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You know how every day someone asks "how are you?" And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say "fine," so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that. Hosted by author and notable widow (her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word. From American Public Media.
You know how every day someone asks "how are you?" And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say "fine," so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that. Hosted by author and notable widow (her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word. From American Public Media.
Tuesdays with Stories- a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.
The Mindful Kind
The Mindful Kind, hosted by Rachael Kable, shares exciting insights into mindfulness journeys and provides listeners with simple and effective practices to incorporate into their own lives. Being mindful can be a fun and interesting journey and has amazing potential to increase general wellbeing, from managing stress to improving sleep quality. With The Mindful Kind, you will have weekly access to new ideas, personal experiences and practical mindfulness exercises! Thank you for being one of ...
Join husband Travis McElroy and wife Teresa McElroy every Friday and they'll improve your etiquette week by week! Perplexed by thank you notes? Baffled by black tie? Dismayed by dinner parties? Worry no more, Shmanners has your answers!
Great Job, Thank You!
Want to know more about the world, society, true crimes, sports, current events, history, films, and anything else under the sun...youre in the right place! @MrDoctorProfContact: @MrDoctorProf
A Homemaking Podcast to encourage Christian wives, mothers and homemakers in the role God has called them to.
A local theater podcast that celebrates and discusses the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and LA county theater community. See you on stage!
a9ent0ran9e, Damn Right and Will MD in the mix. Live every Friday 5-7pm GMT on NSB Radio (
No Thanks.
The world is full of horrible things, and these two dinguses are here to bring them to light for their atrocities. Join us every Sunday for some good old fashioned roasting.
When it comes to heartbreak, most people fear it, citing it as one of the most crushing experiences of a lifetime. Not Chelsea. On this podcast, Breakup Coach Chelsea Leigh Trescott explores the upside of heartbreak, shedding light on how loss is our greatest opportunity to become meaningful, relatable human beings who are stronger in love, life, and character.
Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.
Thanks For Asking
LGBT, Arts, Current Events & Entertainment Rants/Raves Rihanna Stanning and whatever I think of at the moment. "I am the biggest podcast in history! Period. "
An urban collective from different communities discussing love, life and everything in between. It's the podcast made for everyday people, just like you. Thank you all, for listening.
Throw out everything you think you know about podcasts. This is what happens when 4 believing millenials get together to talk about pop culture, religion, mental health and current events; A little Jesus, a little information and a lot of fun!
Thank you thank you thank you!! Just for your support and even more so for your attention!! I really hope that these podcast will brighten your life a little but which then will allow you brighten and help other peoples as well!! Enjoy!
Two baristas, Lou & Alex, share their banter on life and humanity as seen from behind the espresso bar. Generally funny yet thought-provoking thoughts on coffee, tea, chai and the coffee shop life, joined by regular guests.
This is a Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!
Thanks for Sharing
This is the place for all things recovery, healing, and relationships. We explore a variety of topics with people in recovery and the professionals who help them through personal stories. This podcast will give you a broad look at the aspects of recovery that make a difference.
WWII memoirs & interviews. Dunkirk, D-Day, London Blitz, North Africa, Women at War, Lancasters, POW stories ... Over 150 5-star ratings. "Thank you for what you are doing. It's incredible and I'm absolutely hooked" AB
The Gus & Eddy Podcast is a weekly show starring Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback, that features many other YouTubers, actors, and musicians. Thank you for tuning in to support the show! We'll see you at the end of the week. We are testing out Monday morning release right now.
GraveYard Tales
We tell the stories of haunted places, ghost encounters, cryptid encounters, the paranormal, preternatural, and every oddity imaginable. And we have a few laughs while we're at it! Join your hosts Adam & Matt in their discussions of these topics and email them your thoughts at ( thank you for joining us in the GraveYard!
The latest podcast feed searching 'Thankfulness' on SermonAudio.
Thank Me Later
A series of discussions curated by Lee with a variety of different perspectives and advice for the culture, by the culture. Topics include but are not limited to sex work, creative branding, healing, and therapy. There's something here for everyone. Enjoy! For all inquiries, guest/topic submissions email
Thanks Be To Pod
Church can be intimidating and exclusive. Join Nate Dove and Colby Long as they confront today’s most divisive theological debates and share the stories of progressive Christians who are looking for spiritual community. If you are seeking a safe space to explore the depths of faith, in solidarity with like minded spiritual explorers, this podcast is for you.
Where History Comes Alive! A fast-paced, well-researched weekly podcast covering a wide range of historical events, persons, places, legends, and mysteries, hosted by Jon Hagadorn. 1001 Heroes Podcast is a proud part of the 1001 Stories Podcast Network, which includes 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales Podcast, 1001 Radio Days, and 1001 Stories For the Road Podcast. The network enjoyed over 5 million listens in the past year from a worldwide audience. SUPPORT OUR SHOW BY BECOMING A PATRON! w ...
