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Welcome to the Josanne916🖤 podcast, where amazing things happen.
How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends? Can I befriend my ex? Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter? Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird. Write us your questions at Remember that we're not therapists or doctors, although we have spent plenty of time with them.____________________New to the show? Start here! Or here!
Cringy Podcasts
4 friends talk about some cringy stuff about our past.
Every two weeks, the Kickstarter Games Team will interview two games creators and try to force them to become friends in roughly 30 minutes.
Trinala Show
This is a podcast is based in Second Life with Dj Trin and DJ Nala, They'll make you laugh your ass off
Quest Quest
A Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast. By Andrew Briggs, Savannah Million, Trin Garritano, and Henry Birdseye.
Buds & Brews Podcast
Mile High Brew Review presents... Buds & Brews Podcast! A series of podcasts of friends talking about alcohol, video games and movies! Join us weekly and have some fun as we discuss trailers and news for the latest games and movies. Hosts: Mike Trin, Bobby Q, and Alan. Visit our website at
Det gode studieliv
Denne podcast kanal ´Det gode studieliv´er lavet i samarbejde med til elever og studerende der ønsker værktøjer, redskaber og indsigt i eget studie(liv). Værten er stressrådgiver og mentaltræner Thomas Pape. Gennem ekspert interviews og egne programmer tager han lytteren med ind i forståelsen for stress, god stresshåndtering, personlig udvikling, motivation, målsætning og eksamenstræning. Her er plads til de længere samtaler, nuancerne og reelle løsninger der har vist sit værd. Miss ...
Room 1068
Guess who’s back, back again. Room 1068 is a pod showcasing some of the best and brightest people at the University of Toronto. Straight out of the Arts & Science Students’ Union (ASSU), this podcast is made by students, for students, and featuring students! Look out for our hosts Lydia, Emma, and Martha as they interview some rad folks on campus, and give their own spicy takes along the way. Stay tuned for lots of laughs, advice, and tomfoolery. Follow our podcast’s Facebook page (Room 1068 ...
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Trinidad and I are back asking questions you’ve always wanted to ask a ten year old.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
What if you don't like the person your friend is dating? Can you speak up? Let's discuss the many shades of this very common and confusing topic. Plus. intriguing update on the snail front! Content warning for light sexual content throughout. Gross bug from 9m40s to 10m46s.By Jenn and Trin.
Trin is mad online, Jenn finally meets Trin’s snails, and capitalism ruins the party yet again. What can you do about friends who continually try to entrap you into selling crap (makeup, jewelry, Tupperware, sex toys, etc) with them? Shouldn't there be laws regulating this kind of thing? Why do we even have a government? Content warning 14m05s ...…
Trin cleans off her fire escape, Jenn unloads her feelings about her former neighbors, and together your humble narrators make a stabbing attempt to answer this question: How do I decide who to be friends with? Who is worth investing my time in? Strong language warning for 7:40 to 8:12. Thank you to a listener for sending us pins from your Esty ...…
A new study shows from researchers from ASU Banner Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center that a lifelong high choline diet can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Jenn shares what is delighting her this week, Trin manages her snail eggs, and a listener writes us to ask if it's OK that she doesn't have or want friends because she just is too exhausted between work and parenting. Is friendship even worth the effort? What if you just don't have energy to socialize? Can you just not have any friends? Is that ...…
Do you have what it takes to adapt to any situation ? How can you shift the narrative to leverage your specialized skills sets to your advantage? Listen to this episode: What’s a PIVOT? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Great question this week. A listener asks, "How do I know when I'm wanted in social situations? How can I tell?" We've got first-hand insight into this one, as well as snail eggs, night lotion, and hey, do you want to name our book for us? Please and thanks!By Jenn and Trin.
A listener brought a friend into her D&D group. New friend is not really acclimating so well. In fact, the other folks want him out! How can you smooth things over here? Should you even?! Content warning for mention of death at 28:27.By Jenn and Trin.
Ved du, om du bruger dine timer med forberedelse, læsning og forståelse af dit pensum i undervisningen bedst muligt? Hvis du ikke kan svare nogenlunde hurtigt og med et par gode eksempler på, hvordan du bare suger læring til dig, så vil dagens podcast være en kærkommen lejlighed til at stoppe op, og se hvordan du kan lære, forberede og læse mer ...…
A listener wrote us and said they made a bunch of positive life changes and now feel like they need to leave their old group of friends. But first we want to ask: are you sure you should do that? Content warnings: discussions of prisons, brief mention of violenceBy Jenn and Trin.
