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An explicit comedy/video games podcast with guest interviews, conversation games, and more! New episodes air every Monday on all podcast platforms!
Better Than Happy
A podcast for people who understand that an extraordinary life is available just outside your comfort zone.
An alternative conservative view of the news from an independent perspective.
Greater Than Code
A podcast about humans and technology. Brought to you by @therubyrep.
LESS THAN LIVE is a bi-weekly podcast about comics from all angles. Join New York Times best-selling comic creator Kate Leth as she discusses the world of comics and what she's been up to lately. Kate answers questions from listeners and she interviews her friends and favourite creators in the comic industry. So join her on this journey into geek culture!
Having ADD or ADHD is a gift, not a curse. Hear from people all around the globe, from every walk of life, in every profession, from Rock Stars to CEOs, from Teachers to Politicians, who have learned how to unlock the gifts of their ADD and ADHD diagnosis, and use it to their personal and professional advantage, to build businesses, become millionaires, or simply better their lives.
This show is dedicated to educating the world on ketones and how amazing they are for our health. We talk to not only the leading researchers in the world on ketones but also professionals that specialise in this area and also the general person that is transforming their lives on ketones and their experiences.
Slate's Stranger Than Fiction
Law professor and author Tim Wu talks to leading science fiction writers about whether we're already living in the future.
Greater Than Code
A podcast about humans and technology. Brought to you by @therubyrep.
Less Than or Equal
Less Than or Equal is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of geeks facing inequality in their industries. Hosted by Aleen Simms.
Better Than Ever
We are here to question how we do life cause the normal rules no longer apply. After coaching over 10,000 clients and students from 30 countries in the past 10 years, Health Coach Institute is proud to be pioneering the new generation of health coaches who are changing the consciousness of the planet.
More Than Lifting
More Than Lifting is a podcast created by two passionate fitness coaches, Rhys Morgan and Christopher Thatcher, to share their experiences in bodyweight, gymnastic and functional strength training with the world.
Uncover your calling, sharpen your vision, and master your days.
How do you go forward when the past is breathing down your neck? Carvell Wallace talks to Americans grappling with the state of the union while trying to reconcile his own family's fractured history. If America is an estranged family, this show is our awkward holiday dinner.
A weekly, unscripted show about technology, movies, pop culture, and almost anything else that interests us.
Strange and wonderful electronic sounds from the past, present and future: house, ambient, vintage electronics, library music, new age, hauntology, fauxtracks and other obscure genres I'm just going to make up as we go along. Music from parallel worlds, with inane interjections and the occasional sacrifice.
Podcast Host: Cthulhu's Prodigy, Blue, Kr0nus, Old Ninja and Stitch.Blacker Than Black Times Infinity is a podcast hosted by geeks like you. Come listen as we talk about the games we are currently playing and our take on upcoming games we are looking forward to. We cover comics from all different publishers. We have been Anime fans since the time we were kids and which we cover in-depth. We review movies and TV shows and give our thoughts. The fun doesn't just stop there. Come listen to some ...
Think about a time when you followed your gut and made a choice that was less than obvious to everyone but you. Maybe you were nervous, but you had the courage to throw everyone's advice out the window and push forward into what seemed right. Or maybe a time when you someone else's less than obvious choice, and you had to live up to the trust they've put in you. What happened next? Were you a hero…or did it all blow up in your face? Were lessons learned or did it ultimately mean nothing?Jim ...
Deeper Than Work
Dorianne St Fleur is career strategist, certified coach, blogger, speaker with 10 years of experience as a HR professional. She is the creator of Your Career Girl - an online career coaching agency for women professionals.As a no-nonsense career & executive coach, she helps women tap into their divine purpose so they can grab hold of the careers they were meant to have. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others find their career fulfillment.The Deeper than Work podcast teaches listene ...
Each week Justin Moorhouse takes a microphone with him where ever he goes. Listen in to hear his thoughts and meet some of his mates along the way.
I stay up all night and read books about history and need someone to share the story with in the morning. If you are looking for a podcast about interesting historical events, look no further.
A Lidyr Creative concept, the Better Than Success Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and the aspiring how to teach themselves the art of Success. The only thing better than success itself is knowing that you pulled yourself up by the bootstraps and taught yourself the skills, strategies, and disciplines to get there. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Nikki Purvy, each episode of the show will give you the tools to develop the habits of success.
