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Two Drinks In
Two Drinks In is a weekly discussion between D. Marie Long, Dana Severson, Erin Roberts, and James Lekvin, in which these four transplants talk about pop culture, current events, and whatever else has captured their drunken attention. Expect to hear topics like online dating, local hotspots, politics, arts, and guilty pleasures…all the while drinking more than two cocktails. Think of it as Minnesota Nice over ice.
Recordings of the most interesting things heard on the scanner in the North East Twin Cities Metro and Beyond.
Minnesota themed visits around the city mixed with my view and opinions....Oh the humanity!
At Twin Cities, we are engaging together to lead as many people as possible into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This podcast contains our weekly messages - enjoy! For more information about our church, visit us at
Bring the Beat In
Sam Ekstrom talks about the media business with media figures in the Twin Cities.
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Episode 185: This week, we start off the episode with some first world problems: Netflix customer service, icemaker installation, and maple nut goodies. Then, we hop on a listener question about what to do when someone in the group insists on using the word “potty.” Sounds like more first world problems to us. James brings us home by asking the ...…
Around midnight a suspect known to carry fire arms ran from police near Bellaire and County Road F
This morning around 3:15 lightning is suspected of starting a house fire on Ashland ave in St Paul
Audio from the protests in Minneapolis during the Presidential visit
A chase and subsequent lengthy search for a person this morning
Episode 184: This week, we start off the episode with a quick chat about Surly’s Darkness Days, Fem 101, and home improvement (not the show, but actual DIY sh!t) before moving into a listener question: How soon is too soon to get a pet together when in a relationship? Then, we “silver line” a follow-up from a past listener question. Don’t let t ...…
"God doesn't see people the way the rest of us see people." Ron Thompson #KINGDAVIDTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 183: We are back to form and this week as we start off the episode discussing everything from D. Marie’s new position on dating apps, Erin’s Fem 101 nominations, and James and Dana’s binge-worthy Netflix shows -Surviving R. Kelly and Love Me Now Die respectively. Dana then escorts us into the first topic, Sex Resolutions, they’re not ju ...…
"Learn to worship God as the God who does wonders, who wishes to prove in you that He can do something supernatural and divine." Andrew Murray #RUTHTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 182: Did you miss us? After taking an extended summer break, we need to get all caught up! After sharing out some of the highlights of our summer, D. Marie takes a listener question on breaking up with a toxic friend. Sheila has finally had enough of TDI, apparently. James introduces a new segment, “Silver Line It” for our last call. It ...…
A chase this morning from the west metro. Someone, somehow got a knife wound in the neck.
A chase this morning starting in Vadnais Heights ending in St Paul.
"Love is so much more than a's sacrificial, tangible, it acts, it provides." Mark Hadley #RUTHTCCBy Mark Hadley.
"If I'm going to embrace God's providence, I need to act in faith." Ron Thompson #RUTHTCCBy Ron Thompson.
"Hesed is a stubborn love that won't quit or won't give up." Paul Miller #RUTHTCCBy Ron Thompson.
"The call is for all of us to care for others." John Fairchild #hoperisingtccBy John Fairchild.
"We may speak a thousand words which seems to be prayer and yet never pray." Charles Spurgeon #hoperisingtccBy David Timms.
"There will be a glorious reunion that we will get to experience a place called eternity." Ron Thompson #hoperisingtccBy Ron Thompson.
"Jesus came to give you and me hope, not self-hatred." Kim Thompson #hoperisingtccBy Kim Thompson.
"Trials can be the best shapers of character and the teachers of people." Ron Thompson #hoperisingtccBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 181: This week, we start off the episode with a listener question: How do you know whether someone’s just into you because of your money and good looks? #humblebrag. Then, we switch gears and take a stab how those in customer service can deal with, well, bad customers. Don’t let the Minnesota accents fool ya! These two gays and two gals ...…
"God has given us each other as a here-now reward." Fritz Moga #hoperisingtccBy Fritz Moga.
Episode 180: This week, we start off the episode discussing D. Marie’s love life (it involves a postman), while Dana gets into a Twitter feud with someone from the NRA (she who shall not be named). Then, James shares a story involving a van, a man, and a hand. Don’t let the Minnesota accents fool ya! These two gays and two gals are solving the ...…
"All of us influence people...what will your influence be?" John Fairchild #hoperisingtccBy John Fairchild.
