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Taking You From Come, Worship & Connect; To Go and Serve In Christ
Thoughtful, Christ-centered teachings by Sycamore Hill Church in Wilmington, Delaware.
Against Everyone with Conner Habib is a countercultural podcast and web series about being human and all the ideas that go along with that. It's a show about radical philosophy, the occult, sexuality, science, literature, and more. Each episode features either a mini-lecture by me or a discussion with an amazing guest. Support the show via
A celebration of the Students, Staff, Schools, and Community of Cheatham County Schools.
This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for July 2012.
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I talk with legendary drag performer and queen ofd Ireland, Panti Bliss (AKA Rory O'Neill) about what to do when your radical resistance becomes accepted by the mainstream.
We were created with a need for instruction. Thankfully, our God is a good and loving God, who not only created us that way, but also desires we have what we need to understand and deal with the world in which we live. In today’s passage, we learn how we can persevere through persecution. Scripture: 1 Peter 5:6-11 Handout: Download the handout ...…
Repost of AEWCH 11, about mass shootings and why they're happening so often in our time. I felt it only appropriate to redirect attention to this episode. I hope this episode helps frame recent events.
For some reason, we have this idea that good leaders have to make all the decisions, that they have to give all the direction, that they have to always be in charge. Because that’s many people’s working idea of leadership, we end up with leaders who are domineering and coercive. Leaders who lead by force and fear. Leaders who don’t allow anyone ...…
Special solo episode of AEWCH in which I give my definitions of something I talk about all the time: the occult! I also give you an easy occult exercise so you can get on board with the crazy nonsense I'm going on about.
Conner talks with mystery and horror author Sara Gran about mysteries, psychoanalysis, the nature of evil, and why we love murder so much.
If we are going to see trials as beneficial, then a perspective shift needs to take place. We need to climb into the plane of God’s Word and fly through His upside-down kingdom, learning how we should view trials of persecution as a Christian. Scripture: 1 Peter 4:12-19 Handout: Download the slides and follow along. The post How should we view ...…
I talk about how great Ireland is, and also tell a story about how not-so-great the media is for sex workers.
What is meant by the phrase the end times? When will they occur? And how should we live in the end times? These are questions Christians have wrestled with for a long time. I believe God hasn’t left us without answers. Scripture is clear. Find out what it says in this week’s message. Scripture: 1 Peter 4:7-11 Handout: Download the slides and fo ...…
God’s will and our will doesn’t always match up. So what does it take for us to live according to God’s will? Scripture: 1 Peter 4:1-6 Handout: Download the handout and follow along. The post What does it take to live according to God’s will? appeared first on Sycamore Baptist Church.
Memoirist and Hole drummer Patty Schemel talk about 1990s music, the intensities of addiction, misogyny in punk, and more.
Continuing on from the latest episode of AEWCH, I talk about why Wilhelm Reich is so important in our moment, and also why Robert Anton Wilson didn't really help me understand him.
All about psychoanalyst-scientist-revolutionary Wilhelm Reich with historian of science, Dr. James Strick!
How are we connected to Christ and why does it matter? I answer those questions in this week’s message. Scripture: 1 Peter 3:18-22 Handout: Download the handout and follow along The post How are we connected to Christ? appeared first on Sycamore Baptist Church.
What can Christian’s expect when they live for Christ in the world? Peter tells us we can expect at least three things. Find out what those are in this week’s message. Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13-17 Handout: Download the handout and follow along The post What can Christians expect when we live for Christ in the world? appeared first on Sycamore Bap ...…
I talk with Destroyer & The Invitation screenwriter, Phil Hay, about the State of Movies, 2019!
Making disciples is the mission of the church. Accomplishing that mission requires the church to work together as a good team. But what does that look like? How does the church become a good team? More importantly, how does the church remain a good team that wins at its mission? We will tackle these questions and more in this week’s sermon. Scr ...…
An Against Saturdays episode recorded in my slightly echoey Dublin apartment: How The Right Seizes The Occult, And How The Left & Occultists Help Them Do It
I speak with author, editor, and queer legend Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore about all things queer in the past and future. We discuss the failures of gay marriage and truvada, the trans military ban, masculinity, and why old ways of belonging need to die. Hold onto your flowery, bedazzled hats.
I tell you 3 of my fundamental ideas about sex. A special Friday version of Against Saturdays to remind you to sign up for my online event GOD SEX DEATH with Caitlin Doughty and Peter Rollins on Sunday, 1/20! Details at
I'm joined by sexologist, author, and radio show host Dr. Chris Donaghue to talk The State of Sexuality 2019! We talk about desire shaming, how our identities shape our experiences, body positivity, why "problematic" content in prn isn't problematic in the way we think, sex offenders, how to be healthier in relationships, and more!…
By now we are all settled into 2019. Many of us are excited and expectant, wondering what a New Year will bring. Hopefully, it will bring something just as good or better than last, certainly none of us are hoping for worse. As you face the new year, one thing you might not have considered is how God might stretch you. He certainly did so with ...…
I talk about how that dumb New York Times article on gay conservatives is an extension of homophobia, and what kind of articles we DO need about gay men.
I talk with philosopher and theologian Peter Rollins about the state of philosophy in 2019, including the psychoanalytic philosophers, the Jordan Peterson thing, Peter Sloterdijk, and more!
On AEWCH 54, I make an announcement, and also tell you about my new online course with Caitlin Doughty & Peter Rollins, God Sex Death - coming January 20th, which you can buy tickets to on
Over 2000 years ago Jesus was born as a babe in a manger. Thirty or so years after that, He was crucified on a cross, after which He miraculously resurrected from the grave and ascended into heaven. But Jesus has yet to return as a conquering King. For some that might be a stumbling block. All that time, especially given the world in which live ...…
I talk about my 2018 and give you some recommendations. It's a pretty simple year end round up deal, but I think you'll like the recs. So enjoy it, friends!
Instead of looking a the birth narrative, this year I’m examining Isaiah 7-9, a section of Scripture that is quoted and referred to extensively throughout the New Testament specifically in the birth narrative and life of Jesus. Find out how Jesus fulfills the prophecies in these crucial chapters this week. Scripture: Isaiah 7-9 Handout: Downloa ...…
I do a political state of the world with Jimmy Dore, commentator, host of The Jimmy Dore Show, and stand up comedian. Jimmy and I talk about fake news, the problems that led up to Trump and that will remain after him, and the need for asking basic questions.
On this Against Saturdays ep, I talk about the occult dimensions of Christmas that we should - and should not - consider; and how they affect all of us, Christian or not.
Marriage is the bedrock of the culture. As such, it is important we understand what makes for a solid marriage relationship. So what are the crucial dynamics of a marriage relationship? Scripture: 1 Peter 3:1-7 Handout: Download the handout and follow along. The post What are the Crucial Dynamics of a Marriage Relationship? appeared first on Sy ...…
I talk with History On Fire host, historian & martial artist Daniele Bolelli, about how history works, how so many of we podcasters are connected through Joe Rogan, and the problem with identity.
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