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Rob Paulsen, one of the most accomplished and well-known voice actors of our time, sits down with various other voice actors to discuss their experiences! And yes, of course, there'll be plenty of voice acting games from script-reading to re-enacting famous film scenes with cartoon character voices.
Find me on Github/Twitter/Kaggle @SamDeepLearning.Find me on LinkedIn @SamPutnam. This Podcast is supported by Enterprise Deep Learning | Cambridge/Boston | New York City | Hanover, NH | Contact:, 802-299-1240, P.O. Box 863, Hanover, NH, USA, 03755. We move deep learning to production. I teach the worldwide Deploying Deep Learning Masterclass at in NYC regularly and am a Deep Learning Consultant serv ...
One to One
Series of interviews in which broadcasters follow their personal passions by talking to the people whose stories interest them most
Tooning Japanese
Tooning Japanese is a podcast where three friends in their 30s relive their high school years by reviewing episodes of different Japanese anime series.New episodes will release once a week on Sundays, and our first season will be over the wacky anime Excel Saga!
Archinect Sessions One-to-One is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with architects spanning the professional and geographical map.
The Toon Goons
The Toon Goons is a podcast that features two adult siblings talking almost exclusively about children's cartoons. Nicky and Nina discuss the shows on TV right now, as well as the shows of the past that made an impression on us and the industry. Also, even though the material we cover is aimed at kids, our show is not, so prepare to hear us cuss some swears. Please enjoy, share, and have fun!
Audio versions of all The Toon Network videos available on YouTube.
SunsetCast Media System
...Animators, Talking Animation.
reviews, industry discussion and more.
Toon Talk Weekly
Join animators Jake and Brad as they explore all things animated each and every week!
Rare hosts a variety of content. From things that make us laugh to retro video games. Part of the Trending Topics Network.
Oklahoma City native, Harold Storey, heads up the Tunes/Toons Podcast – a show dedicated to all things concerning anime, music and life in the 405. Tune in as he chats with some of the most talented and interesting people in OKC!
Toon Jam
This is a podcast all about cartoons from (and close to) the 90s! Join Matt and J-Man as they delve into both well known and offbeat classics that helped define cartoons as we know them today, for better or worse!
Ten to One
Melissa and Brian Koser make top ten lists of everything.
Three friends discuss cartoons through out the years
Back To One
What happens when you lock 4 film students in a tiny soundproof chamber? Will they actually talk about films? Who knows!? Follow Icelander, Sexy Hexy, Jorgeous Gorgeous, and the Russian Mobster, as they learn how to master the art of podcasting and talk about films, tv shows, and so much more! I'm serious, So. Much. More. Jeez guys, shut up already!Contact the farraginous four by sending an email to:
FBN: Toon-In-Talk
Your rendezvous for animation interviews.
This podcast is dedicating to the teaching of Toon Boom studio and animation
Toon Crunch
Join two brothers as they muse on their favorite childhood cartoons and the tasty cereals they ate along the way.
Radio Toons
2 Artists shoot the crap.
Toon Tube
This is Toon Tube where we discuss all of the latest Disney movies and the park news!
Morning Toons
Grab a cup of may need it.
Toon Totality
The Toon Totality podcast is all about exploring the world of animation. I spotlight cartoons, studios, history, philosophy, and key personalities in the industry.
Toon Talk
Each week Andrew and his guests enter into lively debate on all things Toon
Ten To One Podcast
We are the Ten To One Podcast! We break down our list of Top Ten Things each episode. Tune in because you'll never know what we are ranking.
Toon In Pod
Join Keith and Andy as they subject each other to cartoons from their childhood!
In Toon With Jeff
Explore the deepest depths of the world of cartoons with Jeff Marra
Spoons and Toons
Podcast by Eric, Kwame, and Will
DJ Toon's Music
All music all the time...With a vast libary of music
...Animators, Talking Animation.
Toon In Podcast
Join Trev and his guests as they rant about everyday life, share crazy experiences, and blatantly fail to improve their improv skills. Animated snippets to be uploaded on Youtube.
