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Talking Machines
Talking Machines is your window into the world of machine learning. Your hosts, Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, bring you clear conversations with experts in the field, insightful discussions of industry news, and useful answers to your questions. Machine learning is changing the questions we can ask of the world around us, here we explore how to ask the best questions and what to do with the answers.
That Pop This Life is a podcast where long-time friends Karly & Cynthia talk about pop culture, life and the ridiculousness it all. You can reach us at and find all our podcasts at
Talking Cars (MP3)
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
Corbyn! Trump! Brexit! Politics has never been more unpredictable, more alarming or more interesting. TALKING POLITICS is the podcast that tries to make sense of it all. Each Thursday, in Cambridge, David Runciman will talk to his regular panel along with novelists, comedians, historians, philosophers - and even a few politicians - and ask them what they think is going on... Democracy is feeling the strain everywhere. What might happen next? How bad could it get? As it unfolds, TALKING POLIT ...
Sex Gets Real with host Dawn Serra offers you advice on sex, pleasure, relationships, kink, love, dating, bodies, feelings, and navigating it all with ease and joy. This is a place for questions, for laughter, and for learning about the things that keep us connected and help us to thrive in life, love, and sex.
Talking Metal
A weekly comic book podcast by fans for fans. Reviews, discussions, news, contests and more.
An average Joe (or Bob) who loves talking about cryptocurrency investing on a daily basis, the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum & altcoin news and what's happening in this crazy, crazy crypto world.
Black Girls Talking is a podcast wherein 4 black girls discuss pop culture, Beyonce, & the pursuit of the perfect body oil.
Money Talking
Go beyond the headlines and economic jargon for a look at what’s happening in the business world and in the workplace – and why it matters in your life.
A live call-in program, engaging noted guests and listeners in a thought-provoking national conversation from a Native perspective. Hosted by Tara Gatewood (Isleta).
Two brothers telling the story of the Italian Unification, 1790-1870. Our story will start with a quick recap of Italian history from Roman times to 1790, then we'll slow down and examine the complex social, political, and economic themes as we cover the events of the Italian Unification.
Talking Crime
H. Alan Scott & Margot Leitman host Talking Crime: A “Not So Serious” True Crime Podcast. Each episode H. Alan & Margot watch a popular true crime documentary or show, and then respond to it. They aren’t experts, no matter how much they think they are, instead they are you: mega fans of true crime. Consider them your true crime BFF’s. Tweet at @HAlanScott & @MargotLeitman using #TalkingCrime to join the conversation.
Join your friends Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert for a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made! Each podcast tackles a different episode of The Simpsons, breaking down every 22 minutes of animated entertainment into an embiggening discussion about Our Favorite Family.
A former sommelier interviews incredibly famous and knowledgeable wine personalities in his tiny living room. He gets them to talk candidly about their lives and work. Then he releases the recordings as the I'll Drink to That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton podcast. Erin Scala also contributes amazing original segments. Crush Wine & Spirits is the retail partner. Check for info on how to purchase an IDTT t-shirt, to join our mailing list, or to leave a donation.
Blanketing the Bundesliga and the German football scene, Talking Fussball is essential for fans of Europe's most exciting league - / @talkingfussball
Talking Kotlin
A bimonthly podcast that covers the Kotlin programming language by JetBrains, as well as related technologies. Hosted by Hadi Hariri
Talking Money
Join Glenn Fisher as he quizzes Agora's editors and special guests on what's happening in the financial world and what it means for listeners. Tune in each week for down to earth analysis of economic trends, investment insight and often random philosophical wonderings.
Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee tackle all things TV in this informative, entertaining podcast.
Talking About Organizations is a conversational podcast where we talk about one book, journal article or idea per episode and try to understand it, its purpose and its impact. By joining us as we collectively tackle managerial and organizational problems, you get the full benefit of active and organic thinking as opposed to passive receiving that normally accompanies a monologue or a lecture. Subscribe to our feed and begin Talking About Organizations as we take on great management thinkers ...
Teachers know that when classes are done, the beer has been poured, teachers gather around the table, and the talk turns to...teaching. Great (and not so great ideas) are tossed around, argued, praised, and ridiculed. What's been missing is a microphone on the table. Until now. If you're a teacher, and especially if you're teaching in Japan, have a listen. Tony and Charles talk about what they've learned, what works, what doesn't, and what other teachers like you have to say.
in-depth analysis of pro wrestling news coverage from Wrestling Observer, PW Torch, PWInsider and more!
