days in the past. He learns that life doesn't always work out as planned when his daughter, Jenn ...
Section 99
Join newly retired superhero $hymiek as he and his friends discuss everything that’s important in this brave new world known as Section 99.
This podcast reviews all movies new and old with a focus on superhero franchises. The Iron Koob envisions a fight to the death against the main character at the end of each review. In addition, we cover the entertainment world that pertains to movies, video games and TV.
Wilder Podcast
I'm Karsyn DuPree (a.k.a. Wildernessa): musician, lifestyle blogger, plant-lover, Nashville-dweller, intuitive enthusiast, feminist --- you get it. The idea behind the Wilder Podcast is to create a space for Women, Wellness, and Weirdos. From body image, food, and exercise, to spirituality, feminism, business, and maybe even global issues, Wilder is a place to listen to other women's stories, struggles, and accomplishments to share with other women that their not alone. Maybe this blogger, t ...
AP Marvel
A show that discusses deeper issues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from its story themes, to its depiction of political and social issues, and its fandom. Join Chris (@Compenderizer), Izzy (@delirilyn), Anthony (@thepizzataco) and their guests as they explore your favorite superhero movies and shows at a different level. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Reviewing All Things Batman, CWTV (Arrow/Legends/The Flash/Supergirl), Gotham, Superhero News and the Animated Films.
Comics Syllabus
A comics analysis podcast, where literacy researcher, English teacher, and comics reader Paul (@twoplai) discusses a comic book for socio-cultural, literary, and artistic significance. The podcast pairs various academic approaches to studying comics with superhero comics, alternative comics, and other offerings in the medium. Let's dig deep!
Do You like Watching TV and Movies? You Do? Good so do we! So What’s Good is a podcast that review some of our fav tv shows and new movie releases. So kickback with us as we talk all thing Tv/Film. Enjoy!Follow us Ig: @swgpodcastFacebook: So What’s GoodEmail us at sowhatsgoodpod@gmail.comDj’s Ig: @dijon_delonteRisa’s Ig: @cjtopflightDrayGo’s Ig: @draygowildTania’s Ig: @swgpodcast
The Luke Cage After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Netflix's Luke Cage.Show Summary: This gritty, action-packed drama follows the evolution of Luke Cage, a man with super strength and unbreakable skin caused by a sabotaged experiment. After a failed relationship with fellow superhero Jessica Jones, Cage tries to rebuild a quiet life in Harlem, New York — until he is pulled out of the shadows and forced into a battle for his city. Along the way, Cage cannot avoid confronting h ...
DC TV Podcasts
DC TV Podcasts is a podcast network that features a collection of high-quality and popular podcasts that are devoted to DC Comics television series such as The CW’s Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Black Lightning, FOX’s Gotham, Syfy's Krypton, DC's Titans, DC Films in the DC Extended Universe and classic DC TV shows! Join the hosts of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, Supergirl Radio, Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, iZombie Radio, DC TV Classics ...
The show has to do with everything in dealing With Superhero Movies! films action packed scifi stuff and comics!
Jackie likes superheroes and comedy. Steph likes rom-coms and TV shows about genius savants. Steph watched cartoons about the Archie characters growing up, and Jackie had never heard of them until she watched the Riverdale pilot. So tag along with these two former college roommates desperately clinging to their bright college years in this wildly unqualified adventure into podcasting and media criticism! We'll go through every episode of The CW's hit drama Riverdale and talk about our favori ...
HEROES 101 Radio
Branches of the Initiative Collective (, along with other Real Life Superheroes and guest speakers, discuss timely info, safety tips, survival skills, and geeky fun.
Gather the Nerds!
Comics, Movies, TV, Superheroes. Podcasts?
A life long geek and a school librarian bring their respective expertise to the mission of examining graphic novels and trade collections with female protagonists. Superheroes, teenage drama, space opera, all is on the table and up for discussion. Because kicking butt knows no gender restriction. Fire and Water Podcast Network presents a Council of Geeks Production.
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show series
No criminal charges are being filed against the driver accused of hitting and killing a Colerain police officer last month. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says the incident was a "terrible tragedy" but not a criminal act.By (Tana Weingartner).
