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Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast is about a Digital Card Game called Eternal by Dire Wolf Digital that is broadcast and recorded live every Monday night at 9pm Eastern // 6pm Pacific @
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Platy and Mantid catch up and talk about everything that's been going on in Eternal lately as well as discuss what games they've been playing and what games they're looking forward to.By Unexpected Results.
With Mantid out sick, noverb filled the shoes of the Titan and joined Platy to discuss all things related to Set7 - the Flame of Xulta!By Unexpected Results.
We cover the new Eternal mechanics and all the spoilers since last week while attempting to evade the attacks of RoboMantid!By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the new mechanic - Mastery, approximately a million spoilers, subtember drops, the lifecycle of the ETS and Clash of Champions! (Sorry for the publishing delay)By Unexpected Results.
After an unexpected hiatus, our beloved duo returns to discuss Set 7 Spoilers, Chapter 34 Lore, the new Eternal Deck Building Game and much more!By Unexpected Results.
Mantid returns to discuss the SPG Ladder Race, Expedition Orienteering, Draft Update, the New Sealed League and more!By Unexpected Results.
Platy is solo this week and talks about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Boys as well as Expedition Tournaments, does a set review of the Trails of Grodov, and talks about Seek Power Gaming's upcoming Ladder Race!By Unexpected Results.
Platy and Mantid discuss what games they've been playing, the community event that marvin_the_imp of Team Not Tavrod hosted, lore for the new hero Oizio, all things Trials of Grodov and more!By Unexpected Results.
Platy is joined by Doc28 this week to discuss the results of the Eternal World Championship, the end of the ETS (and the future of Competitive Eternal) as well as the few spoilers we got during Worlds.By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the results of the ETS Season 2 Invitational, the Cookout Event, a Reddit Post, talk about Spiderman: Far From Home in very SPOILER-y ways (don't worry, we heavily warn you first) and Mantid's love of Conspiracy Theories!By Unexpected Results.
Platy and Mantid discuss Platy's banking issues and attending last weeks WWE Smackdown Live, ETS S2W8, Expedition, the Balance Patch, and Platy goes completely off the rails with a crazy train!By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the ETS S2W7 Results, the Opal Waystone Classic, Loyal Oath Event, New Promo, New Format, and WWE Stomping Ground!By Unexpected Results.
Platy goes solo with a meaningless tale about a little goat, his 24 hour stream celebratin 18 months of streaming, the tournament results for both ETS S2W6 (that he once again Top 8'd) and the ECL Season 2 Invitational, the Dark Tidings event, the Dead Reckoning premium upgrade, and the recent subreddit drama surrounding the Mods and the bannin ...…
We discuss initial E3 impressions, the Balance Patch, ETS S2W5 (which Platy Top 8'd!) and briefly touch on WWE's Super Show Down event.By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the results of the ECQ Showdown, ETS S2W4, the prominence of Evenhanded Golem on Ladder, many draft related things and of course, AEW's Double or Nothing PPV.By Unexpected Results.
Mantid and Platy chat about the results of Draft Masters and the ETS as well as the new Eternal Lore Page.By Unexpected Results.
We discuss ETS S2W2 Top 8 results and a ton of things related to Dark Frontier!By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the results of ETS 2019 S2W1, ECQ: Dark Frontier, and approximately 10 Jillion spoilers from Dark Frontier (including an exclusive one for the Podcast!) so plug in your headphones and ignore your day job!By Unexpected Results.
Platy and Mantid discuss Mortal Kombat 11, the SPG 11th Hour Open, and tons of Dark Frontier SPOILERS!By Unexpected Results.
Platy goes it alone in this episode to discuss the Mill Challenge he did last week, the new promo and lore behind it, the Balance Changes, ETS news, and so much more! There's even a brief Q&A at the end. Listen to Platy stumble over every single one of his words ALL ALONE!By Unexpected Results.
Platy and Mantid discuss the ECQ Top 8 results at length, the suspension of drop campaigns, speculate about Set 6 -- Dark Frontier, and sprinkle in a little bit of wrestle talk as well.By Unexpected Results.
Platy discusses some alcohol abuse issues he's been dealing with in the real world and shares a song he wrote about it before joining the Mantid Man to talk about all things Homecoming and Wrestlemania!By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the results of the ETS Community Championships, some last minute spoilers, the upcoming campaign that releases this week, and more!By Unexpected Results.
Platy tells a story about a stupid "prank" he pulled in high school and advises folx to not do stuff like that and then joins Mantid to discuss the ECQ Homecoming Top 8 and to discuss the 4 Spoilers that we've had so far from the upcoming Homecoming Campaign.By Unexpected Results.
Discussed: Platy's adventure for Doc Martens, Invational Results, ECQ Predictions, Campaign Predictions, and some WWE Fastlane PPV talk.By Unexpected Results.
Platy tells us about being snowed in with no electricity or internet and plays us a song he wrote called Exiled before joining up with Mantid to discuss ETS 2019 S1W8 results, Heroes Rise event, speculate on the invitational, ECQ, next Campaign, and all sorts of other stuff. Jam packed 2 hour long extravaganze!…
Platy discusses mental health a tad bit more, introduces a new format for the show and a new stream schedule, ETS 2019 S1W6 results, the upcoming Heroes Event, and just a tad of WWE's Elimination Chamber!By Unexpected Results.