An evidence-based discussion about genetic improvement
Patrick Geoghegan takes a contemporary look at history and the lessons that can be learnt from it.
An award winning nationally syndicated radio show and podcast where award winning innovators are interviewed about how they used creativity and design to create game-changing — killer innovation.
Talking Tesla
Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla.
Women get bombarded with all sorts of advice on maternity: a lot of it unsolicited, and often outdated or just plain incorrect. That's why Adriana Lozada talks with pregnancy, birth and postpartum experts: to distill that information down to the relevant stuff. Think of us as your own specialized team of birth pros! We know that being pregnant can be tough. That being a mom can be hard. That having a baby can be exhausting. And we hope to make it easier by giving you tried and tested tips an ...
Talking Headways is a podcast hosted by Streetsblog USA and Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire. We explore the intersection of transportation, urban planning, city living, and anything else that piques our interest.
Since 2008, we have interviewed some of the best contemporary jazz artists in the business. Al Jarreau, Joe Sample, Brian Culbertson, Stanley Clarke, Gerald Albright and Boney James to name a few. We’ve introduced you to up and coming artists like keyboardist/producer extraordinaire Nicholas Cole, saxophonists BK Jackson, Adrian Burse, Vincent Ingala, and Elizabeth Mis, guitarist Sheldon Ferguson, Sweden’s keyboardist Jonathan Fritzen and more. International artists, keyboardist Wayne Brown ...
Talking Drupal
Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, Jason Pamental, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.Recorded weekly in a Google Hangout at
Talking Yoga
Welcome to Talking Yoga, a place to connect with master teachers and each other. Now we can ask them our burning questions, benefit from their wisdom, and immerse ourselves in their innermost perspectives. Are you ready? Let’s start talking yoga now.
Fantasy football just got real. The NFL Talking Heads podcast deliver outside the box fantasy football perspective to help you dominate your league whether you are a beginner or expert. The dynamic duo of Jeff Carrier and Seth Lull, provide thought provoking analysis using stats, research and personal opinions to help you draft the right players, make the right trades and build a championship team. If you want to make winning your fantasy football league a reality, turn to the NFL talking He ...
The ultimate 8-part audio guide with free downloadable toolkit that will take you from product idea to product launch.
Your daily consumer tech news update, plus the latest gadget reviews and straight talk about how the latest tech innovations affect you, with USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham.
A United Stand original podcast series co-hosted by Paul Gardiner and Ash Burns
Sex Gets Real with host Dawn Serra offers you advice on sex, pleasure, relationships, kink, love, dating, bodies, feelings, and navigating it all with ease and joy. This is a place for questions, for laughter, and for learning about the things that keep us connected and help us to thrive in life, love, and sex.
Talking Code
The Talking Code podcast contains short expert interviews that help you decode what developers are saying. We help non-technical founders, designers, project managers, or anyone who needs a 30,000 foot view of how to run a successful software company.
Talking with T
Talking with T is the talk show designed to Engage, Educate, Empower and Entertain its listeners with Trending Topics, Noted News, Interesting Interviews, Rising Artists and much more!
Two Guys are André Proulx and Michael Pinkus. Wine writers who center their writing around the Ontario Wine Scene. Opinionated and Wine fueled content is what you will find here.
"Talking Germany - The German Way of Life." The show takes an entertaining and informative look at what makes Germans tick, what they think and how they feel.
Talking Robots is a podcast featuring interviews with high-profile professionals in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for an inside view on the science, technology, and business of intelligent robotics. It is managed and sponsored by the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Get Something Different by Doing Something Different. Learn specific, real world, time tested, proven sales strategies and techniques that make it easy for prospects to open up and get out of their own way - telling you all the reasons they should buy.
Talking Indonesia
In the Talking Indonesia podcast, Dr Dave McRae, Dr Jemma Purdey, Dr Charlotte Setijadi and Dr Dirk Tomsa present an extended interview each fortnight with experts on Indonesian politics, foreign policy, culture, language and more. Find all the Talking Indonesia podcasts and more at the Indonesia at Melbourne blog.