HPX podcast
HPX stands for the high performance experience. It's about creating and enjoying a more positive, vibrant, connected, and excellence-driven life while contributing your best. Featuring Brendon and Denise Burchard, and many of the best business and personal development speakers and podcasters in the world. Screenshot and share the show with #hpxlife so we can see you and say thank you on socials. Please rate and review on Apple Podcasts to support the show, as we are independently run and do ...
Thanks for Coming!
Weekly round table discussions on topics in pop culture, queer life, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. We love a drag queen and a stiff drink. New episodes every Monday!
My Expressions of Gratitude
Start Today Happy
Welcome to Start_Today_Happy, where I give quick word of motivation to get you threw your busy day. I thank and appreciate all of those who listen. Also please check me out on Twitter @starttodayhappy and on instagram. I appreciate any feedback or reviews on apple itunes, google play or by, email Also remember to subscribe too. Thank you for listening, and hope to start your day happy :) Support this podcast:
You're listening to The Deal Maker podcast with Property Expert, Property Multi Millionaire and Joint World Record Holder Liam Ryan. If you want to become a master negotiator, close more property deals, become a great salesperson and live a better life then The Deal Maker podcast is for you. We are very grateful to have hit #16 in the Investing category on iTunes within our first 24 hours of launching! Thank you to all our initial listeners, and also thank you for your support if you're list ...
GraveYard Tales
We tell the stories of haunted places, ghost encounters, cryptid encounters, the paranormal, preternatural, and every oddity imaginable. And we have a few laughs while we're at it! Join your hosts Adam & Matt in their discussions of these topics and email them your thoughts at ( thank you for joining us in the GraveYard!
4 Tech HD
I shaowcase a variety of videos about the amazing new inventions, coolest gadgets and the latest technology and more.Thank you for your time & SupportPlease Share our videos if You Liked it :) DON'T FORGET to SUBSCRIBE !!!Business:
Thank you for loving us!
CBC Sermons
Thank you for listening. We pray the podcast is a blessing to you. Please visit our website
Cold Case Files
Based on the iconic, Emmy-nominated series on A&E, this show explores some of the most difficult-to-solve murders, which stymied investigators and went cold, sometimes for decades. In fact, one-third of all murders in America remain open. But thanks to dogged investigators and breakthroughs in forensic technology, these cases become part of the rare 1% of cold cases that are ever solved. Hosted by Brooke Gittings ("Convicted" and "Actual Innocence") and featuring the voice of original Cold C ...
We expose a different side to Brisbane Broncos favourite Sam Thaiday, including his loves outside of football like music, gardening, cooking and being a father and husband. Sam joins Katie Mattin and Kimberley Busteed every Saturday morning on Nova 106.9
M31 Podcast
We believe that people should be excited about the future of science and technology. Following these topics should be as accepted and celebrated as following major sports teams.We promote this ideal by rejecting nerdy tropes, stupid puns, and by speaking casually and conversationally about complex topics. We aim to make these events accessible and understandable for all people.We deliver all of this information through this podcast and through our iOS app.Thank you for listening and please c ...
Ever wonder what therapists talk about over coffee? We are three clinical psychologists who love to chat about the best ideas from psychology. In this podcast, we explore the psychological principles we use in our clinical work, and bring you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, parenting, relationships, and health. Thank you for listening to Psychologists Off The Clock!
We hope you enjoy and benefit from Grace Point Church's messages. Thank you for taking time to listen!
Thanks for Riding
Welcome to Thanks for Riding, an amusement and entertainment podcast featuring thoughtful analysis and intriguing topics of interest coming from years of experience from well traveled individuals and presented with a unique blend of enthusiasm and humor. This ain't no coaster radio. . . Put your season pass away because it's always free. . . Get ready to get out of the loop of news and rumors. . . Sit back, keep your mind open and your spirit adventurous and prepare yourself for the auditory ...
The guitar slaying musical theatre scifi film actor presents The Ruben Podcast by Enne! Thank you for staying tuned for the most intimate audio experiences of an up and coming creative.Ruben Whitter is an actor, model, and all-round creative from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. He specialised in film, audiobooks and theatre in the scifi, fantasy, and coming of age genres. Ruben Whitter is also an avid oil painter, guitar player, and sculptor in his spare time. Thank you so much for tuni ...
Thank you so much for your support!
Give your mind a little love today! Open your mind and expand your possibilities with an hour of mindset and self-love mentoring each week! We explore evidence-based research and raw personal stories to help you wake up to your power and lead a more intentional life. Think of it like your weekly action plan toward your highest self! Join host, Melissa Monte, for inspiring interviews into modern mindfulness techniques to level up your mind, body and soul. We explore topics like self-love, dev ...
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Ghosts, strangers, monsters, corpses, Klowns and Us-es were on tap this year at Halloween Horror Nights 29(teen). The gang also checked out Mickey's very completely totally ultimately Not So Scary Halloween Party. Happy Halloween everybody!
