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Troll Play
Alice Fraser, Cal Wilson and Sami Shah attempt to make flowers of joy from the manure of social media, making comedy from the maddest, baddest moments in Internet interaction.
“It was just a simple computer prank. How could I have known that it would almost get us all killed?” When sixteen year old Cai Peterson poses as an online troll to relieve the boredom after being grounded for drinking at a party, he tangles with a cyberstalker who’s not only willing to make his virtual life miserable, but his real life as well. As Cai searches for the stalker, it seems like nearly everyone in his sleepy Texas town has something to hide. Surrounded by suspects, Cai has to na ...
Don’t miss another episode of Krewella’s Troll Radio! Subscribe now and get an hour of the hottest new dance tunes every month from Yasmine, Jahan, and Rainman.
Troll Foods
A fictional radio program that tells the story of two young employees of a fantasy supermarket called Troll Foods. The story follows the two girls, Milly and Florence, on their adventures together in store – whether it's dealing with spells going wrong, difficult customers or the ever elusive but very alarming store ‘management’. The focus is on the two girls’ friendship and the way they overcome problems (both physical and emotional) together, usually joined by some wacky side characters al ...
Troll Gawds
New Podcast from two young black professionals who majored in trolling the world to the top.
Troll 4 Damage
Troll 4 Damage is a live-play, custom 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign!
History Troll
Quirky trolls challenging "accepted" history. Each show features a troll, some support and a wrap up. Basically, uncommon takes on history tweaked to encourage a wee bit of critical thinking, the occasional grrr and a few smiles. If the troll hooks you, head over to, speak your mind and find out more about the topics. "Trollcasting" the fun back into history, this is History Troll.
Don hosts the exclusive fishing radio program in the Arizona market: "Shake, Rattle and Troll", airing weekly on Sunday mornings from 7-9AM (mst), on NEWS TALK 1100 KFNX.
Troll Nation
Eric and Carl present a weekly conversational podcast trolling irrelevant topics such as Politics, Current Events, Traveling Europe, Sports & More! Subscribe and enjoy hours of segues and awkward silences.
Troll Food Podcast
Troll & Fairy
The Magic: The Gathering podcast that no one asked for, and only two people wanted! Two buddies who are (basically) lifelong MTG fans wax on about the new sets, limited formats, and occasionally standard and modern! The new cards and mechanics are considered and their broad implications are guessed at, but never accurately portended. Welcome to Troll & Fairy!
Gaming on Your Level
Troll Hole
The Troll Train
Two guys talk about cars, racing and any other random things that come to mind.
Troll 4 Initiative
A D&D and Pathfinder RPG podcast, with actual play and more!
Join your four hosts, Tom, Tim, Sophie, and Dan in an in-depth discussion, analysis, dissection, and speculation of upcoming news on Zenimax Online Studios upcoming MMORPG…The Elder Scrolls: Online! The four hosts are dedicated to becoming the most accurate TESO podcast on the web. They believe in providing accountable coverage and constructive feedback to the latest content of the Elder Scrolls Online!
Youth And The Bright Medusa comprises eight short stories published in 1920. Four of them (The Sculptor’s Funeral; A Death In The Desert; A Wagner Matinee; Paul’s Case) are re-worked from an earlier collection, The Troll Garden, published in 1905. This Librivox recording contains in addition the three stories (Flavia And Her Artists; The Garden Lodge; The Marriage Of Phaedra) from that earlier work omitted in the later book. In other words, all the stories in both books are recorded here. (S ...
You like hockey? Good for you, you're amongst the smartest of all sports fans, but not as smart as I am. Wanna fight about it? Twitter: @HockeyTrollin Like the Hockey Troll Facebook page:
Trend Troll
MAN BUNS? BLACK MACARONI CHEESE ? 100 layers?Hear about the trends trolling the internet with this weekly podcast, hosted by Tony Ridler.10 minute podcasts, every Wednesday at 2pm NZT.Facebook: @trendtrollpodcastSnapchat: TrendTroll
Troll Blazers
Troll Free Sports
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Weeks in Review Injuries galore! Value of backup goalies Dead puck era is dead! Auston Watson is a shitbag
Episode 72! Dj Chubb E. Swagg is here to discuss his happenings on Twitter with the blue check bullies from #curategate (search it), we discuss some rap albums, and his homecoming tour. The black is under some people skin on social media and has everyone reaching out to him for his opinion. Share this one with your friends trying to figure out ...…
Episode 71! While waiting for the new guest, I fixed the audio on this episode so you can grasp some of these concepts. PRESS PLAY! We have a Human Resource (HR) professional Erin (@themastherstrategist)joining us this week to discuss how she got into HR, why it matters to have a good HR Partner in the company, the outsourcing of HR departments ...…
Tom Wilson was bad, Conference final predictions! Contract Negotiations Explained by Doc, Where's the Blow?
