Best Tabletop Game podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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Mythos Busters
Join hosts Sean, Ian, Nick and Scott as they discuss Fantasy Flight's Arkham Horror Living Card Game!
Chris, Josh and Kitty talk about tabletop board and card games.
Covering the full breadth of digital, tabletop, and role playing games, The Game Design Round Table inspires and educates aspiring and experienced game designers.
Mythos Busters
Join hosts Sean, Ian, Nick and Scott as they discuss Fantasy Flight's Arkham Horror Living Card Game!
Aaron and Jeff take your brilliant character prompts and create a beautiful tabletop game child. Tweet us a character prompt: @AMFC\_Podcast Email us a character prompt:
Boards & Swords
Every other week, Collin & Cindy (the "Boards", fans of more Euro-style games) and Chris & Philip (the "Swords", more thematic gamers) entertain the world of tabletop gaming with news, jokes, and the ongoing quest to find a game that they all will enjoy.
Boards Alive is a podcast where we talk about tabletop games. Our goal is to show that tabletop gaming can be just as exciting and engaging as Hollywood movies or big budget video games. We try to highlight games that have a rich theme that connects with the mechanics of the game. We want to help people escape into tabletop games and enjoy the competition and camaraderie of gaming.
Australia's leading tabletop gaming podcast
Tabletop tomfoolery-- wizardly wisecracks. We bring you tabletop gameplay and discussion with a panel of lighthearted players.
News and chat about the latest D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games!
Hello, Internet! You are now experiencing Technical Difficulties! We are a tabletop role playing game podcast, inspired by the likes of Role Playing Public Radio and The Drunk and The Ugly. We record our game sessions using Google Hangouts and want to share them with you. New episodes every Wednesday.
The staff of Game Informer chat it up each week bout the latest news, previews and reviews from the game industry. Each show will cover the weeks hot topics plus the games you're looking forward to or may not know about yet. Subscribe today!
Hyper's Tabletop Role Playing Games are recorded live in Los Angeles and broadcasted to Our shows focus on diverse stories with audience engagement, you never know where the story will take you.
A community driven podcast about the stories we make while playing the games we love on, around, and under the gaming table. This podcast includes: stupid stories, a stupider host, dumb gaming news, elevator pitches for games, and some inside perspectives about running a game company. Join Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy (creators of the hit game "Two Rooms and a Boom"), along with a ragtag community of tabletop friends as they discuss pretty much anything that is remotely related to board games ...
Pull up a chair with Zach, Mark and Steve; your own personal gaming group. Every week we gather to talk about and experience all things tabletop. Between the three of us, we bring together a wide range of experiences and expertise that are guaranteed to cover your favorite hobbies in a fresh way; from role playing and board games to video games. You’re bound to learn something new. Not only do our discussions display a huge array of games and game topics (a lot more than just D&D), but we al ...
Bonus Experience
A deeper look at the play experience and the finer details of running and writing tabletop games.
We discuss board games, card games all things Tabletop.We have guest Game Designers and Kickstarter creators. We are many things. But We're Not Wizards
RPG From Scratch
Ever wanted to create your own tabletop RPG? Imagine it: a gleaming, glorious system combining everything you love about gaming and dropping the crap you can’t stand. Embark on a D.I.Y. docu-quest for tabletop roleplaying perfection as we design, test, and rebalance our own RPG From Scratch! We chronicle our tabletop trials and errors, grapple with game design, explore the art of mechanics and storytelling, and adventure through epic playtesting campaigns. New episodes weekly!
Powered by Geeks
Game Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for GMs and players of tabletop RPGs hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and GMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex often uses Dungeons & Dragons as an example, but many of the topics are relevant to all RPGs. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for GMs creating their own setting.
Tabletop Potluck
Welcome to Tabletop Potluck, an actual play podcast showcasing and discussing the wide world of pen and paper roleplaying games. Whether you're an experienced player or a newbie, you’re welcome to sit at our table and see what we’ve brought to the potluck!
