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Keeping bears as pets, outlaw astronomy, ghost busting, healthy living, how to win at carnival games + more. Check out our site,
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Terry Fiero, captain of the USS Crazy, makes his return to the world of BlogTalkRadio for the first and last time in 2012 with his good buddies Sniper Mane and Bryan Alvarez.
Buddy Wayne, Sniper Mane and Terrence.
Highly Egomaniacal Electronic Trancast
Our dear friend Buddy Wayne makes his millionth appearance on Rumerz Radio.
Quite possibly the best internet radio show ever.
We have rented our own HILLBILLY for the night. Ask a Hillybilly anything, 646-716-9704
As uncertainty increases about what 2012 will bring? The Paranormal Cookbook offers a new and different understanding of the nature of reality. Examining-The Curse of the Joker and the Return of Phantom Clowns. Quantum Physics, Observer Effect and Synchronicity. Window Areas, Flap Activity and the Interactive Universe. The New Theory of Environ ...…
Rumerz vs. Rat Ghosts
Cleveland Sucks! Lebron took a dive. Shenanagins. NBA is fixed!
Ken Griffey Jr. is sleeping in the clubhouse, and Mama Fiero is going under some whacks knife, it's gotta be Rumerz Humpday Hodown Midweek Melee.
We love it when random freaks randomly call us, 1-646-716-9704. Goblins, ghouls, ghosts and Sean Waltman aka XPAC scheduled to appear.
Mama Fiero, in all her glory returns. Talking to the dead, Bigfoot, Paul is Dead, Elvis faked his death, fortune telling, spiritual healing + more.
Terrence will tell the story of the rap song that nearly caused a few heart attacks back in 1988 at Schmidt Elementary. Mike Tyson on The View clips. Plus a Dear Terrence segment. 30 minutes of spooky sounds to play in the dark.
Tonight on THUNDER: * Pogs. Tool of the devil? * Color changing t-shirts. Who killed the color changing t-shirt? * Do Jehovah's Witnesses really eat a big ol' casserole after bugging people all day? On a search for the truth, as usual it's Rumerz Radio. Radio, fresh sounds for your ears nearly every night at 11pm Eastern. Our show is a cross between Art Bell and WWF Primetime Wrestling mixed with Hee Haw and Yo MTV Raps!
We're going to investigate several allegations of subversive plots contained in the so-called harmless 80's sitcom, The Golden Girls. We've also got clips of The Untalented Sponge whose name shall not be spoken.
MDJ comes our way. Author of books such as: The Deja Vu Engima, The Resonance Key, 2013: Life After Doomsday, 11:11 and more. For more on Marie D. Jones, check out Marie D. Jones is the author of many top selling books on the paranormal, unknown anomalies and cutting edge science. She is considered one of the leading-edge th ...…
Two star protests this MAYDAY. Rumerz Radio is very disappointed.
We're going to play clips from Future Ghost Hulk Hogan's appearance on the devil satellite radio. Also, we've got highlights from this weeks RUMERZ MARATHON. And maybe a surprise or two. Did we mention Marie D. Jones is coming on Monday? Boo!
Don't listen, it's the return of THUNDER.
Mama Fiero + The Closet Monster + Terrence Fiero = Classic old timey embarrassing stories. Ghost in the apartment. Mama craziness.
Brief Update to tie up the loose ends from last night. * Just how did Terry almost get beat up by a teenage MMA punk? * Why is the Progressive Insurance lady off limits? * Big Named Guest Monday: Marie D. Jones Listen at Radio is your premiere source of audio edutainment pertaining to the paranormal, big holes in the ground, getting lost in the woods looking for Bigfoot, UFOs, hitchhiking, betting lines on pro wrestling + much more. Tune in EVERY Monday Night @ 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific
We're going to delve in the rumerz that Dr. Dre is gay. For you wrestling fans, we have some nuze about a few of your favorite stars going down that path, too, come to think of it. Hulk, Brutus and Warrior are getting outted. Not that there's anything wrong with that. This is the official countdown to 4/20, at the end of the show it will offici ...…
Jeffrey Gonzalez of the Sanger Paranormal Society joins us once again. Radio 5th Season Premiere. Strippers, meth, fleamarkets + more with Buddy Wayne and Terrence.