As a one-off (I hope) this week's release is in one part. We start Chapter 2 of Doomsday Dawn, In Pale Mountain's Shadow, with new characters and some new crazy accents - and the intro is all down to the DM - you have been warned, there is some naughty language!
Session 3 ends, and the party find their way to the end of the Ashen Ossuary - and that concludes Chapter One of DoomsDay Dawn! Next week, it's time for the Chapter Two, In Pale Mountain's Shadow.
Our brave heroes (hahaha!) push further into the Ashen Ossuary, encountering traps and something far more sinister. Will they all walk out?
How the Great Lakes were formed. While a very cool story in and of itself (so much ice the winter king would wet himself with glee), the formation of the Great Lakes and the land around them informs all of the history we'll be covering this season.
WE BACK BABY! Injury talk, Blockbuster trades, DOC'S NEW SEGMENT!
The party never ends.... sorry, I meant the party never stops - never stops bickering! At least they make it through another night alive, right?
We continue our trip into the Ashen Ossuary with the party. We learn a lot about just how coordinated they are (and I don't think you'll be surprised!) and they find some more of Ifitgot's friends, sorry - ex-friends!
We finish off the first session of DoomsDay Dawn!
Episode 70!We run through Part 1 of the Bobby Brown story addressing the actions of the legendary figure. Surprised by how much blow didn't factor into his antics, he deserves a statue for the dirt he got off. We also discuss other legends. In addition to that we discuss Nike's campaign with Kaep the God and why we need to understand capitalism ...…
We get into the piracy on the Great Lakes done during the Revolutionary period and move forward to it's role in the civil war.
Hi! We're back with the first actual play session of the Pathfinder 2 Playtest as we meet a new party, using a new system, in a brand new adventure: Doomsday Dawn! We've got it all; awkward intros, clueless tactics and the very first roll of the night is one to remember. Let us know what you think - and where we've gone wrong - on Facebook and ...…
We finish off Session Zero of our new game with a quick discussion about skills - and in a few days we'll be back with brand new characters, and we'll be taking on Doomsday Dawn - and our normal intro voiceover will be back!
Welcome back! Troll 4 Initiative is back - and this time it's something new! The Pathfinder 2 Playtest. Join us in our quest to learn an entirely new system and it begins right now, right here, with Session Zero, part 1 - as we create our characters for the unique Pazio adventure, Doomsday Dawn!
Episode 69! Its only right when you reach this episode you bring on the legend DNasty to podcast and bring the hilarious @Ceceatl to have a discussion about all types of sex, women shooting their shot, good communication, car dates, monogamy vs. polygamy, etc. This episode is HILARIOUS. Apologies for the snow in the background, we had to work t ...…
The march , the wins, and all the high fallutin sounding accolades for military genius sure do sound good. So good in fact that they've earned Hannibal a place of exalted greatness among the greatest military commanders of all time. In this podcast we are looking at Hannibal not as a great but as a myth because there his a whole lot of hogwash ...…
What happens when all the History focuses on one big hero and overshadows the lessons beyond the big story? The Custer Effect is what happens. To see what that means you'll just have to listen to the troll. Behind the big Custer story many know is one that has, perhaps, an even more important lesson than anything we can learn from just looking ...…
Under the Bridge Studios invites you to try History Troll - mini style. This is the first Mini Troll, a format for the little stories in history that are still really cool and interesting despite being small. It's kind of the bathroom magazine version of the full length podcast. Short history matters, just like short people!! The bald truth of ...…
When looking at the founding father deserving the accolade, father of our nation, Washington is almost always given the honor. All respect to Washington, when you look at the achievements and influence of Ben Franklin, Washington loses that title. When you consider Franklin's influence on Washington it becomes even more clear that Franklin is t ...…
As a symbol of one of our most cherished values The Liberty Bell is cracked. It's crack changed its voice as it was adopted as a symbol of abolition. It's crack silenced it's ring just as it was emerging as a powerful symbol of liberty during the divisive politics that led to the civil war. As a nation it helped gather our founders for the craf ...…
A king was crowned in America in 1850. There was a coronation ceremony complete with a scepter, a robe and the placement of a crown by a prime minister. It happened far from Washington DC on a beautiful island near the northern tip of Lake Michigan and it involved a guy who just needed an "e" added to his last name to add the perfect touch to h ...…
We take a look at Grace O Malley with a focus on her achievements instead of the traditional approaches and come away with a whole new level of respect. Fact is when you look at her as a rebel her historical rank goes up into the big leagues.
Using the word hero regarding this weeks subject, Benedict Arnold, definitely requires tragic in front of it. Treasonous tragic hero, what does that even mean? Have a listen and you'll get a better idea. Had his career ended just after Saratoga, we'd probably have a city named Arnold in just about every state. Seriously, have a listen, before h ...…
Hamilton was suffering blows to almost every vital aspect of his life before his duel with Burr and when you add up his pain to his snowballing problems he was in a desperately bad place in life. When you add it up and look at how the events transpired suicide by duel starts to look not only plausible but probable. Burr is frequently maligned i ...…
Marie Antoinette, contrary to the caked up myth, faced some unique challenges in life and showed some real strength facing death.