A fresh episode with hip hop artist, Louis Junior, talking music careers, writing inspiration, sci-fi, and more. Get inspired by his attitude on life, doing something you love, and his perspective on being an instrument in the song of your own life.By State-Lines.
Go on...tell your subconscious you've got this.
Vicky and Joe drink herbal tea flavoured with steeped socks and swerve wildly away from the topic they'd planned to talk about. Instead, they clamber gracelessly out of the boozy wardrobe and go on a verbal safari about The Alcohol Experiment, journaling, habits, and failing to do the splits. This episode is not powered by gin, but it just migh ...…
So much in this episode! Beni has a convo with 3 of the best athletes in OCR: Veejay Jones (20 yr old on the Spartan Pro Team, undefeated in 2019), Nikolaj Dam (Denmark athlete, 5th at OCRWC 15K...beating Ryan Atkins btw) and Leon Kofoed (7th at OCRWC 3K). We cover: -Beni breaking his Spartan Race 3 1/2 year fast (losing to Veejay, but beating ...…
Negotiations over a new soccer stadium for FC Cincinnati continue. The club reached an agreement with local arts associations over noise issues at Music Hall but has not yet struck a deal with the Cincinnati Ballet over a parking lot. And Cincinnati City Council approved a land swap deal with the team this week but put off a vote on a developme ...…
It is Monique Giggy’s full-time mission to work closely with impact-focused startups that solve world problems with technology. Today, she and Lisa speak about her work as VP at Singularity University, her experience with the triumphs and trials of leadership, the difference in women’s and men’s approaches in as entrepreneurs, and leading from ...…
SNAP recipients who were told they wouldn't receive benefits until next month will get a portion of their March allotment earlier than expected.By (Tana Weingartner).
Hamilton County commissioners are holding off on purchasing a used police Ford Explorer from Arlington Heights for $15,000.By (Tana Weingartner).
The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) is considering a new plan on water quality for the Ohio River, which is not as drastic as the first. Initially, the group had proposed eliminating pollution control standards and instead rely entirely on states to regulate discharges into the river.…
To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Black Panther, Chris grabbed Sabrina, her brother Brandon Kesselly (@BCKesso) of The Rising Young Minds and NerdCraft Nation, and returning guest Karama Horne (@theblerdgurl) to discuss a variety of interesting topics. What is life like in Wakanda as depicted in the MCU? How does Ryan Coogler's film tack ...…
It has been one year since the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen students and staff members were killed, 17 others were injured. The tragedy sparked student demonstrations nationwide and launched the March for Our Lives movement protesting gun violence.…
On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy Behbakht. Andrew Dyce, Tatiana Hullender, and Swara Salih are joined by special guest Nikko Soto from the geek community website But Why Tho? to discuss the 14th episode of The Flash Season 5 titled “Cause and XS”! While Barry goes into the Speed Force to help with Cisco’s metahuman cure, Nora i ...…
Thursday is Valentines Day and we hope to be getting our romance on, so this week's episode in on Wednesday, February 13. We'll return to our regularly scheduled time of 7PM on Thursday evenings starting next week. Street Medics 101 There you are, patrolling, with your homies, feeling pretty good about how the night's been going so far and BAM! ...…
It’s an episode of firsts! The first dad to not successfully murder his son, the first time every minor character makes out with someone during the episode, the first time Jughead does literally nothing all episode, and more! Listen in as we discuss our thoughts on the Toni-Cheryl college storyline, Tom and Sierra’s wedding, and Jellybean’s man ...…
Season 3 Episode 4 - The episode kicks off with a movie tangent then moves into BOOM Reviews, followed by a jam packed segment of Hell to Pay including the Hellboy Beer Series and the book Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers. Kait offers up the 4th #RightHandofDraw prompt before a discussion of the first Hellboy novel The Lost Army written by Christoph ...…
A report commissioned by the Covington Diocese finds students from Covington Catholic High School did not instigate a January incident with Native Americans and members of the Black Hebrew Israelites that went viral, drawing national attention and criticism.By (Tana Weingartner).
