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Toby DeHay
Sermons by Toby DeHay
High Rock Church
Podcast by High Rock Church
Every Saturday morning, a brand new piece of audio fun for the whole family to enjoy.
Matt, Toby and Joey discuss funny, controversial, and personal stuff with guests from the music business, leaders in the Christian world, and interesting folks from well outside of the Christian world. In other words... REAL TALK. | Bad Christian The language and topics used in this podcast are for mature listeners. Listen at your own discretion.
Matt, Toby and Joey discuss funny, controversial, and personal stuff with guests from the music business, leaders in the Christian world, and interesting folks from well outside of the Christian world. In other words... REAL TALK. | Bad Christian The language and topics used in this podcast are for mature listeners. Listen at your own discretion.
Your song is drowning. We'll throw you a life line.
Toby Foster gives you laugh out loud moments as he makes his way through life in South Yorkshire and north Derbyshire. From BBC Radio Sheffield.
Toby Talks Sports
No celebrities here. Toby Talks Sports is a no-nonsense Toronto weekly sports discussion podcast. For sports fans, by a sports fan: Toby Gottlieb.
Hi i'm Toby a Massive Whovian and Welcome to the Gallifreyan Guardian Podcast a Fortnightly Podcast in which i Discuss all things Who
Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies
This podcast has been replaced and will no longer be updated. Please search HTB Church for new feed and new Discipleship Podcast. Apologies for any inconvenience.
365Flicks Podcast
The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly run down of the News and Reviews of anything Movie TV and Game related... You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate Review and occasionaly Re-cut some of your beloved movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore, Your Vocal Heroes of Pissy Opinion.
Kintsugi Life
Kintsugi Life - a podcast that encourages the learning, growing and strengthening of ourselves as we work through hardship and challenge in all aspects of life, including in business, relationships, health and wellbeing, physical and personal development. It applies the principles of the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, where past damage is valued as precious to the item being repaired. We learn, grow and strengthen as we work through times of challenge and emerge better equipped to live the l ...
Story Club
Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.
Pastor Douglas Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church (Moscow, ID). Canon Press, the publishing ministry of Christ Church publishes his weekly sermons here.
Nosebleed Radio
Hosted by Tucker Franklin and co-hosted by Kieran Brennan, Toby Todd and Shane Miller. Nosebleed Radio is just four guys being dudes, give their opinions on the sporting events that occurred in the following week. This is not your father's sports show.
NT Talks
Welcome to our collection of conversations recorded live from the National Theatre stages, including interviews with actors, directors and playwrights.
I’m a dog trainer who founded Patrick Ferland: Dog Training, LLC. I’ve been helping relationship build between dogs and clients for 10 years
Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is spontaneous, organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths with unexpected people. Come hang with comics, porn stars, bank robbers, drug smugglers, scientists, authors, and world travelers.
CAST IT (audio)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
The podcast is about theatre, music, and dance in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia area. During the program listeners will hear special guest interviews and performances. What is more, listeners will have a chance to win theatre tickets and other great prizes.
Two friends force each other to listen to and review questionable albums!
CAST IT (video)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
The Game Caller Mick Gledhill, Show Me The Money Craig Harrison and big name guests dissect Thursday night Rugby League and discuss all the big topics.
This podcast is all about talking about everything, good or bad.
Hello and welcome to How Good Are Pets, Though, the podcast where we ask the big question; Yeah but nah, how freakin' good are pets!? Follow Shelley as she talks to interesting people about their fascinating furry family members!
CAST IT (video)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
Stand-up comedy on hot-button issues followed by discussion with experts, the audience, and the internet. Monthly at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club. Plus our weekly show, "Oh great, what now?" - a live-streamed discussion with experts and comedians on big issues from the week.
Welcome to the Smart Football Talk podcast, where amazing things happen.