Short term, Lee was amazing but when you zoom out to the long term, Lee was always losing. Historically, his battle glory has overshadowed his failure to win the war. In today's first podcast of History Troll, we kick that shadow aside and judge based on the loss.
As our heroes reach the end of the Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, the crew head back into town for the praise and adoration they deserve. Next week will see the reboot of T4i - with Session Zero of the Pathfinder 2 Playtest. It's brilliant, so make sure you come back!
Who needs parrots in a region with plenty of crows. The fresh water pirates of the Great Lakes provide a refreshingly fresh look at the traditionally scurvy salt water occupation of plundering piracy. It's all about aaaargggggitude in this podcast as we look at a rare form of piracy rarely discussed, a pirate king, dominant fleets that plundere ...…
Episode 68! Jam packed with content this week! We talk about the 300 victims & the Catholic Church, the Prison Policy Initiative's paper about homelessness, Jeremiah/Teyana Taylor beef, Robert Glasper giving Lauryn Hill bars, GMO hairlines and trying to fix what God took away, Kobe bossing up, and Young Thug dropping music. Tune in, this is a l ...…
Episode 67! We late but life happens. Sted joins acting like he really be cooking, I tried to encourage him to join the bald club but cats try to hang on until its too late lol. We talk about gambling and how Booray almost cost Gilbert his life playing around with an Atown playa. Also, we discuss white privilege and how Cameron Terrell juuged h ...…
Hi Troll Play people, Alice has a new podcast series called The Alice Fraser Trilogy. A comedy about things that are actually sad, it was recorded using binaural microphone technology. It's out now on ABC Listen or wherever you get your podcasts.
The battle with Skreed reaches boiling point - quite literally - will our heroes prevail, or will they run away like Langan has been urging?
The bravery and daring of spies and all the cloak and dagger drama has a huge place in our popular culture. From Bond to Bristow we, have enjoyed the tales of fictional adventures that save the world from all kinds of evil. In this podcast we look at a real life spy whose success prompted the Gestapo to identify them as the most dangerous spy o ...…
We back!Driest Person of the week is Lil Dry Pastor Scott, we discuss Urban is getting out the paint at OSU, Duane Martin seeking spousal support, NYC banning smoking in public housing, and the NOI documentary getting pulled from Netflix. Jam packed episode for the culture. Yall take a listen and let us know your thoughts!#40carries Follow @tro ...…
Episode 65! Apologies for the delay. We will get back to dropping every single week soon. This episode Black Sted joins to talk that talk at very high levels. Axios is here to remind us that being 30 years old in 2018 isn't better than it was 30 years ago, Larry Fedora is Driest Person of week with the crustiest bars known to mankind, Will Smit ...…
The disturbing final moments of Episode 7 come to a disgusting conclusion, as our heroes consider putting in for parental benefits - and they come face to face with the greatest threat they've faced so far..... His name is.... you'll see :)
After the party try and work out what's happened to the bard, they decide to head for the cave - surely Skreed's in there, and not a bunch of other stuff, right? They have no idea...
When the going gets tough, the tough crack under the pressure. In Episode 7, the bard finds that he doesn't handle blood very well.
Episode 64! Black Sted joins to discuss Beastmode 2 and Future pushing to be apart of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Driest Person of the Week (hint: they hate Future), NY Times article about Americans having fewer children (I'm delighted), TI buying up his neighborhood, and we discuss the courts trying to fleece Jesse Williams (hold your head b ...…
Part 1 ended with a bit of a shock - and a cliffhanger! What happened next?!
As the battle for Trunau rages around them, the party take a short breather before they meet up with Kurst, and soon have another task - to take out the enemy artillery. Shockingly, the DM is accused of evil beyond compare - surely he's not that bad?
No actual play in this episide! Instead, listen in as Alex (the DM), Brett, Jason and Marin talk about what T4i are up, and what we're planning to do over the next couple of months - not mention who our favourite characters are!
Episode 63! We are back to discuss how the BET employee was slapped up in the parking lot, Meek Mill trying to be relevant, the BET awards, Drake curving Tiffany Haddish, Black Sted challenges the Soss Bause to a cookoff, and Dame Dash runs up on Lee Daniels. Follow us on IG/Twitter @trollgawdspod.#40carriesIntro - Madeintyo 10pm in YokosukaOut ...…
Finally, the Battle of the Bearicade comes to an end, but is everyone stil standing by the end?
After what is starting to feel like a never-ending battle against an orc horde, the party get a brief break before it starts all over again, with wave after wave of orcs assaulting their fortifications. Hold on to your falchions, it's T4i time!
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