More Than One Lesson is a podcast for Christians who love cinema. Every episode, host Tyler Smith (Battleship Pretension) discusses a recent film, breaking it down to its key thematic and artistic components, finding what lessons we as followers of Jesus can learn from this amazing medium.
An un-official podcast called Moore Than Just A Podcast dedicated to West Ham United Football Club, by real West Ham fans.... Come On You Irons!
Stranger Than podcast
A podcast discussing unsolved mysteries, weird occurrences, misunderstood phenomena, and creepy happenings
Neophyte Records is an internationally renowned record label founded in 1999 by hardcore pioneer DJ Neophyte. Throughout the years, Neophyte Records has established itself as one of the leading forces in the hardcore scene. With an incredible crew of hugely talented producers, and a strong catalogue boasting countless high quality releases, the label has been growing exponentially since day one. As Neophyte Records celebrates it’s 15th birthday in 2014, the label is touring the world, sendin ...
Jeffery Combs is an internationally recognized trainer in the network marketing & direct sales industry. Jeff specializes in prospecting, leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, mindset training, and all levels of effective marketing. His many audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs & direct sales people at all levels of conscious development. Jeff has personally consulted with over 8,000 clients as a personal coach and mentor, and is highly sought after ...
Sweeter Than Honey
Orthodox Christian Theology and Life as Joy and Light - Dr. Peter Bouteneff seeks to recover the richness and joy of Christian teaching—and the challenge of living it..
Less Than 12 Parsecs - The Fastest Star Wars Podcast In The Galaxy! Not everyone has the time to listen to a 30 minute, one hour, or longer podcast. But everyone has a free FIVE minutes for Star Wars! That's where LT12P comes in. Released multiple times a week, this show a quick shot of Star Wars when you need a quick shot of your favorite franchise!
MP3 Audio Teachings by Andrew Wommack.
Starring comedian Peter Oldring, Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You is a satirical show about a thought leader at the top, and then the bottom, of his game. The 10 episode first season features guests Jesse Eisenberg, George Basil, Lauren Ash, Katie Crown, Gary Anthony Williams and more. Enter the “Thought Palace” with Dexter Guff to fill your ears with his delicious “Thought Dogs.”
Louder Than Words tells the stories of personal and professional growth from some of the most interesting people in business, art, entrepreneurship, and more.
Stranger Than podcast
A podcast discussing unsolved mysteries, weird occurrences, misunderstood phenomena, and creepy happenings
More than Macros
Nutrition Beyond the Numbers
More Than The Music
"More Than The Music" is hosted by WAY-FM Evening On-Air Personality, Justin Paul. He's a touring musician turned national radio personality who loves the dramatic, hilarious, sometimes tragic, and often inspiring stories behind the songs from Christian music's most recognized artists. Connect with the show at
Making you love the movies you hated, and hate the movies you loved, one argument at a time.
A weekly, unscripted show about technology, movies, pop culture, and almost anything else that interests us.
More Than a Song is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you discover the truth of Scripture hidden in today's popular Christian music. Each episode teaches you to connect portions of God's Word with the songs you are singing along with on the radio; to help you meditate on Truths that will transform your way of thinking and ultimately your life.
Faster Than Light
Quand un joueur d'exception termine un jeu en un temps record, on appelle ça un speedrun. Pour vous, Aspic et InkS commentent ces performances. Plus qu'un sport, presque un art.
More Than 36 Days
"More Than 36 Days" is the stories of 4 men who served as United States Marines during World War II in the battle for Iwo Jima island. It is NOT a typical war book as it focuses on the men, their backgrounds and how their war experiences defined them into the men they grew to become. They spent 36 days on the island but their stories are more than that! Learn from the hearts & souls of: -Don Whipple -Joe Weinmeier -Max Brown -Jim Blane Produced by DarkFire Productions and narrated by Chris S ...
A Lidyr Creative concept, the Better Than Success Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and the aspiring how to teach themselves the art of Success. The only thing better than success itself is knowing that you pulled yourself up by the bootstraps and taught yourself the skills, strategies, and disciplines to get there. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Nikki Purvy, each episode of the show will give you the tools to develop the habits of success.
More than a Sniff
The expert staff of Western States K9 College discuss weekly everything dog from behavior to nutrition.