Platy has been having some mental health issues lately and catches up on the latest happenings with Eternal.By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the happenings and results across the land of Myria and the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble.By Unexpected Results.
Mantid Man and Platy briefly recap some of the balance changes, go over S1W3 Results of the ETS, and make some predictions for the funnest WWE PPV of the year -- Royal Rumble!By Unexpected Results.
Platypus is joined by NotoriousGHP to do a bonus episode about the balance patch DWD dropped almost out of nowhere. More info about the balance patch can be found at Unexpected Results.
Platy and Mantid catch up after the brief hiatus, talk about the future of the podcast, and the results of ETS 2019 S1W2 as well as ECQ: Burning Hope!By Unexpected Results.
Mantid Man returns and we discuss ThePlatypusKing's 24 hour streamiversary celebration in honor of completing his one year stream every day challenge, various thoughts about Set 5 -- Defiance, and our feelings about the recent WWE TLC PPV!By Unexpected Results.
Mantid Man couldn't join us this week so he was replaced with theovermaster! We recap the ETS World Championship (brought to us by and all of the Defiance Spoilers that have come out in the last week!By Unexpected Results.
We spend a lot of time talking about the ECL Set 2 & 2.5 Tournament, ECQ Defiance that Platypus made Top 32 of, the "controversy" surrounds the Founders and Veterans Packages, Retroactive Campaign Upgrades, and 22 Spoilers from Set 5 -- Defiance!By Unexpected Results.
What happened at the ETS Wildcard event? How was the Set 1 & 1.5 Ban Tournament? There's a nerf to the way Destiny works. We even had some new spoilers to chat about. ECQ Prep. We discuss it all! Let's go!By Unexpected Results.
Audio issues with Platy somewhat continue as we discuss Platy's Qualification for ETS Worlds, the ETS Invitational Top 4, DWD's Feastcalling Top 4, redraw rule feelings, Set 5 Spoilers, new player influx, the first ECQ, and smidgen of good 'ol fashioned WRASSLIN!By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the results of the final ETS Weekly of 2018, upcoming ECL events, Game Economy Changes, and speculate about NXT War Games.RIP Stan LeeBy Unexpected Results.
This week Platy's audio hiccups on occasion as we discuss ETS S4W7 Results, Meta Outlook, New Kosul Lore, the Envoys Tournament Botch, and some small talk about recent WWE events.By Unexpected Results.
We are back! ThePlatypusKing fell and broke his leg back in September. We're going to tell you that story, talk about the growth of Eternal since then, the results of the latest ETS, Mantid's new Eternal Lore YouTube series -- the Oathbook, and a touch of WWE Evolution before the internet died mid recording.…
In episode 22, we discuss some of the results from the the various ECL events, the new Vara, Vengeance-Seeker spoiler from the new campaign/adventure, the Organized Play announcement including the $100k World Championship from Dire Wolf Digital and all it's tertiary events, speculate on Patch 1.38, discuss the WWE PPV Hell in a Cell, among othe ...…
We discuss various Eternal Community League tournament results, state of the meta, interactive drops, legendary crafting guide, and various other things along with some Hell in a Cell predictions!By Unexpected Results.
Another week without the Mantid Man. ThePlatypusKing largely goes it alone to discuss his weekend watching All In, the recent Balance Changes, as well as the new Interactive Twitch Drops but is joined by Season 3 Invitational Finalist a fellow Team Rankstar member, theovermaster, to discuss the invitational as a whole as well as his run.…
ThePlatypusKing takes the reigns and does this edition of the podcast all alone. Tells a tale about a mishap with a new chicken restaurant in town, discusses the results of the final week of the ETS Season 3, SecondBlue's winning conquest line-up for the Eternal Community League August Invitational, and other Eternal news and events!…
We discuss this weeks ETS results, the Team Rankstar Meta Snapshot, Speculate on August's Hero, and extensively discuss the results of the WWE Pay-Per-View, Summerslam!By Unexpected Results.
We primarily discuss the results of that weeks ETS tournament and the Answer the Call nerf.By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the latest ETS Results, New Cosmetics, New Lore, DWD's Promotion Strats, Potential Answer The Call Nerfs (called it!) and much more!By Unexpected Results.
We discuss the most recent ETS results, the recent nerfs to Accelerated Evolution and Levitate, the upcoming Twitch Prime Bundle and the future of cosmetics in Eternal in general. There's even a small discussion at the top of the show about the NXT Championship match between Aleister Black and Tomassa Ciampa!…
As always, we discuss the ETS Results, a Gauntlet Grinding deck from SecondBlue, the card, lore, and avatar of our latest promo Wyatt, Twitch Drops, and how to improve the Mulligan/Redraw system.By Unexpected Results.
Discuss the recent ETS Results, Meta Shift, End of Hostilities event, various reddit posts, and lots and lots of WRESTLING!By Unexpected Results.
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