Toon Kid Talks
This is my SHOW!!! I talk about cartoon comics webtoons, whats going on in my life and from time to time i read some of my poetry...So listen up and tell me what you think
Zero To One
Back To One
Back To One is a podcast about acting. In each episode, host Peter Rinaldi invites one working actor to do a deep dive into their unique process, psychology, and approach to the craft. No small talk, no celebrity stories, no inane banter—just the work.
Toon Army America
Soundcloud's home for the Toon Army America Podcast. This podcast is weekly during the Barclays Premier League season, monthly in the off-season.The pod is hosted by Tony Egizi from Toon Army St. Louis, Adam Snider from Toon Army Chicago, and David Bashore from Toon Army Idaho.All intro and outro music by The Vandon Arms. "Blaydon Races" when we win, "My Football Team's Got Me Drinkin'" when we lose.
Your source for practical advice and personal experiences for people touched by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.
Podcast by Talk of the Toon
Welcome to the Every Podcast In To One Podcast podcast, where amazing things happen great s podcast of all time covering all things trending all welcomed all glory to God with him anything is possible no rules.
John Dragoon, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Novell, Inc. and Dr. Michael Maginn, Management Consultant and author of "Effective Teamwork: Managing in Changing Times and Making Teams Work" analyze the dynamic between business teams, emerging technologies and what it takes to effectively bring them together.
Each week, host Bill Goodman and a variety of interesting and engaging people talk about the state and world we live in. This KET series offers an array of interviews with various guests including politicians and philosophers, artists and authors, and the leading thinkers in Kentucky.
Use thought leadership to drive your communications to healthcare decision makers on all fronts.
Join native Geordies Luke Benson, Fergus Craig and friends podcasting about the World's greatest football club in the North East!
Two middle-aged Scottish men rewatch and review every episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
ToonCast Beyond
A Continuation of the Classic Podcast in which we review cartoons & animated films from the late 1990's to now. Also feature from time to time Classics
Critical Success
The companion podcast to One Shot.
In a world where shows are binge watched and all of your favorite childhood movies and TV shows are being rebooted and re-made...the universe heard your cries to relive the GOLDEN AGE OF CARTOONS! John Roiniotis and David Kantrowitz have teamed up to bring you a nostalgia-inducing podcast featuring your favorite cartoons from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s by binge watching entire seasons and talking about them with comedians/animators/writers/and super fans!
Welcome to On One With Angela Rye. Tune in every week for the most honest answers to the pressing political, racial, and pop culture questions of the day.
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We really get to know the brilliant actor Theodore Bouloukos in this hour. He lets us peek in on him as a child fascinated, perhaps to a peculiar degree, with design, typography, and channel logos. And then what led him to performance art with Brock Enright and others, and the "self training" of student film parts that led to feature roles and ...…
Gina Ippolito joins David and John as they dive into her favorite Episodes of Tiny Toons! Join them as they discuss the young Minor league team of characters from the Looney toon universe and as they discuss the insane level of accuracy for their parodies of adult movies that kids should know nothing about! Tune in and grab your Acme Bike (Rose ...…
Reboots am I right? Some people have very strong opinions including us. Also the third season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is phenomenal. The Radio Toons are:Steve - -'s Cartoons!
David and John are back together for this Minisode to Get you prepped for your next Animated Assignment! Get the Lowdown on what episodes of Tiny Toons to binge for this week’s episode with the awesome, Gina Ippolito!By (John Roiniotis & David Kantrowitz | Campfire Media).
On episode 262 of Toon Talk Weekly, Jake and Brad dive into an anime that Brad has been watching a ton of when they talk about the series “Fairy Tail.” Listen to the episode above or download the MP3 (33.4 mb). Fairy Tail is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same name. The original series was written by Hiro Mashima and the anime co ...…
Following the screening of "The Iron Giant" at Tower Theatre, Brain Winkeler, Nikki Robinson, Eric Likens and I spoke on the themes, characters and our favorite moments in the film!
Here it is everyone, the Big 5-0. Its our 50th episode and we talk the best animated series every Disney's GARGOYLES. Listen to us as we talk about the defenders of the night, Clan Wyvern. Goliath and his clan as they protect their castle, the isle of Man
This week, Kyle and Luke go watch Hotel Transylvania III and tell you about it! Also, OK KO makes a Magiswords reference and Kyle meets the creator of Parappa the Rapper! (Opinions expressed by Kyle and Luke are their own and have no relevance to the opinions of any large animation studios we happen to work for.) Please leave us feedback and ot ...…
Melissa and Brian ate a lot of frozen pizzas in order to tell you which are the tastiest and best-priced.
