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TiLT Parenting, from parenting activist, speaker, and author Debbie Reber, features transformational interviews and conversations with authors, parenting experts, educators, and other parents aimed at inspiring, informing, and supporting parents raising differently-wired kids (giftedness, ADHD, Asperger’s, 2e, learning differences, sensory processing issues, anxiety, and more). TiLT aims to help parents feel empowered and in choice in how they parent, have more peace in their daily lives, an ...
Baseball pitching motion analysis, troubleshooting, and performance based on science, featuring pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli and hosted by Joe Janish. Joe interviews Angel -- a kinesiologist with a Master's Degree in Exercise Science -- on a regular basis, discussing the prevention and treatment of baseball pitching injuries, as well as science-based performance tips for baseball pitchers, coaches, and parents of all ages. More information on Angel can be found at http://gym ...
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Gwen Vogelgang and her 12-year-old son Rylan talk about their new book, "If I Squeeze Your Head I'm Sorry," which allow readers to enter the brain of a child who sees, feels, and understands the world from a refreshingly unique perspective.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session179By Debbie Reber.
In the MLB segment, Joe asks a listener’s question about the relationship of overuse as a youth pitcher and the probability of an adult injury. In the Teaching Moment, I break the pitching motion down into four fundamental skills and give you some tips on how to view your pitcher ‘s delivery in a simple way. In the Pearls segment, the topic of ...…
Dr. Stacy Hawthorne and Dr. Jessica Potts of The Davidson Institute talk about the unique needs for profoundly gifted children and share insights on how to support their intellectual and social/emotional development.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session178By Debbie Reber.
Clinical psychologist, life coach, and author Dr. John Duffy talks about his new book, "Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety" and shares insights for how parents raising teens can be the emotional support they need and crave.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session177By Debbie Reber.
Dr. Jill Emanuele, senior director of the Mood Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute, talks about how parents can best support their children who are struggling in the dynamic with their sibling.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session176By Debbie Reber.
Creativity coach, speaker, and author Kathryn Haydon talks about the benefits of bringing more creativity into our parenting lives raising differently wired kids.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session175By Debbie Reber.
To kick off the show in MLB News and Trends, Angel and Joe discuss Chicago Cubs closer Craig Kimbrel, whose command has been "unKimbrel-like" this season and who recently went on the injured list with an elbow inflammation. Angel explains the connection between an elbow injury and command issues, and what next steps should be for the injured pi ...…
Academic, teacher, and writer Victoria Biggs shares her experience growing up as an autistic, dyspraxic child and explains how parents can support their similarly wired children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session174By Debbie Reber.
Dr. Melissa Neff talks about PDA (pathological demand avoidance)—how it's defined, how it presents, and how parents can support kids who struggle with demands being placed on them.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session173By Debbie Reber.
Second grade teacher Becca Wertheim, who works at an inclusion school in North Carolina, shares insight for parents looking for better support and communication with the teachers in their children's lives.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session172By Debbie Reber.
In the MLB segment, Joe and I couldn’t help but discuss Matt Harvey, one of our faves. I used Matt’s story to help coaches and teams understand the initial phases of investigation when faced with helping a great pitcher make a successful comeback after experiencing injury after injury. It’s not over until it’s over…and it’s never too late: two ...…
Debbie talks with cultural changemaker, author, and entrepreneur Jess Weiner about how to become successful advocates to best support our differently-wired kids.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session171By Debbie Reber.
Amanda Morin of Understood joins Debbie for a special back-to-school episode to help families prepare for easing into the coming school year with as much confidence and serenity as possible.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session170By Debbie Reber.
In the MLB segment, Joe wants to know about the “mysterious” fastball of Josh Hader. We have a great general discussion about movement and deception, two things Josh does well. In the Teaching Moment, I talk about how the stride is initiated, specifically the muscle used and one of the many benefits of using it correctly. And in the final Pearl ...…
Author, speaker, and podcaster Colleen Kessler (Raising LIfelong Learners) talks about how to approach homeschooling gifted and twice-exceptional children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session169By Debbie Reber.
Sherri Cawn, a leading practitioner of the DIR/Floortime® model in speech and language development, explores characteristics, assessment, intervention of communication disorders in children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session168By Debbie Reber.
Dr. Rita Eichenstein, author of "Not What I Expected: Help and Hope for Parents of Atypical Children," talks about how parents can process the discovery that their child is neurodivergent.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session167By Debbie Reber.
In the MLB segment of this podcast, Joe asks if pitchers should ever pitch through pain. Citing Jake Arrieta’s elbow bone spur as an example, we discuss pitchers and their injuries. In the Teaching Moment, using photos and a video, you will see two strength drills I designed to help pitchers feel the strength needed to offset the forces to the ...…
Dr. Allie Ticktin, a licensed occupational therapist with a specialty in sensory integration and early childhood development, talks about how to tap into the power of play to support a child's learning and development.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session166By Debbie Reber.
Debbie talks with four differently wired adults who share their stories of discovering and/or learn more about their own neurodivergence as a result of parenting their differently wired children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session165By Debbie Reber.
The MLB has been experimenting with limiting innings, “deloading” with their Minor Leaguers, data-driven decisions and various other methods to limit injuries and protect our pitchers. And as we know, everything in the MLB has a trickle-down effect to our college, high school and youth pitchers. In the MLB segment of this podcast, I talk about ...…
Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Melissa Neff talks about the unique challenges for adults who discover their own neurodivergence as a result of going through the diagnostic process with their children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session164By Debbie Reber.
Development pediatrician Dr. Mark Bertin talks about his new book How Children Thrive: The Practical Science of Raising Independent, Resilient, and Happy Kids, as well as resilience in our kids and the benefits of mindful parenting.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session163By Debbie Reber.