Covering the full breadth of digital, tabletop, and role playing games, The Game Design Round Table inspires and educates aspiring and experienced game designers.
Cthulhu & Friends is a podcast! We play the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game using a modified version of the d20 system. Listen as we fight unimaginable beasties and try to maintain our very sanity! Featuring superior role-playing and high production values, we turn actual play into a radio drama experience. For the most optimized listening experience, we suggest you start at Season 4 Episode 1, and then when you've reached the end, go back and take it from Season 1 Episode 1.
Game Closet
Home of Riverhouse Games. Game Closet, a chance to meet & talk to cool queer & LGBT+ tabletop gamers, with side adventures into: From Scratch, an exercise in learning tabletop roleplaying games, and Critical Theory, an analysis of games & game design.
The Board Game Business Podcast is all about the business side of the tabletop gaming industry. We don't review games or tell you which ones we like, but instead focus on things like marketing, distribution, design and development, crowd-funding, and publishing. Richard New hosts and sits alongside Jeremy Commandeur, a game designer, and Brian Henk, a game designer and publisher with Overworld Games.
Sneak Attack!
Sneak Attack! is an original tabletop RPG adventure set in the world of Brannis, and the furthest reaches of outer space. While in season, new episodes release every Friday.
DLC is your weekly audio tour of the latest in video games and tabletop entertainment. Hosts Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer are joined every week by the best damn gaming experts on the planet as well as YOUR phone calls! Disagree, Like, or Comment by Direct Live Call-in or in the Designated Lobby Chat! It is the gaming show Decided by Listener Contribution. DLC, the Digital Lifestyle Companion for gamers who Don't Like Cynicism. Hosted by Christian Spicer & Jeff Cannata.
A bunch of gnomes from the gnome stew get together to talk gaming, game mastering, tabletop games, playing games, and gab about games. It’s a gaming gab off to avoid becoming part of the stew.
Just One More Fix
Join lifelong gamers James, Kurt, Lacey, Carrie, Lee and guests around the table as they geek out about RPGs, gaming and gamer culture. Topics include game reviews, inspiration, scenario design and other aspects of great gaming.
The Dice Tower
The Dice Tower is an Internet podcast about tabletop games. Your hosts for the show are Tom Vasel, noted game reviewer, and Eric Summerer. In the show, Tom and Eric talk about boardgames, card games, wargames, miniatures, and the people who play them. New to the Dice Tower? Then listen to: Episode 0: Introduction & Top 15 Games a New Gamer Should Buy Note: The Dice Tower episodes are provided as a service to the community and although they are entirely family friendly, is no ...
We play tabletop roleplaying games set in dark worlds and turn it into a podcast. Current campaign is "Curse of Strahd" for Dungeons & Dragons. New episode every Friday!
This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying game modules and setting books.
They See Me Rollin
A Table-Top Gaming Podcast Like Grandma Used to Make.
Plot Points
Plot Points is a monthly podcast in which a rascally crew of geeks, nerds, and other scoundrels gets together to discuss role-playing games, their supplements, and adventures as written. Meet Our Crew Ben Riggs is a writer, gamer, and educational professional. He has lived in four countries on three continents, and reads more than is good for him.
Go inside the walls of Dungeons & Dragons for exclusive interviews and previews! The D&D team sits down each week with celebrities and personalities from across gaming and pop culture to discuss one of the greatest fantasy brands of all-time. We'll talk about the tabletop roleplaying game, as the latest in D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television.
An episodic RPG podcast with a bunch of fools. Join us for more escapades and shenanigans in various role-playing games and systems.
A real play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition podcast that doesn't take itself so seriously. Jump on to Season 4 with Episode 145
Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system!
Roll Out!
A weekly RPG actual play, currently featuring a queer-forward Masks campaign and occasional one-shots and interviews.
Talking TableTop
Talking TableTop is a weekly interview style podcast created for tabletop gamers. We talk with industry leaders to find out what makes them tick. Our goal is to celebrate this incredible community of people and offer an avenue for collaboration between ourselves, this community, and those pushing tabletop innovation.