The podcast about being an iOS & OS X developer, current events and issues of interest to developers
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast by the folks at Join our ragtag group of adventurers for some adventuring and some goofs every two weeks.
More Than Steps Podcast:Geeking out on how the dance works, one coffee run at a time.
Better Than Speed
Pop quiz, hotshot! Has there ever been a movie better than Speed? We’re watching the entire canon of classic world cinema on a quest to discover a film that tops the Keanu Reeves masterpiece Speed.
More Than Money
More than Money is a podcast constructed to create a conversation community around using your values to inform how you engage with work and invest your wealth. Each season is comprised of 12 episodes each in one of six topic domains-- (1) economic justice, (2) business ethics, (3) corporate social responsibility, (4) social entrepreneurship, (5) community development, and (6) faith and values-based investing.
A never-ending series of podcasts, recorded at Doggett & Ephgrave's comedy and music club, Mostly Comedy.
If you have been betrayed you know what a terrible experience that is. Did you know there is something worse than betrayal. Listen to this sermon a learn what that is and how to recover from betrayal and more.
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For the first Ep I have a writing sesh with Peter James. Peter is only 19 and has such a mature attitude to comedy which is helped by the fact he is funny as F*$k! This ep is a bit more rigid than I imagine the poddy being but hey it's my first time so of course it's going to hurt and I'm going to be questioning whether I did well or not! I wor ...…
The eleventh chapter of Isaiah is a really important one in the context of the book as a whole. It outlines a definitive hope and a future reality for the people of God. As we examine hope as a major theme in Isaiah we are left needing to reflect upon its nature and it distinctive characteristics.Discipleship Questions:1. Why do you think this ...…
Many times this scripture in the Gospel of Luke is used in taking up offerings and tithes, but is that all it apples to or could it be Jesus is talking about things far more important than money? Is money even a main point in what Jesus is talking about? Lets find out!
I originally had planned to discuss a different topic today, but a few days ago I was reading the story of Saul's conversion in the book of Acts in the New Testament and came across a verse that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I have read a verse hundreds or thousands of times, but one day it really hits me and I see ...…
Is this the second-best Harry Reems movie? Has Chesty Morgan ever seen a human being who is thinking? Is it more fun to talk about this movie than to watch it? Find out the answers to these questions and more as we tackle the exploitation "classic" Deadly Weapons (the weapons are her breasts, BTW).
Jonah learns that God is: a God of second chances a God of singleminded focus a God to be feared and obeyed a God of miraculous mercy JONAH TALK 3 Chapter 3 begins; 1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” The word of the lord came to Jonah the first ...…
Sermon by: Robert Austell; May 20, 2018 - Romans 6:8-13 :: Sermon Audio (link) :: Click link to open and play in browser; right-click to save. Sermon audio is also accessible as a free podcast in iTunes. Search for "Good Shepherd Sermons" or "Robert Austell." Your browser does not support the audio element. ::: Scripture and Music :: CHOIR: Fil ...…
1Corinthians 7:6-96 Now as a concession, not a command, I say this. 7 I wish that all were as I myself am. But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another.8 To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single, as I am. 9 But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is bet ...…
Mark 7:24-37 // Justin WhiteWhen you bring your needs to Jesus, he may not respond the way you'd expect or even would want him to, but he knows exactly what you need. He'll give you that, plus more joy than you could imagine.