Conversations with Thought Leaders and Newsmakers in the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry
Talking Cars (HQ)
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
The official podcast of the Richmond Football Club, starring Richmond icon and multi-media megastar, Matthew Richardson, with co-hosts resident Club journalist/Tiger ‘tragic’, Tony Greenberg and Tiger digital guru Josh Berriman
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Citations Needed is one of the best politics podcasts out there and the show's co-host, Nima Shirazi, is lending us his Simpsons expertise to dive into this crossover classic episode! Homer sees an alien that may also be Santa Claus, and everyone from Leonard Nimoy to Scully and Mulder wants to see if the truth is out there in Springfield. Plus ...…
Jason and I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last week’s! There was drama, action, suspense, and tension – everything I want in my Walking Dead. Tune in for our thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14, “MM 54”. — Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback. Email us at,...…
Acclaimed jazz vocalist Lori Williams is turning a corner in 2017. In possession of a most impressive resume as a performing artist, educator, songwriter, producer, support vocalist and musical theater actress, her reputation and level of respect are top shelf and unimpeachable. However, Washington, D.C.-native Lori is electing to let her hair ...…
You've heard about Security Tokens, but what the heck are they and what are the pros and cons? Here's my full presentation from NAC3 in San Francisco from earlier this year where I dive into what are security tokens, security token offerings (STOs) who are the companies building in the ecosystem and what the future might hold for the much hyped ...…
Accompanying the release of the new 6.5 inch iPhone XS Max has been calls that Apple is being sexist with its new phone, leaving out women who can't stuff giant phones into their pockets and purses. Jefferson Graham chats with podcasters Christine Blackburn and Rachael O’Brien about it on Talking Tech.…
In this weeks Talking Manchester United podcast Paul and Ash, look back at the game against Watford, giving their thoughts on the performance of the team and individual players such as Marouane Fellaini and Paul Pogba. The guys also preview the upcoming games against BSC Young Boys in the Champions League opener and Wolves. And sticking to trad ...…
A suicide by a family member or friend leaves grief, depression, anger and a host of other crippling emotions in its wake. Because Native Americans have the highest rate of suicides compared to other groups, Native people are disproportionately left to cope with the loss. The gravity of the problem is spurring new and innovative ways to turn th ...…
On this episode of the Talking Metal podcast we hear new interviews with Bill Temple, Dan Lorenzo and Perturbator. First up, Mark Strigl and Ian McCurdy interview longtime Vinnie Vincent roadie Bill Temple. Topics include Mark Chatfield, Wolf Hoffman, Pete Way, Vinnie Vincent's guitars, working with Vinnie Vincent, Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum, K ...…
Michael and André take a topic from our listeners. So here is Ontario Wine for Noobs.
A recent event brought back to mind a blog I posted in January 2017 on the innovation economy. A news agency reporting on a candidate running for governor referenced that blog post. The candidate‘s platform is the innovation economy. It seems to be gaining traction this political season. There is a drive for economic rebirth […]…
Jefferson Graham reveals his favorite feature of the iOS12 mobile operating system upgrade on Talking Tech - that would be the auto password manager. Tune in to hear why.
"Who are we?" - The pursuit of an answer to this tantalizingly simple question began with a book chapter written in 1985 by organization theories Stuart Albert and David Whetten. "Organizational Identity" established the construct of identity at the orgnizational level and described it as the sum of three types of claims -- claims of an organiz ...…
All roads lead to the MCG this Friday night for the blockbuster Richmond v Collingwood preliminary final clash, but in the meantime ‘Talking Tigers’ takes its legion of listeners on a rollicking ride, with an episode totally befitting of the momentous occasion. The TT team preview the epic encounter, take a look at the history of the intense Ti ...…
Welcome to our NEW SHOW on the Talking Headways Podcast Network called Mondays at The Overhead Wire where Jeff Wood and a rotating band of amazing co-hosts talk about the top stories from This week Anna Muessig of Gehl joins to talk about why autonomous vehicles should focus on pedestrians and Domino's Pizza as a pothole fi ...…
Who are some players you should consider dropping? Who are the players you should target in this week's waivers? Jeff covers it in this weeks solo pod. Sponsors MyBookie - Best Place to Place Your Best. Fast Mack Weldon - The most comfortable underwear, socks, shirts, undershirts, hoodies and sweat pants and more that yo ...…
With goals aplenty and unexpected results around the league, Match Day 3 in the Bundesliga had a lot to recommend it…unless you’re a fan of Schalke 04 or Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Matt gets in touch with the always delightful Stephan Uersfeld of ESPN for a chat about all the goings on, including what’s gone wrong with the aforementioned doormats, wh ...…
Maintaining social contacts helps elders stay healthy. And it’s something elders have difficulty with. Researchers at Brigham Young University found links between social isolation and increased risks of heart disease, infections and cognitive decline. Few studies zero in on Native elders, but the problem is noticeable enough that organizations ...…
Jefferson Graham has a public service announcement - don't put stupid things into texts and e-mails. Yes, again. On Talking Tech.