You can reach us at and on Instagram @theironkoobI. Review of the WeekA. Lego Movie Part 2II. Fight of the WeekIII. Roundup 31:001. TullyIV. Trailers1. AladdinV. News1. Henry Cavill Superman2. The Trench3. Endgame test audiences4. Endgame Figures5. Marvel R Rated Movies6. Netflix MarvelVI. Gaming1. Apex Legends2. Division ...…
Mini-episode! We are catching up before the third one.
Load up on self care and show the world you.
Constantine has checked himself into Ravenscar Asylum following the loss of a 9-year-old girl, Astra to the demon Nergal. The loss of her soul, along with his own, has been tormenting him. Naturally, he'll have to snap out of it. That moment comes six months later when a possessing spirit sends him a disturbing message. John is on a mission to ...…
Two guys, Tim and Alex, who would fuss and fight with each other on the Hamilton County Board of Elections every once in a while (OK, quite a bit ) knew how to put their partisan differences aside at the end of the day. Unheard of in this age of uncivil talk and smart aleck tweets in politics.By (Howard Wilkinson).
Valentine’s Day can bring about a variety of emotions. Some people are eager to celebrate their love, and others pine for a love of their own.By (Jennifer Merritt).
Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise in young children. So, how do you prevent this condition commonly referred to as the "silent killer"? What are the common risk factors associated with it and what are some subtle symptoms to look for in your children? We've got some great tips to help keep the whole family safe. Learn more about your ad choices. V ...…
For more than three decades, Dave Eicher has been writing about space for Astronomy magazine. The Oxford, Ohio native is now the editor and he joins Dean Regas and Anna Hehman to talk about how he got into astronomy, some things happening in 2019, and his book Mission Moon 3-D: A New Perspective on the Space Race written with astrophysicist and ...…
Russian Doll is one of Netflix's latest projects! What do Ariel and Mike think of this Amy Poehler production? We also talk movie director news and casting for one of Ariel's favorite properties.By (Ariel Rada & Michael Chen).
Air quality monitoring is ongoing in several neighborhoods where residents complain noxious odors are making people sick.By (Tana Weingartner).
This week our schedules were just a too busy to be able to record, so we have an old favorite to share with you instead! Get ready for the crunchiest prison escape story ever told. This week we smooth out the details of Mr Ed’s dark secret, mom names, and the return of everyone’s favorite name game. Article: Inmates use peanut butter to escape ...…
Community organizing has become a valuable way for individual residents who see a problem to find their voice and work towards finding a viable solution to that problem.By (Jennifer Merritt).
The recently renamed Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center (HHC) held its grand opening at Union Terminal last month.By (Jennifer Merritt).
Hosts Drew Jones, Zuri Chellece, and Porchia Carter discuss Tobias and Cutter’s relationship and the new meta. Is Todd really dead and when will Jen FINALLY suit up. Plus the girls give you their OMBL moment of the week! CW and Greg Berlanti expand the footprint of their DC Comics universe with this exploration of the intersection between famil ...…
This week on Start Hear : Phil In The Blanks : Experience a side of Dr. Phil you may have been missing as he delves into the minds of the most interesting and accomplished people in the world today. The Big One - Your Survival Guide : Host Jacob Margolis and Producer Misha Euceph take you on a journey to understand what the catastrophic earthqu ...…
This month we welcomed Michael Monks to WVXU as the new host of Cincinnati Edition . You may have heard Michael previously on Cincinnati Edition as a guest, providing perspective on Northern Kentucky as the publisher/editor/chief reporter for The River City News digital newspaper. News Director Maryanne Zeleznik joined Michael in the studio to ...…
Topics this week: WB hires for a script to an Aquaman spinoff, The Trench R-Rated Marvel films may still happen says Bob Iger 4 Adult Animated Marvel shows coming to Hulu Possible Star Wars Episode 9 title and leaked concept images Producer Lauren Shuler Donner talks about the X-Men future at Disney Robert Pattinson rumored as in the mix for Th ...…