The Jawn Appetit crew explains how eating in Europe is way different than eating in America, but first... they tell you how Nicholas Elmi's Royal Boucherie stacks up to the rest of the high-end brunch spots in Philadelphia. They also debate the merits of drone food delivery, and explain why you should never invite David Beckham to your wedding.…
There is nothing that will make us weaker than division. There is nothing that will make us stronger than unity. The Bible tells us often to prioritize unity and to make an effort to live in peace. Why? Because God promises His blessing where there's unity. In this message, Pastor Jeremy shows us how to live in unity.…
Learning to live by learning to die. It doesn’t get more high stakes than this. Lectionary Scriptures for the Sixth Sunday of Easter: John 15: 9-17 1 John 5: 1-6 Acts 10: 44-48
Three properties on the books right now are classified as General Residential Zone Three (GRZ3).What this means for current or potential developers are allowances to build higher than usual, at a higher density, have been made available. Ideal for building townhouses and the like. Open for Inspections saw some big numbers through specific prope ...…
Not a lot has happened in the world of pro-wrestling this past week other than the awesome news about ALL IN selling out in just under half an hour.We still manage to go through all of RAW and Smackdown Live and try to figure out where things may be headed as we make our way towards Money in the Bank.Enjoy.…
We are Chelsea, style blogger & mom to Annabelle and Isla, and Loxie, activist & mom to Britton Belle. We are the Mom Mafia and we welcome you to spend an hour with us- kick back, unwind and maybe have a drink– because raising little people is hard and we want to help you make it easier- by giving you the two things we believe new moms need the ...…
1) Funk the beat (Dua Drop) Gonna Fonky Tonight.2) Anytime Danny Wild, Nataly T3)I'm every woman/respect (Eric Kupper Club Mix) Aretha Franklin4) Street Hustler (DJ Dan, Angelo Ferreri)5) Nothing but a party (DJ Dan Lookback)6) Stars on 45 (2k11 club mix) The Body Jocks.7) Hotter Than Hell (Jack Wins Remix) Dua Lipa…
A sermon from the pulpit of Reynolda Church in North Carolina. For more information visit
Ecclesiastes 2:12-26 (ESV) 12 So I turned to consider wisdom and madness and folly. For what can the man do who comes after the king? Only what has already been done. 13 Then I saw that there is more gain in wisdom than in folly, as there is more gain in light than in darkness. 14 The wise person has his eyes in ...…
By Lance Smith, Editor Wednesday night, on the last day of the regular season, Russell Westbrook needed 16 rebounds to average a triple double on the season. He ended up with 20, completing a late season mad-dash to get his rebounding numbers up so he could achieve the feat ...…
5-20-2018 Weekly Message The Meditation of the Week: Psalm 122:1-9 Text: Zechariah 12:1-14 Word Title: Why Jerusalem, the city of peace has become the city of terror? On May 14, 2018, the US Embassy in Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as scheduled for the 70th anniversary of Israeli independence. More than 60 people were killed by Is ...…
Dharma Talk at Habitas NYC - Transitioning relationships and your place in the world. How to live an open, present life. IE – How to throw your energy into the world around you, rather than what’s in the past.
Advanced: The way out of comparative thinking and identifying as less-than. Let’s stop inflicting pain on ourselves.
Bishop Martyn Minns We welcomed Bishop Martyn Minns to Redeemer on Pentecost Sunday. +Martyn was the founding missionary bishop of CANA until his retirement in 2014 (he was succeeded by +Julian). Prior to becoming a bishop, he served as the rector of Truro Church in Fairfax, VA. +Martyn was born in Nottingham, England, and prior to his theologi ...…
Amazing Grace - everyone knows the song and you’re guaranteed to hear it when there’s a major crisis happening in our world. But do we understand what grace is and what it means practically in our lives? The essence of what grace means is giving. Scripture says, “God so loved the world that He gave…”.Even as Christians we can sometimes miss thi ...… On April 21 (the day after 4/20, but whatever, man) we took Whiskey Flicks to Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg for the first time to cover Richard Linklater’s 1993 coming-of-age classic Dazed and Confused, the winner of their Marijuana Madness Tournament. This episode ...… Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 20th As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur. You chose to build the illusory world of separatio ...…
Brandi Turgeon works on a monologue from “Thanksgiving in the Wilderness” by Kellie Powell. At some point in time, we’ve all liked someone a little bit more than they like us. Whether it’s a lover that we wish would become a significant other, or just an acquaintance that we’d like to be closer friends with. When you finally realize that those ...…
In this episode:- Banks to trade cryptocurrency sooner than people think, says Amber Baldet former head of Blockchain Operations at JP Morgan- Bitmain support Stable with $110M funding round- Top 20 cryptos up 5% on average
Silence. Loss. Addiction. Pain. The alienation of repression. The forced-feeding of narratives which foster our unhealthy reliance on an "Other." These are all things that can distance us... from ourselves. All things that can leave us feeling disembodied from who we are and who we wish to be. But the most important journey home is to ourselves ...…
Often times God sets us free but because our habits don't change we end up in the same bondage we were in. True freedom is much more than an experience, it is a lifestyle we walk in.