Tune in to this week’s edition of Talking with T to catch up on the latest of trending news and hot topics including the latest around Colin Kaepernick and protests against Nike, updates to the Botham Jean murder case (and it was murder), the devastation of Hurricane Florence and more. This show also features more around our theme of the month: ...…
In this episode chat with the awesome Michael Hunger about neo4j, GraphQL and some other interesting topics such as programming for kids. If you're not familiar with neo4j, it's a graph database that allows you to model your data in terms of relationships and easily run complex queries. For links to show notes, please visit or ...…
On September 21, 2018, a very special new album Music For Guitar and Orchestra will be released. The album (Navarro’s 24th) also features special guest performances from drummers Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern) and Chad Wackerman (James Taylor, Frank Zappa), bassist John Patitucci (Wayne Shorter, Al Dimeola), saxophonist Eric Marienthal (T ...…
Pleasure can be complicated, hunger can feel like a betrayal, but our bodies were built for pleasure and it's time for you to reconnect with what it means to feel good, to prioritize what brings you delight and joy, and to unpack the old stories that keep you stuck in shame and guilt. My new online course, Power in Pleasure: Reconnecting with Y ...…
Pleasure can be complicated, hunger can feel like a betrayal, but our bodies were built for pleasure and it's time for you to reconnect with what it means to feel good, to prioritize what brings you delight and joy, and to unpack the old stories that keep you stuck in shame and guilt. My new online course, Power in Pleasure: Reconnecting with Y ...…
In case you missed it, Jefferson Graham reports about hard drive failures and other alternatives for safer backup on Talking Tech.
Have you ever fell in love with a working girl? Maybe you are the working girl who fell in love with a client. Either way, we will get into the personal issues and wonder of dating in the adult world. Sponsored By:
The guys get back together again to talk over the week in pro wrestling media, including articles by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and Deadspin’s David Bixenspan looking at WWE’s tendency to not listen to their fans compared to Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon’s remarks this week touting how WWE’s success is all because the company DOES listen ...…
In framing effective discussions about any subject it is important to understand human psychology, and the mistakes we make in debate. It also is important to understand how ingrained human tendencies shape our perceptions and [...]
The world's biggest, most expensive iPhone, or an update to a little used (compared to the phone) digital watch? Who knew the Apple Watch would steal the show this week at Apple's presentation. Jefferson Graham reports on Talking Tech.
Some tribal nations are among the poorest places in the country where it’s challenging to build business. For some entrepreneurs, cooking from home or out of a food truck makes up for lack of job opportunities and lack of infrastructure in Native communities. At the same time these determined entrepreneurs provide traditional and contemporary N ...…
Ten years after the start of the Great Recession, a new book looks at how American fracking is changing the global economy.
An American, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies ofValhalla. In their fourth episode the Ladies take an in depth look at the character of Ms. Marvel, with aspecific focus on Kamala Khan. This episode features embiggening, entitlement, emotions and…face-kicking?! Next month the ladies will be look ...…
Consumers in other countries have had them for years. Now, with Apple offering dual SIM cards in upcoming iPhones, Jefferson Graham explains the benefit for us to use them here on Talking Tech.
The UEFA nations have had time for their very own league…now it’s time to get back to business: The Bundesliga. On Match Day 3, league leaders Bayern München host the wounded Bayer 04 Leverkusen, while surprise leading pack-ers VfL Wolfsburg and Hertha BSC go head to head. What does all this mean for your Official Fantasy Bundesliga team, you a ...…
As Native people we are taught to be grateful for the gifts that come with the seasons. This month we get to jump into a story that not only teaches the importance of the seasons but gives the Cherokee syllabary a spotlight. “We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga,” written by Traci Sorell and illustrated by Frané Lessac, uses colorful imagery to show t ...…
Crypto Funds have a major impact on the market and I had the opportunity to speak with two people that have spoken to hundreds of these funds. Scott Army and Dan Zuller from Vision Hill Advisors joined me to discuss crypto funds, their different strategies, market segmentation and what a "Fund of Funds" does. Follow Scott on Twitter:https://twi ...…
The new top of the line iPhone, the XS Max, will cost you a cool $1,450, the most ever for an iPhone. For those on a budget, Jefferson Graham has a more sensible idea, on Talking Tech.
