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BFFL RiFFL is just two Best Friends For Life Riffing on the stuff they're into currently, from comics and games to TV shows and more. From there Jared and Spencer spin off into what ever tangents their current topics breed.
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Jared and Spencer are back in the hour and a half summer blockbuster no one was asking for! After 2 weeks off we spend some time explaining why we took 2 weeks off (lazy), talk about some games including No Man's Sky, and end the show on a high note of a garbled mess.
This week Jared and Spencer get back to RIFFIN' on life! Topics include gym class, gym class showers, Spencer enrolling in Andrew Dice Clay's school of comedy, anxiety, and a lofty, meditative question: is everyone else in the world an asshole? PLEASE TO ENJOY!
This week we riff on The Night Of, the mini series on HBO. We also touch on the 4th of July, and The Legend of Korra. Also the Internet stops by to help us cover some of our technical difficulties.
This week Jared and Spencer discuss the rumors surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2 supposedly being at E3 and then being pulled from E3. The documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop and a few valuable lessons about life.
This week Jared and Spencer discuss Southern Bastards, the 1st, not 0, episode of Preacher, some mild Game of Thrones spoilers from a week ago, rascal scooters, Segways, and more nonsense. Quick note: we recorded this episode late Sunday night and it was quick edited the same evening. The sound is a little below what will be our usual standard, ...…
WARNING: The audio during the opening 3~4 minutes is a little off as we were still figuring out the Skype recording setup. It gets much better after the 4 minute mark or so. This week we introduce the world to BFFL RiFFL a show where Jared Miller and Spencer Reeve, two besties used to hang out like testies, call each other on skype and talk abo ...…
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