"The message of the gospel is twofold: God loves you and God chose's what establishes your identity." Ron Thompson #hoperisingtccBy Ron Thompson.
"Thriving hope is formed in the crucible of fire and is hammered out on the anvil of pain." Ron Thompson #BEKNOWNTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 179: This week, we start off the episode discussing what many would consider Mom Porn (we’re looking at you Outlander). Then, Erin shares a listener question all the way from Spain: Would you hike an extra 10 miles just to catch up to a crush? Erin decides to wrap up the episode with another listener question (same listener, different q ...…
Service Video Quote:"The transparent life is the life of freedom and joy." Brené Brown #BEKNOWNTCCBy Mark Hadley.
Episode 178: This week, everyone’s got something to say — from the woes of gals peeing at Gay Pride to female urination devices (sometimes referred to as stand-to-tinkle funnels). Then, D. Marie shares a listen question from Neal (not his real name) on how to get over an ex as quickly as possible, while Dana brings us another listener question ...…
"Freedom means making yourself a servant to others." John Fairchild #BEKNOWNTCCBy John Fairchild.
"Encouragement is not flattery or empty praise; it is like verbal sunshine." Nicky Gumble #BEKNOWNTCCBy Ron Thompson.
"Learning to love others is part of learning to love God." Kim Thompson #BEKNOWNTCCBy Kim Thompson.
Episode 177: This week, Dana starts us off with a listener question on what to do when your best friend thinks you are always competing for the same guys. Then, we move to another listener question on how to throw a friend’s baby shower while the friend’s mother takes over the planning. And it quickly gets expensive. James closes out the night ...…
"The source of most of our conflict is that we want to come first." Ron Thompson #BEKNOWNTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 176: We’re not saying your crazy, but…This week, we are talking all about therapy. For the first round, we examine the delightful stigma that surrounds taking care of one's mental health. Rolling into the next round, D. Marie asks the group how they know it is time to seek a professional’s help. Of course, to keep things on the lighter ...…
"I am better when I let Holy Spirit make me gentle." John Fairchild #BEKNOWNTCCBy John Fairchild.
"Forgiveness is a beautiful idea -- until you have something to forgive." C.S. Lewis #BEKNOWNTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 175: This week, Dana starts us off with a listener question on what to do with a super competitive frenemy. Then, we tackle another listener question on how to tell your friends and family that you’re polyamorous. D. Marie helps us round out the episode with another rousing game of “Would You Rather?” Don’t let the Minnesota accents foo ...…
"They had a right view of God, which gave them a right view of themselves which in turn gave them a right view of others." Mark Hadley #BEKNOWNTCCBy Mark Hadley.
Episode 174: This week, Dana starts us off with a listener question on whether or not someone should “dumpster dive” on Tinder. Then, we learn some of the statistics (both successes and failures) for online dating, while D. Marie clues us in on another new trend: “curving.” We round out the episode by getting to know a bit more about the hosts ...…
"Full acceptance of others is only possible when we realize how we were accepted by Jesus." Ron Thompson #BEKNOWNTCCBy Ron Thompson.
"The standard is not how I want to be loved. It's how Jesus loves me." Ron Thompson #BEKNOWNTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 173: This week, James celebrates his certification, D. Marie talks Tinder Dates IRL, and Dana shares a news story coming out of Eau Claire, WI (all boxes checked: nudity, karate, and shoplifting dog). From there, Erin tackles a listener question on how to best deal with an uncle who’s made disparaging comments about your weight, while D ...…
"God has the power to bring dead things back to life." Ron Thompson #ASKTCCBy Ron Thompson.
Episode 172: This week, Dana starts us of with a listener question from Erik, wondering what to do about a girlfriend he feels is pressuring him into marriage. Then, D. Marie tells us exactly why people are waiting to partner up, while James rounds out the episode with Billboard’s Top 5 Love Songs of All Time. Don’t let the Minnesota accents fo ...…
"Everything we deserved to die for, Jesus paid it all." Mark Hadley #ASKTCCBy Mark Hadley.
Episode 171: This week, D. Marie starts us off with a listener question on how to mend fences with a former best friend who’s blocked you on social media, while Dana shares the characteristics and traits to watch out for in a bad friend… not too many shockers. We then wind down the episode with the characteristic we find most important in a fri ...…
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