This week we're joined by planner and author Robin Renner. We talk about his wonderful book Urban Being: Anatomy and Identity of the City. Robin talks about how living in a number of places around the world got him to think differently about cities and how that led to his categorization of urban clusters. I ask how his work can be used by citie ...…
We talk with Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government and former Washington bureau chief of the Times, about the latest revelations from inside Trumpworld. With claims that the resistance has spread to the government, we ask whether it is ethical for administration officials to resist the elected president. Is this about Trump's ...…
In January 2016 the Minister for Technology, Research and Higher Education Minister Muhammad Nasir stated that universities must uphold standards of ‘values and morals’ and should not support organisations that promote LGBT activities. What followed was a social and political furore that has since seen a surge of intolerance and attacks on LGBT ...…
Ethereum, and most altcoins, are now the butt of every cryptocurrency joke, with $ETH's value falling off the face of planet earth. Let's discuss the current situation on Ethereum and more in today's episode. Margin trade crypto to hedge your portfolio (only for advanced investors and traders):Bitmex - ...…
Jefferson Graham reports on the new iPhones introduced in Cupertino, California. His take--sorry Apple, not excited.
Coloring books have long since graduated from the realm of children’s activity. Some talented Native artists are adding to the increasingly popular genre. They help to promote Native pride with detailed, imaginative graphics of prominent Native people and images. It’s a way to educate and spread understanding while also appealing to the popular ...…
With Hurricane Florence affecting much of the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic region of the US, we discuss how to prepare your vehicle for a natural disaster. We also give our first impressions of the 2019 Lexus UX, and how it stacks up against stiff competition in the compact luxury SUV segment. We also answer questions from our audience about the ...…
With Hurricane Florence affecting much of the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic region of the US, we discuss how to prepare your vehicle for a natural disaster. We also give our first impressions of the 2019 Lexus UX, and how it stacks up against stiff competition in the compact luxury SUV segment. We also answer questions from our audience about the ...…
Hayley Gallagher Katz had set out to have a non-medicated waterbirth with a midwife and doula. So what happens after a month of prodromal labor, 40 hours of induction, the worst headache of her life, and lots of oozing meconium? Check it out. Get the most of this episode by checking out the resources and links listed on the “show-notes” page at ...…
We’ve got another teaser for you – a sign of what’s to come on our Patreon feed this season. It’s the return of Talking Fussball Extra! Nik Wildhagen and Terry Duffelen take a broad view of the Bundesliga, digging in to stories our main podcasts might have skipped, as well as putting club history in the spotlight. This episode, Nik talks to Tob ...…
Lots of big news this week in the world of comics--Brie Larson and EW bent the internet with an exclusive Captain Marvel spread! Spider-Man hit the PS4 and took over everyone's twit-feed! The Asgardian's took over the Galaxy! And Iron Fist Season 2 was pretty... good!? Yessir, Steve, Bob, Joey, and Melissa gather round the table to break it all ...…
IGN's Zachary Ryan joins us as we trip out on the series' most psychedelic episodes. After maintaining his status as Pope of Chili Town, Homer goes on a bad trip through his subconscious featuring some of the most lovely art in Simpsons history. A space coyote has us all questioning who is our soulmate, but in the end we all know it's either Ma ...…
What a treat! An exclusive LIVE episode featuring Paul Adler, Silvia Dorado and Marc Ventresca talking about management classics. This was recorded from a PDW hosted by Pedro at the 2018 AoM Annual Meeting in Chicago, the purpose of which was to raise interest towards classic authors/ideas in the field of organization and management theory. It ...…
Week 1 is finally in the books! Jeff and Seth give our reactions to week 1 and discuss who you should be picking up on the waiver wire. Sponsor: MyBookieEasy Betting, Fast Support the NFL Talking Heads at www.talkingheadsnation.comBy (Fantasy Football).
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