In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into this one, benevolently conquering the lands and its people.Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall. The city holds thousands of stories. What w ...
A weekly podcast showing "Actual Play" of tabletop roleplaying games. Our group focuses on telling truly collaborative stories with a heavy amount of roleplaying. This is the podcast version of the live video show broadcast Wednesdays and Thursdays on our Twitch channel. Season 1 (1-135) is a complete Dungeons & Dragons campaign.Season 2 (139 and ongoing) is a our next big long-term campaign. It is played as TWO weekly sessions, each with a different cast of players and characters. The two s ...
Campaign Actual Play
Five old friends of more than 20 years come together to produce a high quality, bi-weekly podcast about tabletop gaming of all kinds: board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games and much more. In each episode you can expect board game reviews, gaming industry news and round-table discussions. The Founders, Jamie, Tony, Chris, Steve and Brian, each have varying tastes in gaming to provide a variety of viewpoints. Since 2011, over 100 full length episodes and now more with our new ...
Skulls and Ones is a fan-made podcast of the table-top game Blood Bowl. In the podcast, hosts Nate Ball and Mike Vagenos discuss everything they can about Blood Bowl, a fantasy football and/or rugby board game with miniatures, that induces great times and great fun.
The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on board games, card games and RPGs. The original Brawlers (Josh and Brandon) are 2 friends who like very different types of games. The show focuses on these differing preferences and (hopeless) attempts to sway each other's opinion. Each show includes light, friendly banter, a game review (in print), a combative segment called "Brawling and Boardgaming", a check in on BGG's "Hotness" and a brief discussion of a top ...
High Rollers DnD
Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream! Episodes go live Mondays and Thursdays! Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on or catch up on missed episodes on!
Eberron Renewed
A podcast focused on long-form storytelling and character development set in the Eberron D&D game setting.
A regular discussion in Q and A format about table top board games and gaming. Hosted By Sean Stephens and featuring the Tabletop Bellhop himself, Moe Tousignant, board game connoisseur and aficionado.
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Today we’re talking about vacation games. These could be games we bring with us or games we find sitting on the shelf of our AirBnB or in the closet of grandma’s house. What makes games good, or awful choices for this situation? Link to the post credit article we were talking about: ...…
Dirk and David speak with TTRPG game designer and streamer Adam Koebel about how RPGs often influence one another and how to get your TTRPG in front of an audience.By Dirk Knemeyer, David Heron, Adam Koebel.
Richard is joined by the absolutely awesome Holly Nielsen who is a Board Game Historian, writer for the Guardian on Video Games and is all round excellent person to chat with. I totally enjoyed this chat and I hope you do to. Links of Notes ================================================================== If y ...…
Mercenaries, adventurers, a straight up mess. These are the 'Rat Queens', one of the many bands of warriors, mages and thieves that roam the world. The dwarven warrior Violet, the halfling thief Betty, the human cleric Dee, the elven mage Hannah, and the orc warrior Braga smite, bash and stab their way through all sorts of epic adventures in an ...…
James and Lacey look at putting the characters in situations that they are underpowered to deal with. How to make it work, strengths of different styles of game and systems, at least that's what we were supposed to stay on topic with. Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast Support us on Patreon Gonna Geek Network…
Excited to be featuring Gardens of Fog an official #DnD module created by game devs + psychologists working to end mental health stigma w/ @TakeThisOrg — Join our Patreon for as low as $1:► Donate to us for free by testing apps on your mobile. Visit Rechaaarge for more details:► Grab ...…
Happy 2 year anniversary to 10K Lakes! Trust us; Freelance probably won't see a third. Freelance brings in an old friend to go on another adventure. A streamer from the Recession wants them to check in on a friend from the Loss whose camera has gone down but whose streams have continued. Surely everything is fine... Aaron S. - Loveless - Everyo ...…
The thrilling conclusion of our Pride Month special! Will our heroes be able to conquer Business Tower? Who is behind the shadowy cabal that stole the agenda? Will anyone be able to confess to their crush? Find out!