Hosts: Micah & Jon Risinger | Cartoon: Rugrats Get snuggly with your blanky and bottle, we’re goo-gooing and ga-gaing about Rugrats! Support the Show: Follow us on Social Media: @tooncrunchcast Website: http://tooncrunch.comBy (Micah & Jon Risinger).
The legendary Mona Marshall (Fraggle Rock, South Park) joins host Rob Paulsen as they talk about breaking into the voice acting industry, learning from Daws Butler, and becoming a puppeteer. Plus, Donatello and several residents of South Park reenact a classic scene from Ghostbusters. Get access to the video portion TWO WEEKS before the podcast ...…
Oscar Montoya joins us this week to talk about his favorite cartoon growing up, Saint Seiya! David shares his feelings about Anime and his late introduction to these slickly drawn characters and fights, while John drops names of Animes that he’s watched to prove that he’s with it and hip! Tune in as we put on the Saint Seiya Cloth and talk abou ...…
It's time for Ant Man & The Wasp! It's also time for Paul Rudd to tell us where the hell he was during the events of Infinity War!! WE COULD HAVE USED YOU PAUL!!!!
Matt and J-Man are joined by Scott from 20th Century Geek in this bonus crossover spectacular! The trio talk about the widely unknown animation made for fast food giant McDonalds. Together they tackle sinister plans, Grimace origins and questionable marketing tactics.Support us on…
On episode 261 of Toon Talk Weekly, Jake and Brad check out the brand new Netflix series “Harvey Street Kids.” Listen to the episode above or download the MP3 (35.1 mb). Harvey Street Kids is produced by Brendan Hay and Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft for Dreamworks Animation Television and airs on Netflix. The series premiered in June 2018 and cur ...…
Some coworkers are your friends, some are your enemies, and some are werewolves, but no matter what, you're stuck with them. On this episode, we talk about some interesting characters that we've worked with. Later, we try to sell our bosses on the product that we "invented." Guests: Bods, Jimmy, Killian, Jimmy's girlfriend Brittany's faint laug ...…
John Christopher Jones is a veteran “actor’s actor” with many Broadway shows including Simon Gray's “Otherwise Engaged” (directed by Harold Pinter), “Hurlyburly” (directed by Mike Nichols), “The Iceman Cometh” (with Jason Robards), and Shaw’s “Heartbreak House.” He is the subject of a documentary film, “The Endgame Project,” which follows him i ...…
Kenedy joins Newcastle again on a season-long loan from Chelsea.
David and John are finally back together for a this Minisode to tell you about a truly awesome (And their first) Anime that they Discuss on the show! Tune in as they help you prepare for the crazy awesomeness that is Saint Seiya!By (John Roiniotis & David Kantrowitz | Campfire Media).
Episode 23 - Luke Atkinson (Oklahoma Contemporary) came to chill and drink some brews while we discussed his love for Cowboy Bebop, "playing" with Pokemon cards, deep-cut Toonami/Adult Swim shows, Tony Hawk's undefeated game soundtracks and more!
Join your intrepid trio as we follow the adventures of the young teen Kim Possible and her sidekick Ron Stopable as they fight for freedom around the globe.
Brian and Melissa list reasons why you should read books and end with a challenge to the listeners!
Steve Blum (Star Wars Rebels, Cowboy Bebop, Ben 10) joins host Rob Paulsen to chat about the opportunities to meet and bond with fans and how Cowboy Bebop broke through the subbing vs. dubbing barrier. Plus, Steve and Rob put a fresh spin on a classic scene between Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt.By (Rob Paulsen and Nerdist Industries).
Hector Navarro joins David and John and uses his superpower of Empathy to help bring them to tears as they discuss his 5 favorite (and saddest) episodes of Justice League Unlimited! Lock yourself in a dark room and Join them as they talk about the most impactful episodes of this series and pretend like it’s raining on your face.Tune in and Thro ...…
Happy 4th of July from the Radio Toons! Today we talk about games that are done very fast and Finders Seekers!