Pentecost is much more than just a day to celebrate. It's also more than just a birthday of the Church. It's the day when God changes addresses.
A dimension is a way to describe something. It can be seen as a conceptual quality or a group of qualities. When we say, something has more than one dimension, we mean that there are more than one ways to describe it. Reality is one such thing, it has multiple dimensions. In this talk, we will see what they are and why most of them remain hidde ...…
So the Word on the Street is... there's hundreds of ways to heaven! Through the power of positive thinking, jet plane, number 9 bus, your Auntie Gina's walk in wardrobe, behind the book cause, meditation, magic, method acting ... oh and Jesus!This week we're discussing why we think Jesus is the only salvation! We're challenging the many truths ...…
Israel is Forever Dr. David Hocking 05-20-2018 Calvary Chapel Windward has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and to be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are not a denominational church, nor are we opposed to denominations as such, only their ...…
by Rev. Grant Armstrong Luke 9:18-20 Online Offering - Secure web based giving to First UMC SERMON NOTES Jesus will call us ___________ __________ and __________ __________ the crowd.Jesus asks no more important question than “Who do you say that __________ __________?”If you don’t have an __________, ask __________ to show you. FOR DISCUSSION ...…
On May 20, Pastor Katy preaches on Acts 2:1-6.Pentecost Sunday is the day every year when we wear red and celebrate the Holy Spirit in our midst. It’s been referred to as the birthday of the church and re-enacted with red and orange streamers, but there’s a mystery to this day that is far greater than any special effects can replicate. It’s a d ...…
God is an expert at using regular, everyday people to accomplish amazing things in this world. Follow along, as we study through the Book of Judges, and discover how God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We’ll find out, as they did, that all of us have been MADE FOR MORE than we ever thought possible.…
Richmond, Virginia. An artist and professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Emily Sara is also a healthcare advocate with plenty of hard-won wisdom. Since she was a child, Emily has navigated the challenging waters of the American healthcare system in a series of moves from coast to coast. In this three-part series, we talk extensively abo ...…
***SPOILERS***Each week Snooty and Goon take a new release and break it down, talking about the plot, the construction, the characters, and the themes. If you want to dig into a new movie, we're your best bet.The Merc With The Mouth gets a sequel to his breakout 2016 hit, and it's even bigger and longer than the first one! Join Snooty and Goon ...…
The Democrats had a rough go of it this week when they were forced to defend MS-13 because Trump attacked them. There is a lot of science coming out that defies any of the "settled science" on climate change, and school shootings have are from a far greater problem than guns.
As we see from our text today, God's love can be seen and understood. And God's love is a lifestyle, not simply a momentary act or feeling. Also, God's love is greater than anything else you may pursue.
Meghan’s historic wedding is more important than you realize.
EPISODE 8!!! WELL HOORAYYYY!! So, this week we take a look at Hellfire Farm, dubbed "The Welsh Amityville" (but without the dog) find out what the family allegedly asked Channel 4 to keep out of the programme, and why Egyptian Deities occasionally pop down to the valleys for their holidays! Also more of the usual, 4 and against, and a belter of ...…
Passage: Ephesians 4:22-24 As we have studied the fourth chapter of Ephesians, we have clearly seen the importance of a changed life. Christians are to walk in a manner worthy of our calling, not as unbelievers who walk in the futility of their thinking. This is part of what we have been taught in the school of Christ. While all of this is clea ...…
We are live on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify and Google Play: POWER OF RIGHT…1. GIVES ME FAVOR WITH GOD“For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace. What then? Are we to sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!” Ro ...…
It’s a sad and happy day for me. I have to say goodbye to a great friend but it wont be all bad. I am saying goodbye to Clifford tomorrow. His last ride was last week and I am cleaning him out this afternoon and taking him to the yard for the last time. Sadly he his going to be put out to pasture. No more pavement pounding for him. He’s too old ...…
Matthew 18:7–9 [7] “Woe to the world for temptations to sin! For it is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the one by whom the temptation comes! [8] And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life crippled or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eter ...…
Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018 – What is the dream of your life? Paul prayed that we would know ”infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination!” Open your Bible to Ephesians 3:14-21 then join Pastor Eddie Taylor & Jenny Godwin as they share "Dream Big".…
Ecclesiastes 3 1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: 2 a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; 3 a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to da ...…
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