The world has been changed, strange things happen and weird creatures roam about, teenagers try to solve the mysteries in our Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop RPG Show! Background and all art for the RPG by Simon Stålenhag:► RPG System - Tales From The Loop (Free League Publishing / Modiphius):► https://www.m ...…
After discovering the statuary was more lively than expected, the party finds themselves in dire straits. Can they survive? No really, can they? We're kind of incompetent. Download now as we continue Out of the Abyss, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Starring: Troy as Malvayas Mizzrym Matt as Matt Ettercap Lucas as Nexus Malach Cody as Kira Tru ...…
At Tabletop Bellhop we answer your game and game night questions, go "Ask The Bellhop" at Geeking Out About The Geek - A discussion on Board Game Geek, one of the best board gaming resources on the web. This is a special bonus episode of the Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel T ...…
On the last day of Origins I took ill. I was in bed all night with a bad fever and was taken to the hospital Sunday night. Everything's undercontrol now and I'm getting better but the podcast scheduled to be released this week has to be pushed to next week. The Express episode scheduled for next week will be made up in July.… one said we were good at this... Check out our merch store! Check out our Patreon Rate and Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow us on Twitter @TabletopChamps Lauren: @TheNat1Lady Sean: @seanthedm Kyle: @fung Ben: @thev0idman Matt: @rp_ggamer Steph: @Nat20Steph Don't forget to tell a friend! Theme song composed and recorded by Travis of ...…
In the third installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters begin to take in the full scope of the truly terrifying obstacles that lie ahead of them… and yet, the challenges of this literal hellscape may pale in comparison to the challenges that face each man’s personal journey… But first, please enjoy Hjalmar’s dramatic readi ...…
In this special crossover episode, Tom runs The Veiled Society (B6) for the gang at Red Moon Roleplaying! You can find Red Moon Roleplaying here: Other links: Our website Our Patreon Our forums Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG… – Stance: – ResistBot: – Swing Left: This show is a proud member of the Stop, Hack, & Roll podcast network. This episode of Game Closet was edited by Cole Burkhardt. Show music was composed by Corv Leary. Game Closet: interviewing LGBT+ people in ...…
Today, Sean, Ian, Scott & Nick sit down and build a deck for the second half of the legendary investigator duo, the Sonny to Skids’s Cher, Daisy Walker! Kicking & Screaming Skids Decklist - Daisy Does the Worm Decklist - ...…
Today, Sean, Ian, Scott & Nick sit down and build a deck for the second half of the legendary investigator duo, the Sonny to Skids’s Cher, Daisy Walker! Kicking & Screaming Skids Decklist - Daisy Does the Worm Decklist - ...…
Plans are planned and hopefully with the help of Princess Celestia, out intrepid ponies and their newfound friends can stop Chrysalis from turning all of Canterlot into a feeding frenzy of friendship! CAST Sally Chan: Berry Daze Matthew James Marquez: GM Megan Scharlau: Sparkle Joy SOUNDTRACK Theme music by Riley Allen, ...…
Jeff and Christian are joined by Anthony Taormina from to look back on E3 2019, and determine their E3 Game of the Show. All of the biggest games are discussed with hands-on and behind-closed-doors impressions from the show! Brought to you by: ThirdLove (Go to now to find your perfect-fitting bra… and get 15% off ...…
The Wing Mob mops up the mess they made of the monster and his minions, making a mad march out of the makeshift mortuary, meticulously mediating their monopoly on the macabre. More madness materializes as the murderers from their memories enter the melee.
Welcome to Masks Episode 9! Nightboi checks out some sick blacklight posters, AANNI can read a room, and Rae goes to the mall.
