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This is a weekly listing of the live sermons from the Sanctuary of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA where Jonathan Falwell is pastor.
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Today, I'd like to talk about how His coming should elicit a response from us in how we live''a call to righteousness.
Over the next few weeks we will obviously be talking about the greatest gift ever given to mankind, the gift of Jesus. The very idea that God could love us all so much that He sent His Son just for us, to allow us to be redeemed through His sacrifice, is a gift we never could have even imagined. Yet, God from the beginning of time, had a plan. ...…
We spend a great deal of time talking about being thankful for so many things in life, but there is one thing we have for which being thankful is not enough. The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Today, we have observed the Lord's Table (Communion), a time where we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all. I'd like to take so ...…
We are embarking on the season of giving, although many today see it as the season of getting. There are many who are so consumed by their "wants' that they have no concept of giving and helping others. All of society is motivated towards "getting more' with only a passing nod at helping others. Not only is this not healthy emotionally, it is n ...…
Today, we conclude our series entitled Masquerade. During this series, we have taken a deep dive into the things we do, either intentionally or subconsciously, to hide reality and to be what we are not. We've dealt with issues like forgiveness, past pains, pride, social media, addictions, religion over relationship and many others. In this serm ...…
This message from God's Word encourages the believer to take off the Mask of Religion and to put on humility, transparency, and sincerity and "Be Real" as we share the Gospel to a lost & dying world!
There are many paths to brokenness and addiction in life. That's because the pace and pain of modern day life can become overwhelming and confusing. Even good people can find themselves in a spin with God and life when things are not the way they are supposed to be. Dr. Clinton shares a perspective on how easy it is to get into a chaotic downwa ...…
What we are talking about today is the art of covering. In other words, masking who we really are to try to be who we really aren't.
Most people don't do the work of the Great Commission because they believe someone else can do it better, because they're distracted, because they believe they're too busy. These are all excuses that have no basis in fact.
We know WHY we should be in the church. But HOW do we do church? Simply put, we do church by carrying out the Great Commission Jesus gave us. Church is the family of God, under the authority of God, living out the word of God, on the mission of God.
The church is not only the institution Jesus builds to reach the world, it is also the institution Jesus builds to give us the "abundant life' that John 10:10 promises.
Today, let's talk about the purpose of the church. If God "built His church" with the idea of being His own body, wanting us to get together regularly, knowing there is strength in numbers as we gather, then what exactly does He want us to do?
The NT Church is both local and universal. In the context of the local, it is what we are here today. In the context of the universal, it is all believers everywhere as the expression of the body of Christ. In this conversation, we are discussing why it is important for me to be a part of the local body, the gathering of believers.…
To discuss the importance of why we should be part of the church, we must begin with a discussion of the message of the church.
Today, we travel through a number of passages in the book of Acts and the letters to Timothy to see the importance of Passing It On. What is it? The mission that God has given to us. It's not just ours alone, it is for all of us, and it is for all of us to share.
Today, we continue in our Flannelgraph Faith series where we reach back into our memory banks and retell stories from the Bible we may have learned as a child and see what new truths God might have for us through these important moments in history. Today, we are in Acts 10 and we will be discussing the importance of action.…
Today, we continue in our series, Flannelgraph Faith. Last week, we talked about the conversion of Saul (Paul) and we talked about the calling of God. Today, we're going to roll back a few chapters and talk about the power of that call in our lives and what it should drive us to be.
Today, we'll begin a Summer series walking through some familiar, powerful stories from the New Testament that I believe can help bolster our faith. These are stories that most of us have heard or read, yet today we're going old school once again and using the "power of flannel graph" to revisit these stories. And today's story is about a man n ...…
Today, we're going to rewind to the first part of Ephesians 4 and talk about our role, our mission and our reward.
Here's the question that we'll attempt to answer; What does God want us to do as His Church? Well, let's get into the Word of God and find out
Today, on Father's Day, we focus on dads. We celebrate their impact and importance on all of us. While that's important, it is far more important that we recognize the responsibility we all have to be the kinds of positive role models and leaders that the Bible calls us to be.
For the last few weeks, we've been talking about the Holy Spirit's presence and purpose in our lives. Going back to Acts 1 when He was promised, Acts 2 when He arrived, and on and on as His present work continues to lead and guide us. Spirit-filled and Spirit-led living is the only way to find joy in life. Today, let's talk about the importance ...…
The phrase, "every man did that which was right in his own eyes' appears multiple times throughout the Old Testament. In each case, it was a picture of the nation going in the wrong direction as a result of people not following God's Word or God's plan. The situation then was not much different than the situation now. We are once again living i ...…
Today, we find ourselves constantly reminded of the suffering all around us. Tragedies abound. Heartache and heartbreak seem to be ever-present. Our joy, however, is not defeated in the midst of these difficult moments. The world constantly is looking for happiness. As a result, they look for the temporal, the worldly, in order to find that hap ...…
May your Kingdom be done on earth, as it is seen in Heaven. God's strategy is the body of Christ doing ministry together
To walk with God suggests the three phases of the Christian life. We walk in- that's conversion; we walk on- that's sanctification; we walk out- that is glorification!
When our paths cross His path, everything can be made whole. Notice the word used in the previous sentence''''can.'' It's critical for us to notice that the greatest hindrance to Christ doing His greatest work, outside of Salvation, in our lives is us, not Him.
Some have argued that the tithe was an Old Testament thing, under the Mosaic Law, not applicable to the New Testament. However, the New Testament continues to teach regular, systematic giving, to the church.
The last several weeks we've talked about being a difference maker. Today and next week, I want to talk about how to make that happen. And the one clear understanding we must all have about discipleship, about SENDING them, is this:TO SEND IS TO SERVE, TO SERVE IS TO GIVE, TO GIVE IS TO LOVE
Last week, we started our series, Difference Makers, talking about the God-given duty and responsibility we all have to make a difference - a positive difference - in our world today through the Gospel.Today, we ask the question: Where do I start?
Last week, we talked about the church. We focused on what the church really is and used the Bible to give us a clearer description of the church. Today, I want to talk about our response to knowing what the church truly is.
Today, on the first Sunday of the year, it might be good for us to review our understanding of what makes the church the church.
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