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Reflections and meditations to empower survivors of abuse and trauma. Hosted by bestselling author Shahida Arabi, founder of the blog Self-Care Haven.
G Flex Survivor’s Corner Reggae tunes to end your evening or brighten your morning.
Survivors Podcast
We're here to help those who want to leave polygamy, for them to realize it's been done and they're brave enough. We also want to shed light on what is happening in our neighborhoods in Utah. Polygamy is no longer something that was in the past. They hide in plain sight., they dress just like you and me.
Faces of TBI
A podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness. Created by survivors for survivors. Hear from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others!
Journey On: Survivors Healing from Sexual Abuse & Assault Share Their Experience, Strength, & Hope
End of All Hope
A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.
We Are Unquiet
Hope, education, and community for survivors of sexual trauma.
Welcome to Beyond Surviving, the safe space for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to receive support, resources, and share their stories. Beyond Surviving is about freedom, healing, connection, and even laughter and fun. Most importantly, it's about letting go of the pain of abuse and finally moving on!Discover the 3 Stages of Recovery from Childhood Abuse:The road to recovery is much easier when you know what stage you're in and what to do next. Find out exactly where you are in your heal ...
The 100 After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's The 100.Show Summary: When nuclear Armageddon destroys civilization on Earth, the only survivors are those on the 12 international space stations in orbit at the time. Three generations later, the 4,000 survivors living on a space ark of linked stations see their resources dwindle and face draconian measures established to ensure humanity's future. Desperately looking for a solution, the ark's leaders send 100 juvenile prisone ...
A classic style radio drama, updated for today with a full sound design and a large cast of actors. This audio drama focuses on a group of survivors in a world on the brink of collapse.
Wander and be enlightened by the endlessly fascinating inner universe that is the human body. We speak with experts, Nobel laureates, cancer survivors and healthcare workers who share their unique perspectives on wellness and living and the latest medical research.
A group of survivors must trek through what remains of California after our President initiates a nuclear war that destroys the whole world as we know it. In order to rebuild the life they once knew, our heroes must face vicious creatures, the remnants of a brutal government, and (worst of all) empty comic book stores.Written and produced by Zachary Macias and Alvaro Marin Mondragon. Intro track by Lost Audio Productions, all rights reserved.
Sole Survivors
We are a Horror Movie Review Podcast with 3 people.
This is the very first podcast for Chicago Gun Violence Survivors Speak Out. Please like our page on Facebook, it is called Chicago Gun Violence Survivors Speak Out. Visit my blog: This blog and podcast is managed by S&S Consultations.
Trauma Queen
Trauma Queen is a podcast mini-series focused on normalizing the conversation around sexual assault and other traumas.Hosted by Jimanekia Eborn - Queer Media Consultant, Comprehensive Sex Educator, and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert. Jimanekia will be talking with survivors, therapists, partners, educators, and experts. Real conversations with real people. Each episode will highlight active and productive steps forward as well as three new resources for survivors and allies. Let's heal toget ...
Bible Study
This show is dedicated to Brain Tumor Survivors, Wounded Warriors and those who like to take studying God's Word nice and slow.
Cancer Can
Conversations for cancer patients and survivors. How do I become an A+ patient and survivor? That is, how can I do everything in my control to live as long as I can with the best quality of life? What do I read? Who do I listen to? How do I lose the least from this setback and gain the most from it? How do I make the best treatment decisions and then prepare for and execute each step of that treatment? How do I best mitigate and recover from the physical, emotional, and mental burdens? How s ...
Known mainly for his tales of adventure, this work of science fiction by Jack London is set in a post-apocalyptic future. It’s 2072, sixty years after the scarlet plague has depopulated the planet. James Howard Smith is one of the few survivors of the pre-plague era left alive in the San Francisco area, and as he realizes his time grows short, he tries to impart the value of knowledge and wisdom to his grandsons. Through his narrative, we learn how the plague spread throughout the world and ...
Welcome to Oral Cancer Answers, a production of the Oral Cancer Foundation, where we discuss disease related issues of interest to patients, survivors, advocates, and medical and dental professionals. Our guests are drawn from a large body of knowledgable OCF collaborators and thought leaders on oral cancer, from fields and backgrounds as diverse as research, education, medical and dental professionals, and survivors. If you would like us to consider a particular subject matter in future pod ...