Join myself and Janice Turner as we talk about food allergies and being away from home, labelling and packaging and how some restaurants get it right and some need a bit more encouragement. Oh, and we forget to do an intro and we do talk about Sensor Ghosts and the expansion to their first game Assembly and why there isn't enough Stu in podcast ...…
In this episode we try to survive the Tomb of Horrors in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. We’re joined by Dustin and London, Linsae’s brother and sister-in-law as Quinten DM’s us through the tomb. The party gets very scared and finds the Hall of Wonders.
How do you run a good dungeon crawl? How do you keep things interesting and exciting in a megadungeon or a campaign featuring a series of dungeons? Lex tackles these questions and more on this episode of Game Master’s Journey. RSS Download iTunesGoogle PlayPatreon You can now purchase Game Master's Journey T-shirts and other swag! Call the Game ...…
AFTS Cast: Kurt, Chris, Joe, and special guest Verge Welcome to the fourth episode of our Trail of Cthulhu adventure! All new episodes are on YouTube! Watch us on our channel! Like or Share episodes, news and more on our Facebook page: Adventures from the Shed Subscribe to AFTS and never miss an episode on iTunesTweet AFTS on Twitter…
What do we want? BORDERCON! When do we want it? Well, we just had it and it was AMAZING!! And this week is the week after our favourite 4 days of gaming on the border. But first we need to discuss the gaming soaring over all others; the game using every updraft of hype to its advantage, the game who’s quack doesn’t echo – of course it’s Wingspa ...…
Granny, Sable, and Tander are heading to an uncharted corner of the territories, never described by canon before - and that means we get to make up what we find there! With Tander along to teach Sable how to use a sword, Granny leads the Bridge Patrol to the southernmost corner of the territories to repair distrust in the Oakgrove metropolitan ...…
We are back at it again and recently had the opportunity of playing Game Designer’s Workshop's classic old gem Traveller from 1977 with none other than Anders Blixt, a true titan in the Swedish RPG industry, as our Gamemaster. Anders joined the podcast last year to talk about his MERP module “The Kin-strife” and is the man behind such Swedish c ...…
Ever thought of diving off a cliff? Nope, no way… it’s very inadvisable. This week the Crew searches for Bellamy, but has the trail gone cold? Find out what happens in this week’s riveting episode. Want to peek behind the curtain? Check us out on YouTube where we record every other Friday. Click here to see past eps and to subscribe. This episo ...…
This week on Eberron Renewed, the party finally travels south to the continent of Xendrik. But their destination proves to be elusive. join us as the attempt to navigate the treacherous deserts of Xendrik! This episode is brought to you by the generous donations of our amazing Show Sponsors: Laura Pickrahn, Jessica Smith, Irene Viorritto, Ryan ...…
Another late one, this is the second part of the Chaos Cup podcast where you will find out how English Chris and some of the others from Richmond Va got on!
Better late than never..............well may be! This is a short podcast where Nate Ball and English Chris talk a little about Chaos Cup and go through some practice drives.
Richard is joined by Elizabeth Snyder, role player, D&D collector, potential vampire and office talker to chat all about Mixed Company, her social communication and discussion game which aims to cut through small talk and aid discussion between people. We chat about a manner of things and have a great time and we hope you enjoy our chat. Links ...…
The traitor among the Red Army has been discovered and now it is time to face justice and the NKVD. Our Russian Airwomen of the 588th finish their mission to find who stolen intel is being delivered to. Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast Support us on Patreon Gonna Geek Network…
What is going on with Ellis? And what was in that bottle? The unanswered questions are piling up and the wheel at the roulette table keeps on spinning. Will it stop on black... or red? Game: Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition, White Wolf Storyteller: Martin Ericsson Guest Player: Anna-Karin Linder Web: iTunes ...…
On this week's episode of Sneak Attack!, the group must deal with the mysterious Templars of the God of Life. Sorry for the shorter episode this week. We'll have a longer one next week to wrap up Season 1! Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fest: Patreon: Website: Star Warrior: https://sou ...…