On this week’s episode of the Black Lightning Podcast, Britney Monae, Clement Bryant, and Nate Milton get together to review the 12th episode of Black Lightning Season 2 titled “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust.” That and more on this week’s episode of the Black Lightning Podcast and in case you missed it: the show has been ren ...…
Special guest and librarian Heather makes an appearance while Kelly is still dead to the rest of us. Listen to our rant on comics, what you should pick up, and why she has only read 3 manga....ever.By
Welcome to the very first episode of Swamp Thing Radio, your podcast for all things related to the upcoming Swamp Thing show on DC Universe! On the first episode with Carolyn and Wendy, to kick things off for the podcast, the duo has the following agenda: Introduce ourselves Give you a very brief backstory on the history of horror comics and th ...…
WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson spoke with News Director Maryanne Zeleznik this morning about Gov. Mike DeWine's campaign pledge to have a cabinet and department directors "who look like Ohio." So, far he has followed through, appointing a record number of women and African-Americans to top jobs in his administration.…
This week we're talking about The Lego Movie 2 and whether or not everything is awesome. We break down the real life family vs the Lego family, ask if Will Ferrell was sick, and discuss how the worst Jason Momoa impersonator is Jason Momoa. Looking for a tee with the best nerdy designs by independent artists from around the web? Check out www.T ...…
Proctor & Gamble is ramping up production for what's considered to be the world's smallest inkjet printer. But this isn't any printer - it's one for your face.By (Ann Thompson).
New cases of HIV infection have been on the rise in recent years in our region. In 2017, there were 184 newly-diagnosed cases, up 34 percent from 2016. And for the first time in Kentucky's history, the most common risk factor for the transmission was I-V drug use.By (Selena Reder).
In 2016, African Americans accounted for 44% of HIV diagnoses, despite making up just 12% of the U.S. population. There is still a major stigma around the HIV epidemic and this can be even more pronounced in the African American community. In an effort to raise awareness and end that stigma, February 7 th , 2019 was designated National Black HI ...…
This week Adam and Bruce look back to 2006 and a pilot that was hot on the heels of Smalville success that never made it to air, AQUAMAN starting Justin Hartley, Lou Diamond Phillips, Denise Quinones, Ving Rhames and Adrianne Palicki. Executive Producers: Maria Bruce, Sirish Panta, Jim Beverly, Robert M Barney, Micah Hunter (RocketFace), Matthe ...…
This week we’re talking about a 3 hour Avengers movie, Doom Patrol gives us a teaser, a horror-based Aquaman spinoff in the works, and more! Home Improvement Recap News Star Wars (18:10) Episode 9 Title maybe “Balance of the Force” Captain Marvel (21:08) First Marvel movie to stream directly on Disney+ Disney+ (24:00) Will license other films t ...…
No one could predict what the Pick would be, but it gets clearer during the discussion. Will a bulldog snore? Will the Old Man genre burn itself out? Will the show withstand 3 whole entries in the War Corner? All these answers and more in this week's show! Running Time: 01:19:53 Pick of the Week: 00:02:33 - Daredevil #1 Comics: 00:14:49 - Unite ...…
Alejandro meets a new beau. Jordan has to solve the issue of hiding Ember and Elizabeth... But where can they go? This Episode's Cast: Lanie Hobbs Amanda Jacobson Elie Hirshman JV Hampton-VanSant Christine Osimo Nathan Foster Jordan Cobb David Ault Dane Shiner Keyerra Jeter --- Art By Michael Godfrey Music by Nico Vettese --- This episode's son ...…
Breathing in strength and feeling empowered
Vicky sits down with the UK's answer to Don Draper – direct marketing expert Drayton Bird, described by David Ogilvy as the man who "knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world". And described by Vicky as a "cheeky bugger with the best tall tales ever". Drayton talks about what businesses find most difficult about marketing, the ...…
The last few weeks have been difficult for first responders around Cincinnati. Five local law enforcement officers have died. A Clermont County sheriff's detective will be laid to rest Friday. Bill Brewer was killed last weekend in a Pierce Township standoff.By (Bill Rinehart).
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