På den ene side er vi stolte af vores dygtige danske håndværkere og hylder dem i tv-programmer som 'Made in Denmark'. Men på den anden side siger mange forældre: Mit eget barn skal bare ikke være den nye tømrer eller murer. Er vi blevet så akademisk snobbede, at vi har en fælles usagt disrespekt for andre uddannelser, der ikke foregår på univer ...…
Har du oplevet at andre ikke gør tingene på den måde du normalt gør, eller irriteres du over andres adfærd, langsommelighed, perfektion, deres føle-føle snak eller de flyvske personer, der snakker, larmer og tit kommer for sent? Så har du måske bare mødt andre mennesker, der har en anden personprofil og andre styrker end dig. Vi sætter fokus på ...…
Best friends, college buds, road trip friends... you can be all of these things! Or none of them! This week, a listener wrote in after they took a hard look at a decades-long friendship and found that it just wasn't what he thought it was. Their old friend just doesn't initiate convos or hang-outs or seem to love them quite the same! Let's disc ...…
A listener lended out her favorite kitchen mixer to a friend who has not given it back. And this friend now also has a crush on her! We love this question very much. We also love snails, sharks, the ocean, fish tubes, all of it, everything.By Jenn and Trin.
Et menneske uden vaner findes ikke….Så nemt kan det siges og det kommer fra en person, der i over 20 år har arbejdet med vaner og vanebrydning. I dag skal du møde en af de mest efterspurgte og dygtige foredragsholdere Danmark. Han har gennem årene talt for og undervist over 300.000 mennesker. Jeg taler om Torben Wiese der er underviser, foredra ...…
Scooters are all the rage! And by that we mean, they're making us feel rage. This week, we heard from a listener who wants to know how to move on from a past hurt: years ago, her friends didn't give her the help she asked for. What now? What do?By Jenn and Trin.
Jenn got married, Trin's snails are happy, and a listener loves to play board games with her friends but is feeling a liitttlee uneasy about how she keeps losing at them. Allow us, two certified losers, to help you with this. [Content warnings 2m41-56s - sex mention; 7m17-25s climate emergency mention. Food mentions throughout intro. We throw a ...…
Jenn has a nemesis, Trin's snails continue to enjoy their retirement, and a listener wants to know how to make friends and connections online--because their boss wants them to. Uggghhh.By Jenn and Trin.
Denne visualiseringsøvelse hænger sammen med interviewet med Rami Ismail som du kan læse om og lytter til her:
Hvem havde troet, at denne unge mand 9 år senere ville stå med en kandidatafhandling i hånden, og så endda til topkarakter. En ung mand med en mission om at hjælpe andre til et godt liv. Dagens podcast er en rørende, brugbar og vigtig fortælling om en misforstået ung dreng, der i dag er uddannet kandidat som Cand. merc og afsluttede med et 12-t ...…
What do you do when you think a friend is crushing on you? Do you speak up? Let it go? We have thoughts. Trin’s snails are doing well btw.By Jenn and Trin.
Når jeg taler med elever på ungdomsuddannelser og studerende på videregående uddannelser siger de næsten det sammen og tæt på ordret: Jeg vil bare gerne have et så højt snit og resultat som muligt, så alle døre står åbne når jeg er færdigeller gør det så godt i mit første job. Samtidig er der utrolig mange der ikke kan svare på, hvilke døre de ...…
What do you do when you meet a new friend who seems great, but then plants a few red flags? Do you write them off completely? Does anyone want some snails?By Jenn and Trin.
A listener doesn't want to be chummy with their new colleagues. We understand! We're also going to challenge you juuust a little, though. Content warning for discussions of social biases, brief mention of racial stereotyping.By Jenn and Trin.
Jenn's softball team is being bullied online, Trin visits a spa, and a listener asks how to adjust their inner monologue so they can be be kinder to themselves and their friends. What a lovely idea. You're doing the right thing with your face, by the way. Content warnings this week: discussions of body, fitness, self-esteem.…
This week, we heard from an awesome listener who wants to support a friend who is receiving bad treatment from her family for being gay. Strong content warnings for homophobia, discussion of religion. We threw in "levity breaks" to add a little laughter back into this stupid world. Timestamps below!Cancer MentionStart time: 1m35s Duration: 4sBe ...…
If a friend is visiting the city you live, are you supposed to show them around? Let them crash on your couch? Skip work to hang out together? Really, what are your obligations as a host? We've got answers to this and also quick mentions of vomit from 4:00 to 6:00, feel free to skip that part.By Jenn and Trin.