It's the final day of E3 2019 and we're ready to deliver our final live episode of The Game Informer Show! On this episode, we're going to be mopping up a ton of games that we haven't talked about yet like Animal Crossing, Star Wars, Fire Emblem, Doom Eternal, and much more! We'll be going live at 7:30 Pacific. Starting at 8:30 Pacific we'll be ...…
Learn secrets to running better adventures from gaming professionals! A galaxy of game greats pass on their collective wisdom to make your gaming sessions go gangbusters! Rick Heinz of Geek & Sundry, Jim Lowder of TSR and Chaosium, Pip System lead developer Crystal Mazur, game designer and writer Ray Jenkins, and Ben Riggs of Plot Points gather ...…
We're talking all about inclusion on today's episode! Senior game designer and lead designer of the Player's Handbook Jeremy Crawford covers co-hosting duties for Shelly, and talks about being recognized for contributing an outstanding voice for bringing in LGBTQ characters to D&D by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Later in Lore You Should Kn ...…
After failing to gain the assistance of the Harlem Hellfighters, Sybil and Owen make plans to attend the gala and approach Erica Carlyle. Eustice and Cecil aren't on the sidelines long, however, as a phone call sends them out into the cold wintry night. We continue Masks of Nyarlathotep, a Call of Cthulhu campaign. Starring: Jazz as Sybil Riple ...…
Who is your ideal booth salesperson when going to Origins Game Fair? Would you allow adverts on your headstone if it meant money for your family? What would your guests think if you offered free Bluechew at a party? Join the conversation between Razlo (of "Billionaire Banshee" fame) as they basically just hang out and talk about whatever they t ...…
It's time to restart the forge while avoiding a powerful Guardian in the Midwife's Forge! Support the High Rollers and get early access to podcast episodes (and more) on our Patreon: Thanks to our sponsors D&D Beyond and NordVPN! NordVPN allow you to browse securely and protect your data online! Get three years and a ...…
This week’s episode is a convention panel recorded at Breakout 2019 in Toronto, Ontario. Senda moderates for panelists Ang, Camdon, and the self-described gnome-adjacent Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios for a discussion about running good con games. Will this good advice be enough to keep these gnomes (and their gnome-adjacent friend) out of ...…
We had the amazing opportunity to play the classic Dungeons & Dragons module “B6 – The Veiled Society” from 1984, together with our friends at the Ennie-award winning old school RPG podcast ”Fear of Black Dragon”. The setting for the module is the city of Specularum in Mystara, where three powerful families are vying for power. Interestingly en ...…
Starting at 7:30 Pacific, we'll be streaming live from E3 2019 and talking about Gears 5 with The Coalition's Rod Fergusson in addition to describing the gameplay demo for The Avengers and Watch Dogs Legion. After that we'll have a developer roundtable discussion featuring Control's Sam Lake, The Outer Worlds' Megan Starks, Baldur's Gate 3's Sw ...…
Once again, Collin and Cindy hold up the review section of our show with some content, while Chris tried a few games? Email us your comments and questions at You can find the show on twitter @Boardsandswords, or on facebook at Personally I'm @ChrisTheProf on Twitter & Instagram Collin ...…
The Basic Crawl 00:00:23 - Overview 00:02:53 - How have we used the module in our games? 00:03:40 - Things we liked about the module 00:15:42 - Questions we had about the module 00:23:38 - Chain Lightning Round Expert Delve 00:24:58 - A man runs in with a crossbow… Companion Adventures 00:52:30 - Music 00:53:08 - Film and TV 00:55:42 - Games Li ...…
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Mike Shea from and author of the Lazy Dungeon Master series to talk about his new Kickstarter, Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of Grendleroot. In the news, Magic: The Gathering is getting a TV series, Baldur’s Gate 3 announced with a (rather gruesome) teaser cinematic trailer, A Touch More C ...…
Mercenaries, adventurers, a straight up mess. These are the 'Rat Queens', one of the many bands of warriors, mages and thieves that roam the world. The dwarven warrior Violet, the halfling thief Betty, the human cleric Dee, the elven mage Hannah, and the orc warrior Braga smite, bash and stab their way through all sorts of epic adventures in an ...…
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