The Orphans
The Orphans is a cinematic sci-fi audio drama chronicling the castaways of downed starship, The Venture - Stranded on a hostile planet, struggling to remember how they arrived and who they are. Mysterious creatures hunt them, and in this seemingly unpopulated world, a tower looms. The human survivors and the artificial intelligence, GeoFFRy, must learn to work together as they fight for their lives in this alien wilderness and uncover the truth of what lies beyond.
How did Larry Nassar, an Olympic gymnastics doctor, get away with abusing hundreds of women and girls for two decades? Believed is an inside look at how a team of women won a conviction in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history. It's a story of survivors finding their power in a cultural moment when people are coming to understand how important that is. It's also an unnerving exploration of how even well-meaning adults can fail to believe.
CURE Talks Cancer
A weekly podcast on what CURE magazine ( does best: provide Cancer Updates Research and Education.Each week, you'll hear from patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates or health care professionals regarding the entire cancer continuum - ranging from specific cancer types to side effects to the psychological strains a cancer diagnosis can have on an individual and their loved ones.As the largest consumer magazine in the United States for patient, survivors and careg ...
They say everyone is facing their own battles, but some stories beggar belief. Often the media tells the stories of personal catastrophe and then promptly walks away. What happens to the person who is left, with their life in tatters. How do they survive, and sometimes even thrive, in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds. What is it that makes some people so strong?We bring you four stories of survival, that chart four individuals’ journey back to wellness. They have faced physical and emo ...
Red X Podcast exists to raise awareness of human trafficking in North America and empower everyday people to work with their local municipalities to create a safe place for citizens, a hostile environment for criminals, and a second chance for survivors. Host, Nicole Bernard, is the director of Second Life North Carolina. Nicole is the mother of four. She initially learned about human trafficking on the international scale but discovered that trafficking was happening in her own community ab ...
Rock Against Trafficking uses their social platforms to spread awareness of the issue and to raise funds for distribution to support trafficking survivors. We believe that because of the lack of awareness around the issue of human trafficking, the demand for policy and societal change is lacking as well. Rock Against Trafficking produces music, recorded and live, and releases it as a tool to educate the general public around the issue, encourage people to get involved in the fight against it ...
WE Have Cancer
Hosted by Lee Silverstein, the show was created to provide survivors, caregivers, and medical professionals a vehicle to share their stories of information, inspiration hope to those affected by the disease. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard on the WE Have Cancer podcast, I would truly appreciate your rating and review in iTunes and Stitcher. Doing so helps us reach more people who have been impacted by cancer and increases our visibility in the digital world. The WE Have Cancer podcast is ...
Erin Martin was born in a cult. Now she’s obsessed with learning about cults from the people who know them best: Survivors. Cult Talk takes you inside ex-cult members’ stories one group at a time, one survivor at a time. Cult Talk: a conversation, not an investigation.
The Irish History Podcast brings you on a journey through Ireland's fascinating past. This podcast is not just dates but an enthralling account of Ireland's history, looking at daily life through the ages. The show is currently focused on the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s (see below), while the archive contains the stories of Ireland's ancient High Kings, Viking raiders and the Norman Invasion of the Middle Ages. The story of the Great Famine has proved the most popular to date,Between 184 ...
Last Men On Earth
The setting is today. The male of the species has been cowered to near extinction by a combination of privileged white girl Soul Cycle feminism and excessive pass interference calls in football. From their drunken repose at a Hollywood area bar and pizza joint, Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston broadcast the last bastion of masculine thought to a dispersed audience of survivors. Like a giant dick beacon, if that’s your thing.
This activity is designed to meet the educational needs of primary care physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with blood cancers.
Earth Ancients
Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covere ...
Join the Big Finish team on their regular adventures through time, space, Victorian London, Mars, the 1960s and Megacity One for witty banter (ahem), free stories, news, interviews and exclusive trailers. We are best known for our Doctor Who ranges of audio plays starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, as well as a world of spin off adventures with Jago and Litefoot, UNIT, Captain Jack Harkness among others. We also produce a wide range of audio drama fe ...
Happie Heads
A community to provide a virtual network for the brain injured and their loved ones, pulling them out of isolation and into the hope and light of community.