Heightened Living
Heightened Living is all about one thing - Higher Leverage Skills For A Better Life. With topics ranging from habits and skills, health and movement, spirituality and psychedelics, life and travel, food, and my addiction to coffee this is a podcast for anyone looking for more. Thank you for listening and I'm so excited for your feedback. -Austin Become a supporter of this podcast:
Comedian Michael Somerville interviews entertaining people from all parts of his life.
Personal Testimonies interviews and Fellowship with listeners around the globe. Live music performances and live bible teaching and daily devotions.
Static Radio
The strange and humorous happenings in the lives of two US Midwesterners.
Showcasing Manchester's best new and unsigned music
NGON is a community presented by the team at Uplay. We'll be taking you behind the scenes at Ubisoft; giving you a bit of insight into how we make things as well as having a super geeky good time. Games are cool.
Showcasing BBC Radio 5 live's news specials, including in-depth interviews and documentaries.
Rackets Podcast
The Rackets Podcast focuses on news related to organized crime. The subject matter isn't limited to traditional gangsters, such as drug cartels. The show also focuses heavily on white-collar criminals, including corrupt politicians, lobbyists, corporate criminals, crony capitalists, shady government officials, etc. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.
He's back, to save radio. You can hear The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X every morning from 6:30am to 10am on DAB Digital Radio across the UK, on 104.9FM in London, 97.7FM in Manchester, worldwide via the Radio X app or at
A bi-weekly podcast by William Sterling designed to motivate, challenge, and inspire you. From motivational speaking to thought provoking interviews, and scripted content, Will keeps you on your toes. But you'll always be left feeling uplifted.
Ever wanted to hang with a dominatrix, comedian, famous health guru, or Italian prince? Here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.
Ben & Skin
105.3 The Fan
BlacksmitHER Radio
BlacksmitHER Radio spotlights blacksmiths around the globe. A kick a** show about kick a** women and men using fire as a tool. We're building resources and connections for the growing number of blacksmiths.
Ministry of Change
Hello, I'm Marcus and welcome to the Ministry of Change Podcast. I'm traveling around the UK helping to make the conversation around mental health accessible to everyone. I’m exploring my own experiences with depression and anxiety and talking to others about their experiences. I’m connecting with people and projects that are either directly or indirectly having an effect on the way we view and talk about our mental health and I’m looking at how the way that we have structured society impact ...
Podcast 426
Join us as we review movies, old movies, new movies, and shitty movies. Hold onto your butts, we are going on an elevator ride to Hell, going down.
Social Science Bites is a podcast series interviewing major figures in social science, made in association with SAGE
Essential listening, community issues and news
Roast Battle
Brian Moses and DJ Coach Tea host the official Roast Battle podcast giving an in-depth look at the hit international TV series as well as weekly live shows from the world-famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA. Listen to comedians battle it out with the most brutal jokes imaginable, now on Comedy Central Podcast Network in association with Starburns Audio.
The Ink Feather Podcast offers interviews with your favorite fantasy and sci-fi authors, insight from book industry professionals, book reviews, and more!
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It's a big week for brexit...and for Toby's feet.
On this weeks podcast, Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody popped in, Chris discovered Nick Knowles has released an album and Pippa noticed she had 80s curtains. Also, This Morning played our fake John Lewis advert!There’s more…- Listeners Jingle- Gio’s X Factor Speech- The Most Tragic Letter - Adult Advent Calendar Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Rad ...…
Eliana looked up when she heard her mother sigh. "What's wrong, Mom?" Mom sat down at the table. "I'm very confused by the testimony I heard in court today.""Tell us about your jury duty, Mom," Eliana said. "Maybe we can help you.""No, I can't do that," Mom answered wearily. "When you're a member of a jury, you're not allowed to discuss the cas ...…
Harrison Barnes joins the Ben and Skin show fresh off a 50 point victory over the Jazz.
Shan and RJ are back at it again in this edition of Around the Beef
Office parties are disappearing and the fellas discuss why
With one brave push, Georgia Norton Lodge went where nothing had ever been before.