In the fifth episode of Thanks Be To Pod, Kevin Garcia — a public theologian, mystic, and activist — shares their story and their perspective on Churches that refuse to make their policies on LGBTQ+ inclusion clear. If you’re wondering what your Church’s policies toward LGBTQ+ folx are, check out And, if you want t ...…
This week on KellzPodcast: Dark Horse Kamala Harris, tired of Debates, Another police murder, Biden cant even coast and DAMN GINA!By Kellz.
Ian and I met up with Byron Austin and Marco Arriaga at AMC theaters at the Town Square Mall in Las Vegas, NV, to watch the new Joker movie. We did a movie review outside the theaters but got kicked out by security so we had to continue the podcast in Byron's Monster Datsun Truck. We talked about the Joker and compared it to our top three favor ...…
Janice Morgan, author of the newly released memoir Suspended Sentence, joins Chelsea 9:15 minutes in to talk about overcoming the shame of her son’s arrest and how, in the process of finding a community that both related and embraced her uphill battle, she was able to see her son’s mental illness, substance abuse, and arrest as a pathway to her ...…
When Karen's dad's health isn't doing well, she decides to take action. You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Nora's Instagram is @noraborealis. TTFA is public media. Which means we are supported by you. You can join us with a contribution at And check out our sponsors this week: Roth ...…
In this episode Jackie continues talking with Rachel about sexual health.By Jackie Pack.
A new MP3 sermon from Airdrie Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: The Difference Between the Healed and the Whole Speaker: Jeffrey J Friesen Broadcaster: Airdrie Baptist Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 10/13/2019 Bible: Luke 17:11-18 Length: 46 min.By Jeffrey J Friesen.
In this week's podcast, the guys Rucap Rupaul's Drag Race UK Season 1 Episode 2. This week features the acting challenge called "Downton Draggy", where the queens must show off their overacting skills. Trade: Seth:'t forget to ...…
This week we discuss the unfortunate sexual assault of our friend by a man named #EddieLopez, if Remy Ma victim bashed or not, & Cardi B's live screaming match. Enjoy! This episode is brought to you by Fifth Element Gems (@fifthelementgems) use code "Leegotme" for 15% off your purchase when shopping. This episode is also brought to you by Sover ...…
Melbourne wants to warn citizens about a very specific risk, firm markets Jesus shoes, Beto O'Rourke is the gift that keeps giving, that judge and that murder lady, the Catholics have an idea about the Amazon, Iranian women arrested for dancing, and a preview of this year's holiday season.By Frank and Dan.
Session #60 11th October 2019 RIP NotQyteNeo... I tried to enjoy the mix, but it was hard knowing you weren't there listening. I know you and Bruce will be rocking out hard to all the breaks, beats and bad ass bass lines... Enjoy Direct Download -> Show #60 Get the Podcast -> iTunes Will MD (aka Phat Farmer) 1. Cross Polarity - J:Kenzo 2. Habit ...…
On this week's episode of the podcast, Oak & E.J. discuss perseverance in the music industry, Tyler Perry Studios grand opening, Wale's new album, the NBA Preseason and much, much more.Support the cause: The Love, Above..
Sam recaps the NRL Grand Final, Katie loves all the big celebrities on the Masked Singer, and Kim shares her serious mechanical issues on her car. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Adam and Dave talk to youngsters Jack Cleary and Paige Nelson as they continue the conversation about age in theater.Intro Music: Somethin' For Ya by Ménage QuadOutro Music: Warmin' Up by Ryan Andersenemail: thankyou30podTwitter: thankyou30pod…
Have you ever been kind to someone outwardly, all the while you were harboring bitterness or anger towards them on the inside? What about thinking the best of others? I fight a critical spirit, and it's an area I continually pray for the Lord to work in my heart to not judge the motives of others. God's work of sanctification comes about by con ...…
Join Lou and Alex as we head to Stråva Craft Coffee in Denver, CO, the first coffee roasters to infuse CBD into their coffee. We were fortunate to sit down with CEO and co-owner, Andrew Aamot, and get all the best information about this new gold rush in the Rockies, from its effects and benefits to how fast the industry has grown. There's no do ...…
Yaaas henny! Werk! Join Vic, Linds and guest Karla (local drag king Dublin Tendre) as they SLAY this episode about drag.By Lindsay and Vic.
Hey todays episodre we talk about the perfect weather to die to, my dad, movies, and my crazy neighbor! Enjoy a little, its as interesting as an old shoebox! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Thank God for the Group Chat is back for a 3rd Season! Lon and Jared attempt to tackle a few topics looming in the current air of the news and pop culture in the past few weeks. Victoria is out on paid vacation work leave, but she will return in the coming weeks. As always, the crew appreciates each and every one of you! Opening Song: Happy Fee ...…
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