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Real Tool Reviews
Tool news, reviews, and updates ---
Listen to talk about computer forensic analysis, techniques, methodology, tool reviews and more.
Discussing and sharing ideas, solutions and strategies related to building and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Will also be sharing stories from the trenches, product and tool reviews, virtualization, Office 365 and much more. Please check us out every week for new episodes.
Tool Pros Podcast
Tool Pros Brent Ridley and Billy Knoth talk all about tools and their uses including new tools on the market, tool reviews and everything going on in the tool universe.
The Entrepreneurial Tool Review show, where solopreneurs can go to find out which tool and which training is best suited for them at their stage of the entrepreneurial journey.
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In this episode the guys discuss the integration of the Fieldpiece JobLink probes and Measure Quick with none other than Jim Bergmann! We get the lowdown on what the app can do and what the app will be capable of doing.
This week I talk about scoping network connections as part of incident response triage
In this episode, I will discuss managing the Internet of Things. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: Show Links 21 SysAdmin Influencers, Bloggers, and Geeks to Follow ...…
This is a different type of episode. The guys went live in IG and took questions from the live chat.
This week I talk the difference between common text processing utilities used in forensic analysis
In this episode Brent And Billy talk with Nate Adams (AKA Built By N8). Tons of tool talk! Revisiting the Milwaukee NPS, what tools we wish they would come out with and a ton more!
In this episode, I will discuss the evolution of the Systems Administrator. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: The rollBak Podcast Please Support the Channel…
This week I talk about the value of Grep as a forensic skillset
In this episode Billy and Brent S.T.S. (Shoot The S*#T). They talk about a little of this and that. The conversation wanders from workwear to batteries to the WIHA speed e Driver.
This week I talk about distributed password cracking with Hashtopolis for Hashcat
This episode the Guys talk tools, organization, and Brazing materials with Andrew Greaves (AK HVAC).
This week I talk about the security changes coming with iOS 11.4
In this episode, I will discuss WAF, VLANs, DNS and Office 365 Auditing. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool Set ...…
This episode Brent finds himself with a guest cohost, Eric Aune from Mechanical Hub. They discuss the Craftsman Event and the Rigid Experience.
This week I talk about IP address and domain triage for computer forensic investigations.
This week I talk about ATT&CK for Enterprise
In this episode, it’s all about Print Management. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: Show Links ThinPrint TSPrint SharePoint Training Video I did with Call that G ...…
This episode the Tool Pros are talking with Scottie from Total Tools in Melbourne, Australia. We talked Tools Tools Tools…
This week I talk about getting started in scripting
This episode finds Billy with a cohost that was not Brent. Zack stops by one more time to have a conversation about “dream” Tools. The two talk everything from Welding machines to Cabinet saws. Brent will be back soon and things will be back to normal!
This week I talk about Rita, a free Threat Hunting Tool from Black Hills Information Security
In this episode, I will share recent events involving VMware, Microsoft, and Security. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: Show Links Group Policy Item Level Targeting ...…
In today's episode we’re going to talk about webinars. Joining me is Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker. He founded Success Road Academy in 2010 which is one of the largest Information Marketing Training Centers in the world. He harnesses the power of the Internet and combines it with effective in ...…
In today’s episode, we’re going to breakdown a software app platform known as FOCUSTER. I’ve brought in the founder, Jordan Baker, also a fellow Santa Cruzan friend of mine and a Shakapreneur. What the hell is a Shakapreneur, you might be wondering – well, listen in to find out! Jordan Baker is the founder and developer of Focuster, a productiv ...…
In this episode we the Tool Pros talk about their 5 simple ways of keeping cool while the temps go up. They range from staying shaded to mechanical cooling.
This week I talk about Linux triage using the /.bash_history artifact
In this episode, we will discuss methods for managing workstations. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: Show Links Managing BYOD Episode Imaging Solutionshttps://www.smartdeplo ...…
In this episode the Tool Pros talk with Brian CiaCora from TrueWerk. We go over what makes them superior to other workwear and why you NEED to be wearing TrueWerk Gear in ANY trade and on ANY jobsite!
This week I review two tools for extracting and parsing USNJRNL evidence.
It's Hammer Time! This episode we talk to Mark Martinez about the evolution of the Martinez hammer company and the innovation of such a simple tool.
This week I talk about a clever way to leverage Volatility to triage malware on a target system
In this episode the Tool Pros, Brent and Billy, have a “free for all” conversation about everything for pack outs to laser levels. From batteries to lawn equipment.
This week I talk about 6 different prefetch tools that are FREE!
In this episode, I will share some tips and tricks related to Cloud Migrations & RDS. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: Show Links Office 365 Training for Techs Remote Desktop Services RDWeb Customizing http ...…
In this episode, we review the training program called Profiting from Podcasts created by Steve Olsher. This program is a comprehensive course designed to provide you with the skills and insights to utilize podcast guesting as a revenue generations stream, a list builder, a networking platform and a whole lot more. If you're interested in joini ...…
This week I talk about keeping up with attack intelligence.
There is a saying “Run your welder, not your mouth!”… But in this episode we do a lot of mouth running about melting metal with Jimmy McKnight (aka Arc Junkie). We go over the different types of welding, welders and materials to weld. It’s a good interview (aka running of the mouth).
This week I do a tool review of CYLR and CDQR - perhaps the easiest way to build an awesome timeline
In this episode, I will share stories about VMware, SAN's, SQL and more. Host: Paul Joyner Email: Facebook: Twitter: EveryCloud QLogic 57810S Dual Port 10Gb Base-T Server Adapter https://www.d ...…
This month is ladder safety month and in this episode the guys talk to Dave Francis from Little Giant Ladders. Ladder safety is discussed as well as all the cool and innovative things Little Giant is doing to make ladders safer and lighter.
Welcome to the Buy This Not That podcast! I am your host, Michael Neeley, and I've created this podcast to provide you with time-saving insights on the technology and training you need to be successful as a visionary solopreneur in today's ever-changing market. You can expect to hear unbiased, comprehensive reviews of the tools you need for you ...…
This week I talk how common ports plays into network forensics.
This episode The Guys talk to Colt Reeves (aka Just Build It on IG) about Milwaukee Tools and all to cool things out there from the M18 and M12 to the New OneKey features in the M18 Line.
This week I go over some Network Forensic artifacts and what they offer to an investigation.
This episode The guys talk to Chris Korres from Reed Instruments. They talk about all the economical test equipment that Reed offers to Tons of different industries. Everything from Multimeters to Inspection cameras. Stress testers to Thermal Imagers.
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