After last week's preview episode, roast fans have been anxiously awaiting the Earl Skakel tell-all interview. The wait is officially over, as Skakel lays out all of his grievances with the show and continues to challenge the Roastmaster Jeff Ross. FEATURED BATTLES: Matt LeGrande (@mattlegrande) vs. Jared Goldstein (@heyjaredhey) Doug Fager (@D ...…
Lucinda's mom was laying logs in the fireplace, but she turned around when she heard the door rattle as it slammed shut. Lucinda sank down onto the couch. Mom sat down next to her. "What happened?""Jacob called me a blabbermouth. I don't even want to go back to school," Lucinda said as tears slid down her cheeks.Mom got her a tissue. "I'm so so ...…
Ben is going out with some buddies for his birthday and is wondewring how awkward it might be.
Travis Frederick joins the Ben and Skin show live from The Star to power rank his favorite years of his life and talk some football.
On the great day of Ben's birth, the fellas kick him in the nuts with some funny audio.
KT and Jared get you ready for the Falcons game and discuss possible playoff scenarios for the Cowboys
Thatcher rolled his eyes when his brother smugly waved a piece of paper in front of his nose. "Stop it, Nolan! You're always bragging about your good grades." Thatcher stuck his nose in the air and mimicked his brother. "I got an A in this and a 100 on that. I'm soooo smart!" "Well, I am the smartest kid in my class," said Nolan."Boys, that's e ...…
Bob takes in the Queen biopic, while Miles finds out what his mom really thinks of him. Call us 314-827-6399
Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Ben Rogers, and Jeff "Skin" Wade measure their beefs.
In this round of Funny Sports Audio, a funny broadcasting moment from Tony Romo.
Skin broke out a case of hidden Mavs audio.
In this edition of Around the Wildlife, watch out for Monkey Herpes.
We've got Sheffield band Liberty Ship on the Design a Gig podcast this week talking all sorts of favourites in music and punk rock stars Sounds Like a Storm chatting gigs, long hair and supporting the bottom of the bill bands. To feature on one of our future podcasts email Design a Gig - Making Your Music Matter…
Kevin has been planning this episode of Indie Talk for some time now and he finally made it happen. That's right character actor, director, producer and all around awesome guy Craig Conway is finally on the show. Get ready for two guys chatting you may not understand. Showreel link: We sit down to talk about some of ...…
In episode 16 I had the pleasure of chatting with Tasha Suri about her debut fantasy EMPIRE OF SAND. It's an awesome epic fantasy which draws inspiration from Mughal India, Hinduism, and much more! We talk about culture clash, dance as a form of magic, NaNoWriMo, and much more!
Skillet's John Cooper talks about switching from a "Jesus, Jesus" ministry to a broader style of evangelism, and starting his new band Fight the Fury. Joey found a kindred spirit in John and they broke out in song reminiscing some old school tunes. Links & Sponsors: BadChristian Roadshow: bcroa ...…
Samuel Camburn (@samuelcamburn) is a resistance flexibility expert, former US Army Ranger, and Entrepreneur whose lifelong vision is to help people pave the way to lasting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.Get the full show notes at Become a supporter of this podc ...…
The tips of Riley's fingers dug into his cheeks as he glanced at his mother, who was typing on her computer. She noticed his troubled face. "Is there a problem?" she asked. Riley sighed. "I've been trying to make money for the special missionary offering this week, but all I've got is the two dollars Mrs. Grey gave me for sweeping her front wal ...…
The guys share their thoughts on the Cowboys big win over the Eagles.
The best way to celebrate a Cowboys victory is to relive the awesome moments with Sham Goes Ham!
Do you avoid office politics and putting yourself out there for the next promotion? Are you hesitant to promote your skills and value? Many people struggle to get ahead in their career simply because they don’t feel right about pushing themselves onto others, or they see self-promotion as negative. This is especially true of women […]…
Episode 20 is here, it is time to talk about my all time favorite movie. Join me, and The Co-Host extraordinaire Josh Ames, along with his brother, our expert on everything 1980's, Jeff Ames is back. Our conversation will push boundaries as to what we usually talk about, but it is a real gut buster.