With our special guest Larry Owens, we discuss the "crazy" NCAA pitching stats that were just released and what it tell us about the direction of pitching and hitting. The impact of the use of data, the chase for velocity, and current trends in coaching are all discussed with Larry's unique perspective. Contact Info: Angel@gymscience.com www.Gy ...…
Camp director Audrey Monke talks about her book Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults, as well as how we can set our kids up for successful summer camp experiences.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session162By Debbie Reber.
Strategic learning assessment psychologist Dr. Devon MacEachron provides ideas for next steps for parents after receiving a diagnosis for their child.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session161By Debbie Reber.
Speaker and author Jonathan Oliver shares his personal story of being a differently wired (ADHD and dyslexia), stay-at-home father of two children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session160By Debbie Reber.
Flex School founder Jacqui Byrne shares her vision for creating powerful learning communities for gifted and 2e students through her unique educational model.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session159By Debbie Reber.
Hitting injuries vs. pitching injuries: are they acknowledged and noticed sooner when a hitter's performance declines vs. when a pitcher's performance starts to suffer. In the MLB segment, Joe asks about why this seems to be the norm in baseball. In the Teaching Moment, I talk about one specific flaw with the glove arm that directly affects the ...…
Neuropsychologist William Stixrud PhD and Ned Johnson talk about their gamechanging book "The Self-Driven Child" and explain the importance of supporting our child's sense of control and autonomy.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session158By Debbie Reber.
Eric Karlan, co-founder of test prep, college essay, and application coaching company The Ivy Experience shares strategies for how differently wired students can strengthen their university applications.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session157By Debbie Reber.
In the MLB segment, Joe and I talk about the resurgence of what is called "the yips" in a few MLB players. I plant the seed for thinking about this issue as physical not mental. The topic is so important, that I continue discussing it in the Teaching Moment, through explaining the way the ball is actually held, rolled, and finally released in t ...…
Motivational coach Eric Lanigan, creator of the online course Making Peace with Gaming, shares how parents can transform their relationship with games, gaming, and their children.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session156By Debbie Reber.
Dr. Manju Banerjee, VP of Educational Research and Innovation at Landmark College, talks about Landmark's vision for helping neurodivergent students thrive in college and in their careers.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session155By Debbie Reber.
http://bit.ly/2GG8c4X Code: ROTATION In the MLB segment of this episode, we talk about what to do when a previously good pitcher starts to have problems, which is the current situation with a very famous pitcher. I talk about my hopes for baseball to continue to progress with how to handle signs and symptoms before they get out-of-hand. In the ...…
Pediatric psychologist and author Mona Delahooke talks about her new book "Beyond Behaviors: Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children's Behavioral Challenges."For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session154By Debbie Reber.
Positive discipline trainer, parent coach, author, and host of the Joyful Courage podcast Casey O'Roarty shares how parents can calm the drama and take control of their parenting journey.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session153By Debbie Reber.
In the MLB segment, Joe brings up an MLB pitcher who is currently suffering from serious location problems. We discuss ways to troubleshoot this issue. In the Teaching Moment, I talk about three very common lower body issues that can affect the pitching motion in a way that can interfere with a pitcher finding his max velocity. And in The Pearl ...…
Author and thought leader Jordan Shapiro, PhD, talks about his new book "The New Childhood" and why he believes parents should consider embracing and supporting the role of screens and technology in children's lives.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session152By Debbie Reber.
NVLD Project founder Laura Lemle talks about her daughter's journey with nonverbal learning disorder and her work to raise awareness, build support, and create helpful solutions for families.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session151By Debbie Reber.
Joe and I kick off our first episode of Season Six with three exciting segments: In our first segment, Joe and I talk about some of the rule changes in the MLB. In The Teaching Moment, I talk about "The Defining Moment in a Pitcher's Delivery". It's a discussion about the last sequence of trunk rotation in a pitcher's delivery, prior to acceler ...…
Psychotherapists Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright (The Happy Sleeper) talk about how to handle difficult situations in a way that’s respectful of the child and supports their social and emotional development.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session150By Debbie Reber.
Kelly Hirt, a public school elementary school teacher and the parent of a homeschooled 2e child shares her strategies for "boosting" exceptional children to they can thrive in school and in life.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session149By Debbie Reber.
Special needs advocate and educator Rich Weinfeld explains how parents can best advocate for their children in their education, and answers listener questions on advocacy in schools.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session148By Debbie Reber.
Montessori education Simone Davies talks about why the Montessori philosophy can be a great fit for many differently wired children and describes how parents can be their child's best "guide."For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session147By Debbie Reber.
From increasing the distance of the mound to the plate to an epidemic of timing problems, Angel and Joe close out their fifth season with a great discussion of these two topics. The MLB is currently experimenting with moving the pitching mound back. Angel weighs in on the effect she thinks it will have on the pitchers...and you may be surprised ...…
Author, speaker, and self-directed learning advocate Blake Boles (Unschooled Adventures) talks about the benefits of letting kids be in charge of their own educational journey.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session146By Debbie Reber.
Susan Stout, former athletic coach and the founder of Own Beat Athlete, takes us inside her new resource aimed at helping sports' coaches better understand and support their differently wired athletes.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session145By Debbie Reber.
Dr. Sharon Saline, a therapist who specializes in working with ADHD kids and author of the book "What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew," shares her insights for helping ADHD kids thrive.For more info, visit: www.tiltparenting.com/session144By Debbie Reber.
From how to work technically to using an innings format, Angel talks about the critical importance of making every bullpen count with tips on how to use it effectively and how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes she sees. And in a Troubleshooting segment, Angel answers a coach’s question about the rear leg. You will learn about its role, its ...…
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