The Roberta Style Lee podcast is about inspiring confidence and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. Tune in and listen to amazing interviews with inspirational guests from around the globe. We share our tips and tricks for staying happy, healthy, confident, stylish and sane. Episodes will be released on 15th of every month from 2018 with new bonus mini-episodes popping up in-between. Learn from award winning entrepreneurs, olympic athletes, musicians, women leading the way ...
More to the Story is a show that uncovers the true stories behind sexual violence, sexual abuse and rape. We'll examine some of the worst that our society can offer and discuss how it affects every one of us. We'll also meet the survivors and the people who fight against it and shine light on the hope and healing they create. More to the Story is presented by A Voice for the Innocent, which is a nonprofit community of support for victims of rape and sexual abuse. You are not alone.
My Survival Story
After being confronted with grim statistics and sad stories online when researching his pancreatic cancer diagnose, Martin, a 32 year old Swiss guy, decides to look for more relatable stories. So he travels once around the world together with his wife Katarina to interview cancer survivors to hear more about how cancer can be a catalyst. In this narrative 8 part series you'll join the couple on their journey and hear from the people they met.
Untangle, is the podcast from the 5-star app, Meditation Studio. Experts and ‘real people’ share stories about how mindfulness practices have changed their lives. Hear experiences from business leaders, psychologists, cancer survivors, moms, neuroscientists, nutritionists, authors, mindfulness teachers, storytellers and more. We cover everything from why it’s important to meditate to how self-compassion practices change us from the inside out to why meditation helps with anxiety in adults an ...
On Living
What does it mean to be human? What do we make of this life? How do we hurt, and heal, one another? What does it take to love? What does it cost to hate? How do we stay fully alive to our humanity? How do we find the means to behold beauty and kindness? How do we live fully and authentically? Through this series of intimate, thought-provoking conversations, you will have a chance to reflect on questions about survival, fulfillment, connection, living and dying well. We encounter a deep place ...
Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Our show offers advice and provides hope to the patients and survivors, while teaching their friends and family how to provide significant and helpful support to their loved ones. Our show benefits the patients, as well as their friends and family members in several ways: Patients benefit because they find hope and inspiration in hearing stories of survival not only from the co-hosts, but also from our guests ...
"Heart to Heart with Anna" is the only radio show devoted to the congenital heart defect (CHD) community. Our shows feature Survivors, family members, medical professionals and others in the CHD community who wish to share their stories, expertise and advice. This show is devoted to empowering, educating and enriching the lives of members of the CHD community.
Survivor Team Go!
A podcast by and for survivors!
MST Podcast
The My Story Told Podcast features conversations with survivors of military sexual trauma (MST).
Inspiring greater peace, acceptance, and happiness for people affected by brain injury is a big part of what we do. We’ve learned that meditation is one powerful way to help transform chaos into inner calm and frustration into joy. Meditation offers a variety of paths--from short to long, guidance to silence, imagery to mantras--so that everyone can find a practice that works for them. We are collaborating with brain injury survivors, yogis, and meditation teachers to share meditation practi ...
Extraterrestrial invasion, the earth taken over by omniscient intelligences from Mars, the whole of humanity under siege and a nameless narrator who seems to be the lone survivor of the complete devastation of human civilization – scenes from a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster? Far from it! The War of the Worlds by HG Wells was written more than a century ago and went on to become an iconic work in the science fiction genre, spawning a whole new genre of literature featuring alien invaders. It w ...
Historians and reviewers worldwide have hailed Antony Beevor's magisterial Stalingrad as the definitive account of World War II's most harrowing battle. In August 1942, Hitler's huge Sixth Army reached the city that bore Stalin's name. In the five month siege that followed, the Russians fought to hold Stalingrad at any cost, then caught their Nazi enemy in an astonishing reversal. As never before, Stalingrad conveys the experience of soldiers on both sides as they fought in inhuman condition ...
Perspective is a podcast that will have honest conversations with art creators, politicians, social justice activists, domestic abuse survivors, religious figures and a host of other interesting people. These dialogues will reflect journeys through the minds of some of the most prolific people of our time. We’ll discover what they think and believe and why they think and believe it. This podcast will unlock the power of perspective.