Tymeria let the rope slide slowly through her hand as she backed over the edge of the cliff inch by inch. She made her body into an L shape with her feet resting on the side of the cliff. She gripped the rope as tightly as she could through her thick left glove, even though Eric had said she didn't need to. The harness around her waist and legs ...…
Navin winced as three gunshots tore through the air, piercing his eardrums one after another. He held back a sob as soldiers took the flag from his sister's coffin and folded it tightly into a triangle. They presented it to Dad, who took it and gingerly placed it on his lap. Navin stared at the coffin, trying to understand how Diya's body, whic ...…
"No!" Abby ran into her room and slammed the door. "She left us. I'm not forgiving her. Ever!" She dove head-first into her pillows and burst into tears. It had been three years since Mom left. It had been two years since her last phone call. Now she wanted to be a part of Abby's life again? Even though she was married to someone else and had a ...…
Macca @DavidDMacca and Tass @tass1959 wrap up this week’s extraordinary show with some final thoughts on a year of marriage equality, and pay tribute to Sisto Malaspina, the co-owner of Melbourne Icon Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar who died in yesterday’s terrorist attack outside the front of JOY’s studios. The post Macca and Tass wrap up the show a ...…
Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich @AlexGreenwich has new book “Yes, Yes, Yes: Australia’s Journey to Marriage Equality”, an account of the journey to the historic vote. Co-authored with Shirleene Robinson @Shirleene The book is available to purchase here. The post Yes, Yes, Yes: Australia’s Journey to Marriage Equality appeared first on Satu ...…
Max Loomes @MaxLoomes is a research assistant at the University of Sydney and a former St Luke’s Grammar School student. He’s leading an open letter from current and former students to have Sydney’s Anglican schools distance themselves from a letter from the Archbishop of Sydney to the Prime Minister requesting the right to continue to discrimi ...…
The show was kicked off with some unfortunate news today regarding Dez Bryant.
Former Ranger Justin Ruggiano joined the show with some thoughts on the Rangers new manager and more!
Macca @DavidDMacca and Tass @tass1959 reflect on the week’s events, including the ongoing religious freedom debate, doctored videos, renewable energy targets, the Turnbull Q&A appearance and more. The post Macca and Tass reflect on the week’s events appeared first on Saturday Magazine.
Minister for Equality, Housing, Disability & Ageing, Creative Industries and Mental Health Martin Foley @MartinFoleyMP joins us to discuss the attack in Bourke Street and response of emergency services. The post Martin Foley MP, on events in Bourke Street appeared first on Saturday Magazine.
Michael Kroger @KrogerMichael, President of the Victorian Liberal Party @LiberalVictoria discusses the upcoming Victorian state election The post Michael Kroger, President of Liberal Party of Victoria appeared first on Saturday Magazine.
Macca @DavidDMacca and Tass @tass1959 are joined by Dominique Haslam, JOY’s Operations Manager to discuss the terror attack which occurred last night directly outside JOY’s studios. The post Macca and Tass on the events in Bourke Street appeared first on Saturday Magazine.
Stephen Jones joined Ben and Skin on Friday.
Dakota Johnson talks to Simon about Suspiria. Plus the UK Box Office Top 10 and Mark reviews the week's new films including Overlord, The Grinch and Wildlife. Download the Kermode and Mayo podcast from the BBC Sounds app.Email: Text: 85058 (charged at your standard network rate) Twitter: @wittertainmentA Somethin' Else production.…
On this week’s podcast, the team are joined by a whole host of famous faces. Chris and Dom are blindfolded as a mystery guest joins them. Taron Egerton tests Chris’ acting skills and Gino D’Acampo’s trapped in the Radio X brand room. Also, Chris and Dom perform a trick for Derren Brown. There’s more…- Dom’s Birthday Song- John Lewis Advert- Pip ...…
Ben has found out what a joy eBay is.
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