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Comedians Tony V and Jimmy Dunn have some laughs while sharing a pie.
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Tony and Jimmy are on the cape for a comedy gig. They tell stories about the legendary cape comedy gigs, and how jimmy met his hero, The Pancake Man.
After a bit of a hiatus, Jimmy and Tony are back! Jimmy recaps a month in Hollywood.
Jimmy and Tony discuss Tony's new favorite website, Idiots Getting Hurt, and then the discussion naturally turns to the football fans of Philadelphia.
Jimmy and Tony record from the Green Room at Laugh Boston after the Toast to Lenny Clarke event. Included, some recording from the event. Not Safe For Work!
Plumbing and Comedy. It all runs downhill.
After a stand-up comedy show at the historic Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH, Tony and Jimmy record a short podcast with guests, comics Will Noonan and Lamont Price, and CEO of the theatre Peter Ramsey.
Big showbiz week for the boys. Jimmy was on CONAN. Tony was on SMILF. But there was an even bigger performance for a friend of the show!
After 3 shows at Giggles Comedy Club, Tony and Jimmy tell rock concert stories.
After a show at Giggles Comedy Club, Jimmy and Tony record from the alley behind the club. They discuss Martha's Vineyard, and Uber ratings and Amazon.
Jimmy and Tony discuss Cleveland and iPhones and eat the best blueberry pie in the history of the Two Boston Guys Whack up a Pie Podcast. Recorded on the front porch of Front Porch Pies.
Jimmy and Tony discuss the Red Sox cheating scandal, the impending hurricane and the weatherman who farted on TV.
Jimmy and Tony discuss all the fights in the news. McGregor vs Mayweather North Korea vs The World Mattress Mack vs Joel Osteen
Jimmy and Tony discuss therapy pets. Then they talk about a great act of charity from Red Sox Legend Pedro Martinez.
Jimmy, Tony and 20 funny friends get on a bus and go to Rhode Island to eat seafood and gamble.
Tony and Jimmy go to Maine and tell Maine stories.
Tony and Jimmy discuss Tony's recent trip and some fun facts about the island of Aruba
Jimmy and Tony discuss comedy festival etiquette and attire.
Jimmy and Tony whack up some calzones from Vinny's and discuss parking and comedy festivals.
Tony returns from a gig in the Marshall Islands. Jimmy returns from Hollywood.
It's Bike Week in New England. Tony and Jimmy tell motorcycle stories.
Are you really offended? Tony and Jimmy discuss the culture of internet outrage. Today's pie - peach.
It's wedding season. Tony and Jimmy fix yours. And discuss why Tiger Woods shouldn't have had one. Today's pie - pumpkin.
Comedians Jimmy Dunn and Tony V whack up a blueberry pie and talk about getting in shape for the comedy softball league. Todays Pie - blueberry
Comedians Jimmy Dunn and Tony V discuss Route One Comedy. Today's pie - Banana Cream
Jimmy and Tony discuss the one-eyed horse in the Kentucky Derby, racing family pets and dirty vanity plates. Today's Pie - Key Lime
Tony is back from a week in Atlantic City, so Jimmy and Tony tell casino stories, including adventures with Denis Leary, Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait.
Comedians Jimmy Dunn and Tony V discuss hockey goon Bob Probert's final resting place, the penalty box at the Joe Louis Arena. This leads to a discussion on crazy places to scatter the ashes of loved ones. Today's pie - Key Lime.
Jimmy and Tony solve United Airlines' overbooking system, discuss MLB mascots that were terminated and both cop to working in costume - Tony as a gorilla, Jimmy as a lobster. Today's pie - Bumbleberry
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