Still They Survive
Kidnapping, gunshots, and occasionally bears. Those are just a sampling of what the survivors covered on the podcast, Still They Survive, have lived through. Still They Survive is a comedy podcast that shares the shockingly true stories of what people have endured and how they survived it. Hosts Amanda Powell and Amanda Christopher each share their survivor's stories with each other, as well as listeners. In sharing these tales "the Amandas" hope to honor, educate and inform while adding a d ...
Music-Sports-Entertainment-News Radio Podcast. Branding and marketing episodes, interviews and testimonials from successful leaders and survivors Become a supporter of this podcast:
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"Stalingrad 027-209" from was assembled into the "Stalingrad" podcast by Fourble.Episode 27 of 209.
With the partial government shutdown in its fifth week, President Trump offers to extend reprieves from deportation for so-called Dreamers and other immigrants in exchange for money for a border wall.
NPR's Melissa Block speaks with Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin following President Trump's latest proposal on border security.
President Trump proposed a deal to congressional Democrats that would protect recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in exchange for $5.7 billion to fund the border wall.
For the third time since President Trump's inauguration, women have gathered in Washington, D.C., for the Women's March, bringing attention to social justice issues.
The federal government's failure to pay its workers during the shutdown has caused hardship for many. Economist Joseph Stiglitz tells NPR's Melissa Block why so many have no savings to fall back on.
The White House has blocked efforts to finish U.S.-funded infrastructure projects in the West Bank and Gaza before a Feb. 1 aid cutoff date.
A gasoline pipeline in the Mexican state of Hidalgo exploded Friday evening, killing more than 60 people and leaving many more injured. The pipeline had been illegally tapped by gasoline thieves.
Karen Thompson Walker's new novel imagines a pandemic that puts victims into a deep sleep, giving them strange dreams from which they may not wake up — and panicking those still awake.
NPR's Melissa Block talks to Neyla Pekarek, formerly of The Lumineers, about her debut solo album, Rattlesnake, which was inspired by an actual frontierswoman named "Rattlesnake Kate."
Frank Joseph has been the editor-in-chief of "Ancient American" magazine since its debut in 1993. He is the author of twenty books about prehistory re-published in as many foreign languages, including "The Atlantis Encyclopedia", "Opening the Ark of the Covenant", and "Unearthing Ancient America". Joseph is a frequent guest speaker at various m ...…
Included in this SpokenEdition: 1) Special Counsel’s Office Issues Rare Statement Disputing Report Claiming Trump Told Cohen to Lie to Congress 2) Snowman Gets Spectacular Revenge on Unworthy Adversary Who Tries to Drive Over It 3) Facebook May Face Record FTC Fine for Privacy Violations 4) ‘We’re in Uncharted Waters.’ Schools Brace for Lunch F ...…
Deep down you might’ve known the narcissist was going to no longer be part of your life some day??? I bet with some self reflection you will find you sensed it like I did when I was close to him. And just tried to soak the moment with him up as if I knew I’d later need to live on the memories. It’s almost eerie when I think about it. What a tan ...…
Buzzfeed released a bombshell report detailing criminal behavior by Trump. After the report went public, Trump and his team refused to actually deny the accusations. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
President Trump allegedly directed his onetime lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the project to build a Trump tower in Moscow, according to new reporting from BuzzFeed News.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post and Politico reporter Eliana Johnson about a report from BuzzFeed News that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, the feud between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi, and the second summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un.…
NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Kirabo Jackson, a labor economist at Northwestern University, about his research into how increases in spending on education positively influence outcomes in adulthood.
Amid increasing protests following the broadcast of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series, RCA Records has reportedly dropped the singer, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual abuse.
The U.S. and North Korea are working out the details for a possible second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un.
A top North Korean Diplomat Kim Yong-chol met with President Trump Friday. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with journalist Jean Lee of the Wilson Center about the diplomat's background.
The first government shutdown in history was in 1879, when former Confederate Democrats in Congress refused to fund the government unless protections for black voters went away.
M. Night Shyamalan's new movie Glass is the third part of a trilogy that nobody knew was a trilogy until a few months ago.
M. Night Shyamalan's new movie Glass is the third part of a trilogy that nobody knew was a trilogy until a few months ago.
Bob Carr's man-made world of miniature trees, waterfalls and geological formations delighted children and adults alike — and expressed his "uncontainable joy." Carr died earlier this month.
NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., about allegations that President Trump instructed his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his Russian real estate negotiations.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly discusses a culture of police misconduct and a "code of silence" within the Chicago Police Department with Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Delaware.
Tens of thousands of people were in Washington, D.C., Friday for the 'Right to Life' march, feeling reinvigorated with a new Supreme Court that could put in place sweeping new abortion regulations.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Robert Mays of The Ringer to break down the quarterback matchups in NFL Conference Championship games this weekend.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump are engaged in increasingly hostile negotiations over the government shutdown. What does this mean for the new Congress?
As a candidate, President Trump famously said "I alone can fix it." Two years into his presidency and he's tweeting about being all alone in the White House as the government shutdown drags on.
The speaker of the British House of Commons, John Bercow, has become a meme in his efforts to keep Brexit negotiations civil.
Two-time Olympic gold medal speed skater Shim Suk-hee revealed earlier this month she was repeatedly raped by her coach. Now, South Korea's governing sports body has promised a crackdown on coaches.
Former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison on Friday for the 2014 murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart and Politico reporter Eliana Johnson about a report from BuzzFeed News that special counsel Robert Mueller's office is challenging that says Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.
Special counsel Robert Mueller's office says a report from Buzzfeed News that alleged President Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress is "not accurate."
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith about the site's report that President Trump told his former lawyer to lie to Congress and the dispute by the special counsel.
This week, we’re presenting stories about the struggle to find acceptance — whether it’s at Space Camp or in the United States of America. Part 1: Computer scientist LaShana Lewis’s childhood dream of attending Space Camp starts to feel far away — until she gets the Christmas surprise of a lifetime. Part 2: When Guizella Rocabado leaves her hom ...…
Many folks are surprised to find out adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can have stroke. What's often bigger news to people is that adolescents, children, newborns, and even fetuses can have a stroke. In fact, stroke in the womb is one of the leading causes of cerebral palsy. Stroke in kids was nothing I had never even thought about before I sta ...…
Gov. Newsom Promises California’s TSA Agents Unemployment Benefits Governor Gavin Newsom is vowing to continue to provide unemployment benefits to federal workers affected by the government shutdown. Reporter: Katie Orr L.A. Unified’s Special Education Teachers Call for Smaller Class Sizes For the first time since the L.A. teacher’s strike, tea ...…
Included in this SpokenEdition: 1) A Federal Court Has Ruled Texas Can Bar Planned Parenthood From Medicaid 2) The Surprising Link Between Prohibition and Women’s Rights 3) Is Black Pepper Healthy? Here’s What the Science Says 4) Judge Acquits Chicago Police Officers Accused of Covering Up Fatal Shooting of Black Teen by Fellow Officer 5) FDA M ...…
Rumination Analysis on Sly 2 Band of ThievesBy (Lorerunner).
Democracy Now! 2019-01-18 Friday Headlines for January 18, 2019 Rep. Ro Khanna: U.S. Troops Are a "Sitting Target" in Syria; It's Time to Bring Them Home A Coup in Progress? Venezuelan Foreign Minister Decries U.S. & Brazil-Backed Effort to Oust Maduro Download this show
The author (It's OK to Laugh and No Happy Endings) and host of the podcast Terrible Thanks For Asking returns in front of live audience in Minneapolis. She, Paul and the audience share their fears and loves and answer some questions. More About Our Guest Check out her books and where to buy them at Follow her on social ...…
The FAA sent out an email essentially prohibiting employees from discussing the shutdown. Rudy Giuliani went on CNN and made an absolute fool of himself. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Thank you to this episode's sponsor, TherapyNotes. Get a 2 month free trial of TherapyNotes by going to and using the promo code TherapyChat. Welcome back to Therapy Chat! Today host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C speaks to Danielle Matthew about the impacts of bullying. Danielle Matthew is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist wh ...…
"In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate," the president wrote to the speaker.
NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois about the lengthy government shutdown and the nomination of William Barr to be attorney general.
NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Jeremy Cliffe, Brussels bureau chief for The Economist, about how the European Parliament is reacting to the failure of the British Parliament to approve the Brexit deal.
Teachers in Los Angeles are in their fourth day of a strike. Among other things, union leaders are demanding smaller class sizes. But the benefits of reducing class size can be complicated.
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