Hopping dimensions, losing teeth, weird improvised advertisements, this episode has it all. In a different universe you aren't reading this, you're already listening to the episode, so what are you waiting for? Guests: Bods, Jimmy, Jimmy's Lungs He needs some milk reference Hear something that you, loved, hated, laughed out loud at, cringed at, ...…
Well, well, welly well well it's time that Matt and J-Man head to ape space! Battling the possibly complex, possibly nonsensical adventure of Captain Simian and his crew of Space Monkeys!Support Toon Jam on
A historic night for Gareth Southgate's men as they book their place in the World Cup Quarter-Final vs. Sweden. It's coming home.
There is, perhaps, no actor at the moment more synonymous with New York indie filmmaking than Keith Poulson. His uncanny comedic sensibilities first caught my attention in Bob Byington’s “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” He’s since honed his mastery of the low key “throw away” in dozens of low budget gems and appeared in nearly everything made rece ...…
On episode 260 of Toon Talk Weekly, Jake and Brad grab some cereal and enjoy some good ol’ Saturday Morning Cartoons when they watch an episode of the 1983 series “Q*Bert.” Listen to the episode above or download the MP3 (27.5 mb). Q*Bert was a segment on the 1983 series “Saturday Supercade” which was created by Ruby-Spears Productions. The ser ...…
John openly weeps while recounting the episodes that they discussed on this next episode of TBToonz as Hector Navarro returns to make he and David cry like children again as they empathize with their favorite superheroes because Life is Pain Princess and anyone tell you different is trying to sell you something! JUST CALL YOUR PARENTS AND TELL ...…
We talk the classic 1983 Dungeons and Dragons
This week, we talk about Magiswords in the vaguest of terms, Archer, The Critic, Invader Zim comics and more. Plus, Luke complains about a bait and switch in a movie that’s old enough to rent a car. (Opinions expressed by Kyle and Luke are their own and have no relevance to the opinions of any large animation studios we happen to work for.) Ple ...…
Hosts: Micah & Jon Risinger | Cartoon: Gargoyles Looking for a dramatic, well-casted, yet humorous cartoon to wipe the stone flakes off your wings? Then look no further, and enjoy this episode about Disney's Gargoyles! Support the Show: Follow us on Social Media: @tooncrunchcast Website:…
The talented Fred Tatasciore (Hulk, What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Trollhunters) joins host Rob Paulsen for a hilarious conversation about animation, voice work, and even an art lesson. Plus, did you ever picture characters from Trollhunters in The Princess Bride during the iconic scene between Westley and Fezzik? Get access to the video portion TWO ...…
South Korean captain Ki Sung-yueng joins Newcastle United on a free transfer - Adam gives his instant reaction.
With the Germans having been sent packing (though never necessarily written off) Barry Castognola is joined by Carl Donnelly, Jo Caulfield and Mark Steel. Even before it was recorded everyone was saying that this episode was bound to be a winner, much like the England match against Belgium was bound to be loser! Castagnola said in a pre-podcast ...…
Melissa and Brian decide to be super-frugal for the month of July. Listen to them brainstorm on how, then stick around for some listener feedback!
A dead rubber between England B and Belgium B was settled by a single Januzaj goal. England now play Colombia on the 'good side' of the World Cup draw.
David had never seen Avatar the Last Airbender, but that all changed when John and Winston Attacked! Join us as our guest Winston Carter comes on to talk about one of his and John’s favorite animated shows of the last decade! So Get on Appa and Strap in! Yip Yip!By (John Roiniotis & David Kantrowitz | Campfire Media).
We're talkin' the Incredibles 2! Steve also gives us a preliminary review of Luke Cage season 2.The Radio Toons are:Steve - -'s Cartoons!
This week on the podcast we take a look at the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us. Plus Steve and I have some random thoughts on the upcoming Luke Cage, Star Wars and the Marvel cinematic universe. The Radio Toons are:Steve - -'s Cartoons!…
This week, Keith and Andy count down their top 5 favorite cartoon transformations! These transformations were designed to waste time, but we promise that this is episode was not designed just to waste time.We want to hear from you!
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