200% increase in Frampton on our latest bait 'n switch. Sponsored in part by – – – -
(646)716-9704 is the call in number. Monday Nights return to normalcy when the talented and charming Tyler 'n Terrence return from a self imposed exile and return to unprofitable world of Internet Radio. Radio gets in the wrestling radio racket once again THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY when ECW/WWE star Big Vito and the editor of Figure Four Weekly, Bryan Alvarez join Tyler and Terry on an extra packed, turbo charged edition of Rumerz TNT. Listen live, or download the mp3 exclusively at your source for the latest from the carnie lifestyl ...…
Our new friend, Jeffrey Gonzalez, Fresno's leading paranormal investigator and Buddhist Bill, some dude who keeps seeing UFOs will be on the show.
Wrestling expert Derek Burgan will be on the show to talk sweaty dudes rolling around in their underwear.
No scripts, no pre-arranged topics or guests. Just a bare bones edition of Rumerz Radio with Tyler 'n Terrence. We'll have the latest on the Rumer'd Rumerz Softball Team.
Dark poet, philosopher, songstress and artist Jennith Jameson is our guest tonight. With some scary true stories that will freak you out.
Terry Fiero's Indian Blood Brother, Buddy Wayne.
Jeffrey Gonzalez, Director of the Sanger Paranormal Society and State Section Director and Investigator for MUFON will be doing a live interview tonight on They will be talking about the Bigfoot photo recently captured in the Sierra National Forest this past Memorial day weekend . Also -------------------------- ...…
Call in and harass us, over come chat on the Blowback line on our official site,
By popular demand. welcomes back Thunder to the active lineup. Wrestling, reptiles, conspiracies, foosball, etc.
By popular demand. + welcomes back Thunder to the active lineup. Wrestling, reptiles, conspiracies, foosball, etc.
We're sick of hearing about the dearly departed Michael Jackson. He's still dead, dudes. Good thing we already dug a hole, huh? Tune in tonight at 10 eastern for the best non MJ related chat show on tonight at 10pm. 646-716-9704 is our call in #, or you can chat with us on our homepage of…
Tyler 'n Terrence welcome Karl Stern, pro wrestling historian to the show. Competing with this tonight on the BlogTalkRadio: Actor Ronny Cox, known for his role on Star Trek as Captain Edward Jellicoe, joins Star Trek Radio to discuss his singing and songwriting aspirations.
The G-Funk era has long since past. Team Potcast is here to Regulate from now until the year 2012. I don't even know what that means.
Pro wrestling commentator Derek Burgan joins the Pindrop Playboys tonight on Thunder. Come join us in the live chat over at presents this little audio program about pro wrestling, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, exotic pets, street racing, cougars, Bigfoot, chupacabras and life lessons.
Monday Night Thunder
Dennis Leary, Emilio Estevez, Jeremy Piven and more all booked to join TnT on Thursday Night Pindrop Radio presented by - Musical guests scheduled to appear: Mudhoney + SirMixALot, Sonic Youth + Cypress Hill, Living Colour, Run DMC + More. Thursday Night, Just Like Every Thursday Night at 10pm Eastern Time at Call in at 64 ...…
Tonite: We'll be unleashing our potential and listening to Johnny Cash tunes. Next week, 6/8/09 we'll have on Alex Wright from Prison Legal News. But one question. How are we supposed to compete against BlogTalkRadio's stiff Monday Night Primetime competition such as Tori Amos and Lou Phillips Diamond. I guess we can't. Just gotta keep the trai ...…
Pindrop Radio assumes it's place as the Flagship program of the newly relaunched This show has it all. Gypsy curses. Attempts to sell young white girls into slavery. Live play by play of the NBA Cleveland Cavs Smokefest. In-land hurricane, pole sitting update with Snipes. A fully loaded instant classic of Thunder is a Pindrop. Downlo ...…
Killa Mo's Granpa's Funeral + More. The concrete, well it's dry.
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