It's the artist episode! Nick Nazzaro (Lay Waste Games, Titmouse Studios) and Eric Huang (Trinket Studios, Battle Chef Brigade) convince you to drop out of school, watch anime, and move across the country.CW: Around 9m40s, we talk about some rather graphic content in art that may not be safe for some workplaces. If you're at work, maybe put on ...…
A few dedicated listeners asked us to lighten things up and talk about ourselves for some reason. Careful what you wish for. This week, no advice. Instead, plants, sinus infections, some new projects we're working on(!!!), and finally, FINALLY, we grapple with cinematic masterpiece Detective Pikachu.…
Let's get META. Our first asker wants to know the best way to ask us a question without giving away their identity, so we went through some best practices when asking us for advice. The next asker is about to embark on the journey of therapy, and wants to know how to do therapy correctly. CW: mention of animal death, mention of penis injury. If ...…
My friend has terrible etiquette on Twitter--what do I do? Am I a bad friend if I delete Facebook altogether and sometimes miss birthday notifications? This episode it's about friendship and social media. Listen as we try to convince you to never subtweet again! Content warnings: we get into discussion of pregnancy in the first eight minutes or so.…
My friend uses social media to brag about how busy she is with work.I was offered a job at a toxic company. My friends keep telling me not to take it, but I need to!This week, it's all about: being annoyed that your friends might be working too much; letting your friends make their own life decisions; and decidedly not grinding yourself down to ...…
This week we’re chatting with community managers Victoria Tran (Kitfox Games) and Harris Foster (Finji Games). Join us for an in-depth discussion of the quickly evolving field of community management, our seasonal allergies, and whether social media is really worth the trouble anymore.By Kickstarter Games.
"I have become flooded with Facebook messages, at all hours of the day and night, with my friend pouring her life out. What do I do?" is our first question. And our second question: "My friend uses Twitter to tell people to kill themselves." This week, we discuss how to put up boundaries and be direct. Content warnings: very brief hypothetical ...…
It’s the crossover event of the century. Kells (Calico) and Rand Miller (Cyan Worlds) discuss their distinct creative visions, pack-bonding with robots, and how Jimmy Eat World is basically the Pink Floyd of turn-of-the-century emo.By Kickstarter Games.
We're stoked on spring time and excited to bring you an episode about little bebes. Sometimes you want to hang out with your friend's kids and sometimes you don't. Here are some thoughts on how to be accommodating to your friends who are parents. Minor CW for brief mention of sick children.By Jenn and Trin.
What do you do when an almost-friend becomes suddenly distant and uninterested? That's our first question. We're here to tell you that it's OK to feel a little bummed. Our second question, now, got us all frazzled and excited: How can I get my friend to stop taking MORTAL RISKS WITH HER LIFE? Check the content warnings for this one: Erections, ...…
A live episode! We swear we're getting better at these. First we consider what we've learned over the years, and then take some questions from listeners, including, "how do I tell my friend I can't afford to donate to all the fundraisers she's organizing?" And don't miss the audience Q&A, which really was wonderful. Thanks for being there.…
Our incredible guests Brandon Dixon (Swordsfall) and C. Spike Trotman (Iron Circus Comics), along with special guest co-host Ytasha Womack (Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi & Fantasy Culture), give you a guided tour of Afrofuturism and Afropunk in games and fiction. Along the way, we'll discuss our parents, eating breakfast, and being ol ...…
Small talk gets a bad rep. People think it's boring and awkward. But! It's actually an important tool! This week, we hear from listeners who want to improve their active listening skills, especially when it comes to meeting people you REALLY ADMIRE AND YOU JUST LOVE THEIR WORK OMG!By Jenn and Trin.
Cole Wehrle (Root, Pax Pamir) and Daisy Ritz (Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito) have a chat about stretch goals, the party that is the internet, and how amazing wearing a sheet around town could be.By Kickstarter Games.
This week, our listeners just need a little nudge in the right direction. Our first asker wants to know how to make friends online. Luckily, we are very online! Our second asker wants to know how to meet folks while volunteering at an animal shelter. Let's do this thang.By Jenn and Trin.
Ghost has an admirer. Trinaska does knife tricks. Hargnar eats lunch.By QQ.
This week we tackle something pretty common in adult friendships - you feel that you have a best friend, but you're not THEIR best friend in return. Not as depressing as it sounds, we promise!By Jenn and Trin.
Trinaska has a chat on her snail. Ghost discusses a mutual friend with Cho. Hargnar hosts a rose ceremony.By QQ.
You can't solve every problem for your friends. You simply can't fix everything. In this episode, we give you permission to go easier on yourself. Important content warnings for this one: we discuss gatekeeping within the queer community, as well as gender, sexuality, and depression.By Jenn and Trin.
Sam Roberts (IndieCade) and Mary Flanagan (Mechanica) take a deep dive into games theory and explore the experience of play.By Kickstarter Games.
Hargnar confronts his fears. Trinaska broods. Ghost hails a ship.By QQ.
Trinaska gets a denim jacket. Ghost loans out some gadgets. Hargnar plays the drums.By QQ.
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